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Here are real testimonials from our club members. If you like what we are doing in general or maybe you consider a certain feature to be a miniature "stroke of genius" :), please take a moment to let us know about it. Hey, we like to read these testimonials and we can then publish them for prospective members to read as well. (More books! More books!)

Or maybe you'd like to express your appreciation for the kind or thoughtful actions of fellow members? We hear about them quite often in feedback and it always makes our day, so please, share it with the world!

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"Ive Just Joined PBS about a month ago. I have to say being a Disabled Wife, not having the normal other outlets. At first I struggled to find the first 10 books to post. Then I went and bought a few new ones, as I read I put them up. I love being able to give my books that would just sit on the shelf, a new chance to get new readable homes. PBS is wonderful!"
Jenny W. (zentangledjen) - Dandridge, TN  - 1/8/2015 
"It is time to check my inventory and how fantastic...I just push a button and my inventory prints in alphabetical order. Great planning you all. I love the ease of this site. Happy New Year and New Year's reading to everyone on PaperBack Swap."
Nellie G. (Okie) - Milburn, OK  - 12/30/2014 
"Been a member for only 2 or 3 years but really enjoy. Retired and read a lot. Best way to get the books I want. Wish I known about it sooner."
FRED C. (meathead) - Fishers, IN  - 12/3/2014 
"My eleven year old grandson liked the John Grisham series very much."
Sally P. (journalist) - Hayes, VA  - 11/28/2014 
"I am SO addicted to PBS!!! I LOVE having a never ending supply of good books to read! I have even gone so far as to buy a book that's in high demand on here and swap it before I read it because I'm a few novels behind in the series. Is that crazy? It's like a drug, Man. :-)"
Sarah D. (sdeba) - Chalfont, PA  - 11/25/2014 
"I am an avid reader and am very pleased to find this website!! I am finally able to get a hold of books that I have been wanting for a long time and I am pleased that my old books are finding new and happy owners!! Thank you so much!!!"
Elizabeth W. - Onawa, IA  - 11/23/2014 
"There is no site better than this for readers such as myself; a dream come true. AND, who doesn't like getting something in the mail besides BILLS? Seeing a swap book arrive in my mailbox is like Christmas and I am NOT kidding.
Try it - you'll know what I mean. Smiling here."

Patricia F. (auntpat) - Afton, NY - Afton, NY  - 11/15/2014 
"I am a member of Paper back swap for oh maybe a month.I am so happy and pleased with this website and I am avid book loving reader who can't take my hands off books.This is the best website ever.I have received books that I have been wanting for months but couldn't because they were too expensive.I feel good sending my old books who people who I know will treasure.Best website ever!Totally recommend it!"
Katarzyna M. (lollipop33) - Sparta, NJ  - 10/31/2014 
"This site has really helped me to acquire some desirable books as well as to get rid of some I no longer want. The credit system works great, and you don't mind paying shipping to unload your books when you know you will get something you want more for FREE!"
Diane W. (dkasprzak) - Wysox, PA  - 10/28/2014 
"I joined Paperback Swap earlier this year... Where have you been all my life?! I and my husband have trouble letting books go, they seem like old friends. But with Paperback Swap, I know I am freeing them to a good home where they will be truly appreciated. The credits let me order books I want far more than the books I let go. So everyone one wins... Me, the other members, and the book!

I'm a homeschooling mama and love how much more affordable it is to order books this way. I was getting them used on Amazon but with $3.99 shipping and handling, even the books that are under a dollar add up twice as fast as the ones I order on Paperback Swap. With the wish list, I'm able to get in line for books that I'll need in a year or two. I'm telling all my friends!"

Robin D. (mamarobin) - Englewood, CO  - 10/3/2014 
"Love the club! I've been a member over 9 yrs. I use the books as gifts for all occasions. I have just started using it to help me mentor at a school that has 90% low income children, who want to learn English.
Every where I go, I brag about Paper Back Swap! I love to read. And now my 3 nephews do too!
Thank you to everyone who as sent me or ordered from me. Enjoy!"

