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In Your Dreams (Blue Heron, Bk 4)
In Your Dreams (Blue Heron, Bk 4)
Author: Kristan Higgins
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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This is Book 4 in the Blue Heron series.

This book is about Emmaline Neal and Jack Holland.

Jack Holland is loved by all. He has the hair, the eyes and he is a super nice guy. Emmaline Neal is a plain jane that has come to Manningsport to get away from it all. She has just been invited to her ex fiancée wedding and needs a date for the out of town wedding. In steps Jack happy to help out wherever he is needed. When they arrive back in town Jack wants more than to be a fake date but Emmaline is afraid of getting hurt again.

It was really slow getting into it but it did pick up and was easy to read.

Blue Heron Series
1. The Best Man (2013) Faith Holland & Levi Cooper
2. The Perfect Match (2013) Honor Holland & Tom Barlow
3. Waiting on You (2014) Colleen O'Rourke & Lucas Campbell
4. In Your Dreams (2014) Emmaline Neal & Jack Holland
5. Anything for You (2015) Connor O'Rourke & Jessica Dunn

Dark Places
Dark Places
Author: Gillian Flynn
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Paperback
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This was an odd book - for me, it was a difficult read from the beginning. I struggled with it day after day. Which is odd for me because I can read just about anything and I read fast. I typically have several books laying around that I'm reading at the same time and never confuse them. However, I was so confused by this book that it was almost unreadable. THEN>> I decided to do something that I never do - read the last chapter first. I am so glad I did, because now I've read the entire book - backwards! And it is fantastic!! I know, that sounds crazy - I thought so too. But, don't judge until you've tried it! This book is great - but must be read from the last chapter to the first.

A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets
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What a fun read. Dog or cat lover will love this story. A cat rescues a drug addict and teaches him to go in the world. It started when the isolated man helps a injured cat.

Wycliffe and the Pea Green Boat (Wycliffe, Bk 6)
reviewed on + 267 more book reviews

This was an o.k. read --- started off really slow, took a long time to wade through it and the characters were all sort of dark and very unfriendly – was really disappointed in the ending as I really felt as to what was left of the family will probably kill each other off but was kind of all left in the open. For an awful short book 207 pages took me 3 days to wade through.

Light Action in the Caribbean : Stories
reviewed on + 3 more book reviews

I am not normally a short story reader, but throughly enjoyed this book.

Section 31: Shadow (Star Trek Voyager)
reviewed on + 175 more book reviews

An above-average Trek novel, starring the crew of the Voyager. Plenty of action with Sexy Nine, TwoBlocks, Captain Hairday, the Singing Physician, Choke-a-Latte, and the others.

If you automatically translated my made-up names above to the actual Trek characters, you'll probably like this novel.

++ Possible violations of the Prime Directive
++ An emperor
++ A computer with a mind of its own
++ Sabotage & secrets
++ Female Klingon
++ Neelix dressed garishly
++ Purple People Eaters
++ Janeway drinks more coffee

In Fury Born (aka Path of Fury, revised)
reviewed on + 70 more book reviews

Terrific book, 800 plus pages and I was sorry when it ended. David Weber writes very fine battle scenes on the ground as well as in space

Hounded (Andy Carpenter, Bk 12)
reviewed on + 210 more book reviews

With this author's humorous and quick witted Andy Carpenter, combined with Laurie, Marcus, dogs and a thrilling legal story line, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Promised to the Highlander (The Highland Chiefs) (Volume 2)
reviewed on + 251 more book reviews

What a wonderful book! I actually liked this one more than the first book, Bound To The Highlander. Though we are introduced to Fergus in the first book, I must admit I was not too interested in him, but Promised To The Highlander brings Fergus into the light and, oh my goodness, what an amazing character! There are so many layers to this intriguing man who only wants to do what's best for his family and protect his clan. He is a man who has suffered emotional pain and loss, who has faults, makes mistakes and who loses his heart in a most sudden and unexpected moment.

As Laird, he arranges a match for his brother, William to ensure the continuation of his clan. When he meets his brother's intended, Nessia, he is not prepared for the intense feelings being near her bring out and to further complicate the situation, Nessia feels the same way about Fergus. Normally a love triangle featuring brothers in love with the same woman can only end badly for all concerned, but I really liked how this story plays out. Fergus, William and Nessia are all extremely likable characters that I didn't want to see anything bad happen to.

The first book of this series gives the reader a small glimpse into the feud between the MacKay and Sutherland clans but this book rips it wide open. The author does a fantastic job of writing truly vile and despicable characters as well as characters the reader can really relate to. The villain of this story, Artair Sutherland is truly evil with no redeeming qualities. As much as I hated him and wanted to stab him in the throat myself, I couldn't put this book down, I had to know what would happen next. The story moves at an excellent pace and was, for me, a very fast read.

My Final Verdict: There is so much to like about this story. The Scottish Highlands, compelling characters, passionate romance, epic and intense battle scenes and touching scenes of love and loss are just a small sampling of what this story has to offer. All of this and beautifully designed covers, you can't go wrong. In order to truly enjoy the magic of the beautiful Scottish Highlands and all of the wonderful characters in this series, I highly recommend you start with the first book. I am looking forward to the third book in this story which is about Freya MacKay and Ronan Sutherland.

