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The Complete Guide to Funeral Planning : How to Arrange the Appropriate Service
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Very helpful in my first steps of planning my own funeral.

Wicked Nights (Angels of the Dark, Bk 1)
Wicked Nights (Angels of the Dark, Bk 1)
Author: Gena Showalter
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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First book in new series with lots of world building. This is an interesting and different take on Angels. I liked Zacharel and Annabelle as a couple. Lots of interesting characters so I am looking forward to more stories.

The Importance of Being Seven (44 Scotland Street, Bk 6)
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The books of Alexander McCall Smith hardly need reviewing. All those my husband and I have read, and there have been many from each of his series, frame all characters and all transactions with a good deal of compassion for the minutiae of life.

McCall Smith is not soft in the head. On the contrary, he is a learned man with a broad range of experience, some of which informs his writing. Read his Wikipedia page.

I think the thing about him that says the most about his writing is his being co-founder of and active participant in "The Really Terrible Orchestra" (aka RTO). Check out some of their YouTube videos.

Light-heartedness is what shines through his books and the RTO. Not taking oneself too seriously.

Draw Close to Jehovah
reviewed on

Beware, this is cult literature. It's written to draw vunerable people into their cult organization.

Savage Texas (Savage Texas, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 19 more book reviews

was ok but not one of the better William w johnstone books.

On Christmas Eve (Cape Light)
reviewed on + 5 more book reviews

Awesome book! As all of the books in this series are! I would recommend all of them.

Annie John
Annie John
Author: Jamaica Kincaid
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Book Description
Annie John is a haunting and provocative story of a young girl growing up on the island of Antigua. A classic coming-of-age story in the tradition of The Catcher in the Rye and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Kincaid's novel focuses on a universal, tragic, and often comic theme: the loss of childhood. Annie's voice?urgent, demanding to be heard?is one that will not soon be forgotten by readers.

An adored only child, Annie has until recently lived an idyllic life. She is inseparable from her beautiful mother, a powerful presence, who is the very center of the little girl's existence. Loved and cherished, Annie grows and thrives within her mother's benign shadow. Looking back on her childhood, she reflects, "It was in such a paradise that I lived." When she turns twelve, however, Annie's life changes, in ways that are often mysterious to her. She begins to question the cultural assumptions of her island world; at school she instinctively rebels against authority; and most frighteningly, her mother, seeing Annie as a "young lady," ceases to be the source of unconditional adoration and takes on the new and unfamiliar guise of adversary. At the end of her school years, Annie decides to leave Antigua and her family, but not without a measure of sorrow, especially for the mother she once knew and never ceases to mourn. "For I could not be sure," she reflects, "whether for the rest of my life I would be able to tell when it was really my mother and when it was really her shadow standing between me and the rest of the world."

My Review
This was an interesting book about Annie John growing up in Antigua and the process she goes through in order to assert her independence. It was an insightful example of a young girl's relationship with her mother as she tries to break away from the nest. It's a very emotional read and the reader can feel Annie John's pain as she has these love/hate feelings for her mom. I would recommend this book as it is an easy read that does leave a lasting impact.

The Blue Sword
The Blue Sword
Author: Robin McKinley
Genres: Children's Books, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
reviewed on + 768 more book reviews

Harry is not entirely happy living with her aunt and uncle because she doesn't feel that she belongs in this place, in this time, and with this family. A visit from a stranger changes that when she is later kidnapped. What is it about Harry that appeals to Corlath, king of the Hillfolk, who had visited her uncle hoping to create an alliance against an impending foe and the war ahead? He's not quite certain but knows that her destiny is linked with that of his people.

As life changes for Harry, she learns to live with the Hillfolk, finding it strangely satisfying. I liked this character very much. She is independent, strong, and thinks for herself as she gains the respect of those who teach her the ways of the Hillfolk. War comes and Harry, her brother, along with others who love her believe in her do make a difference. What that difference is remains to the next reader to discover. The story is simple, easy to read and most entertaining. Of course, I am a Robin McKinley fan which prompts me to pick up her work. Good read!

