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Topic: **** AUGUST RAOKs (things to give away) ****

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Subject: **** AUGUST RAOKs (things to give away) ****
Date Posted: 7/31/2017 4:43 PM ET
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Welcome to the Random Acts of Kindness thread, also known as the RAOK place. This is where we post things to give away to others, asking NOTHING in return but a thank you. No money or credits are exchanged. We give freely, at our own expense. If you see something you’d like, PM the member with your mailing info. If you are the one mailing, please be sure to put full postage on any packages you send. Members have reported receiving "gifts" with postage due.  Remember this is a PUBLIC forum, meaning anyone (not just members) can see what is posted here.  Please do not post last names, addresses, or postal tracking numbers here, in order to protect the privacy of our participants.

Please note that we must abide by PBS rules - NO buying, selling or advertising allowed.

For liability reasons, sorry, but no medications of any kind may be posted in this forum. This includes prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and supplements.

RAOK rules -
You may not ask for anything in return for the things you post here. Please do not ask for postage, or to swap or trade.
If you ask for a RAOK posted by another member, please do not offer to pay or give something in return. This is not allowed and defeats the purpose of the Random Act of Kindness.  Try to pay it forward and perhaps grant some wishes in the ***I Wish*** thread.
We ask that you do not reply within the thread. We are different from most forums in this way. When we go to ***I Wish***, we see wishes; in ***RAOK***, we see just what’s being given away. If you have a question about it, simply PM the member. All RAOKs should be handled privately between members via PM.
Please do not post single use codes - such as Coke codes - in this forum. Post that you have them and let members PM you for them. It saves all the replies within the thread (see above). You may start a separate thread if you want to post them that way. Or check the ***I Wish*** thread and simply grant a Coke code wish or two. Codes that can be used over and over again are perfectly fine to post here in RAOK.
Please do not ask someone for ‘everything on your list’ (yes, it’s been done), so that others can have a chance.
One of our most important rules is that you must acknowledge receipt of the things sent to you! This is our biggest problem. People take the time to post, wrap, and mail, and then never know if the package arrived. Please say thanks for what you receive, either by PM or in the ***Thank You*** thread. It’s the polite thing to do, and we all worry about our mail getting through. Those who don't acknowledge a kindness will often find their future requests ignored.
Please include your nickname when you mail out a RAOK. This makes you easier to find and thank.
Be sure to check your listing and edit as needed, so people are not disappointed. We know that life gets in the way and computers crash, but please try.
Credit transactions should take place in the Book Bazaar or by private PM.

RAOK Tips -
Think carefully about what you want to give away before you post. Postage costs these days can be terrible for over-sized or heavy items that cannot go by media mail. We have all been shocked by the postage for something we mailed here; it happens often. Think first! This is a fun place, but you don’t need to empty your wallet by taking part. It’s wonderful to do something nice for others, but be kind to yourself too.

Before you post something to give away, check the ***I Wish*** thread --- someone may already be asking for it!

If you mark "taken" by your items that have been asked for, please put the word TAKEN in another color by that item, so it's easily apparent to our members that something is no longer available. This avoids disappointments and keeps you from getting more requests for an item that has already been claimed.  Or, just edit your post to delete that item.

If one of us contacts you about changing your post, please understand that we have to follow PBS rules and guidelines. Often we have to ask someone to change or delete a post because of that. New things come up here all the time. If something is not appropriate, we will tell you so, and ask you to change it. Remember that the PBS team does oversee the forums. They edit posts and have been known to suspend accounts. We hate to have that happen to our fellow RAOKers when we can take care of problems ourselves.

RAOK reminders for people requesting something that is offered here -
The people offering RAOKs are doing it out of kindness and generosity, often despite limited means.  Please make your requests for those items in the same spirit, and do not ask for anything that was not explicitly offered.  The people posting RAOKs are offering just what they have, and we appreciate them for doing so.  A request for substitutions is not in keeping with the intention of this thread.  If you would accept only a particular color, size, flavor, or other quality of an offered item, then please use the ***I Wish*** thread to ask for the specific item there instead.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me and ask. We are always happy to be of help to members of the RAOK forum, new or old. Thanks for participating in this great part of PBS!  Enjoy!

Date Posted: 7/31/2017 6:34 PM ET
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4 Pencil sharpeners, small plastic handheld.

Samples of Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner.

2 Shopkins birthday party deco items.

Biofreeze sample packets.

Used/vintage colored pencils: brown, green, orange, red.

