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Date Posted: 7/31/2016 8:16 PM ET
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This is where we post our wishes - maybe things we collect, something we can no longer find in our area, things we have always wanted etc, etc. No wish is too big (though common sense is appreciated!); you never know what will turn up.

We must all abide by these PBS rules :
You may not wish for money, or monetary donations for any charities.  You may ask for things you collect for charities, such as stamps, pop can tabs, etc., but not for money. This includes 'gofundme' and other fund-raising events.
No buying or selling or advertising. No spam posts.
No wishing for credits.  Credits are bought, sold and loaned only in the Book Bazaar forum, or use the PBS Kiosk to purchase.
Do NOT ask for books, since books are swapped on the site and book deals are made in the Book Bazaar. Sorry, but you may not ask for free books of any kind. (Unpostable books are given away in the damaged book thread of the Bazaar and sometimes in the RAOK thread.  There is also a Damaged/Unpostable Virtual Box in the Games forum.)

Our own RAOK rules: 
Please do not offer payment for the things you are sent, including postage. RAOKs are given freely, asking nothing in return except a thank you. You could pay it forward by granting a wish yourself.
Please limit your wishes to no more than 10. Lists could get very long. You can always edit as you go along.
Unlike many other forums, we ask that you do NOT reply within the threads. We do everything by PMs between members. This keeps the threads clutter-free and easy to use. When you come to this ***I Wish*** thread, you see wishes. In the ***RAOK*** thread, it's all about things we are giving away - simple and easy. And please do not post your address in the thread - it's all done via PM.
Please check in and answer your PMs. It's frustrating when people want to grant your wishes and don't hear from you!
PLEASE say THANK YOU to the person who grants your wish.  You may use our monthly ***Thank You*** thread, or you may acknowledge what you have received via a personal PM to the member(s) who granted your wishes. This is very important if you wish to continue to receive things from others.

Check the RAOK thread before you post wishes -- the thing you want may already be there for the asking!  If you see a wish you can grant, just PM the poster for their address.

And please remember, if one of the moderators contacts you about a posting, then we are only trying to keep the forum running smoothly and according to PBS rules. If you are asked to change, move, or delete your post, please do so. Most of you know that the PBS team does get involved to edit posts, and accounts do get suspended, if rules are broken. We hate to see that happen to our fellow RAOKers!

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Date Posted: 7/31/2016 8:46 PM ET
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My August I Wish List for my niece Includes:

1.) Acrylic paint--16 ur old niece

2.) Play doh-- 2 year old nephew and 5 year old niece

3.) Pearl Harbor (Ben Affleck) DVD


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Date Posted: 7/31/2016 9:23 PM ET
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Happy August! Hope everyone has a great one. 

My August wishes are: 

- Coke codes (always useful!)

- Coupons for L'oreal shampoo or conditioner 

- Any toys or clothes for 2 year-old girl 

- Anything Snow White related (I collect Snow White stuff)

- These are probably a long-shot but hope springs eternal, right? lol. A pair of black high heels with the little straps that fasten around the ankle or a pair of white flats - size 7 

Thank you for reading! 


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Date Posted: 8/1/2016 12:05 AM ET
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These are coupons I can generally use:

