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Date Posted: 7/31/2014 10:21 PM ET
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This is where we post our wishes - maybe things we collect, something we can no longer find in our area, things we have always wanted etc, etc. No wish is too big, you never know what will turn up.

We must abide by PBS rules :
You may not wish for money, or monetary donations for any charities ( you may ask for things you collect for charities, like stamps, can tabs etc., but not for money. This includes 'gofundme' sites)
No buying or selling or advertising.
No wishing for credits (Credits are bought, sold and loaned only in the Book Bazaar forum, or use the PBS Kiosk to purchase)

Do NOT ask for books, since books are swapped on the site and book deals are made in the Book Bazaar. You may not ask for free books of any kind sorry. (Unpostables are given away in the damaged book thread of the Bazaar and sometimes in the RAOK thread)

Our own RAOK rules: Please
Do not offer payment for the things you are sent, including postage. RAOKs are given freely, asking nothing in return except a thank you. Try to pay it forward, maybe grant a wish yourself.
Please limit your wishes to no more than 10. Lists could get very long. You can always edit as you go along.
Unlike many other forums, we ask that you do NOT reply within the threads. We do everything by PMs between members. This keeps the threads clutter free and easy to use. When you go to the wishes, you see wishes. In the RAOK, it's all things we are giving away - simple and easy. And please do not post your address in the thread - it's all done via PM.
Please, if you post wishes, be prepared to check in and answer your PMs. It's frustrating when people want to grant your wishes and don't hear from you!

You do need to say THANK YOU. See our monthly ****thank you thread****, or you may acknowledge what you have received via a personal PM to the members who granted your wishes. This is very important if you wish to continue to receive things from others.

Tips :
Check the RAOK forum before you post wishes -- things may already be there for the asking!

If you see a wish you can grant, just PM the poster for their address.

And please remember, if one of the moderators contacts you about a posting, we are only trying to keep the forum running smoothly and according to PBS rules. If you are asked to change, move, or delete your post, please do so. Most of you know the PBS team does get involved to edit posts and accounts do get suspended if rules are broken. We hate to see that happen to our fellow RAOKers!

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Date Posted: 7/31/2014 11:56 PM ET
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 I have TMJ (jaw joint) issues and it is easier for me to use a kids' sized tooth-brush because of the smaller head. The ones that have worked well for me look like this: http://www.amazon.com/Colgate-World-Childrens-Toothbrush-Extra/dp/B00AIWIRLO Color doesn't matter at all, though would prefer the bright blue if a choice. :) They are under a $1 in cost  (70 cents each at Big Lots) or I wouldn't be asking. Big Lots is where I have found them and until this last year some 99 cent only stores carried them as well. editing to say the reason I am wishing is because I have not been able to find these in my area.

As a lot of you know I do love stickers. :) Original Care Bears and Winnie the Pooh and Friends are still my very favorites. I have been looking for the care bear stickers that look like stamps: http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/7/8/3/5/3/1/webimg/606317011_o.jpg I saw them a couple times at a Dollar and for much more money at a CVS. Really any upbeat, cheerful stickers (rainbows, flowers, hearts, treats :) are always welcome and I would definitely share if multiples. I prefer flat stickers and please no smelly or glittery ones.

I am editing, maybe with back to school this will be easier. I still could truly use a mini address book. It's handy to keep various internet info in it.

Always very appreciative of any friendly mail, even a post-card. Thank you so much. Happy August!  As a p.s. of sorts and I truly do feel badly about saying this but I do need anything to be from a smoke free home. I'm not allergic but the smell can cause me TMJ trouble (from coughing).

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Date Posted: 8/1/2014 2:07 AM ET
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I would love anything with a Raven theme - am thinking a montage would be fun to put together.  cool 

Thanks for reading my request!


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Date Posted: 8/1/2014 8:05 AM ET
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HAPPY AUGUST !!!  This is my birthday month ( Aug. 20th ) and my wishes are:

1) Pretty stickers like butterflies, flowers, Patriotic, antique look.

2) Pretty stationary with matching envelopes


4) Drink mix single "to go" packs.  Any non-calorie ones or no more than 5 calories per serving.

5) LONG SHOT: I really need a ladies electric shaver. Just can't afford razor blades anymore and disposable razors just aren't very good.


Thanks to anyone that honors my requests.

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Date Posted: 8/1/2014 8:13 AM ET
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My usual wishes:  Purina weight circles (dog and cat), Cat Chow UPCs, Iams dog UPCs, boxtops and labels for education

I would also like:  Cloth/reusable shopping bags for presenting stuff to the food panty. (I like to create special bags to be given in addition to the usual basics)  OR, if anyone has any cute ideas for presenting "stuff" - I try to always include laundry detergent, bar soap, toilet paper and then whatever other personal care items I get a good deal on.