Gina G. (norm) - Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City, OK  - 10/2/2014 
"I have been a member for quite awhile but have made some nice friends thru you people and never found so many authors since joining the group"
Elaine C. (choir) - Camden, NY  - 9/14/2014 
"I love this site, I am, like many others on this site an avid reader. I found this site by accident and let me tell you, I only wish it were sooner. I tell everyone who reads about it. Keep it up, I only hope it stays free, and doesn't start to charge like the sister sites."
Zia M. (zlam)  - 9/2/2014 
"I started PaperBackSwap months ago. I wasn't sure whether or not to trust the site at first, but I went ahead and assumed it was the real deal. And it was! I've gotten a lot of books throughout the site, all of which I love, and they have been old and new. You have to put newer books in your wish list because of the demand, but if you have enough patience you will get the lovely email saying it's finally your turn. Those days are always great! Any book lover should try PaperBackSwap because it's pretty much a never ending library in your own home."
Joseph L. (broseph)  - 8/20/2014 
"I joined on 6/2/2014 and my one big regret is not finding this place sooner!!!! I have enjoyed trading and receiving books and the map to see where you sent or received book from is fun :-) I found an out-of-print book I was looking for and another member told me that a book I posted had been on her WL for 3 years! That felt so good to be able to send her that book. I just love it here so much! Thanks for such an easy, pleasant, and just wonderful site! All booklovers should be here."
Michele L. (bookbuggg)  - 8/12/2014 
"I just joined about two months ago and recently decided to post my books I have am a homeschool mom and it has been getting expensive because I was ordering all my books from Amazon paying for the book + the cost of shipping most charge $3.99 per book flat rate and if you order 10 books or so like I did you wind up paying as much on shipping charges as you do for the books and it adds up and can hurt the pocket. I have already sent out 4 books and have 20 books listed this is so awsome. It helps me out on the costs of homeschooling expenses. I am excited and already have requested books."
Debbie F. (joylittle123)  - 8/8/2014 
"Love the club and trading books with everyone, only wish there were more Desire Hoult books to trade."
Donna H. (dbelle) - Blairstown, NJ  - 8/4/2014 
"I too enjoy this club and never heard of so many authors since joining and made new friends"
Elaine C. (choir) - Camden, NY  - 7/27/2014 
"I really love this site. I joined this month and already six people have requested my books. I love the idea of passing my books on to someone who will enjoy them. I think I am becoming addicted to this site as I need to check it several times a day. It is so much fun to watch Books being posted. Sometimes you can almost visualize the person listing them from the type of books showing up."
Rosemary D. (fiberartist) - Tyler, TX  - 7/24/2014 
"Having been a member of paperback swap since 2008. I have to say it is the best! I have sent a lot of books, and have received a lot of is simply a wonderful way to share the love of books, without having to buy them all. Keep up the wonderful site and happy reading!"
Margie W. (natnmargie) - Spokane, WA - Spokane, WA  - 7/19/2014 
"I joined paperbackswap 1month ago.In one month i mailed out 13 books out of 111 books i posted.I have been able to request 13 books from other pbs members and it's been so much fun,with the book reviews and you can actually leave a THANK You pm for other members.This is the best book club in the world.I really love this book club,im getting all my friends and family members to join as well.I'm telling all my coworkers at my job about pbs and they joining too.I love to read and now knowing that i could share the books i read with other avid readers like myself and be able to swap books that I've read for other books that i want to read it's awesome.I love this book club and will be a member for ever.PBS is the greatest book club in the world."
Oswaldo R. (busyboy) - Bronx, NY  - 7/12/2014 
"I just became a member at paperback swap,i already have mailed 4 books out and i have 2 books in route. I wish i would have found this club a lot sooner,its a wonderful club to be a member of and i would have saved hundreds of dollars in books. Im gonna tell all my friends and family about paperback swap and have them join as well."
Oswaldo R. (busyboy) - Bronx, NY  - 6/14/2014 
"Paperback swap is awesome,i joined two days ago and i already got 4 book request from other members. Im an avid reader,i love reading and collecting books. Paperback swap helps me let other readers like myself enjoy the books that i have already read and enjoyed. I believe a good book should be read by as many readers as possible and with paperback swap its so easy to share the books that i love with others. I save a lot of money on books too. Its so much fun to be able to be a part of such a fantastic book club."
Oswaldo R. (busyboy) - Bronx, NY  - 6/10/2014 
"As a recent member, I have to say I give this site "thumbs up!" Easy to use and very well set-up. E-mails are great to keep me informed. I like seeing where my books "travel" and it gives me pleasure to pass them on to someone who will enjoy the titles as much as I did."
Donna B. (bengysmum)  - 5/22/2014 
"I appreciate this club more than you can imagine. Before I became an active member , I used to long for emails of the personal nature. I find, not only my favorite thing in the world, great books, but friendship and an ongoing involvement that brings me a lot of fulfillment in my senior years.Not to mention, what an awesome bargain it is, when you consider how very, very little a book will bring you in the way of trade in value at a second hand bok store.It is so worth the postage , even on a hardback, to think that if you peruse the choices of excellent books available daily (think involvement here :), you can easily recoup that money invested , many times over when you purchase the book of your dreams for only one credit! I love this club, it is a remarkable institution of future friends and phenomenal books.I thank whomever was inspired to make such a place become a reality."
Sandra Phillips (rolfeswife) - Asheboro, NC - Asheboro, NC  - 5/21/2014 
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