organic milk, quarts or half gallons: Horizon, Organic Valley, Simply

refrigerated hummus

cheese: Market Pantry, Kraft, Sargento, Cracker Barrel

chips: Kettle, Lays, Cheetos

yogurt (not light or 0% fat): Chobani, Brown Cow, Fage, Noosa

Heinz ketchup

plain dry pasta

Plums pouches

English muffins, whole wheat bread, hotdog or hamburger buns, tortillas

whole bean coffee: Peets or Starbucks only

peanut butter: Laura Scudders or Adams only

refrigerated juice: Simply, Newmans Own, Floridas Natural, Odwalla

graham crackers, whole grain crackers

Hebrew National hot dogs, Johnsonville breakfast sausage, Aidells sausage, bacon

Market Pantry lunchmeat, dry salami slices 

sour cream: Daisy, Knudsen, Market Pantry

sparkling water (no flavor or sweetener): Arrowhead, Pellegrino, Perrier

cereal: Kashi, Cascadian Farms

Tide liquid detergent

Post-it paper flags/page markers


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Date Posted: 8/1/2016 10:16 AM ET
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My wishes are:
Sand from the beaches of Hawaii or any Island
State shot glass - I have Florida, Nashvaille, I also have Salt lake city, Walt Disney World, Home of the star Holly wood, and my name.
Birthday cards
Legos - boy age 11
Boy age 11 Size 14 H pants, shirt 12/14, coat 14, gloves, hat, sweater 14, boots (size 5) sneaker (size 5) under clothe 10/12, school items. Trying to help a friends son. Last yr the school bought him a coat, sneakers, school bag and said if it happen again they will have to call it in. so im trying to help out a little. I know this is a lot to ask but i appreciate any small items. I have been tlkg to her about places she can go, she just moved so she is trying to settle down again. If not approve please let me know and i will delete it. Thanks.
Girls water shoes size toddler small and child 1-2
Perfume, Cologne
Coupons: Any coupons, sample
Dunkin donuts coupons
Oxy clean power
Protein or diet shakes
Drink mix singles (anything like that) coupons or pkgs
Carnation instant breakfast –coupons or pkgs
Smufts toys - I have Handy, Baker, Party Planner, Crazy, Hefty, Brainy, Greedy, Smurfette
Minions toys
Canon fine ink cartridges – 40 Black, 41 Color, 30 Black, 31 Color
Thank you, Blessings

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Date Posted: 8/1/2016 12:38 PM ET
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My August wishes are for my daughter Raven. Its back to school again. Id love it if anyone has any of these items for her:

Loose Leaf paper

size 9-11 socks white, women's-crew style

Any locker ornaments or magnets for a teen

Any tennis shoes your not using anymore in a size 9 for gym

Size 9 or 10 jeans womens

Any medium cool shirt or large

Any of this would be a big help guys. If you can or if you cant, thanks for looking!! It would be a big help, I have to buy her instrument for school and those things are expensive.

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Date Posted: 8/1/2016 2:15 PM ET
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$3 Coupon for Pearls Probiotic (they are tiny and easy to swallow) (if you sign up at the website they will mail one per address.... but only once so I can't do it again}

Regular Pepsi Coupons

Aveda Invati shampoo and conditioner samples

John Frieda- luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner samples


beads with a hole big enough to be threaded with 1/4 in ribbon snuggly, not loose

BookMates II- charcoal, ribbons, pansies or quasar, solid blue or purple

Betty Boop Stickers

Comedy and Tragedy Stickers

Book Charms

extreme longshots...

I would love a blinkie to commemorate 5 years as a non smoker to replace the x-smoker blinkie in my siggie line. 

"Proud to be, 5 years, smoke free"   Something like that..... thanks

a blank "keep calm" like below in light gray


but instead of a crown, a pic of Betty Boop



Date Posted: 8/1/2016 5:38 PM ET
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Hoping for coupons for Atkins Bars, Nature Valley bars, Blue Diamond Milk, Silk milk, Lean Cuisine, Cottonelle Moist Wipes.

Thanks for looking!

Date Posted: 8/1/2016 6:50 PM ET
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1) Coupons for:  Nutella, adult cereals (especially Special K), Silk or almond breeze brand nut milks. Kleenex or Puffs brand tissues ( I use alot due to allergies)

Collecting: 2) Kellogg's Reward codes

3) and Boxtops for Education (be sure to check expiration dates before mailing as a bunch expired 30 June 2016)

Date Posted: 8/1/2016 8:08 PM ET
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Any cute little charm to hang on my purse.

i love cute colorful things.