Date Posted: 8/1/2014 11:12 AM ET
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I'm wishing for:

  • Coke codes
  • coupons for :  glucose meters/test strips/lancets (One Touch, Breeze 2, Contour, Freestyle, etc.)  - I purchase them using the coupons and donate them to our local health clinic.
  • coupons for:  Blue Diamond almond milk, Atkins shakes, Minute Rice
  • Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo travel sizes or samples - not available locally        
  • Murad Resurgence samples or travel sizes - not available in any local salons or beauty supply stores

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Date Posted: 8/1/2014 11:39 AM ET
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Hi everyone.  This month I'm wishing for:


Box tops for Education


Empty metal tins for crafting (all shapes and sizes)

Stamps and ink pads (if anyone has some they don't use anymore)



Date Posted: 8/1/2014 11:46 AM ET
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I am wishing for the following.

Beauty samples. Including shampoo, makeup, perfumes, etc. Anything beauty related.

Scrap book items. 

Thanks in advance!

Date Posted: 8/1/2014 1:18 PM ET
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Happy August everyone, summer is almost over. *muppet cheers*... I think. Hopefully. Anyways, here are my wishes for this month:


* Snail Mail - It was so much fun receiving mail not in the form of junk/bills last month! I also had fun replying to those that did send something when able to do so (running low on stamps. frown)

* Nude Pantyhose/stockings (size S/M) - My only pair, cheep-o's, developed a long unsightly run in them thanks to two very happy dogs jumping on me. It was devastating.

* Anything Native American/wolf

* Anything related to Divergent, Little House on The Prairie, I Love Lucy or Bonanza.

* If anyone has any of these crochet patterns and can make me a copy of them or no longer needs 'em I would sure like to get them from you:

Crocodile Stitch Hooded Cape pattern

Jo's Pride Hooded Shawl pattern

* Any crochet needles or yarn that you are no longer needing or find in a thrift store/yard sale.


Long Shots:

* Grey's Anatomy Poster - My 4 year old niece is obsessed with this show and would very much like a poster of either the cast or any one of her favorite characters (Mc Steamy. . . can ya blame her? and Dr. Yang.) Doesn't have to be new, she's 4, she's not picky. Just as long as she can admire it at bed time I suppose, lol. P.S. Her mom lets her watch this, not me, so no throwing rocks in my direction. Please, and thank you. wink


* Divergent DVD - It comes out on the 5th and I've been dying to see it. So if you buy it and don't like it, I would be happy to have it.


* The Pittsburgh Steelers football season starts on the 9th. I'm looking for a Jersey or Shirt to wear in honor of the solider I adopted. This way he can live vicariously through me while I watch the games for him and report on his teams wins/losses. It doesn't have to be brand new, or be in the best condition. Thrift shop finds are fine (I'm a thrift store junky). Size S/M (women); S (men's) if only a larger size can be found it's okay, I'll alter it.


Thanks for looking!

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Date Posted: 8/1/2014 2:08 PM ET
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Wish granted. Thank you! :)

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Date Posted: 8/1/2014 2:53 PM ET
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My wishes for this month are:

1. Kelloggs codes

2. Lean cuisine codes

3. Coupons-especially any from the Internet if you print extra or from odd ball places like gas stations for instance

4. Ice Cream Scoop-I thought this would be easy to find but not around me...mine broke and the other one I had is too bad to use

5. Any movie on DVD that you no longer want--no horror please--I will take them without a case as well :)

6. Anything Coca Cola or codes---will greatly appreciate it!

7. Any kind of foot cream or scrub that works well-I will gladly take samples--trying to find something that works for my feet


Thanks for reading! I will try to fulfill wishes on here as well. :)

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Date Posted: 8/1/2014 4:10 PM ET
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Happy August! heart

My wishes for this month are:

- Coke codes 

- Any amount of lace (any color) or pink ribbon for my collages

- Any kind of tea (no lemon, please)

- Bookmarks

- Also, I love and collect all things vintage from the 1960s or earlier, rather they be postcards or costume jewelry

- This one is probably a long shot but I thought I'd take a chance. I would love anything with "Felix The Cat" (the classic cartoon cat!) on it. I love Felix but he's not as easy to find in stores and such.

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Subject: I could use...
Date Posted: 8/1/2014 9:28 PM ET
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Sturdy dog toys.  My stepDD has a German Shepherd puppy.