A Steadfast Heart (Brides of Seattle)
reviewed on + 487 more book reviews

I enjoyed A Steadfast Heart by Tracie Peterson. The characters and plot were interesting and I look forward to the next two books of the series. Highly recommended!

All Things Are Labor: Stories
reviewed on + 19 more book reviews

A series of uninteresting short stories in mannered writing-workshop prose.

Still Waters
Still Waters
Author: Tami Hoag
Genres: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
reviewed on + 17 more book reviews

One of the best has a s slot of intrigue and multiple stories to keep you on your toes. Great ending may bring tears

A Piece of My Heart: The Stories of Twenty-Six American Women Who Served in Vietnam
reviewed on + 286 more book reviews

How can I say this without sounding trite? After a couple of the stories, they all started sounding alike. I'm not making light of any of the stories here, but I started thinking I'd heard this before.... Maybe that's one of the many sad things about Viet Nam, too many sad stories.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
reviewed on + 163 more book reviews

i could not get into this book at all, it had such great reviews, but i found it confusing, boring and did not look forward to picking it up. There is nothing I enjoy more that a book i can not put down.. this was one i could not pick up!

Billie Girl (LeapLit)
reviewed on + 17 more book reviews

This book is wonderful and will stay with you long after the last page. I highly recommend it.

Moon Over Manifest
reviewed on + 3 more book reviews

This book kept me reading. You want to know what happened in Manifest in 1918 as well as what happened in 1936. Good story and would recommend it to fourth grade through middle school students to adults who enjoy reading light books.

Bradstreet Gate: A Novel
reviewed on + 278 more book reviews

Bradstreet Gate follows the lives of three people who met as undergraduates at Harvard and follows the course of their lives for the ten years following their graduation. Their lives are inextricably intertwined and further affected by the murder of a classmate. The alleged murderer is a controversial professor whose relationship with each of the three is complicated. I thought the character development was excellent even though the resolution of the homicide was obscure. The familial histories were complete and demonstrated how and why each of the three became the people they were as adults. Robin Kirman has demonstrated a talent that will undoubtedly continue to bring praise to her as an accomplished writer. I am grateful to LibraryThing for the opportunity to receive this book as an ARC.

Driving with Dead People
reviewed on

I have mixed feelings on Driving with Dead People. It is very depressing all that Monica had to go through in her life but yet that she rose above all the adversity was a great encouragement. I would recommend this book but just be aware there is some explicit details that can be disturbing.

Proud Knight, Fair Lady: The Twelve Lais of Marie De France
reviewed on + 25 more book reviews

This book is a very interesting historical document, being a collection of tales from the 1100s, which were considered to be very old even then. I would not recommend reading these tales to children, as they endorse a very archaic misogynist view of women that is inappropriate to teach to children.

Women in the stories are literally the property of their male relatives (as was the case for thousands of years up until the 1800s), and are treated as such. Their only value is their beauty, in most cases, and all problems that occur in the stories are blamed on women, rather than the men whose selfish, lustful behaviour generally derails the action (a knight cheats on his wife and lies to his young lover about being married, and when this goes awry, the young girl's beauty is blamed for the disaster and it is suggested she should be killed 'to appease god' - just one example of many in this book how men's bad and reckless behaviour is excused and blamed on the women, despite the fact that the women have literally no power or freedom).

Read with a critical eye, these tales paint a dark and horrifying picture of what life was like for women in the Dark Ages. The story "Rapunzel" is not simply a story - it was evidently fairly commonplace for wealthy old men to keep their young possessions /wives locked away in near-total isolation out extreme possessiveness and a sadistic disregard for the humanity of their captives.

On a lighter note, you will find herein an ancient werewolf tale, a story of a woman who could be considered one of the Fair Folk, and a possible precursor of Little Snow-White. But again, unless you want to expose your kids to horrible violence against women, I would not recommend sharing these tales with children!

The illustrations are lovely in a naive way that fits the age of the text - the anatomy is often very wrong (as it was in art of the time period), but the images have an elegance and decorative appeal that is hard to deny, though the illustrator seems obsessed with blonde hair, which appears on the vast majority, if not all, of the characters.

My favourite tale is "Milun", which has a happier ending than many of the others, and reflects a relatively equitable relationship between the female and male main characters, as well as having some memorable 'magical' elements.

If you enjoy studying ancient folk tales, myths, and legends, this is a book worth reading, and the fact that it was originally written down by a woman makes it noteworthy among such books.

The Secrets to Ruling School (Without Even Trying): Book 1 (Max Corrigan)
reviewed on + 53 more book reviews

I was given an advance copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Max Corrigan grooms new middle school students so they can "rule the school". The goal is to get the newbies liked by all and bullied by none. However, Max's recommendations on how to accomplish this get the newbie (the book is told so that Max's talking to YOU as the newbie needing help) into immense amounts of trouble and more and more complex plotting turns the whole school into a domino course set to topple over at the slightest wrong turn. Of course, Max's advice and a lot of luck prevails and the newbie (You) end up being beloved by all.

