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The Christmas Train
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This book is another great story and interesting characters that are a signature geature of his books. The setting sor this story is quite different. Reminds me of the Oriental Express setting.

Dragon Bones (Hurog, Bk 1)
Dragon Bones (Hurog, Bk 1)
Author: Patricia Briggs
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Very enjoyable.

Crime School (Kathleen Mallory, Bk 6)
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Excellent storyline and plot.

The Escape
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This was an incredible read! I normally really don't care for military books but Mr. Baldacci has written one that I truly believe everyone would enjoy --- It took me a couple of days for really solid reading to get through it but, it was well worth it. There's enough detail in the whole story to just grab you interest and hold your attention throughout the whole story! I've read other books about John Puller by Baldacci and what I really, truly like is that each one can be read by itself, don't have to be read in order and they're GREAT reads!

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Very enjoyable reading if you are a dog lover.

The Chemistry of Death
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This book was a definite page-turner and a very twisty mystery. Every character was on my suspect list at one time or another and Simon Beckett kept me guessing all the way through. The book is very well-written and very entertaining especially as a group read with great discussion questions. I look forward to my next Simon Beckett novel.

Caught Dead Handed (Witch City, Bk 1)
reviewed on

Where to begin about how bad this book was. Is there a rating lower than one? The book in one word BORING!!! It took me 2 weeks to read this book and even after getting 3/4 of the way through, I skipped to the back to see the absurd ending. It usually takes me 1 day to read a book, but it was so bad, I had to force myself to pick it up. Frankly killing the main character would have improved this book. At least it would have given it a reasonable plot. If you are looking for a book with a supernatural flair, stay away from this one.

The Prostitutes' Ball (Shane Scully Series)
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Even though this is abridged, I didn't feel like I was missing anything. Just one point where the story jumped but it was easy to make the mental assumption of what happened in the storyline. It was very enjoyable.

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Dilbert meets Martha Stewart.

reviewed on + 47 more book reviews

Fun challenging searches!

Dragonart: How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures
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As I am an artistic sort but not gifted in drawing or sketching, I was skeptical that any book could help me draw. However, I really wanted to draw my own dragon, so I got it. I must say I really appreciate this book's common sense approach of shapes underlying the images one wants to create. My first doodling session produced a dragon that looked like, well, a dragon. Not one in the author's caliber, of course, but still recognizable as a dragon. There is hope!

By the Pricking of My Thumbs
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This is the first Agatha Christie mystery I've read, and sadly I am underwhelmed. The characters talked too much, much too much, and repeated what happened chattily too many times--almost as if the author was trying to keep track of things herself. The mystery was thin, the revelation of new clues often preposterous. I am dismayed I didn't love this book and then want to devour others by Ms. Christie. Sadly, that will not be. Two stars, barely.

The Dog Who Wouldn't Be
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If you love dogs, you will enjoy this book!

Blackbird House
Blackbird House
Author: Alice Hoffman
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
reviewed on

Welcome to Blackbird House - a small farm on the outer reaches of Cape Cod, imbued with as much vitality as the people who live there. For the past two centuries, Blackbird House has stood as a testament to time and the passage of history; a place as bewitching and alive as the characters we meet. There is Violet Cross, a brilliant young woman who is in love with books and with a man who is destined to betray her; Lysander Wynn, attacked by a halibut the size of horse, is convinced that his life is ruined until a boarder wearing red boots arrives to change everything; and Maya Cooper, someone who does not understand the true meaning of the love shared between her mother and father until it is almost too late.

From the time of the British occupation of Massachusetts to present day in our own modern world, for each family that lives within the walls of Blackbird House, their lives are inexorably changed for however long they may stay. Not only by the people they love, but also by themselves and the lives that they lead within Blackbird House. For more than a dozen men and women who have lived inside Blackbird House, they will learn just how much love transforms us and how it is the one lasting element in our lives.

These interconnected narratives are as intelligent as they are haunting, as luminous as they are unusual. In a rare and gorgeous departure, Alice Hoffman weaves a web of evocative tales that becomes a glorious travelogue through time and fate, through loss and love and survival. The past both dissipates and remains contained inside the rooms of Blackbird House, where there are terrible secrets, inspired beauty, and, above all else, a spirit of coming home.

I must admit that I was slightly disappointed in my reading of Blackbird House; but that is only because I wanted more from each story. It felt slightly incomplete to me. I suppose that was because I wanted to know more of a back story with each of the characters, and I had a nagging feeling of being left hanging, wondering what would happen next. In my opinion though, reading this book was certainly still very enjoyable.

In my opinion, each story was beautifully and lyrically written, if somewhat unusual and fantastic in places. I would give Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman a definite A! I have maybe two or three other books by Ms. Hoffman on my bookshelf that I might be interested in reading sometime in the future, but I'll need to search them out. I'm sure they'll turn up at some point.

Disney CARS Word Search Puzzles
reviewed on + 47 more book reviews

Fun but definitely easy and intended for children.

The Boat Who Wouldn't Float
reviewed on + 47 more book reviews

Vintage Mowat. A wonderful journey along with the author, his loyal friends, and one challenging boat!

Bingo Night at the Fire Hall: Rediscovering Life in an American Village
reviewed on + 47 more book reviews

Very enjoyable, especially so for those who have moved from city to country.

Attracting Birds to Your Backyard: 536 Ways To Turn Your Yard and Garden Into a Haven For Your Favorite Birds
reviewed on + 47 more book reviews

Lots of good ideas for those who like to share their world with wild birds.

reviewed on + 10 more book reviews

Very informative in a very organized and simple format. I really liked it alot.

The Five Love Languages of Teenagers
reviewed on + 10 more book reviews

Loving it! Amazing insight!

After This (Audio CD) (Unabridged)
reviewed on + 40 more book reviews

I guess my expectations were too high. I'm done with the 3rd disc of 9 and I'm still waiting for a plot line. I'm pretty sure I will be reposting this soon.

Palimpsest: A Memoir
reviewed on

Great read.

Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad, Bk 4)
reviewed on + 32 more book reviews

The prose was hard for me to follow - a lot of words that don't mean the same thing. I normally like some of other series but found this one difficult to follow.

Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19)
reviewed on + 46 more book reviews

Outstanding! Grabbed me from chapter one and never let go. Ends with a twist that you will not see coming. In every book I am open-mouthed at how smart Jack Reacher is, and of course how brilliant Lee Child is to have created him.

These High, Green Hills (Mitford Years, Bk 3)
reviewed on + 339 more book reviews

This is the best in the series so far for me. Funny, lessons in life, marriage advice, full of love, compassion, and helping one another.

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