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The Unexpected Consequences of Love
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An amusing and heartwarming story about a young man named Josh who returns to Cornwall to help his grandmother run the family business. He wants to get to know local photographer Sophie Wells better and on a personal level, but she keeps him and every other man at arm's length. Sophie shows absolutely no interest at all in the dating ritual and would rather bury her wounded heart in her work, where she focuses all of her energy. The more Josh tries to draw Sophie out of her shell, the more resistance he meets, but he is determined to get to the bottom of the matter, no matter the outcome.

I really liked all of the characters in this story. Sophie and Josh were wonderfully written and just perfect for each other. I just kept turning pages in anticipation of how they would eventually get together. The secondary characters breathe glorious life into the story in their own right. There's Sophie's impetuous friend, Tula who finds herself unemployed and moving to Cornwall after she gets busted calling off sick when she wasn't. There's Riley, the attractive beach bum who appears to have no prospects and is living with his successful author Aunt and last but not least, Josh's divorced grandparents who are still quite fond of one another. I was rooting for all of these characters to receive a happy ending because they were all so likable. I loved the setting of Cornwall for this story. The pace seems slower, which fits this story beautifully. No big city noise or smog polluting the air or the ears here. I got a very real sense of tranquility, peace and relaxation while reading this story. I'm not a fan of the beach setting, myself, but I really felt so comfortable while reading it.

My Final Verdict: Overall, I'm fairly new to the writing of Jill Mansell, but after reading this book, I am a fan. I highly recommend this book if you like stories that feature characters who surprise you with their actions. This story will reaffirm that love happens in the most unexpected ways so there is no use fighting it or trying to avoid it.

Marian's Christmas Wish
Marian's Christmas Wish
Author: Carla Kelly
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Carla Kelly has a way with words. This book is fun, thoughtful, poignant, mysterious, and suspenseful. There were a couple of scenes in this play that were not really believable. However, overlooking those scenes, I smiled or laughed through most of the book and got 'teary-eyed' when it was appropriate. You can't beat Carla Kelly for more traditional dialog of the period, not quite Austin or Heyer, but more believable than the dialog used in modern day 'historical' romance novels. (less)

Confessions of a Murder Suspect (Confessions, Bk 1)
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Okay, I didn't realize this was a YA novel until I started reading it -- it just didn't have the usual Patterson blood and gore... That said, even being a YA novel, I didn't feel this was on par with others I have read for younger readers. The book was narrated by Tandy Angel who wakes up one morning to find that her parents have been murdered in their upscale apartment in the Dakota building in NYC. But how could anyone have made it into the secure building to do the deed unless it was one of Tandy's siblings who lived there with the parents. The family is rich from a pharmaceutical company and apparently the parents had been giving enhancement drugs to their children for years. The oldest is a star football player and then there is Harry, a musical prodigy, and Hugo, a 10-year old strongman. Well Tandy sets out to solve who killed her parents and the end of the story is very anticlimactic with a lot of loose ends. I assume this is because this will be an ongoing YA series from Patterson and his writing team. I think I will steer clear of the subsequent volumes.

Wedding a Warrior
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I LOVED this short and sweet book. I was captured from page one. I wish it could have even been longer, I wanted to know more about Whit, her parents, Collier ect.. I totally identified with Whit in her questioning God during her trails, but in the end, we realize GOD always has our best interests at heart even though we can not see it sometimes. This is why we must have faith in ALL things we give to HIM..we must place absolute trust in him as all things work to the good to those who believe in him. My fav quotes from the book were.."I want to roar, I want to live..really live, and do those things that scare me to death"..her mother says, "Then roar baby girl!"...Doing what God wants you to do may never be fun or easy but its where your gonna find joy and peace..You dont want things to go your way...its joy and peace that you want..."
I was very moved by this book. Though its short, its sweet and to the point, do we really need a drawn out story to tell us what we already sense is going on, where we know God wants to take us, to take the girl in the story? No, 139 pages really were enough for me! Loved it!

Inga's Zigzags
Inga's Zigzags
Author: Vica Miller
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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This book was an easy read, although more explicit than I care to read. The writing flows nicely, without a noticeable English as a second language. This is the first book that I have read about modern Russia and I enjoyed the sections which talked about the changes. Good insight into the ties which a person feels when she has moved to such different locations. The feeling of being torn between two homes was real, as was the hugeness of getting started in a new place. Overall a sound first novel. Book was won in goodreads contest with expectation of a fair/unbiased review.

The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy: A Novella
reviewed on

The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy by Rachel Joyce tells the other side of the story to Rachel Joyce's debut novel, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. While the first book was about hope and joy, this is a darker and sadder story of sorrow and regret. Both are beautifully expressed through Rachel Joyce's writing. Having read the first book, I thought I knew how this story ends, but it surprises me nevertheless.

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Reviewed based on a publisher's galley received through NetGalley

Gentlemen Behaving Badly (Pleasure Emporium, Bk 2)

This was a fun read, the whole story from start to finish is engaging, fun, quick paced and lots of tension and interesting situations. A great read.

Plain Peril (Love Inspired Suspense) (English and English Edition)
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I loved this book! Took less than 24 hours to read it :-) Got me forever hooked on harlequin!

Twelve Sharp (Stephanie Plum, Bk 12)
reviewed on + 34 more book reviews

Suspense! Holy cow Batman! Crazy all the twists and turns of this one! For her arch nemesis Joyce to be second fiddle to the man trying to impersonate Ranger! Poor Morelli! Holy it just got real personal! Two alpha males after the same female, Steph also gets a psycho Ranger wanna be who kidnaps his actual daughter and constructs an entire life with them, so Ranger's gotta die!