Now, beyond the fact that this is unbelievable in the extreme, and of course only meant for entertainment, I did have a few problems with this book. The advice Max gives the newbie include highly immoral and illegal activities, such as vandalism, computer hacking, defamation/slander of a teacher, etc. Even for entertainment purposes, these kinds of suggestions seemed a little much for me. There are better and easier ways to make yourself liked that don't involve spray paint and guessing passwords in my opinion.

Cardcaptor Sakura, Book 6
reviewed on + 25 more book reviews

love it

Blue Hotel
reviewed on + 298 more book reviews

I really enjoyed this book. Quick easy read.. Interesting mystery with a splash of romance..

The Rake to Rescue Her (Ransleigh Rogues, Bk 3) (Harlequin Historical, No 1224)
reviewed on + 168 more book reviews

Good book, as a reunion story with a bit of suspense added for intensity. Eight years earlier Alastair and Diana had been in love and engaged, until she jilted him and married a duke instead. Devastated, hurt, confused and angry, Alastair spent the next years serving in the military. He didn't care what happened to him and as a result took on many dangerous or hopeless missions, earning himself quite a reputation.

He has returned to England to take up his life now that the war is over. His sister has invited him to visit her in Bath and is trying hard to get him to find a woman for him to marry. Because of his past, he has sworn never to give his heart again, and cloaks his mistrust of women in rakish behavior. He is stunned to encounter the newly widowed Diana and discovers that his attraction to her is as strong as ever. Determined to root her out of his system, he offers her the position of his mistress, expecting to tire of her quickly. He's shocked when she accepts.

Diana had been forced to marry her late husband because of threats he made against the people she loved. In the eight years of her marriage her husband had isolated her from everyone she knew, denied her the chance to participate in her hobbies, and then used her love for her son to take him away also. When her husband died, she took her son and fled to Bath, needing to get away from the bad memories. As soon as she saw Alastair, she knew she had to tell him why she had treated him so badly. He was skeptical of her story, and when she said she'd do anything to make it up to him, agreed to be his mistress.

Though Alastair starts out merely wanting a taste of revenge and the chance to purge Diana from his memories and heart, he begins to suspect that she had actually been brutally honest about her marriage. She is nothing like the girl he remembers and fell in love with, with her joy in life ruthlessly suppressed. Though he resists trusting her with his heart again, he can't help being moved by everything she's gone through. He becomes determined to see her return to her former self before he ends their association. And when she is threatened with charges of murder and loss of custody of her son, Alastair can no longer deny that he wants more than just a bed partner.

Diana is an incredibly strong woman who has done what she needed to protect her family and those she cared about. I loved seeing some of the things she did, fighting back in the only way she could. She has spent so long suppressing her emotions and hiding what she has gone through, that she has a great deal of trouble opening up to Alastair, even when their relationship starts to change. It isn't until her son is threatened that she can force herself to reveal all.

I loved seeing Alastair's feelings change from the need for revenge to the need to protect. It takes him awhile to realize that he had never stopped loving Diana, but once he does he goes all out to protect her. I loved seeing him confront the new duke and then go on to pursue the ammunition he needs. I loved seeing him bring in Will from The Rake to Redeem Her to help with his search. I also loved his sensitivity in knowing that, as much as he wants her, he has to give her the space to finish her recovery before he can tell her how he feels.

I loved seeing Diana slowly begin to trust that Alastair really did want to help her. She had never stopped loving him, but had had to bury her emotions very, very deep in order to survive her marriage. She tried very hard to keep her relationship with Alastair limited to only the physical, but it got harder each time they were together. She still wanted to protect him from the threats made against her and it took awhile for her to realize that he was more than able to handle them. I loved seeing her finally able to let go of her fears and start to live her life again. While it was frustrating to see her push him away at the end, why she did it made perfect sense. Seeing her finally able to accept his love at the end was wonderful.

One of the things I liked most about this story was the strong sense of family. Diana gave up everything in order to protect those she loved. She was also willing to put herself at risk in order to continue that protection. On Alastair's side, I loved his sister's protectiveness, even though it was against Diana it was for all the right reasons. It was wonderful to see how his mother supported him in his wish to protect Diana, even though she too had reservations at the beginning. Will's willingness to do whatever Alastair needed was just more evidence of how the Rogues are there for each other. Even the formerly estranged uncle had his chance to show his support.

The Secret Keeper
The Secret Keeper
Author: Kate Morton
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
reviewed on + 24 more book reviews

At first I was not sure I was going to give the book a chance.............but somewhere I got immersed in this story and never looked back! What a great read! I found myself sneaking a page here or there, whenever I found a free moment just because I had too. I have ordered the House at Riverton and already put her new title on my with list. I have become a Kate Morton fan.

Chocolate, Please: My Adventures in Food, Fat, and Freaks
reviewed on

Not at all what I expected and kind of offensive and at times graphic.

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