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Here are real testimonials from our club members. If you like what we are doing in general or maybe you consider a certain feature to be a miniature "stroke of genius" :), please take a moment to let us know about it. Hey, we like to read these testimonials and we can then publish them for prospective members to read as well. (More books! More books!)

Or maybe you'd like to express your appreciation for the kind or thoughtful actions of fellow members? We hear about them quite often in feedback and it always makes our day, so please, share it with the world!

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"As everyone else involved in PAPERBACK; I love this sight. I have received so many wonderful books."
Marianne S. (rowdy) - Northport, NY  - 6/13/2018 
"I love this site, and I've only been a member for a few months! If a book isn't carried by my local library, I can order from another member here, or put it on wishlist and get surprised when it's suddenly available.

I can also find good homes for my old books and earn credit towards . . . more books! I especially like being able to start and supplement my manga collection (this takes time and patience, though). Totally worth it."

Christine W. (desertglimmer)  - 5/14/2018 
"I love the PBS web-site. PBS has allowed me to read many titles that I would not have known were available. This site us a great resource for any reader. The availability of books is a plus; and when are looking for a certain, it's so easy to look and find. If it's not available at that time, using the wish-list may turn up a title later."
Pat W. (3ladybug) - Wichita, KS  - 7/10/2017 
"PBS is great. I was turned on to it by a friend at work Jan. 2012 and have received and sent hundreds of books since then.
It's nice to know there are avid readers like me out there.
Keep up the good work PBS."

Susan B. (sbeau79)  - 6/5/2017 
"I recently joined and it is amazing how everything works. I've saved so much on books and I'm just love using PBS!"
Kenleigh L. (thebookswerebetter) - Glendale, AZ  - 6/23/2016 
"Was delighted to discover PBS 10 years (and about 1100 transactions) ago, after having had uneven experiences with small swap groups. Then a few years, I found another large online group and thought I could "double my fun". Nope. Cumbersome site to navigate, no way to put postage on the books at home, extremely high percentage of "lost in the mail" transactions, and on and on and on. Officially closed my membership there today.

You guys are the greatest for ease of use, helpfulness of staff during the few problems I've encountered, wish list maintenance, and so much more.

Hats off to the PBS family!"

Lynda C. (Readnmachine) - Umatilla, OR  - 6/16/2016 
"I would like to recommend JoyL as member of the month. She was the online help person who I contacted when I was having a problem I couldn't find this answer to in HELP. She put a great deal of time helping me to a completion. She's great!"
Margaretann B. (mannsb) - El Paso, TX  - 6/8/2016 
"I love PBS! Have tried other book swaps. PBS beats them all, hands down! I have been a member for several years. For an avid reader, this is for me."
Tommie Y. (glittergrl) - Independence, MO  - 4/15/2016 
"I just renewed my PBS membership and as an avid reader and book collector, i know i am home here at paperbackswap.Since i become a member of PBS i have made some wonderful friends with other PBS member's and have been able to have the opportunity to get many books that would have definitely cost me a small fortune in a book store. PBS is the best book club in the world."
Oswaldo R. (busyboy) - Bronx, NY  - 4/1/2016 
"Swapping books here is so fun and exciting! I feel like the world is my bookshelf!"
Michelle G. (mixelleleigh) - Corning, CA  - 3/27/2016 
"PBS ais one of the best decisions I have made to make my new retired life more enjoyable. Love browsing and getting new great reads. Love this group."
Vicky A. (dunnville) - Menomonie, WI  - 3/24/2016 
"I've been a member of PBS since 2008, and it saves my family from bankruptcy. I read incessantly, about 350 books a year, and the ability to get books for the cost of postage, and give my books to a new home so my house doesn't collapse under the weight of them, is priceless. I was a Gold Key member before the paid membership went into effect, so I don't mind that aspect at all. I have made so many good friends playing games in the games forum, and even started a local PBS chapter. I do love this site!"
Susan P. (sneyers11) - , - Clinton, MD  - 3/24/2016 
"I have been a member for a very long time. This is the best. I supplement my book shopping with paperback swap. I tell my students about this site every semester. <3"
Deborah B. (dab1) - ,   - 3/23/2016 
"I have been a member for about 5-6 years and I love this site. I only do CD because we travel by car a lot,so both of us enjoy it. I don't mind the fee, it's so minimal."
Maria E. P. (cardinal) - Dallas, TX  - 2/21/2016 
"I love PBS!! This is the best book swap, and I have enjoyed being a member for many years! I have recieved so many great books for far less than what I would pay at Costco or Amazon! I'll never use an e reader, I love holding a real book in my hand. This club is wonderful!"
Nancy M. (annasnana) - Chantilly, VA  - 2/19/2016 
"I just renewed my Limited Membership, and I have to say, as much as I wish I didn't have to pay for this swapping thing, it's well worth my 12.00. I love getting new books, and I've gotten offered stuff on my wish list here that I NEVER thought I'd ever get. And, I was surprised (and pleased!) that my unused free swaps from last year rolled over to this year, that was very nice. I'm happy!"
Robin P. (mavinci) -   - 2/1/2016 
"Have been a member for a few years now, and as an avid reader, this has saved me quite a bit of money.
And I'm that strange person who loves to get mail, so this urge is satisfied as well.
My only quibble is with those members that don't mark a book as received, that I have to PM and remind more than once.
That part is quite irritating, and seems to be more common lately.
I'm hoping the small fee system will weed those folks out.
Other than that, this is a wonderful community!"

