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Because I've read several Lynna Banning books, I started with the last story first. It is a light-hearted story with a twist at the end.

I don't believe I've read anything before by the first two authors and was delighted with the stories. Actually, I was impressed with each story, for differing reasons. They were all top-notch ways to while away some time reading.

A Family for the Rancher (Jenna Kernan) Alice Truett has the difficult job of taking two young boys to their uncle to raise. Both parents died and the mother's dying wish was for her brother to take the boys. Unfortunately, Dillen Roach isn't doing well and looks for another solution. In the story, it comes out that Alice and Dillen were interested in each other until Alice's money got in the way.

Dance with a Cowboy (Kathryn Albright) After losing her husband in a mining explosion, Kathleen went back home to have her baby. However, her parents were disappointed in her and Kathleen is now back where it all started. The Sheridan's want to claim her and her daughter, does she want to claim them?

Christmas in Smoke River (Lynna Banning) Rich, city-girl Lilah Cornwell has moved to Smoke River and is pursuing her goal to be a writer. She meets the foreman of the largest ranch in the area and is intrigued.

Mesmerized: Sir Philip Ashton's Eyes / Magic in the Works / True Lies
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i though this was pretty good. loved jaci burton's story! yum.

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I've been waiting for a book like this for many years. It really opened my eyes and answered a lot of questions.

A Weaver Beginning (Return to the Double-C Ranch, Bk 8) (Men of the Double-C Ranch, Bk 18) (Harlequin Special Edition, No 2288)
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A short and sweet romance with a sexy, wounded hero and an innocent heroine. There's a realistically written child and a dog to round out the family feel of this guaranteed happy ending. It's part of a series so you see characters from other books. It worked fine for me as a stand alone and I will look for other books by this author.

On the Couch
On the Couch
Author: Lorraine Bracco
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Book Type: Hardcover
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YAWN! I don't need a play by play of your movies, your tv shows, your characters! I think that people wanted to read this book to get to know YOU the character, the person behind the people you play.
There wasn't much to it, other than oops I made a bad mistake, again and again and again... did I learn anything? nope. let's try it again...
Sorry, Lorraine. I love your acting. I didn't like your book.

The One and Only Ivan
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my grandchildren loved the book and will tell me the story about Ivan over Christmas :-)

Seven Deadly Wonders (Jack West Jr., Bk 1)
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Well-plotted, but the author has a juvenile habit of trying to add excitement through italicized phrases and exclamation marks. If you've seen Indiana Jones movies, you won't find the plot points original, but it's a decent read for a snowy day nonetheless.

Grace (Audio CD) (Unabridged)
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Enjoyed this book even though it is a sad situation still happening all over the world.

Cold Rock River
Cold Rock River
Author: Jackie Lee Miles
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Another southern fiction in the long line of southern fiction that I've read and loved. First time for this author and I will read more.

Adie, 17, becomes pregnant, and a wife to a philandering husband not much older than she with absolutely no more ambition than skirt-chasing. She's forced to leave her family and live with a mother-in-law who sees no value to Adie or anything she does.

Along comes Murphy, a local chicken farmer, who rents Adie an old slave cabin and helps her start her own chicken business, who introduces her to the elderly black woman next door who helped raise Murphy. Willa Mae, becomes Adie's mentor, teaching her what a young girl needs to know to become a young woman and a mother. She also gives her an old family journal to read that was written by Willa's mother, a former slave.

It is with this journal that the story comes alive with the heart-wrenching tragedies and abominations folks from those times and places suffered. These stories help Adie cope with her husband's cheating, her baby being taken from her, and her falling in love with another man she cannot have. Help her cope with her husband impregnating another womanâwhile she herself is pregnant again--then joining the military, abandoning them both.

While a page-turner, at times, the story-line is predictable. Almost always, just before an event, you could see what was about to happen. Yet, it didn't matter one whit because of the way the story was told and the deep involvement held for the very well-written characters.

A Christmas Mystery in our Town
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This is a nice Christmas tale told of going home for Christmas and the special things found back in your own home town. There are some mysterious events playing out. There are tributes to veterans having paid the ultimate price (and some who perhaps still are?). If you are patriotic or one who our veterans have much meaning to then you will particularly enjoy this. It is quite short but filled with meaning. There are also pictures and descriptions included. I do recommend.

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This is a delightful read! It takes place in 1817 in England. The story is told entirely in letters of correspondence between the two cousins, Kate (who is in London making her debut in society) and Cecy (who is in Essex). There is an afterword explaining the fun the two authors had writing letters as the characters to one another and how it grew and became a book. And wonderful characters they are! I found myself laughing out loud in places at their antics. There is humor, danger, magic, intrigue and the usual propriety and tea found in 19th century England. I will happily read the sequel, THE GRAND TOUR.

The Love Season: A Novel
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I have to say this was my least favorite Elin Hilderbrand book. It seemed to drone on and on and was difficult for me to get through. The story line and characters were boring and predictable.

