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Don't Know Much About American History
reviewed on

Okay, nothing earth shattering and a little dry.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Serial (CSI)
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This is a reprint of the comic book graphic novel series released by IDW Publishing. It's main story is about someone recreating the Jack the Ripper murders in Vegas. Good Story, not sure if I am a fan of an awesome series like CSI being translated into the comic book medium.

Passages: Predictable Crises of Adult Life

Passages by Gail Sheehy is a book that I saw lying around the house a lot when I was a kid. Since I am writing a memoir about my mom, I thought I'd read some of her favorite books. Turns out to be perfect timing. It's about the various phases of life leading up to the mid-life crisis. According to Sheehy, when we are young adults, many of us rush into choosing a role so that we can "get on" with life. This may entail denying parts of ourselves in order to better conform to that role, whether it's as a wife and mother, or go-getter professional. As mid-life approaches, many people start to realize the narrowness of that role and the sacrifices demanded by taking it on. We throw off those self-imposed limits and start a second exploration of self, perhaps in a wiser and less hurried frame of mind, though more conscious of our own mortality. A great read and still relevant, even though it was written in the mid-70s.

The Rogue's Bride
The Rogue's Bride
Author: Leslie LaFoy
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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When Tristan Townsend learns of the mysterious deaths of his father and two older brothers, he must return to London to take the title of Marquis of Lockwood. While escorting his stepsister to a ball, Tristan meets Lady Simone Turnbridge and is infatuated by her. When a fire breaks out at the ball, Simone leads a group to safety. She is unlike any woman he has ever met with her take-charge attitude. Simone likes Tristan and wouldn't mind getting to know him better. When he makes it clear that he would like to meet her for a rendezvous, she is more than willing. She is used to being the scandalous Turnbridge sister so she might as well live up to her reputation.

As Tristan and Simone get to know each other, he confides in her that his father and brothers were murdered and his stepmother profited from each death. He knows that his stepmother will eventually make a move on him and he has plans to catch her in the act. But Tristan is afraid that if he gets involved with Simone, it will put a target on her back. Growing up in a brothel and living on the streets, Simone has seen a lot in her short life. She can take care of herself and isn't about to back down in the face of a little danger. My rating: 4 Stars.

Havah: The Story of Eve
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"I have seen paradise and ruin. I have known bliss and terror.
"I have walked with God.
"And I know that God made the heart the most fragile and resilient of organs, that a life time of joy and pain might be encased in one mortal chamber."

Thus begins the beautiful story of life and love through the eyes and voice of Eve--Havah. Biblical fiction at its best. The Bible gives us only a brief glimpse into the lives of Adam and Eve. Ms. Lee has taken that and given us speculative insight to what life might have been during the 900 plus years and many, many generations of the first family. They endured the joys, pains, and disappointments just as we do today. Havah could not forget the beautiful garden they were forced to leave, and longed to return just one more time, to again feel the closeness of the One that Is, to hear His voice.

"How strange is the One, who hears the cry of our hearts always but hearkens to it sometimes not at all and other times in ways we cannot fathom."

This is not a book to be read lightly, but rather with time to savor and absorb the depths of thought that vividly flow from Ms. Lee's pen.

Bar Code Rebellion (Bar Code, Bk 2)
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An interesting concept -- and a warning to those who blindly follow government/authorities -- but the execution was lacking. The writing was choppy enough to be distracting, and I found myself speed-reading to get to the end. The story is interesting enough, but falls short on realism. However, younger readers (tweens?) will probably like it.

Perhaps worthwile if you enjoyed the first book in the series, but there are better-written dystopian tales out there. Save this one for a day when you can't find a mega-thriller, or just want a fast, light read.

2.2 stars, below average but not without some merit.

A Gate at the Stairs (Vintage Contemporaries)
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There was so much I didn't like about this book. First, I couldn't decide if the characters' shtick was supposed to be actually funny, or just a sad attempt to paper over really serious situations with terrible comedic references and puns. Second, I couldn't decide if the conversations about race were supposed to be actually funny, or making a point about how every time white people gather to figure out how to help another group, they just end up arguing about white people. Third, I couldn't decide if Tassie's way of dealing with her brother's death was supposed to be funny, or just a nervous breakdown. You get the idea. Not recommended, which is something I never thought I would say about this author, whom I have loved in the past.

