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Death Likes It Hot (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)
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Pretty good mystery from 1954. If you don't like mysteries, book is also very interesting as social history. While knew that the Hamptons were a wealthy beach town for just about forever, did not know it was also an artists colony. Some of the story involves the social gatherings of both the yacht club swells and the bohemians and Gore Vidal was a man who could very easily move between the two. Too bad he only wrote three of these. TPB

The Survivors
The Survivors
Author: Dinah McCall
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
reviewed on

This was the first, and last book I'll read by this author. At first I thought this book may have been very dated... then I checked the publication date and it is 2007! Where do I start?

The dialogue is beyond cheesy... it's actually cringeworthy. The entire storyline is ridiculously unbelievable. There are attempts at humor that are innapropriate. The insta-love is... uncomfortable. And I like insta-love!! Lastly, there was too much detail in areas that didn't need it, and not enough in parts that really could've used more information.

The idea of the story has merit! The problem was the follow-through. If this author matured in her craft and improved her writing skills... I have a feeling the result would have been much more palatable.

China Inc.: How The Rise Of The Next Superpower Challenges America And The World
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This is an all encompassing book covering every aspect of the industrialization of China and its governmental policies, including its attempt to keep populatoin levels now. I have long admired China's government for taking a positive step to keep populatoin levels low. The earth has more than enough of us considering our environmental destruction.

I would recommend this book to anyone to learn about China as it has such a tremendous influence worldwide including the pollution levels that are reaching Calfiornia from its intense industrialization.

I have a real feeling of sadness for the desperation that many of China's poor have as well as a feeling of disguest at the preppies that even China has as is prevalent in this country, clueless, mindless and stupid, with no understanding of anything other than what is the most fashionable, overpriced item to buy.

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Book consists of vague, short descriptions and some black and white line drawings. The range is huge --- Ancient Egypt to late 1950s -- but coverage and detail were not enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Fall on Your Knees (Audio CD) (Abridged)
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This book was confusing to me. I felt the story of the sisters was interesting enough, but didn't understand the reason for the incest. The character development of the father never tells us why he would do such a thing. It's easy enough to figure out why all the girls turn out the way they do, but I was left with a big question mark about the whole reason for the book to begin with. This book was uncomfortable in places, although I never felt like there was action or drama just for the sake of creating action or drama to make the book more interesting. It all fit, and I found myself really feeling sorry for the girls, especially Francis. I usually have very specific feelings about a book when I'm done with it, but this one has left me with more questions than answers, especially regarding the father and Lilly.

Airbrush How-to with Mickey Harris (Air Skool)
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Everything you need to know to get started airbrushing---from tees to vehicles, to signs/murals, this book offers not only step-by-step instuctions on cool designs (love the shark!), but also provides tips on setting up shop, whether it be a physical shop, or online.

Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice
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What Lying in Weight was for nutrition, is what Unfair is for law---a wonderful read exposing the misconceptions we have on how the law works, and of how we think it should work.

Murder on Naked Beach (Lucy Ripken)
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This does not fit into the Cozy mystery genre, because of the Sex, f bombs, lots of drugs and alcohol. The murders are tame and meet the cozy requirement. One sex scene is mildly graphic with descriptions of were tongues are licking next. Now we are all adults here on this site, and this is no where close to anything erotic, but just wanted the true cozy lovers to know this is not a Cozy novel. But yes it is a light fun mystery.

As I read this I wondered if Possibly JJ Henderson was a male author. I did a google search and he is. I think you would have to read it yourself to get a good understanding on why I thought this author was male. JJ Henderson states that Lucy Ripken is modeled after him and his wife. She is a likable main character. The rest of the characters just blend in.

I saw a few twists and turns. So that was enjoyable.

The Paranormal Conspiracy: The Truth about Ghosts, Aliens and Mysterious Beings
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One would have thought that a book on the paranormal would be more interesting. I kept reading hoping it was just a slow start, but I was wrong---it was just very badly written, & extremely boring.
As a previous reviewer had written: "This was one of the hardest books to get through I've ever read..."
I dreaded writing a review for this book it is so bad.

The writer jumps all over the place on the subjects,and did I fall asleep & miss the part on teenage vampires? It would not surprise me if I had.
The author makes hits main point at the very last: basically, he believes all paranormal to be evil, and if you invoke the name of God it will disappear immediately. Too bad the memory of having read this will not disappear that easily.

The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man
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This was my first W. Bruce Cameron book and I thought it was a lot of fun. Interesting premise with even more interesting characters. There are two big mysteries going on in the story with a few other little mysteries sprinkled in. They all wrap up nicely by the end. I'd recommend it for a day at the beach or for a long car ride.

Maybe in Another Life: A Novel
reviewed on + 565 more book reviews

Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid is an easy to read, light hearted story, but one that explores philosophical questions. Are our lives determined by choice or chance? Which of our seemingly small decisions change the direction of our lives? The book is perfect for a casual, vacation read, but also has enough depth to make you think and leave you contemplating your own choices.