Date Posted: 8/1/2014 10:16 PM ET
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1). Embroidery patches - animals, flowers, birds, mushrooms, hearts, etc.

2). Felt scraps in tan and brown

3). Felt ornament kit 

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Date Posted: 8/1/2014 10:42 PM ET
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heartheartheartheartAUGUST WISHESheartheartheartheart

Mario & Luigi only McDonalds Happy Meal car toys- current promotion-  My son Daniel 25, finally graduated from college this week and he really wants these 2 cars to complete his collection- current promotion at McDonalds and they don't have these.  He LOVES anything Super Mario Bros- Mario or Luigi figuirines, games, patches. caps, stickers, plush, etc.

Gingham Ribbons or Fabric, Embroidered or Decorated Ribbons, Rick Rack, Tiny embroidered Appliques.

►Medium or thin Cotton Laces, Battenburg Lace, Eyelet Laces,etc, Vintage Laces, Small cloth doilies.

► Vintage embroidered cotton pieces, samplers or towels- Nursery rhymes, Bible Verses, Poems, Cute designs

Swedish/Scandinavian folk art or Christmas décor, stickers- Carl Larsson, Gnomes, Lucia, Dala Horses, etc.

► Just bought an ( older) summer cottage and want to decorate kitchen in Red Gingham and red potholders if anyone has any newer ones they are getting rid of , towels and vintage red kitchen items/stuff.

►Baby's or Small kids new white T-Shirts - don't need tags-just not worn or washed.

►Dog bone cookie cutters- various sizes


LONG SHOT-  Have been looking for years for a Temperance Themed vintage Tea Cup and Saucer, or Temperance Themed china plate.


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Date Posted: 8/2/2014 1:50 AM ET
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August wishes:just got 2 kittens so any cat toys or cat related coupons would be great,anything victorian era:postcards,pins,cards etc.

any kind of stickers or stationary.

Date Posted: 8/2/2014 4:15 AM ET
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for some reason i can't print coupons from my computer... i could do it before but i dont know what happened that now i can't 

coupons for:

for grandkids: baby diapers /pullups /  wipes

for me ::  yogurt / energy bars / cereals / nail polish / covergirl / pudding

for cats :   dry food / canned food / litter / treats

for DD and me:  victoria secrets / bath and bodyworks

paper items:

old playing cards / bus ticket stubs/  old maps /  board game cards /  foreign stamps / odd pictures from a magazine /

bird pictures / round or square coasters from a restaurant /

any magazine pic that you might see of these shows:

 American Horror: Coven ..

 Walking Dead


ANYTHNG : Wizard of Oz......


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Date Posted: 8/2/2014 5:35 PM ET
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I would be interested in anything for a 6 year old girl whose favorite colors are pink and purple, likes Hello Kitty, Disney Princesses, and Spongebob.

Date Posted: 8/2/2014 6:50 PM ET
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Looking to add to my collection of bookmarks! It's a long shot, but I'm looking for these specific ones; pictures included for examples!


Scholastic book fair bookmarks

iScream-Shop bookmarks

Paperhouse Productions bookmarks


I was lucky enough to find some of the iScream-Shop and Paperhouse bookmarks at book stores, but shipping is way too high on the website for me to order so if you happen to have any laying around not being used, I'll be glad to take them!

Date Posted: 8/2/2014 11:34 PM ET
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*Kelloggs Family Reward Codes

*Coke Codes

*Lean Cuisine Codes

*Weird One*---Sonic Receipts, if you are not going to use them. My dh loves the slushy's, so I do the surveys for Route 44.

*Mens Body Spray, like AXE, etc. 13yo just started wearing them !

Date Posted: 8/3/2014 4:03 AM ET
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We recently had to have our home burned down due to toxic mold and we had to leave everything behind. Therefore my list is rather long, so please bear with me. *List updated on 8/18/14.

1.) baby boy clothes sizes 12-18 months, girls clothes size 4T or 5T, womens clothes shirts size medium, pants size 8, men's shirts size XL, and socks for all.

2.) dish towels and washcloths.

3.)picture frames.

4.) anything for my 15 year old girl. She's really into makeup, webkins (all of hers burned with the house), elephants, dolphins (basically anything animal related).

5.) anything for my almost 4 year old girl. She loves puzzles, stickers, Doc McStuffins, Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Curious George, exc. she is really easy to please.

6.) anything for my 9 month old son. Leftover size 5 diapers, baby toys, teethers, exc.

7.) anything owls. My grandmother used to collect owls, so I started to when she passed away but all of mine burned with the house.

8.) anything household related. We literally lost everything, so anything you can think of, I'm sure we could use it.