Love Bites (Argeneau Vampires, Bk 2)
Love Bites (Argeneau Vampires, Bk 2)
Author: Lynsay Sands
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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I put off reading this one for so long because I thought it would be brooding & angsty, & instead, it was fun & fast-paced, & I'm glad I bought it & finally read it.

When you're immortal, the last thing you should have to worry about is dying, but Etienne Argeneau manages to find himself on the coroner's slab twice in a matter of weeks...& the last time, his killer follows him to the morgue to finish the job.

When the beautiful coroner is murdered trying to save the corpse with a heartbeat lying on her table, he saves her life in return. Life with his newly turned immortal vampiress who just happens to be his life-mate, & the constant threat from his would-be-killer who is having a bit of an identity crisis (should he wear his fangs & cape, or carry the stakes & holy water??) makes Etienne's life the most interesting it's been in the past 350 years!

Paradise Valley (Daughters of Caleb Bender, Bk 1) (Large Print)
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Loved this story based on 1920's true story.Well written to keep you reading.

Falling for Max (Kowalski Family, Bk 9)
Falling for Max (Kowalski Family, Bk 9)
Author: Shannon Stacey
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
reviewed on + 1150 more book reviews

Max Crawford moved to Whitford several years ago, but really doesn't know a lot of people in the town. With the exception of his Sunday afternoon sports gatherings, he doesn't interact with the community members. But now he is getting lonely and wants to find a wife and start a family. Max decides he needs a girlfriend and begins visiting the Trailside Diner where everyone gathers for meals. Waitress Tori Burns overhears Max trying to strike up a conversation with a women at the diner. She feels sorry for him. He's shy and a little awkward. When she finds out that Max is in the market for a wife, Tori is determined to help him find a date.

Max and Tori become friends as she drills him on topics of conversation and takes him on practice dates. She even lines up a woman for him to ask out. Her outlook on marriage is not good after witnessing her parents' marriage implode. She believes that marriage is not for her, but is willing to help anyone else along the path to matrimony. But Max is quickly learning that Tori is the woman for him. He doesn't feel the pressure of being someone he is not around her. Now he has to convince Tori that they can be more than friends.

This is the last book in Shannon Stacey's Kowalski family series and it's another good one. I've been intrigued by Max since he was introduced. I'm glad he got his own book and think it was a great ending to a very entertaining series. My rating: 4.5 Stars.

Every Bride Needs a Groom (Brides with Style, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 31 more book reviews

Janice Thompson kicks off another fun and thought-provoking series in a small town I wanted to visit with quirky characters I instantly loved. In the middle of planning a wedding and all the changes marriage brings she causes readers to take a closer look at family, relationships and change. I liked that and the fact that this author took readers into a wedding boutique where Cosmopolitan wedding dress designer does her creating. Do you want a great escape and a story that makes you smile from ear to ear. This book is it. I highly recommend this novel for Fun, fun, fun! I look forward to the next book in the series Every Bride Gets Confused, out October 2015.

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Nora St Laurent
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Author: Teri Terry
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
reviewed on + 101 more book reviews

3.25 stars

Overall a pretty interesting "who can I trust?" book with a fairly original plot, though it moves at a leisurely pace. If you're a fan of future police-state dystopias, you'll probably enjoy this one. It's the type of future government control -- mind wipes (not a spoiler) -- that could conceivably happen one day.

The "love" angle isn't that interesting or fleshed out, which was fine with me. The main character Kyla -- a 16-year old girl -- isn't the always-swooning-over-boys type, though she does mention a certain fellow's hair and eyes often.

The mystery as to just what is happening with the main character and others who get "slated" is interesting. By the end of the book, you won't know a whole lot more than at the beginning, but it kept my interest enough that I'll read Book 2. There are some characters that you'll be wondering about... as in, will they turn out to be good or evil in the end.

This YA book is a bit unusual in that there is no "absent parent" syndrome. Too often in YA books, parents never or rarely appear; not so here. I think this makes the book a bit more realistic than many of the YA titles out there.

PARENTS: No actual sex, a few kisses. Mild violence (mostly in flashbacks). Safe enough for the 13+ crowd, in my opinion.

