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The Monster in the Box (Chief Inspector Wexford, Bk 22)

OMG what a boring book. Two detectives constantly meeting to discuss things including what they eat, no real complicated plot, no thrilling parts, just boring. I got so tired of reading their conversation. About 2/3 way through I thought this is never going to get good if nothing has happened yet, and I was right. It was so predictable. End result (spoiler alert) the guy they're looking for is killed by someone else and hey that's the end of the mystery. Sigh....

Land of Mango Sunsets

Very funny, poignant and highly readable. "This story st in NEw York and in at the lowland in South Carolina continuing the traditions of the lowland and the life on Sullivan's Island. Good romance too.

The Burial Hour (Lincoln Rhyme, Bk 13)
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As I have enjoyed all the Lincoln Rhyme books this one took me by surprise at the lack of a story. It started out just great and when they landed in Italy, it all went sideways.
I could only think of the Amanda Knox story, and how the Italian government/police and prosecutors did such a inept job and how they tried to cover their own butts.
The characters were distinct and not relatable except for Ercole and only because he was with Sachs most of the time.
Story had no meat to it so it seemed to wonder around and not go anywhere. Was disappointed in this storyline and hope the next one will be better.

Buffalo Girls
Buffalo Girls
Author: Larry McMurtry
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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If you are looking for a book set in the West about depressed people becoming more depressed, this may be the book for you. I enjoy Mr McMurtry's work because of the quirky characters and witty dialogue, this had neither. Pass on this one unless you are on a quest to read all of his work.

A Death in the Family (Penguin Classics)
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Touching story of a family coping with loss.

World Religions in a Nutshell
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It is my fault that I picked up a copy of this book while in a rush to leave a bookstore; I didn't read the cover carefully. When I read, "A Compact Guide to Reaching Those of Other Faiths," I thought he meant to be more understanding of other religions. I'd been looking for a succinct book on world religions for some time and thought this would be a good start, even though it only covered 9 major religions. My goal was to learn the major tenets of various religions with a view of understanding them better. However, this is not the goal of this author.

Oh my gosh, Comfort's goal is to change the religion of others to Christianity. What an arrogant attitude. In my heart, I don't see that my view of God is any better than anyone else's. However, Ray Comfort is obviously comforted by the knowledge that his faith is the one everyone must come to understand as the best.

I skipped most of the dialogue that the author offers as a way to open discussion with someone of another faith (from the 9 groups discussed), on how to change another's view of God. I admit to reading some to see how the author 'attacks the problem' of another's religious faith that isn't his. He tells his readers that he goes for their weaknesses.

I gave the book three stars because it told me things I'd like to know about other faiths. I was disappointed that he didn't spend the additional pages telling more about the faiths, and less about how to change other people's minds. I will never forget this author's name and am assured that I will never pick up another of his books.

What Are You Doing In My Bed
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Such a cute book! The cover photo doesn't do it justice--it's really a bright sky-blue background with adorable kittens. Seven kittens find a way to share a dog's cozy bed. "Kip and Harry snored right through the night under their warm blanket of cats. And they all fitted purr-fectly!"

The Girl You Left Behind
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Having first read the tale of Sophie Lefèvre and her husband, Eduoard, in a novella about their first days of marriage, I was happy to return to the characters in this book. It's a sad tale dedicated to love as two unlikely individuals discover each other. Their love is truly the discovery of soul mates and as their lives are turned upside down during WWII and the Nazis it continues. Separated by the chaos of war, they keep their love foremost in their hearts and minds as they endure atrocities that break many people.

Sophie finds herself living with her sister while Eduoard is in Paris. Knowledge of what is happening to the other is sparse but both believe that the other still lives somewhere somehow. The linking feature is the portrait he painted showing the "true" Sophie he adores. The haunting painting attracts much attention and eventually brings the two together again through an unlikely German officer. However, so much happens prior to this meeting as the endure torture and life in concentration camps. Read this one to unveil the entire story.

Endymion (Hyperion, Bk 3)
Endymion (Hyperion, Bk 3)
Author: Dan Simmons
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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When I first read Hyperion by Dan Simmons I really meant to follow the series to its end. Recenly I discovered that I had not when I found Endymion and yes, I've returned to read it all.

