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The Queen of Attolia (Queen's Thief, Bk 2)
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Too dark a plot for my taste.

Only on His Terms ( Accidental Heirs, Bk 1)
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Although the book was a good premise. I honestly was bored by the middle, the constant back and forth between Harrison and Grace over who was right regarding Harry just weighed the book down. So much so I couldn't even enjoy the ending.

Once a Rake (Drake's Rakes, Bk 4)
Once a Rake (Drake's Rakes, Bk 4)
Author: Eileen Dreyer
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Great read!

Never a Gentleman (Drake's Rakes, Bk 2)
Never a Gentleman (Drake's Rakes, Bk 2)
Author: Eileen Dreyer
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Great read!

Nonsense: The Upside of Ambiguity
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Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing by Jamie Holmes is a review of literature dealing with the topic of ambiguity how and why we avoid it, what happens when we do, and why it's important to embrace it. The premise of the book is clear. However, the structure of the book is more focused on diverse examples rather than its overall paradigm.

Read my complete review at:

Reviewed for the Penguin First to Read program

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This is a graphic novel based on the hit TV series CSI from IDW publishing.

Where the Wild Things Are
reviewed on

This was a misrepresentation, it was just a folder not a actual book to read. I am sorry that I wasted one of my credits on this. It was for my grandchildren.

A Bride for Donnigan (Women of the West, Bk 7)
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Not my favorite Janette Oke book, but still good. It was a little harder to get into this novel. The story is interesting, but I never did really connect with the characters.

Queen Clarion's Secret (Disney Fairies)

This is the 16th book in the Tales of Pixie Hollow Series but it is the first book in which the character on the cover, and title, is not from their point of view. It is in the point of view of Prilla who notices that the Queen and the precious magical heart seed is missing.

As always the images are beautifully drawn. The story is sweet. I am a fan of Prilla the clumsy (their word for humans) fairy. Prilla runs into Lily and Beck. Beck is a animal fairy who can talk to all animals and talking to frogs is a hoot!

I was hoping this was a story featuring the Queen as the main character but sometimes you can not have everything. We get to hear little about Mother Dove which makes up a little for the lack in Queen Clarion's story.

I love the Disney Fairies movies but I the books I enjoy more because there are more fairies and other characters then the movies. My wish is that the books continue to be on bookstore shelves for a long time to always enjoy.

Christmas in Cupid Falls
Christmas in Cupid Falls
Author: Holly Jacobs
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Fun and heartwarming story. Kennedy is the very hands-on mayor of the small town. Her life revolves around the town and its people and the flower shop she owns. She is pregnant and hasn't told anyone who the father is - including the father.

Malcolm grew up in the house next door to Kennedy. Several months earlier, when his mother had died unexpectedly, he and Kennedy had shared their grief. That sharing had gone a little further than either had expected, and she's been on his mind a lot since then. When he makes a trip home to see his grandfather, the sight of a very pregnant Kennedy stuns him.

I loved Kennedy and Malcolm. They are both wonderful people who find themselves in an unexpected situation and have to find a way to deal with it. While Malcolm may have grown up in Cupid Falls, he works for his father's law firm in Pittsburgh. His parents divorced when he was young, and he remembers how difficult it was to have a father who wasn't truly involved in his life. He is determined to be part of his child's life and immediately proposes marriage to Kennedy. He's surprised when she turns him down, but takes a leave of absence from his job to stay in Cupid Falls to be near her and try to convince her.

Kennedy's parents had died when she was a teenager, so she went to live with her aunt in Cupid Falls. Though she had a good home there, Kennedy always felt like she was an obligation. When she discovered she was pregnant,she put off telling Malcolm for a long time. She always thought that he would simply leave the baby to her and go back to his life in the city. She was surprised to find that he wants to be part of the baby's life. Though she appreciates his offer of marriage, she is unwilling to have a marriage of obligation rather than love.

At the beginning, both admit they don't really know each other, but with Mal's plans to stay through the holidays that changes. I loved the way that he throws himself into life in Cupid Falls. He spends a lot of time watching out for Kennedy and helping her with various things, growing closer to her by the day. He keeps proposing to her, citing all the practical reasons they should marry, but not really thinking about what it would mean for both of them. He slowly begins to realize just how much he wants both Kennedy and the baby in his life, but can't admit to himself why that is. I loved the way that he finally saw the light, and what opened his eyes to his feelings.