Unused get well card.

Sticker potucks.

Unpostable paperback: Kerry Greenwood "Urn Burial". 

Coupon potlucks.

4 lip balms, unused.

Temporary tattoos (multiple): monkey (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple), sun, toucan, iguana, palm tree, turtle, or parrot.

Multiples of the following coupons:

  • Clari Spray $5 3/13/18
  • Coppertone $1 3/31/18
  • Ensure $2.25 multipack 12/31/17
  • Eucerin or Aquaphor 4/30/18
  • Glucerna $2.25 multipack 12/31/17
  • Head & Shoulders Clinical Solutions $5 12/31/17
  • Hydralyte $2 electrolye products 12/31/17
  • Miralax $2 6/30/18
  • Monistat 1 or 3 $5 3/31/18
  • Monistat 7 $3 3/31/18
  • Monistat instant itch relief cream or chafing relief powder gel $2 12/31/17
  • Monistat vaginal health test or stay fresh gel $4 12/31/17
  • Olay Complete facial moisturizer $1 9/30/17
  • One A Day Prenatal 1 multivitamin $2 5/31/18
  • One A Day Pre-pregnancy Couple's Pack $2 5/3/18
  • Rhinocort $4 11/30/18
  • Tylenol 8 hour $1 12/31/17
  • Zyrtec $4 24+ count 11/30/18

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Date Posted: 7/31/2017 6:53 PM ET
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--TAKEN --3 New Premie size newborn hats that hospital gives out--typical pink and blue stripes pattern. Don't know why they gave us 3 premie hats when she needed the newborn size. these will fit  baby dolls nicely I think.                                                         

--TAKEN-- 5 Pampers Codes

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Date Posted: 7/31/2017 8:11 PM ET
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Date Posted: 7/31/2017 10:20 PM ET
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Image result for happy august


I have:

10 mini pods with My little Pony characters in them--eraser toppers, take one or all. They are all the same.Goes 2 Vicky T.

Funko Pop MLP- Rarity and Pinkie Pie-They are called POP cause they pop together, though they have already been put toegther. Take both!GOES TO JESSICA L.

I have a zip wallet. Long in size. Multi colored, mainly pink but has multi colored paisley style on it. Zips all the way around.Taken

Take a book from my shelf, 2 peeps:TAKEN

1. Susan T

2. Vicky B

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Date Posted: 8/1/2017 12:40 AM ET
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I have to offer -

4 movies on one DVD - Race To Freedom: The Underground Railroad, Honeydripper, Stigma, and Go Tell It On The Mountain

Small Florida collector's metal sppon

Baby Bears - Black Bear Cubs Kids VHS

Disney's Fantasia 2000 DVD (disc only)

1978 Garfield bookmark that says Caution: remove this bookmark at your own risk

20 touchscreen cleaning wipes (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, Cell Phones, and Eye Glasses)

AVH: Alien Vs Hunter DVD (new in plastic)

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Date Posted: 8/1/2017 8:30 AM ET
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I have some really pretty decretive buttons (small ones) I'd love to give someone. TAKEN

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Date Posted: 8/1/2017 9:05 AM ET
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Date Posted: 8/1/2017 1:55 PM ET
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Kellogg's - 100 points (Everyone can use this code)

Enter the code SUMM-ERSE-NSAT-IONS to score 100 points!

Expired: 8/6/17

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Date Posted: 8/1/2017 5:33 PM ET
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Hi Everyone!

This month I would like to offer some books off of my shelf ... I will admit that I haven't organized my bookshelf in a very long time. So I am asking everyone to pick 3/THREE books you would be happy with receiving letting me know which one is your top pick and I will see if I can find them. I will send you ONE book out of the three you pick out.  I am worried some of the books might have mysteriously vanished and I don't want to disappoint anyone.

1) First book has been taken :-)

2) Second book has been taken :-)

3) Taken :-)

4) Taken :-)

5) Taken :-)

6) Taken :-)

7) Taken :-)

8) Taken :-)


I have 2 sets of Dexter Shows from Showtime DVDS (Please for the Dexter dvds to 2 different people, thanks!)

A) Used Dexter The First Season  (4 discs) TAKEN

B) New and Sealed Dexter The Second Season (4 discs) TAKEN


I can send out some postcard packs of new blank postcards.  Please let me know some of your interests and I will try to send some that match. Would love someone new to send to, but everyone is welcome!

1) Taken!