Bastard Out of Carolina
reviewed on + 6 more book reviews

After what I thought was a slow start setting it all up, this book seized me roughly by the nape of my neck and held on. A story of family and personal courage, no less so because of the horror the main character, Bone, endured, it was at once deeply disturbing and hopeful. Required reading for anyone who wants to know more about the experience of abuse. The mythical themes stay with the reader a long time, I expect. For me,the most rewarding read in a long time. The writing was a model of astounding description using plain words

Did I say I loved it?

Ashes, Ashes
Ashes, Ashes
Author: Jo Treggiari
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Book Type: Paperback
reviewed on + 97 more book reviews

I enjoyed this book. I liked the main character as a strong girl who was capable of caring for herself in a harsh world. Some of the plot lines were predictable. But overall I liked this book.

Station Eleven
reviewed on + 97 more book reviews

The story wasn't bad but I felt like so much was missing. If 99.99% of the population dies in a short period of time from a virus, where do all the bodies go? This was not mentioned in the book and it bothered me that there was no mention. I enjoyed reading Station Eleven but it left me unsatisfied.

Tears Water the Seeds of Hope
reviewed on + 2 more book reviews

I had heard about this book and was eager to read it for quite a while before it became available. Sadly, I found it a bit disappointing. Yes, the author and her husband did some amazing things and great humanitarian work, but I expected the book to have a much more spiritual focus. It lacked spiritual depth, which made it an interesting read, but not a very satisfying one.

Cotton's War (Sheriff Cotton Burke, Bk 1)
reviewed on

Good action, and even though you know who the bad guys are and the good guys, it has enough twist to keep you in suspense.

Paris Match (Stone Barrington, Bk 31)
reviewed on

Another great Stone book!

The Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree
Author: Julie Salamon
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
reviewed on + 25 more book reviews

Cute story.

A Mountain of Crumbs: A Memoir
reviewed on + 165 more book reviews

I am not sure I understand the lower ratings. I loved this book. It was well written, personal and informative.

Decked With Folly
reviewed on + 157 more book reviews

Totally enjoyed this one more than any other book in the Pennyfoot series. Lots more action, more time spent wondering who could have been the murderer. AT this point it would seem obvious that the Pennyfoot or perhaps its occupants are cursed, especially around Christmas. It all works perfectly however, in keeping you involved in the stories each holiday season. No matter how many I read, I cant wait to read the next in line.
I highly recommend this one. It picks up a year later from the last book(of course) and the story continues. There is plenty of character development, but I still think you could pick this book up without having read any previous one and enjoy it just as much as a diehard fan.

For Shift's Sake
For Shift's Sake
Author: Mina Carter
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
reviewed on + 82 more book reviews

For Shift's Sake (Kindle Edition) by Mina Carter

Reese Connor agrees to stop in at a small town in Tenn. and check on his friend's sister. Bobbi, who runs the diner and the local motel. An instant chemistry between Reese and Bobbi arises as the local thugs threaten her at the diner. If you want to know more you'll have to read it, because it is worth your time:)
And I hope Mina Carter writes more about these Tennessee were-bears.
Who where Bobbies parents? Will Bobbi's adopted brother come home and find love? Maybe the lady were-bear will find love too.

I received an ARC for an honest review of this book.

Called to Pray: Astounding Stories of Answered Prayer
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The power of prayer has such a far reaching influence, yet it is one of the most overlooked resources in a Christian's life. How many times have you felt the prompting to pray for a person or situation and ignore it? What blessing or need went unfulfilled because you didn't? This book will certainly make you think about those times and being obedient to urging of the Holy Spirit.
I found this book very encouraging, as it reminded me once again of how God is always watching over and caring for us. I found it inspiring and exciting to see how He uses our prayers to bring about wonderful and amazing events. These are true stories of how the Lord guided others to pray unbeknownst to them how important that prayer was to the care and protection of the person He brought to mind.
I am remembered of one such time in my life. My husband was 37 and had suffered a heart attack. They were bypassing 3 bypasses he had done at 25. The surgery was long and a large number of people were in the waiting room with me. Everyone was visiting. Suddenly I had a powerful need to pray for him. I asked everyone to join me. I looked at the clock to see what time it was. Finally the doctor came out and told me my husband was fine and the outcome was far better than he had expected. Then he said, "Oh, there was one thing. When we took him off of the heart lung machine and shocked his heart, it wouldn't start. We tried 3 times and were very worried, then the 3rd time it started." I asked him what time that happened. And the time he shared was the exact time I had been felt the overpowering need to pray for him.
This book is such a blessing. It made me happy to read the stories of God's miraculous provision, and to always remember He does the same for me.
I received a copy of this book free from Revell Publications. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