Kennedy had fears about Mal taking the baby from her, but once she got to spend time with him she realized they were unfounded. She felt guilty about not telling him for so long. She was reluctant to spend much time with him at the beginning, because she didn't want to depend on him then have him go away. She was also afraid that the crush she had on him as a teenager would grow into real feelings for him, and that his departure would be too painful. Of course, those feelings did grow, making his proposals even harder to turn down, but she won't marry without love.

I loved seeing how they grew closer. It was the baby that started it, but it quickly became bigger. I loved seeing them share feelings and memories of the past and how those things shaped who they are now. I especially loved seeing how Mal's vision of what he wanted from life changed the longer he stayed in Cupid Falls. I loved the ending, with Mal's big moment being so sweet and romantic.

The secondary characters were fantastic and really brought the town to life. I loved all the little quirks that brought out their individuality, such as Clarence and his teasing and his wife's frog addiction. Jenny and her daughter Ivy were great friends to Kennedy. I really loved the way that the whole town was so supportive of her. Their treatment of Mal was pretty amusing, especially the way he reacted to it. It was really neat to see the way they all got involved in Mal's big moment. I also loved the guest appearance of Nana Vancy from the Everything But... series. She always adds an extra layer of fun to a story. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them in the future.

The Sweet By and By (Songbird, Bk 1)
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This book is by far one of the best books I've read. I also just finished the second book and can't wait to begin the third of six books in the series. I follows Jade Fitzgerald and collateral characters in the storyline. I found the writing to be very pleasing and easy to follow. I don't like to give a play-by-play on any book because I don't like to give away any of the story line, but I will say that if you like stories along the lines of Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks, you will love this book.

The Murder Game
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Yes, the author here is THAT Steve Allen--early Tonight Show host and popular TV panalist back in the day. Here he and his wife, Jayne Meadows, are invited to be part of a revival of their old game show "The Murder Game" and then, one by one, the participants are killed off. Just accidents, or is there a murderer at work? As Steve and Jayne snoop around they enjoy light-hearted banter while dodging a number of life-threatening predicaments, and of course, they enjoy some celebrity sightings: Look! There's Steve and Eydie at a party. Hey! There's Susan Sarandon at a restaurant! It's all light fun and relaxing reading, and the mystery actually engaged me. Recommended!
***1/2 Three and a half stars!

As an aside: about half way through I found myself intensely jealous of this book and others like it. Not because they are vanity projects (which I believe books like these, written by celebrities, are) and not because it isn't good (I thoroughly enjoyed this one). But it must be sheer heaven to be able to indulge a whim and write a book wherein you put yourself into whatever arena you choose--and it gets published! Ah fame. Now and then it has its perks.

Private Vegas (Private, Bk 9)
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I really like most of James Patterson but this series is just not my style. The problem for me is that there are way too many characters to keep up with. I started making a list so that I could backtrack and see who/what they were about. This book had nearly 50! Lots of different story lines as well. Too busy!!

Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs (Dixie Hemingway, Bk 5)
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Good series- it isn't your typical has lots of mini plots going on that- of course- are connected in some way. Always keeps my interest when I read these books.

*I do find that there are pages about Dixie and her brother having dinner, blah blah blah that I can skip right over and not miss a thing.

Die Again (Rizzoli & Isles, Bk 11)
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I'm a long time fan of Tess Gerritsen's books and was growing weary of the Rizzoli/Isles trope of either character winding up in harm's way by the end, because an intelligent readership knows that nothing will happen to them (unless it's the end of the series, of course!), hence the tension and suspense would tank immediately.

I'm happy to say there wasn't really much of that in DIE AGAIN and I think the book is definitely the better for it.

The mystery here had to do with a group on safari in Botswana, Africa. All but one of them is killed and Jane and Maura discover a connection to recent murders happening on their own turf.

You get a first-person POV from the one surviving member of the safari group and the story flashes back and forth between the present day investigation, and what took place six years prior during the Botswana trip.