-- The Adoration of Jenna Fox, by Mary E. Pearson
-- List of dystopian YA books:
Madison Public Library - Dystopian Teen Fiction

All My Patients Kick and Bite: More Favorite Stories from a Vet's Practice
reviewed on + 1644 more book reviews

Enjoyed this book very much. Great stories and good information on animals. Wish there had been more on their daughter, but maybe later on in another book. Look forward to getting the first one. Good reading.

The Morganville Vampires: Glass Houses / The Dead Girls' Dance
reviewed on

I really enjoyed this book. It was a very fast read. Can't wait to get into the next one.

Top Secret Twenty-One (Stephanie Plum, Bk 21)
reviewed on + 80 more book reviews

How she does it I do not know? I still laugh out loud at 'Plum' and 'Lulu' antics. There is always a good mystery/story. Even at #21 the writing is as fresh as the earlier books. I am still hoping Stephanie would make up her mind about Morelli. I am pretty sure she has about Ranger, but is holding out on Morelli. Still Recommending!

The Stories of Eva Luna
reviewed on + 16 more book reviews

Good read.

The Colors of Space
reviewed on + 39 more book reviews

Marion Zimmer Bradley is always good and this was was well up to her standard. An older book, but well worth reading.

The Rebel Daughter (Daughters of the Roaring Twenties, Bk 3) (Harlequin Historical, No 1250)
reviewed on + 284 more book reviews

Very good book, and one I liked even better than the previous book. Twyla is the second daughter and the one with the rebellious personality. In the last several years she's gotten very tired of her father's and older sister's overprotective tendencies and has done everything she can to break out. She's snuck out to boxing matches and run a kissing booth. It's only recently that her older sister has started to allow Twyla and Josie to help with the resort events and she isn't going to let anything stop her now. That includes Forrest Reynolds, who come back to town after five years away.

Forrest had left before the Nightingale resort had become a big business. He had been friends with Twyla and her sisters since they were children, until a flu epidemic killed their mother and his little brother. Forrest's father blamed her for the death of his son and began making threats against them, especially as the girls got older and prettier. Forrest thought it would be better if he left town rather than provide his father with more fuel for his hate. He didn't know the effect his departure had on Twyla, and there ended up being more to his leaving than she knew about.

Forrest's father is also guilty of some really bad things, and Twyla's father,though no angel himself, has the contacts to get him arrested. Once he's in prison, Forrest returns to take over the property. He doesn't really want to do it, as his interests lie in flying, but he feels responsible for it. He doesn't expect to be welcomed by the sisters, thanks to the way he left, but seeing Twyla again has him wondering what might be possible.

Twyla had had a crush on Forrest before he left, but thought he was in love with her sister. Now that he's back, she's afraid he'll try to break up her sister's romance, as she's convinced he's still in love with her. Meanwhile, she's even more attracted to him now that she was before. Forrest tries to convince her that he has no interest in Norma Rose, but she's not buying it. The sister that he's really interested in is Twyla herself, but he doesn't want to put her in danger by pursuing her. I loved seeing his fascination with her and how it becomes too hard for him to resist her. I really loved the part where he took her flying. It was also wonderful to see how well he understood her when the flight was followed by a confrontation with Norma Rose and he was able to make her see how best to deal with her sister. Their feelings for each other continue to grow stronger, but both of them have some baggage from their past that they will have to deal with first. Twyla's attempt to help him nearly ruins everything, and some of the things he says to her hurt her a lot. I ached for her as she tried to accept the end of their relationship. I loved seeing Forrest kicking himself for being an idiot and letting his fears get in the way. His moment at the end was sweet and romantic and I loved seeing how it worked out.

There's a mystery running throughout the book regarding Forrest's father and what he had really been into. Word has come that he will begetting out of prison soon, and Forrest is worried about what sort of revenge he might take on the Nightingales. I liked seeing how Forrest enlisted Roger's and Ty's help and tried to keep Twyla out of it. Twyla, of course, refuses to be left out, and gets more deeply involved as the book goes on. When the truth about Galen Reynolds' activities comes out, Forrest and Twyla end up in serious danger. I loved the excitement and intensity of how they handled it, and seeing how well Forrest and Twyla worked together. The resolution was quite satisfying all around. There was an interesting twist revealed by Forrest's mother, and I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't resolved by the end of the book.