Date Posted: 8/1/2016 10:54 PM ET
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Date Posted: 8/2/2016 6:52 PM ET
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I would like to adopt any minions (or minions accessories) you have. I will give them a GREAT home. I am actually wearing minions leggings and a minions bow today, along with a minions yellow shirt. I love my minions, they make me so happy. Last month I paid it forward by sending out three RAOK Hello Kitty packages! :-)

Date Posted: 8/2/2016 9:58 PM ET
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My wishes:

- Children's Allegra coupons

- Pet Supermarket coupons

- Box Tops for Education

Thanks for looking! smiley

Date Posted: 8/2/2016 11:48 PM ET
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Here are my wishes for this hot month of August:

1. Coupons-especially any from the Internet that you have extras of or any for free products, Cesar dog food, tea or soda.

2. Anything Wonder Woman-really a big fan! :)

3. Coke or Disney Reward points--trying to rack up enough points for something good on each site.

4. Anything basset hound or beagle related. My first dog was a basset hound and I love how they look.

5. Crayola markers in unique colors--I have the basic colors--I need the bold,neon or whatever you have extra of...using them for my coloring pages and my craft creating.

6. Anything Coca Cola-can be a recipe,art,computer avatar...anything...:)

7. Any DVD you no longer want--anything but horror--will gladly take them without a case as well.

Thanks for reading. Please post your unique or odd wishes...I might be able to help you out.

Date Posted: 8/3/2016 6:44 PM ET
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Who was collecting shot glasses?

My wishes this month are prayers for peace to those that are hurting so much from flooding, disease and other personal issues.  It is so hard to see this devastation every day.


Thinking of you cards that can be sent to someone with Cancer.  I have trouble sending Get Well cards since this isn't the predition of the doctor.


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Date Posted: 8/3/2016 9:00 PM ET
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I'm wishing for some project help. . . anyone do a bit of design work?  I need a logo made for the new Humane Society in my area :) 

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Date Posted: 8/4/2016 11:13 AM ET
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Thank you. Wish granted.

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Date Posted: 8/4/2016 11:40 PM ET
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August wishes: fuzzy socks,tea light candles,Pooh stickers,washi tape

Date Posted: 8/6/2016 1:39 PM ET
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anything Legend of Zelda for my son's girlfriend <3 

Date Posted: 8/6/2016 2:16 PM ET
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I would be grateful for any Pepsi coupons.

Thanks Much.

Date Posted: 8/7/2016 10:59 AM ET
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Happy August!  Autumn is just around the corner smiley

I'd love to have anything 'Toucan bird'

Any old classic movies or sitcoms on dvd

And, as always, anything Tiki for my little Tiki reading room - even the littlest thing has a place in the Tiki room & adds to the fun decor.

Thanks to everyone who participates in the RAOK!  I appreciate your friendship most of all!


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Date Posted: 8/8/2016 8:01 PM ET
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  • Bookmarks 
  • Magnets
  • Food and drink coupons

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Date Posted: 8/9/2016 1:09 PM ET
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My wish is for:

Coke Codes


Subject: Wound Care
Date Posted: 8/9/2016 3:09 PM ET
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Maybe you can help???

My husband has a wound from the removal of skin cancer on his shoulder. They said it would be 6-8 weeks of dressings for the wound to heal. We have paper tape and gauze for dressing, but it is using up a lot of it and quite expensive changing it several times a day.

By chance maybe someone has dressing gauze, tape or extra large bandaids on hand that you don't need, left over from a similar incident.

Can't hurt to ask, right? Thank you, RAoK friends.


Date Posted: 8/9/2016 8:59 PM ET
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Does anyone have a Clean/Dirty magnet (or otherwise) to put on a work dishwasher?  I've looked for one but haven't found one.  I know they used to be popular.  The other day, we ran the dishwasher and before we even had a chance to put everything away, someone put a mug partially filled with chili in the top rack which dripped all over the clean dishes.  *sigh*  THANK YOU, CONNIE!! 

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