A Prisoner and Yet...
reviewed on

If you've read The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom, go ahead and skip this one. A Prisoner And Yet goes into greater detail of her years in concentration camps, but The Hiding Place was a much more moving and inspirational book. (Maybe this is due to the fact that she wrote this alone/translation problems, whereas she had help writing The Hiding Place??)

reviewed on + 55 more book reviews

It is a well written book, easy to read, but a very sad story to two people who probably pretty much deserved what they got.
In the separation trial, Daddy accused Peaches of being a gold digger and Peaches accused Daddy of being a lecherous old man. Both were probably right.

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastards, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 8 more book reviews

Likely the best "fantasy" novel I have read. I typically prefer sci fi, horror, and thrillers.

Very good writing, characters, and an action packed read. I will definitely continue with the series.

Looking for Rachel Wallace (Spenser, Bk 6)
reviewed on + 164 more book reviews

Great story with a new twist. Book #6 of the Spenser series, and is nearly is good as the first 5, which I LOVED. This was still a great read, but not my favorite. Perhaps it was the story line of Rachel Wallace being so hard-core a feminist that she condemned anyone who thought differently from her. She ended up coming across as a bit one-dimensional a character and so difficult that I didn't like her very much. Spenser, and his love interest Susan are as terrific and engaging as ever. So although this wasn't my favorite of the series, it's still a good quick read to get to Roert Parker's next Spenser book, "Early Autumn," which is absolutely worth the wait!

Her Holiday Rancher (Mustang Valley, Bk 5) (Harlequin American Romance, No 1571)
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Good book. Gabe has been helping his father run the ranch for a long time. His father's recent death has thrown everything into turmoil. Though his father had promised to leave the ranch to him, the reading of the will shows a change. Instead, he and his two legitimate half-brothers share ownership of the ranch. Reese McGraw, daughter of his father's longtime enemy, is the will's trustee. Gabe is determined to keep the ranch. It isn't going to be easy - the ranch is deeply in debt. Plus, he has to share decision-making with his brothers and Reece. To make things even more complicated, he's attracted to Reece, which puts stress on their working relationship.

For the most part, I liked Gabe. He's a hard worker, determined to get the ranch back on solid ground. He loves his mother and is protective of her. He also has the respect of the people who work for him. However, he also has quite a chip on his shoulder when it comes to his two half brothers. He seems to resent their very existence, not just the fact that they share the ownership of the ranch. He is not blameless in the tension that exists between them, as he doesn't even try to hide it. When it comes to Reece, he knows he should keep his distance. Unfortunately for him, the attraction is just too strong. The problem comes when he has trouble separating their personal relationship and their business one, taking it as a betrayal when she doesn't always side with him. One of his driving goals is to gain the ranch for himself so that he feels he "deserves" a chance for a future with her.

I liked Reece a lot. She's made mistakes in some of her life's choices, but has done her best to overcome them. At this time she has returned to Mustang Valley to live, after twelve years away, because her father needs her help. Working at the bank is part of the career she loves, but being made trustee for the Dempsey will is awkward. She expects that Gabe isn't going to be happy about it, and she's right. What she doesn't expect is the attraction between them and the strain it puts on their business relationship. The back and forth of their relationship was a bit frustrating to see, especially when Gabe seems to think that she should always be on "his" side, despite it being her job to look out for the best interests of the ranch. It took some work, but they finally were able to find a compromise that makes a future possible.

I liked seeing how the various characters slowly began to adjust to the reality of sharing responsibility for the ranch. Gabe eventually had to admit that his brothers weren't as useless as he'd wanted to believe. Josh and Cole began to get more invested in making their partnership work. Josh because he needed a stable home to bring his kids to once he gains custody, and Cole because he wants to support Josh. I liked seeing them start to cooperate, and the purchase of the steers seemed to be a step in the right direction. When trouble came with it, it was hard to tell if it was going to destroy the ranch completely, or if they would really start to work together. What happened was something of a surprise, but it shows great promise for the future of the ranch.

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