Read my complete review at:

Reviewed based on a publisher's galley received through NetGalley

From Ashes to Honor (First Responders, Bk. 1)
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My first book by Loree Lough. Unfortunately, it will probably be my last.
The romance between Mercy and Austin seemed very unrealistic. There wasn't much of a plot. And the ending left too many details just hanging out there with no reconciliation!
The "excerpt" from the next book in this series was less than 3 pages and there is NO mention of the story continuing where the author left us dangling.
I read a LOT .... this was a book I simply was not interested in.

Fortune's Lady (Signet Regency Romance)
Fortune's Lady (Signet Regency Romance)
Author: Evelyn Richardson
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
reviewed on + 286 more book reviews

The problems of the hero and heroine principally stem from being bossed around by their mothers, and I liked that part of the exploration -- but I'm not a card player, and there was an awful lot of card playing in this novel which was hard for me to follow and which I didn't find particularly interesting. I do like this author's prose style and the depth she generally gives her books, but this one was a dud for me on account of all those card games.

City of the Sun (Frank Behr, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 635 more book reviews

This was my first book read by this author and I really enjoyed it, already ordering the next books in the series. The character development is great, it is not overly wordy and filled with items just for the sake of verbiage. It is filled with excitement and thrills and sums up nicely at the end without going into a separate story of the aftermath.

The Taking
The Taking
Author: Dean Koontz
Genre: Horror
Book Type: Hardcover
reviewed on + 184 more book reviews

Better than many of Koontz's later books (let's face it, many of them have sucked), but I can only recommend "The Taking" if you absolutely must read every "end of the world" book you can find.

<< Some minor spoilers may follow, but if you've read the book jacket, not really... >>


++ Hey, it's the end of the world!
++ Mystery invaders (aliens? Demons? Something worse?)
++ A mixed genre of sorts (invasion/apocalypse/horror).
++ Does NOT end with a cliffhanger.
++ Some fairly original creatures/things/monsters.
++ Lots of T.S. Eliot included at no extra charge.


-- Too much super-intelligent doggie wuv, a boring staple of most Koontz books.
-- Some pretty unrealistic actions by characters.
-- A priest who apparently has never read his Bible.
-- Overly descriptive phrases with multiple, repetitive adjectives.*
-- Narrow in scope (all the action takes place in a small town, with only brief mention of how the rest of the world is faring).
-- Extremely predictable. No surprises at all for me (but maybe I've read too many similar tales, and too much Koontz).
-- A husband who seems barely there, and lets his wife rush into buildings full of creatures, all by herself. Oh wait, she's got Super Dog with her.
-- Ending a bit sudden and anti-climatic.

*Koontz bucks the modern trend of not using excessive words and too many adjectives here. He appears to have written this one with a thesaurus close at hand, and has no problem throwing in less-common words such as


I'm all for word variety, but some of his unusual choices just jar you out of the story, or come off as unecessary, inappropriate, or just plain showy.

I personally give this book a generous 2-star rating, but true fans of apocalyptic tales might give this one a 4+, just for the effort Koontz puts forth here. I don't regret reading it, but I wished it had been more enthralling and less predictable... and with less thesaurus action.

People of the Book
reviewed on + 76 more book reviews

I recognized the name of this author which made me have a bit more interest in this book. When I realized it was the same author who wrote "Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague", I knew I had to read this. I think I've learned more about history from reading historical novels than I have from history classes in school. Brooks is excellent at weaving a story around history that makes it a learning experience. This book, about the Hebrew codex known as the Sarajevo Haggadah, opened my eyes to much more than I would ever have known. I found it interesting to learn of Convivencia, when Jews, Christians, and Muslims coexisted in relative peace. Sometimes its refreshing to know that there can be religion without terror and war, book burnings, slavery, suppression, well, you get my drift. I am in fact, drifting right now though, because there was much struggle in this book's "lifetime." In 1996, Hannah, a rare book expert, finds herself delving into history when analyzing a Hebrew haggadah. In the books she finds an insect wing fragment, wine stains, a piece of hair, and salt crystals for starters, and begins to follow the whereabouts of this book, it's past, who may have created it, who risked their lives to save it. Well written, enlightening, a learning experience. Really enjoyed it,

Dead on Arrival (Pauline Sokol, Bk 6)
reviewed on + 295 more book reviews

"Romance--and murder--is in the air!

Medical insurance fraud investigator Pauline Sokol likes to keep her feet firmly placed on the ground, but her new undercover assignment has the aero-phobic ex-nurse flying high and her stomach lurching! Compelled by her convictions of right and wrong, she takes off in order to ground a land-and-air ambulance company that's been doing some rather creative billing, and needs to crash and burn before they soak the insurance company for more.