The characters I followed with so much interest in this book are Raul Endymion, Aenea, and, of course, the Shrike. The Pax, a conservatively religious government, is seeking to convert Aenea who is believed to be a threat to their government. This is her tale as she races across the universe with Raul Endymion, and a blue-skinned android named A. Bettik. Raul, scheduled for execution, is rescued by Aenea's uncle and charged with rescuing and saving this young girl.

It, of course, the frightening and horrific Shrike who comes to their rescue again and again. Their adventures are coupled with dangerous encounters with representatives of the Pax and environments that are challenges ranging from hot, dry worlds to those made of ice with their fearful inhabitants. As the tale progresses the goal of the Pax is to eliminate Aenea and those traveling with her. Will they succeed? One needs to read on to discover the answer to this question.

This is an outstanding science fiction series and I'm so happy to return to it.. Wonderful tales can be found in many genres and I glory in reading them, one by one. If one loves science fiction as I do, discover the amazingly creative writing of Dan Simmons and the Hyperion as the story unfolds.

The Sandalwood Tree
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Two women. Two lives linked by joy. One is born in India and sent to England for her education. The other is born in England and loves books more than people. Their story is told by Evie, who in 1947, is sent to India with her husband, Martin, where he is gathering research for his doctorate in history.

For Evie, the story of Felicity and Adela brings relief from her troubled marriage. For her, the move to India is meant to be a renewal of the love that drew her and Martin together yet the gap seems only to widen. Immersing herself in discovering more about the women who lived in the same cottage in 1856, Evie cannot let this story be and she searches for more than the letters she first found in their kitchen. And, she finds it, bit by bit.

The author paints an incredibly graphic picture of life in India as the British prepare to leave India forever. The people and their lives, the landscape, the climate, the culture and the color are painted with an incredibly amazing palette. It's all pulled together in a seamless whole that I couldn't put aside until I finished it. I so wanted to hellp Evie with her marriage and longed to meet not only her but also Felicity and Adela who lived so many years ago. This is a read that should not be missed. It's a trip this reader cannot forget.

Field of Bones (Joanna Brady, Bk 18)
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Gift copy! While on maternity leave, Sheriff Joanna Brady is dragged into a far-reaching investigation to bring down a sadistic killer in this chilling tale of suspense from beloved New York Times bestselling author J. A. Jance

Though she's still recovering from a series of tragedies, Joanna Brady's life has never been busier. Her older daughter is off to college, her five-year-old son is full of energy and boundless curiosity, and she's just given birth to a new daughterâon the same night she won her third election as Cochise County sheriff in a squeaker of a race. In addition, her husband, Butch, is away on an exhausting book tour.

Despite her devotion to her work, Joanna is determined to see her maternity leave through this time. But in this beautiful desert landscape, home of Wyatt Earp, Tombstone, and the shoot-out at the OK Corral, a monster is roaming freeâa serial killer who has transformed Joanna's small corner of the Southwest into a field of bones.

When a teenager turns in a human skull found on the far side of the San Bernardino Valley in the Peloncillo Mountains between Arizona and New Mexico, it is the beginning of a multiple homicide case. As much as she would rather stay home with her newborn and lose herself in the cold cases to be found in her father's long- unread diaries, Joanna instead finds herself overseeing a complex investigation involving multiple jurisdictions and an FBI profiler.

Filled with the beloved characters, small-town charm, vivid history, intriguing mystery, and the scenic Arizona desert backdrop that have made the Joanna Brady books perennial bestsellers, this latest entry featuring the popular sheriff is sure to please J. A. Jance's legions of fans.

A Welcome at Our Door (An Amish Homestead Novel)
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"Drew was important to her, and he was quickly becoming her best friend. How could their friendship be wrong if it felt so right?"

I thoroughly enjoyed Amy Clipston's new release, A Welcome at Our Door, which concludes the Amish Homestead series with the story of the youngest sibling, Cindy Riehl. Clipston excels at creating real scenarios and characters, often making me forget that I'm reading fiction. Their struggles are easy to identify with and we see faith lived out in daily life. While it's great to reunite with family members featured in previous books, this story can stand alone.

A Welcome at Our Door is perhaps one of the most emotional of Clipston's books that I've read, for it deals with the faith that is at the heart of the Amish people. The theme itself â friendship and attraction between an Amish/Englisher couple â is obviously going to be problematic and filled with tension. With that in mind, I especially enjoyed the story's lighthearted beginning with a cute scene involving a stray cow named Cucumber and a neighbor's dog named Bruce, resulting in the initial meeting between Cindy and Drew.