I was on the edge of my seat as usual with the mystery of who was behind it all and why. However, the ending was disappointing as to the why, since you don't get any dialogue at all from the murderer once this person was revealed. It would have been more satisfying to hear from him and have his POV as to what he'd been thinking, etc. As it stands, the narrative treated it as incidental to the investigation, which made it a less than satisfying wrap up.

So overall, I did enjoy DIE AGAIN and give it a solid B. I look forward to the next Rizzoli & Isles book.

Five Children and It
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One of the best children's fantasy stories ever. Never gets old!

Interruptions (An Alaska Mystery)
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i found this book disappointing and not nearly as good as her first book set in sitka. nothing and no one seemed real to me, the were just characters on a page.

Killed at the Whim of a Hat
reviewed on + 15 more book reviews

excellent series; more, please.

Evil in the Land Without
reviewed on + 15 more book reviews

very different but very interesting book

stillwell and the american experience in china
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This is a very thorough and thoughtful history of US/China relations during WWII. It is necessary reading to understand what happened later in regard to the China lobby and post-war US political and military history. Highly recommended.

Burned Alive : A Shocking True Story of Betrayal, Kidnapping, and Murder (St. Martin's True Crime Library)
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I think it's already a given fact that this/these crimes are horrendous and I wouldn't hesitate to be the person to push the button to administer the lethal dose to kill these sociopaths, as well as their families, friends, and neighbors. Mother Nature can't thin the herd enough with these people (and I use that term lightly). How NO ONE turned them in, even after their bragging, is beyond belief and just strengthens my hatred for mankind.

My review, however, is on the book itself and how it is written. I found it to be distracting how the author doesn't give dates as to who said what or when, let alone jumping around from person-to-person and event-to-event. It makes it difficult to follow, promotes confusion, and takes away some of the authenticity not only of the story, but of the author. The cover of the book states there are "...8 pages of startling photos!" If headshot photos of the perps are considered "startling," then I guess that's true. Otherwise, there is absolutely nothing startling about it at all. Bottom line; if I were to seek out a true-crime novel again, I would not read another one written by this author...that's how much I disliked it.

A Regency Christmas II
A Regency Christmas II
Book Type: Paperback
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These five stories are by some of the best known authors of this genre. This book has long been out-of-print.

SUNSHINE FOR CHRISTMAS - Mary Jo Putney. Lord Randolph is lonely and doesn't want to go fto Christmas festivities with either friends or relatives. It has been raining for more than 30 days. He decides to go where there is sunshine at this time - Italy.

Unfortunately, when he arrives, it is raining in Naples too. Later, he gets involved in an Italian family tiff, through no fault of his own. A young spinster, Elizabeth Walker, saves Lord Randolph from the clutches of the unhappy family. When he finds that Elizabeth is between governess jobs, he hires her to be his guide.

THE LAST WISH - Anita Mills. Wealthy Uncle Jack is dying; it is the Christmas holidays. Gathered about are three cousins: George, Edwin and Drew. Of the three, Drew is the only solvent cousin; in fact, he is wealthier than his uncle. The other two are there for the money; each is afraid the other cousin will get the will changed just before Uncle Jack dies. Both of these cousins are seriously in debt due to their gambling.

The entire apple cart is overturned when Uncle Jack's granddaughter arrives. Jack and his son had a falling out and there was no communication between the men. Both of Rebecca Grey's parents are now dead and her Aunt Mia can no longer keep the child ... her employer insists.

PLAYING HOUSE - Mary Balogh. I absolutely loved this story. A deeply cynical and unhappy Marquess of Bedford has come back home after a 6 year absence. He has brought his young daughter, Dora; his wife is deceased (after abandoning her husband and their child for another man).

While bringing baskets of food for the poor, Lilias Angove and her young brother and younger sister meet Dora and have a great time. The Angove children invite Dora to go collecting boughs and mistletoe. Thus begins a lovely tale.

THE THREE KINGS - Carla Kelly. I had read this story before and enjoyed reading it again. It is about a young woman, Lady Sarah Comstock, who is trying to leave Salamanca, Spain for the Spanish border. Her brother James was recently killed in a local library archives while copying long-lost documents related to Christopher Columbus.