I have enjoyed all of the other books by this author (I've read at least six others), but have to say this one was a huge disappointment.

A Treasury of Florida Tales: Unusual, Interesting, and Little-Known Stories of Florida (Stately Tales)
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While many of the tales in this book are fascinating, you wonder how many errors there are. I've read two or more of Garrison's books on the Civil War, and there are plenty of errors in those. His stories are often colored with 'facts' straight from what is called "Southern Mythology" on the war.

In this book, Garrison repeats the old story of Florida-born Army Air Corps Captain Colin Kelly bombing and heavily damaging a Japanese battleship in an attack in the Philippines, shortly after Pearl Harbor. The battleship was then reported sinking from the damage.

The truth, known even before World War II was over, is there wasn't even a battleship in the area. Kelly attacked a Japanese cruiser, which was lightly damaged. Kelly received his Medal of Honor for staying at the controls of his heavily damaged bomber so his crew could bail out. Unfortunately, the bomber exploded before this brave man could bail out himself.

The House at the End of Hope Street
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book though it did take me a couple of chapters to get into it. All of the main characters come with their specific baggage and are sided throughout the book by famous women hanging on the also has a lovely twist towards the end.

MatchUp: The Battle of the Sexes Just Got Thrilling
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This is a really fun anthology of thrillers with pairings of characters from famous writers' books. If you enjoy short stories, this will be delightful.

Lucifer Book One: Morningstar
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The comic series that inspired the hit TV series LUCIFER in a graphic novel format. The comic is nothing like the TV series but it is pretty enjoyable. This graphic novel collects issues 1-13 of the Vertigo title Lucifer as well as the 3 issue mini-series SANDMAN PRESENTS: LUCIFER.

Get Off Your Knees and Pray: A Woman's Guide to Life-Changing Prayer
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Sheila is always so pleasant.

Rocked by Love (Gargoyles, Bk 4)
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DNF... I didn't care for Kylie, she made herself spoiled and well off by the age 23. Her language was confusing that I got lost trying to figure out what she said. I mostly read from Dag's p.o.v since I got lost in Kylie's. I've read the first 3 and I never had a problem until now. I'm off to read #5.....

Christmas Stories: 7 Original Short Stories
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I especially love short stories on Christmas. I get a boost each time. I really enjoyed this little book. Chock full of insightful lessons conveyed throughout the stories within.

I won this on Goodreads in exchange for my honest opinion. I do recommend this!

Drink, Play, F@#k: One Man's Search for Anything Across Ireland, Las Vegas, and Thailand
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parody of eat pray love (which I hated. whiny author). This was funny in parts, especially the drink section in Ireland.

Paris for One and Other Stories
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Short stories. Paris for One is the longest - more like a novella and I had read it previously. The others were like a chapter and easily read in about 5-10 minutes each. All about relationships and all very good.

Haunted (Michael Bennett, Bk 10)
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This tenth book in the Michael Bennett series was co-written by James Born rather than the usual Michael Ledwidge. Not sure why Patterson made this change but overall, I thought this was a step up from the last Bennett thriller, Bullseye. This novel was basically broken into two parts. The first starts out with Bennett's oldest son Brian being incarcerated for selling drugs at his school. Brian doesn't want to say why he was doing this but it is apparent that he was coerced by the dealer with a probable threat against the large Bennett family. The plot also involves a young hit man for the drug cartel and the dealer who provided the drugs to Brian. The second part of the story has the Bennetts going on a much-needed vacation to Maine. Mike's former partner (of course a good looking female) was able to make a house available for the family for three weeks. But is she only interested in the family's relaxation...of course not. The small town in Maine is also being plagued by the drug epidemic and she needed Mike's help.

This novel included a lot more family time than the last in the series and ends up with a long anticipated surprise. Overall, I gave this one an extra star solely for this ending. Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

Tieta do Agreste
Tieta do Agreste
Book Type: Paperback
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Translated as "Tieta the Girl or the return of the Prodigal Daughter", written in the 1970s, about a woman returning to the village she was kicked out of 25 years before.

Thunder Bay (Cork O'Connor, Bk 7)
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Krueger switches to first-person POV for this seventh in the series. Cork O'Connor has resigned as sheriff (after all that flirting with it over the last 3 books, sigh) and is now a PI. His old friend Henry gets suddenly ill and asks Cork to find his son, a man Henry has never seen except in visions and who is now in his 70s. With a bit of internet sleuthing, Cork finds a likely candidate - a Canadian millionaire who is now a weird recluse a la Howard Hughes. A long chunk of the book tells Henry's story as a young man and how he came to meet the girl. As usual, there is an excellent sense of place; Henry's story is sad and interesting. I am becoming less and less thrilled with the character of O'Connor, who seems to talk a lot about how dear his family is but then skips out in order to solve someone else's problems. But - an interesting story, good pacing, and the change in POV was nice.

High Crimes (Audio CD) (Abridged)
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I love Joseph Finder's books. This one was no exception. The story was fantastic not so much the narrator. For me, she just didn't do the story justice.

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