9.) anything greyhound related. We had to leave our beloved greyhound Annie with my dad as she was too big to fit within the apartment complex acceptable dog guidelines. We miss her terribly!

10.) home decor. We are not picky, we just have a bunch of bare walls. If you happen to find anything Native American, Czech, and or Irish it would be great as those are our bloodlines, or anything animal or kid related for the kids roomswould be appreciated. However, as I stated before, we would take anything. 


Thank you!

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Date Posted: 8/3/2014 1:03 PM ET
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Happy August!!  My wishes this month:


Coke codes (always VERY much appreciated!)


Coupons for:

Candy products (especially Hershey's, but all are appreciated!)

Scott (or other brand) personal wipes

Any brand of almonds or peanuts

Frozen burritos 

Little Debbie Snack Cakes 

Mariani or Sunmaid, etc., Dried Fruit

Fresh Express Salad Mixes

Sugarless gum

Granola bars, oatmeal, or other snacks that I can put in care packages for my son in the Marine Corps.

Hormel pepperoni, Hormel Compleats

Langer's juice or Welch's, Tropicana refrigerated juice, or any other juice coupons

Libby's canned vegetables

Special K, Honey Bunches of Oats, Chex, or any Quaker cereal

Yogurt coupons

Wet 'N Wild Cosmetics

Maybelline Cosmetics

Rimmel Cosmetics

Covergirl Cosmetics


Long Shots:  

                    1)  Any kitchen decor items in red; just bought new Corelle dinnerware in a red & white pattern, painted one kitchen wall red, and am trying to re-do my kitchen with red accessories (trivets, magnets, placemats, towels, potholders or dishrags, spoon rest, serving spoons or utensils, decor, etc. -- just about anything!)

                    2)  Nintendo DS games (for the small, handheld Nintendo gaming device)

                    3)  Any items, books, bookmarks, etc. related to the Ragdoll cat breed.  My Ragdoll cat is pictured in my avatar and I'm completely enamored with this breed!  Also any cat toys with feathers; both my cats love those feather wands, etc.  

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Date Posted: 8/3/2014 2:47 PM ET
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my wish:  a statue of St. Joseph

Date Posted: 8/3/2014 7:49 PM ET
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1) Skydiving advice or advertising advice - I am doing a charity skydive and I've never skydived before.  Actually I am scared of heights!  Nor am I very good at promoting fundraisers either.  So advice on all of those would be great because I am lost.  :(

2) Ideas for my bucket list : http://melsmarsh.wordpress.com/the-list/  First 101 are based on 101 things to do before you die by Horne.

3) Anything Israeli (pro-Israel, please keep any mean thoughts to yourself)

Date Posted: 8/3/2014 9:11 PM ET
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My wishes are:

Fabric leftovers

Buttons, especially vintage or interesting ones

Paint chips (is that what they're called?  the paper things with paint colors on)  for craft projects -- any colors

Codes for VUDU credits; UV or VUDU movie codes

Anything Doctor Who.  Also, if you happen across patterns or ideas for Doctor Who crafts online, I'd love if you sent me a URL or link!

Cute small notebooks or sticky notes -- I am very scatterbrained, so I've started carrying a small notebook (like 3 or 4 inches) around with whatever book I'm reading, so I can write down things that I know I'll forget otherwise.  :)

Old CD's you no longer want; without cases or inserts is fine -- Christian, 80's, showtunes, standards

Garrison Keillor spoken word CD's, cassettes, or MP3's on disc, especially Lake Wobegon stories (ones that are not readings of actual print books and therefore not audio books, so they would not be postable here on PBS -- like from his radio broadcasts)

Coupons for:  Ice Cream (Breyer's, Edy's, Klondike bars), Scott 1000 toilet tissue, Swiffer refills, NutriSource dog and cat food, Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food, Always Ultra Thin Pads, Cascade Pacs, Finish Powerball -- especially the Quantum Power and Free (we have a very old portable dishwasher and very hard water, and these Pac things are the only things that get the dishes clean)

Long shot:  Our local Dollar Tree ran out of the magazine files / holders they had before I could get more.  I had bought 1 to make sure it would be big enough for my needs, then they were out when I went back to get more.  They had an assortment of black and white designs, all of which were cute, and they were labeled as file holders, but looked like magazine files to me.  :)  They are available at their website, but I'd have to buy a whole case and pay for UPS shipping, and that's a bit much!  :)  If your local store has some, I'd love to have a  couple.  Here is a picture from the Dollar Tree site.

Thanks for looking!  I may take a while to get back to you if you PM, since I don't always get online every day, but I will get back to you.  :)

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