In the years following her mother's death, Cindy struggled with feeling different and somewhat isolated from her family and Amish community. She had never felt God's call on her heart to join the Amish church, like most others had. And in spite of the Church's teaching that it was a sin to doubt God's will, she had so many unanswered questions. It was interesting for me that I could completely understand both points of view â that of parents yearning for their child to embrace the Amish faith, and Cindy's need to connect with someone who understood her feelings because of shared grief in their backgrounds.

A Welcome at Our Door is a moving, heartwarming, and uplifting story. I look forward to many more stories from Amy Clipston.

Recommended to all who enjoy quality Amish fiction.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Passing Strange
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This book is a hidden gem. It follows a group of women in 1940's San Francisco. These women are friends, lovers, lesbians, crossdressers. Their lives and the problems they have living and trying to love in that time are well portrayed. There is a touch of magic included that is unique. Well written. I really loved this slice of life.

Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway
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This problem with this book is not the satire -- because Barry has a great spin on the mess -- it is the mess of government itself. I was so dismayed when Dave Barry admitted there was no solution for big government other than to laugh at it. By the end of the book, I was downright depressed.

Mila's Shift (The Darkest Day)
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Shapeshifters were outlawed, and when Mila suddenly went through her first shift after partying for her 21st birthday, she ran leaving everything and everyone she knew and loved behind. But after 10 years of hardship in hiding, Mila's best friend, May, reached out to her to meet. They'd been as close as sisters, had dreamed of being space pilots together, so Mila goes. Leaving their reunion, the girls are attacked and May is killed. Unable to go to the police for help, a grieving Mila buries May but when she discovers May's ID and upcoming assignment as a pilot on the soon-to-depart USS Orleans spaceship, she assumes her identity.

The Orleans' mission is to deliver diplomats to the first ever meeting with another intelligent life species. Not everyone wants this meeting to occur though and there are conspirators hidden among the crew that intend to stop the Orleans at all costs. Also, there is a shifter on board trying to kill Mila because they believe May is still alive and she had discovered the plot to prevent the meeting.

This was a fast and fun book with loads of action and romance. I couldn't put it down! The mysterious shifter evades capture for quite a while and the tension builds while he continues to hunt May/Mila. There is quite a collection of interesting characters populating the Orleans including Mila's grumpy roommate and a coworker working through gender identity. It appears to be the start of a new series so I will be looking forward to more about these characters.

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a lighter SciFi read and perhaps suggest it to shifter romance readers that may want to stretch their genre reading into SciFi.

Outfoxing the Alpha (Southern Shifters Saga)
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Has a HFN ending that basically the mystery of why a pack of coyote shifters show up mysteriously and it's the end... Starts up with Marcus and Jo broken up and her breaking into his place (with her key) to find her necklace she mistakenly left behind. Enter an injured fox and now Jo knows one of his many secrets. Jo still thinks Marcus has a woman/women of the side, Marcus loves to lie and keep secrets and keeps Jo from his life. Quick read that all happened in a matter of 2 days and 90% is how Marcus and Jo will figure how to make up and come clean (with a witch's pact so no lies can tell) and the 10% is the quick ending that leads to more. If I was to know it was part of more stories or a series I would have like to learned that part before agreeing to read this on booksprout. It also just in Jo's POV only.

Scorched: Book 1 of the Scorched Trilogy
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Now I need to say this is part one so the ending will lead to the next story and what it means for Annie and her loved ones. I haven't read a series like this will be for a few years, it's all told from Annie's POV so we won't get what Munro is thinking which would have been nice in a few of these chapters, but he has to stay all mysterious, typical. Lol.

Losing parents in a house fire not sure how it happened but losing your loving family is devastating. But Annie finds a home with a loving mother and a sister her age that they both adore Annie, I love reading with loving people bring in a new member into their family and treat her just like she's blood. But her nightmares keep her up bring to her different things as later when she learns a secret that her parents kept from her and what she really is capable of. But with teenager girl there has to be a boy in there so we meet Munro , now he has dark secret he keeps until close to the end and what his past and what that did to Annie's past and present will cause her future to look uncertain.

Surrendering to My Spy (Linked Across Time) (Volume 4)
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Was slow going for me. First time reading this author's work and maybe depending on the story, I might read it. Time traveling wasn't playing a part in this story, thankfully. I stay far away from Time swept or time traveling books, they just giving me the willys for some reason. This story of Rosanna and Dominic has some good clean parts and some just quick overview, Som and her brother James was friends that's how Rosa met Dom when she was 13, she was basically the little sister of his best friend.