Pauline's insides do a real loop-de-loop when the company's owner is found dead, and Pauline starts to receive threatening phone calls. Suddenly the air feels safer than the ground! If Pauline (and handsome, irritating, fellow investigator Jagger) doesn't solve this case soon, even a jolt of electricity from the sexy helo-pilot-paramedic ER Dano won't be enough to revive her."

This whole series is just a pure delight to read --- this one had a tad more romance but a lot more mystery and murder! GREAT READ!!!

The Bricklayer
The Bricklayer
Author: Noah Boyd
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Hardcover
reviewed on + 88 more book reviews

This book was pretty boring for a murder mystery. It just seemed to drag.

The Chinese Alchemist  (Archaeological Mystery, Bk 11)
reviewed on + 689 more book reviews

Not quite as good as some of her others.

The Cowboy's Little Surprise (Hitching Post Hotel, Bk 1) (Harlequin American Romance, No 1543)
reviewed on + 216 more book reviews

Good second chance story as Cole returns to Cowboy Creek to help his sister. Besides helping her, he has some mistakes from his past to face up to and make up for. He had left five years earlier and hadn't been back since.

While in high school, Tina had had a huge crush on Cole. During their senior year she tutored him in a couple classes and they got closer. Then that closeness was destroyed by Cole's betrayal and his departure, leaving her to face heartbreak and an unexpected pregnancy. She never tracked him down to tell him about the baby, and his reappearance has her worried about his reaction.

Cole came to the ranch to apologize to the man he worked for and left without a word. He's surprised by Jed's easy acceptance of his apology and offer of a job. Tina's reaction isn't as pleasant. She's not as happy to see him and doesn't mind telling him so. When Cole finds out about Robbie, he's furious with her for not telling him, and determined to be a father to the little boy.

Tina and Cole had a lot to overcome in the rekindling of their relationship. Both have realized that their actions in the past have led to where they are now. Cole had been forced into the role of father, brother and caretaker of his sister when their father died, leaving Cole as the only one to care for her. He had dreams of leaving Cowboy Creek, and felt trapped. He was a bit of a playboy in school, never making any kind of commitment. When he started to have feelings for Tina, a girl who was the forever kind, he panicked and ran. Now he wants to put all that behind him. Finding out about Robbie brings his old fears back to the surface. With the kind of example his own father was, how can he possibly be any kind of a father for Robbie?

Based on her experience with him, Tina's not so sure either. But as Cole spends more time with her and with Robbie, she sees that he is already showing himself to be just what Robbie needs. Tina feels more and more guilty about keeping them apart as she sees them get closer. Her own feelings of rejection, both by Cole's actions and, further back, by her parents' behavior, had left her feeling wary of trusting her heart to him again.

I liked how both Cole and Tina owned up to the mistakes of the past and wanted to move beyond them. Their cautious cooperation as Cole got to know Robbie also gave them a chance to get to know each other again. The attraction is still there though they try to resist its influence. I loved seeing Cole with his nephew Scott and with Robbie. He was so wonderful with them, yet couldn't see that it was contrary to his beliefs about himself. It took both his sister and Tina to show him that he wasn't his father and open his eyes to what he can have.

The secondary characters are all well done. Tina's cousins give some more insight into why Tina is the person she is. Their presence gives her a chance to see some things from the past in a different light, and indicates some changes for all of them in the future. Cole's sister Layne, the reason for his return to Cowboy Creek, shows him that the past, while influencing the present, doesn't have to dictate it. I really liked her positive outlook, and hope that she gets a happy ending of her own.

After All
After All
Author: Mary Tyler Moore
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Book Type: Hardcover
reviewed on + 7 more book reviews

There is nothing compelling about this book. Moore gives the same, though little, coverage to major events like the death of her son and to her erroneous "affair" with Dick Cavett. She comes across as shallow and self-obsessed. If you liked Laura Petrie or The Mary Tyler Moore Show, leave well enough alone. In addition to being glad when I finished the book, I found myself disliking Mary Tyler Moore, the person.

1000 Places to See Before You Die P
reviewed on + 184 more book reviews

Really great!! A thick book with every imaginable place anyone would want to go between the U.S. and Canada. Filled with info about each place it lists.

Reunion in Kentucky (Sarah's Journey)
reviewed on + 2098 more book reviews

This is a beautiful copy and great story.sarah is living in Williamsburg with her aunt and uncle. Her mom has a baby and both are barely surviving so Sarah asks Uncle Ethan to take her to them.Sarah has no idea what to do but a slave named Malinda with prayer and a gift of healing treats them and they become well. Sarah went to see her family who lived in the wilds of Kentucky during the Revolutionary War. The iNdians were always fighting the settlers.Life was primitive and hard. This is avery interesting book.If you want to read about Kentucky and how the people lived during the Revolutionary WAr this is the book.

Wickedly Yours
Wickedly Yours
Author: Brenda Hiatt
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
reviewed on + 304 more book reviews

Good story.

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