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Date Posted: 8/2/2017 2:09 AM ET
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Hi Everyone!  =0) 

I have a Mary Engelbreit puzzle tha is missing quite a few edge pieces an 2 middle pieces.  Would anyone be interested in it for crafting?

Date Posted: 8/2/2017 8:34 AM ET
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  • 1 book free from my bookshelf TAKEN
  • July 2017 issue of Outdoor Photographer
  • Click DVD- no case or artwork (disc only- will come in a jewel case)
  • Rascal VHS - ex-library copy- no problems playing
  • Peter Pan VHS - no case
  • Space Jam VHS
  • Anne of Green Gables VHS
  • The Secret Garden VHS - Hallmark version from 1987
  • Coupon for your 1st Graze box (4-snack sample box) free (valid for new Grazers only)
  • Sports Illustrated Kids basketball CD-ROM (from a Wendy's Kids' Meal years ago)
  • Coupon for Angelino's Coffee- 14 count sample pack for $3.95 
  • Coupon for Hello Fresh- $40 off your first box
  • Traditional Cursive Handwriting Practice workbook- it's about half written in by a student who never finished it
  • Hero of the Faith series: Martin Luther (a little 8-page "book" that came free with something I ordered online)
  • The Homeschool Art Guy VHS series: Tape 1 is Shapes and Lines, Tape 2 is Lighting and Composition, Tape 3 is Perspective and Color
  • $100 voucher for Laithwaite's Wine (receive a case of $169.99 wine for $69.99)
  • Another coupon for a1st Graze box (4-snack sample box) free (valid for new Grazers only)
  • Coupon for Hello Fresh- $30 for your first box
  • Coupon for Blue Apron - $30 for first time subscribers
  • I also have 23 of these clips. My mom and sister made them for a music-themed benefit dinner to hold the dessert menus. You could use them to hold photos, cards, or anything else light. Let me know if you could use 1, 2, or several! TAKEN









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Date Posted: 8/2/2017 9:57 AM ET
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This year is flying by, enjoy each day!  May each of you be blessed throughout the month!  

I have a different kind of offer that I am going to post here and then I will put another post with my normal kind of things.

This is offer is for any child  that is getting ready to go back to school.  I would like to send each child (that I can, I think I have enough to do about 10 more packages) a packet of things that will be related to back to school. (crayons, pencils, lead, erasers, markers, glue, scissors are just some things that may be in the packages).  I would like to mail directly to the child since all children love mail that comes in their name. I know that most schools don't start until the end of August or beginning of September so I will probably mail these in the middle of July or first of August. Home-schoolers are welcome to ask to packets too.   All you need to do to have me mail a packet is:

1.  PM me the name of the child as I will address directly to the child.

        Example of way the package will be addressed:  Grayson Tabor

                                                                                  c/o Vicky Tabor

                                                                                   PO Box 282

                                                                                  Mt. Lookout, WV

2.  Give me the child's address.

3.  Give me a name to put the package in care of.

4.  Tell me the age of the child as some things are not suitable for all children.


If you have questions or this doesn't make sense, please PM me.

Date Posted: 8/2/2017 11:59 AM ET
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Hello,  Summer is flying by!  I was always told that the older you get, the faster time flys by.  As a youngster, I never believed it but I sure do now!

This month, I have:  (I have deleted all the taken items to make it a shorter post) 

*1 partial booklet of stickers that are animals and say princess

*magazine for August Life & Style (Kelly and Ryan Nasty Feud is headline)

*Hello Kitty stickers

*small purse brush


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Flobee -
Date Posted: 8/2/2017 3:51 PM ET
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I still have the Petco coupons:

$6 off Natural Balance Dog Food 22-30 lb bag

15% off Natural Balance Dog Food all cans and cups

$4 off Science Diet Cat Food, any one bag, can be redeemed online

Buy 1 get, get 1 free Hill's Science Diet Cat Food

The cat food ones expire August 7


Date Posted: 8/2/2017 3:54 PM ET
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All taken  :o)

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My Offers for August:

1. I have 27 nice religious greeting cards with envelopes( there's just a few small ones that might be the same but mostly all are different ones). -*Taken

2. New pkg. of Valentine's Day magnets, six in the pack.- * Taken

3. One sheet of 6 color yourself Flower punch out magnets. -*Taken

4. New HD Elf blush (like a dark pink to rose color, not a powder).-*Taken

5. I'd like to send both of these to one person that likes the pretty olive green color eyeliner. 1 New Wet N Wild Kohl crayon eyeliner pencil sealed in plastic and 1 Cats Eye liquid eyeliner 06 Envy New and sealed. -*Taken

6. 1 New in pkg. L.A.Colors Paradise Pink lip gloss  -*Taken

7. New in pkg. L.A.Colors 6 color eyeshadows "Playful" pink mixture. Taken*

8. New City Color pressed face powder "Ivory". -*Taken

9. New and sealed Beauty Treats Luxe Liquid Lipstick "pink". -*Taken


Feel free to request 2 items ! 