Worth the Risk (Pine Valley) (Volume 1)
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Clean and way too sweet for my taste. The only drama was the âscorned' ex girlfriend, and Alicia's trust issues.

Thrill Ride
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Sorry but I almost didn't want to finish this story. Pros it's a great story, their love too time to build up and wants a hit it and quit it either, it started out that Hendrix wanted a one night with Libby but one refusal turn into days and weeks worth. The love/hate they got before in the ast section and for the present chapters was very entertaining, the love they got all pros. The big con where I was about to stop and leave a bad review


Hendrix gets shot in the chest and dies..... yep and picking it the urn too... What? You can't kill the main guy off and expect a great review... since I forced my self to read on and get passed Hendrix' father flat emotionless statements that really got Libby balling and had to take sleeping pills to even get sleep. BUT Thank goodness Ms. Hart didn't give this a sad ending but a resurrection.....

From bank robbing expert to simple man with âneeds' Hendrix is an expert of bank robbery and a lagit heating/cooling business owner that lives by 3 rules his con artist of a father taught him at a young age will throw it all away for love. Is it true love that he feels? The new waitress of his once a week bar/grill visit will get u dear his skin from the first time she refused his âoffer'. Libby is doing her job and her handler, Carter, is trying to get hard evidence of Hendrix and his up in coming bank heist to finally see him convicted. Their inside helper, Hendrix's own father turned rat to get out of prison sooner will give details they need and it's Libby's job to catch Hendrix or of his words slip. Will the love that Libby and Hendrix feel save each other or will truths come forth and hurt each other's hearts or will their love create something that they both be scared for?

Fractured Love
Fractured Love
Author: Ella James
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Most part this was an okay read, but it seem to skip a lot and some places felt left out where it skipped over but is needed to work, left me confused and for the secret baby part was skipped but a very quick review of what happened and another when I'm invested into the main couples and they tie the knot, I want to read it not âOh by the way we got married 10 days after Landon was released' I don't what that I want to read about wedding of these two teenage lovers reunited after 10 years and an accident. Disappointing

Ranieri Andretti: A Second-Chance Mafia Romance Novella (The Five Syndicates)
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I haven't even read the other 2 books, since they didn't have the (reunion connection for me) but I didn't feel like any was missing, the story went right along with the flow. I immediately felt connected to Carina and she drew you into her life when her BFF and crush Ranieri âRanie' went from her friend to a traitor. Emotional and now how she was bullied in school, I connected on that point also.... it's never fun when the whole school hated you especially when your friend does a 360 and become the leader in a way for the whole student body to paint a target on your back... but he did try to get her to agree for a secreted relationship but she never got the letters until years of heartache on both sides. And when the truth is revealed it's the most ridiculous Excuse I've ever hear and stupid that it lasted over a decade....

Night Born (Night Wolves)
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I'll be straight up and say I didn't read book 1 nor any other book wrote by this author. So I went into this book blind and from the first page until the last, I had no problems. Instant connection to the story and to Kyra (this whole book is from her POV). I felt her emotions from being shunned away from her pack and even the hurt she felt when knowing that her time is coming up to connect to her wolf or she'll be forced to leave the pack even if they treat her like a no one. They literally made her live by herself in a camping trailer her mother gifted to her as a (gift) so no one has to see her or think of her. But her time is going fast and her only bond to the pack is Mikos, her agreed upon mate but since the pack is making his find a new female to be his mate is breaking Kyras heart daily. Now on top of loosing family, friends and the only man she loves her life is in danger for a female wolf that wants power and Mikos, and by killing Kyra is one step closer to her goals. Will the newcomer get the power and the man or will an unexpected truce save her life and will they bring out her wolf faster then originally thought???

Friend Zone (Friend Zone Series)
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My kind of romance, especially friends turned lovers that is full of all kinds of emotions. Started out a bit slow for me compared to the other stories that Ms. Blanchard wrote but as it went farther it grabbed my attention

Give Me Fever
Give Me Fever
Author: Jasmine and Arielle Lockhart
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Great story, like to seen an epilogue for a year or so later but good nevertheless. Second chance of still being married but what will she lose is their bet is cashed in and what will he gain when the bet is canceled out???

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