A friend puts Sarah in the hands of a Spanish general, Colonel Sotomayor, to get to the border. Spain is at war with France and the French have overrun the country. The trip is dangerous and Sotomayor is seriously wounded.

THE CHRISTMAS STAR - Sheila Walsh. Louise Beresford, a poor relation to a duke and duchess, has been taken into their household. Louise quickly becomes indispensable to the family and staff. The duke's youngest daughter, Amelia, is about to have her 18th birthday party during the Christmas holiday season.

Russian Prince Andrei Zarcov, visiting in the neighborhood, soon is invited to Lady Amelia Revel's party. The duchess and Amelia immediately try to spend as much time with the prince as possible.

reviewed on + 807 more book reviews

Included in this anthology are 6 stories to enjoy. Each story is very different, in spite of each story taking place in the west.

BREAK A LEG - Carla Kelly. This is one of the few stories I've read about a white man in love with a mixed-race woman. Hospital steward (Colm Callahan) at Fort Laramie, believes he's in love with Ozzie (Audra) Washington, a servant of the lieutenant colonel's wife.

Colm is afraid to tell Audra. Then Lysander Locke arrives, a Shakespearean actor on his way to Deadwood. While a patient in the fort hospital, Locke convinces each of the shy people, Colm and Ozzie, to write a letter to each other. A lovely story.

THE SOLDIER'S HEART - Sarah M Eden. Gregory Reeves was a Union soldier who was best friends with fellow soldier Josiah Bowen. Josiah shared each letter he received from his family; before long, Gregory knew he was in love with Josiah's sister, Helene. Before dying, Josiah begged his friend to go to the Bowens' home and help them however he could.

When he arrived at the Bowen's farm after the war, Gregory met Helene. She thought he was the handyman who had been hired to help her around the farm. Gregory decided not to tell her the truth; he was simply too shy. And then one day, the Bowen family found out Gregory was not the handiman they thought they had expected.

HIDDEN SPRING - Liz Adair. This is another delightful story. Susannah Brown is a widow of about 6 month's duration. Because Susannah was so depressed after her husband's death, her parents-in-law gave her a jersey cow and suggested she start a small business selling milk. They also made her move back to the farm she and Wesley Brown had shared (she was then living with her parents-in-law).

On the way to town one day, she was kicked by the calf who was carrying the milk jugs. Douglas Cooper, a stranger to her, stops and helps her. Douglas is immediately smitten with Susannah but is not interested in 'being a proxy for a ghost.'

THE SILVER MINE BACHELOR - Heather B Moore. This story is my favorite; it is about a young woman, Lydia Stone, who takes a job at the Dawson Mining Co. She has made a list of the most likely bachelors in Leadville. As each man disappoints her, she scratches the man's name from her list.

THE SWEETEST TASTE - Annette Lyon. This story was very predictable and boring. Della Stafford dreams of escaping the farm to travel to a big city and live there. Joseph Cartwright, who is in love with her, must let her go when she gets the opportunity to try her wings.

FAITH AND THE FOREMAN - Marsha Ward. This is the story of the schoolmarm, Faith Bannister, who arrives in a small town to teach. She is soon attracted to the foreman of a large ranch, Slim McHenry. The feeling is mutual.

However, Slim's boss unexpectedly becomes seriously ill and cattle are suddenly disappearing. Slim has just risen in rank to foreman (after the old foreman left) and he is busy trying to find the missing beef while keeping his cantankerous boss alive and satisfied.

Still Alice
Still Alice
Author: Lisa Genova
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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One thing I discovered reading this book is that it's almost impossible to read the last couple of chapters. This is because the tears were rolling down my face.

Thousands of reviews have been written about this book and I'm sure I can't add much except how it made me feel. Because of Lisa's insight and ability to understand how the mind works, I felt like I was truly inside of Alice Howland's mind. All of the thoughts she had from denial, to disbelief to anger and then acceptance, were my thoughts too as I read.

I once worked as a Hospice volunteer for a brilliant scientist. She was a pathologist who studied brains and how they worked. She had A.L.S. Different diseases totally, but watching her body go, while her mind stayed sharp was equally devastating. Your body or your mind. I can't even imagine.

This book has been on my shelf for a few years. I'm so glad that I finally read it. It was brilliant.

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