Flights: Extreme Visions Of Fantasy, Volume II
reviewed on + 28 more book reviews

Ubfortunately, did not enjoy this as much as I had hoped. 25% of the book was good, another 25% was okay and the last 50% of these stories seemed to be penned for shock value only. As a person of faith, I didn't enjoy reading about gay sex, a field trip into hell or a perverse twist on Lewis' The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. If you like that kind of thing, this book will fit the bill. Otherwise, life is too short to read stories like these.

Sweet Misfortune: A Novel
reviewed on + 314 more book reviews

SWEET MISFORTUNE was the August 2015 pick in my online book club, The Reading Cove.

I'm sorry to say I thought it was very disappointing. The premise was cute, but the execution was corny and sophomoric, complete with faux tension and forced conflict. I wouldn't be surprised if a teenager had written this story.

The relationship between Sophie and Garrett was SO boring, gimmicky and shallow, not to mention barely hanging by a thread on poorly plotted themes of providence, divinity and coincidence.

I can't recommend this book and would even be hesitant to read the author again. I give it a C-.

Sweet Misfortune
reviewed on + 314 more book reviews

SWEET MISFORTUNE was the August 2015 pick in my online book club, The Reading Cove.

I'm sorry to say I thought it was very disappointing. The premise was cute, but the execution was corny and sophomoric, complete with faux tension and forced conflict. I wouldn't be surprised if a teenager had written this story.

The relationship between Sophie and Garrett was SO boring, gimmicky and shallow, not to mention barely hanging by a thread on poorly plotted themes of providence, divinity and coincidence.

I can't recommend this book and would even be hesitant to read the author again. I give it a C-.

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic (The Dowser Series) (Volume 1)
reviewed on + 39 more book reviews

Very interesting, kept you wondering who the bad guy was until the end. I'd certainly like some of her cupcakes! Waiting for the next in the series!

An Invisible Thread
reviewed on + 584 more book reviews

An Invisible Thread: The True Story of an 11-Year-Old Panhandler, a Busy Sales Executive, and an Unlikely Meeting with Destiny by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski is a documentary account of how one person can change a life, and how that can ripple out to a family and perhaps eventually a community. It is a story of hope. The book was a great choice for a book club, leading to a lively discussion.

Read my complete review at:

Murder on the Horizon (A Search and Rescue Mystery)
reviewed on + 258 more book reviews

Dollycas's Thoughts

M.L. Rowland continues to top herself.

With the wildfires and drought in the news this third installment of the Search and Rescue Mysteries is especially topical. Gracie and the other team members are on standby and the community is on high alert as the Santa Ana winds could shift at any moment and put Timber Creek and Camp Ponderosa right in the path of the wildfire that is ravaging the nearby mountains.

In addition to the fires, the SAR crew makes an heart stopping discovery in the desert and a 10 year old boy is a frequent cause of concern as he keeps running away from home with the team being called out to search for him. Gracie befriends the child and his grandmother to try to get to the bottom of his story. What she learns will have readers glued to the pages.

Gracie has just become the manager of Camp Ponderosa after the huge shake up that took place in Murder Off The Beaten Path. She is working with a smaller crew to finish out this season and that keeps her pretty busy without much spare time. The reason I truly enjoy this character is because she always goes above and beyond expectations. She makes time for people in need and works hard to earn their trust and really get to know them.

We meet several new characters in this story and some will truly touch your heart, others will have you thinking twice and some are just downright scary. Rowland brings them all roaring to life in a way that will totally grab onto you and not let go.

The suspense in this story builds and builds as we follow Gracie down several paths we wish she wouldn't travel. At one point she gets herself into such a dire circumstance I was literally cringing as I was reading.

Rowland not only writes a fantastic suspense filled story but she describes the Timber Creek area so perfectly that it is so incredibly easy to escape right into this book. You are driving down the roads or hiking up the paths or running along plateau right along with Gracie and sometimes her dog, Minnie. Sometimes you wish you were really there to protect or help her.

I have enjoyed all 3 books in this series very much. Each one even more than the last. This one ends with Gracie at a crossroad in a her life and I am really looking forward to her next adventure wherever it takes her.

The Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation; Authority; Acceptance
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This book was a challenge, which at first I liked about it. Then about halfway thru it, I just got bored. No character was very interesting. None of the situations were very interesting either. But because I bought the book, I felt compelled to make myself finish it. And I did. But only a 2 star read for me.

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