Catherine S. (georgiacat) - Barnesville, GA  - 1/16/2016 
"I have been a member of PBS for 3 years now. I have read and traded many books since i became a member. I never thought that being a member of a book club would be so much fun."
Oswaldo R. (busyboy) - Bronx, NY  - 11/11/2015 
"This is a great idea that really helps spread the good word about reading. And the best part is you have so many different kinds of books to order. Love the club and the whole idea. To those who don't like the small fee, don't join. Go to Barnes and Noble."
FRED C. (meathead) - Fishers, IN  - 10/18/2015 
"I'm so happy to be a member of PBS. I'm especially grateful for the opportunity to discover new-to-me authors, enjoy such a wonderful assortment of books, and be able to share some of my favorites with others."
Grace C. (amazingrace6) - ,   - 9/10/2015 
"I love this club! I have traded & also received 100's of
books. So what if there is a nominal fee. I love to read
and this club allows me to do it very inexpensively. If I went to a store, even a used book store it would cost me thousands of $. I read 1-2 books a week. I enjoy reading the reviews by members which often help me decide if I want to order a particular book."

Gwen M. (Giggi) - South Daytona, FL  - 6/27/2015 
"LOVE LOVE LOVE PBS. So there is a nominal fee-so what? I love to read and this will always be my booksite. Keep up the great work PBS!"
Sonali D. - Gaithersburg, MD  - 5/25/2015 
"I have been a member of PBS for a few years now and I love this book club. I truly believe this book club is the best in America. I am an avid reader and book collector, so when they decided to charge a fee i did not hesitate to pay because this is an amazing book club."
Oswaldo R. (busyboy) - Bronx, NY  - 5/24/2015 
"I was kind of surprised about the reaction to the new fees and memberships. Having been a member for a good long time and given away at least 570 books, I have to say I love this
club and don't mind the increases. I am amazed at how well it works. The web site creators thought of everything, especially the printing of postage from home, so I can stroll out to my mailbox and send someone a book. The benefits so
outweigh the changes. The clubs within the Club, personal messages,credit gift certificates, the joy of giving and receiving books, cds, and dvds, new books in the PBS Market,
communicating with other readers, etc, I enjoy it all. Thank you so much!"

Bill H. (simonsaysrebel) - Spokane Vly, WA  - 5/21/2015 
"I've been a member of PaperBackSwap for years. I also tell everyone I know or meet about what a wonderful resource - and community - it is.

Sure, things used to be totally free. In other words, if I ordered a book from you there was only shipping to pay on your end. But you'd get a credit and could then order a book from me 100% free. Well, times change and how could PBS benefit at all from that system when nothing's coming in to pay for site maintenance and upkeep?

I've heard that PBS has received negative kickback from a small # of members for introducing a meager trade fee (<$1 USD per trade, I believe). I say? Like all businesses, there will always be a part of the consumer population that either is never happy or feels a need to complain about minor changes. And I feel sorry for those people.

I mean, there's so much to be HAPPY about!!! The way PBS has structured things DOES provide options, which people can willingly buy into, accept on their own terms or opt out of. FREE was great and I loved it, but I'm still a huge supporter of PBS and SwapaDVD. (I'll never use the CD arm - I'm too attached to my collection to part w/anything!)

I'll continue to tell everyone I know and meet to join PaperBackSwap and SwapaDVD, as I believe they provide us all with a great place to congregate, introduce our books (or books we stumble upon in our travels) to strangers we might never have otherwise met and pay a small fee to utilize that service. I love this community.

Congrats to its founders - and the rest of us - for stumbling on such a great idea!"

Christine A. (writereviseedit) - , - Rochester, NY  - 5/20/2015 
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