Katy Perry: A Life of Fireworks
reviewed on + 2 more book reviews

This book is great for Katycats!

Effi Briest (Penguin Classics)
reviewed on + 90 more book reviews

Although this was a sad story, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters were well developed and the plot was such that it held your interest to the very end. The novel was also an excellent look at the political and social times of the late 19th century Germany. Effi's transgression was more of a sin against the social code as we are never told the depth of the affair. It was interesting to learn about the different gender roles and a look at a young woman married to a man twice her age. I look forward to reading more of Theodor Fontane's works.

Slumdog Millionaire
Slumdog Millionaire
Author: Vikas Swarup
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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After my book club read several books about India and the situation there regarding women, slums, poverty, etc., I loudly proclaimed that I would never read another book about India. I had to eat those words when we decided to read and discuss this book. I loved it, even though all the above elements are still in it. Much, much better than the movie. The writing held my interest and I thoroughly loved the coincidences that led to Ram's victories.

Author: Wladyslaw Szpilman
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Book Type: Hardcover
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Spilzman writes and shares a gripping and vivid story of his survival in Poland during World War II. A haunting, at times graphic, read. Spilzman escapes numerous times so closely from death. THE PIANISt was written from extracts of Spilzman's diary; a very talented artist. A great read on this era of WWII history.

His Lost and Found Family (Harlequin Desire\Texas Cattleman's Club:)
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Much slower paced book. Didn't like this one at all, all the build up over Skye and Jake and the book felt flat. Also didn't appreciate Lark & Keaton ganging up on Jake especially when they were the two who did him the most wrong aside from their sets of parents.

Ben Carson
reviewed on + 193 more book reviews

A early reader, written for youngsters. But a good story.

Boots on the Ground: A Month with the 82nd Airborne in the Battle for Iraq
reviewed on + 193 more book reviews

A good book, gives you insights into what went down over in Iraq. What the guys went through to a small degree. Better than I thought it would be, given the news-men being what they are today.

reviewed on + 193 more book reviews

I liked this book very much.

Darkside: A Novel
reviewed on + 193 more book reviews

A very good book, enjoued it to the upmost. A good writer yes indeed.

First Family (Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, Bk 4)
reviewed on + 193 more book reviews

Great book, this guy is another favorite author of mine. I have enjoyed all his books.

reviewed on + 193 more book reviews

Was very different from what I was expecting when I ordered the book. But I have to say it was a very enjoyable story of his adventures in the attemp to grow his own veggies. The guy was a good story teller.

Clash of the Carriers : The True Story of the Marianas Turkey Shoot of World War II
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Very good book, very interesting.

Dairy Hollow House Soup  Bread Cookbook
reviewed on + 193 more book reviews

I still working on this one, but I have enjoyed her little stories included along with the recipes.

No Less Than Victory (World War II: 1939-1945, Bk 3)
reviewed on + 193 more book reviews

A very good book, enjoyed it thourghly.

To the Last Man: A Novel of the First World War
reviewed on + 193 more book reviews

A great book, I have enjooyednever one of his books that I have read

The Marriage Pact (Women of Bliss County, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 56 more book reviews

Good book. Hadleigh still holds a bit of a grudge against Tripp for the way he interfered in her wedding ten years earlier. She realizes that he had saved her from making a mistake, but his methods were quite embarrassing. Now she and her two best friends are still single, so they form a pact to help and support each other in finding their mates. Hadleigh is ready to move on when Tripp returns and throws her plans into disarray.

Tripp has come back home to stay. He left home to go to college, then joined the military, later starting his own flight service. He had a very brief mistake of a marriage that ended almost as soon as it began. After finding out that his father is ill and needs help on the ranch, Tripp sells his business and comes home. One of the things he wants to do is repair his relationship with Hadleigh, his best friend's little sister. He feels badly about the way he handled things all those years ago.

Though their reunion was a little rocky, I liked the fact that they were adult enough to talk to each other and clear the air. It was interesting to see that, after some truthful looking at herself, Hadleigh realized she'd been a bit in love with Tripp for most of her life. It had started when she tagged along after him and her brother as a kid, became a teenage crush later on, but matured a little after her brother's death. Her realization of why she had agreed to marry another man stuns her, and has her rethinking her grudge against Tripp. Discovering that she's more attracted to him than ever puts a crimp in her plans to find Mr. Right.

Tripp accepted long ago that he hadn't handled stopping Hadleigh's wedding very well at all. He hasn't been able to forget her, even though she was his best friend's little sister. Seeing her again makes him realize that Hadleigh is who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. The trouble is trying to convince her. Since he is back home to stay, he is determined to be patient and find ways to show her that they belong together.

I liked watching them get to know each other again. Tripp is trying to be patient, but the chemistry between them is pretty hot. Hadleigh started out just wanting to get over her old crush on Tripp, but comes to accept that her feelings for him are real. She just doesn't want to risk another rejection by him, so she keeps her feelings to herself, even after their attraction takes off. I loved seeing her finally accept that their feelings were real and would last.

I also enjoyed the secondary stories and characters throughout the book. I loved seeing Tripp come home and how he was reconnecting with his stepfather. Though Tripp had been away for a long time, the need for his home had never stopped. It was great to see the two men together, and I loved their reminisces about when Tripp was a kid. Jim's love for Tripp's mother was also evident, and it had been a great example of what he wants for himself. I loved the bits with his dog and how it exposed another side of Tripp. The friendship between Hadleigh and her friends was great. I loved their pact and the way they supported each other. Their friendship also made them able to be brutally honest with each other, even when it caused problems. I also liked that they were able to deal with their problems in a realistic way. I'm really looking forward to the other two stories.

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