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Subject: August RAOK Offers
Date Posted: 8/3/2017 10:19 AM ET
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Finally, I have some things to offer for the first time...

  1.  Postcards - most are vintage and some might be used or not in the best of shape, so maybe some of you can use them for crafting, etc. They are random postcard themes. I am just picking from the top of my pile of give away cards so if you know you are going to be able to use them or you collect postcards, send me a PM. Each envelope will have 4-6 postcards in it. 
    • Pack 1: kimberlyrav sent on 8/16/2017  RECEIVED
    • Pack 2: conniej76 sent on 8/16/2017  RECEIVED
    • Pack 3: whitegardenia sent on 8/16/2017  RECEIVED
    • Pack 4: sixxchic sent on 8/16/2017 RECEIVED
    • Pack 5: IlliniAlum83 sent on 8/16/2017 RECEIVED
    • Pack 6: WingsPawsNMagick sent on 8/16/2017 RECEIVED
    • Pack 7: Silvercat sent on 8/17/2017  RECEIVED
    • Pack 8: olieann RECEIVED
    • Pack 9: BookLady  RECEIVED
    • Pack 10: 
  2. Disney Zootopia Sticker Book (Panini) see HERE.  I already have quite a few filled in. 
  3. NBA/USA Basketball Cards. They are not in great/mint condition. I bought them at the thrift store and I took out the one that I wanted. There are probably about 40 cards.
  4. Steve Young 49ers 1990 Score card.
  5. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Zero Frizzy Fine Hair shampoo and conditioner sample +  (Coupon) Save $1 on any Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment.

You can request two items. :)

When you PM me, please add your mailing address. Thank you!

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I have updated my post

Date Posted: 8/4/2017 6:40 PM ET
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Hi All,

To start my August offerings, I'd like to offer three people a book from my shelf.  I'll try to post more over the weekend.




NEW: Please feel free to request even if you have recieved a book from above.

1. Three coupons for Meow Mix cat food (2 - 55 cents, 1 - $1.00) to one person

2.  Knitting Knobby - includes needle and instructions TAKEN

3.  Crochet Magazine, July 2003, 24 Summer Fun Crochet Projects  TAKEN

4.  Crochet Patterns by Herrschners, March/April 2991 TAKEN

5.  Handful of Box Tops for Education  TAKEN

Please include mailing address.  Thank you.


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All Taken !!   THANKS


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large bag of grey perm rods, both the short (2 1/4") and long (3") lengths TAKEN
an incomplete game of Quirkle TAKEN
hardcover lined blank journal.   TAKEN
square spiral-bound lined blank book TAKEN
small new black photo book  TAKEN
-  keyring-style ring with a fob or charm shaped like a silver crown or coronet, which is about 1 1/4" wide and 1" high at largest dimensions.   It could probably be taken off the ring and used as costume jewelry.

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Hi everyone! 

This month I'm doing a raffle style giveaway again. I will order and ship one person 10 reuseable polyester shopping bags that you can use to be more eco friendly. Each folds up into a cute strawberry shape, so they are easy to carry and use at the store. If you are interested, please PM me and I'll add your name. After 3 days I'll choose a winner. :) 

Sorry I am little late choosing a winner! I used an online program to select a name at random from those who entered and the winner was punkeymonkey529!

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Happy August,

This month I have 

5 thank you cards with dinosaurs on them.  They say "Thanks!" On them.  They come with envelopes 

 A sample of Burt' s Bees protein +healthy radiance vanilla flavor 

A sample of Bodytech whey pro 24 strawberry and cream flavor 

A sample of plnt by plant protein complete amino acid profile vanilla flavor

 KCUP sample of chock full o nuts midtown Manhattan 

KCUP sample of hills bros 100% Columbian medium roast 

KCUP sample Kauai coffee garden isle medium roast

That's all for now


those who've requested items, I'll should be ae to get them in the mail Thursday the 10th. Sorry for the small delay in sending. 

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