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Topic: To accept or not to accept - That is the Question!

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Subject: To accept or not to accept - That is the Question!
Date Posted: 9/15/2009 9:42 PM ET
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Please help, I have a situation that I don't what to do.

I posted a book that was on someone's Wish List and it went on the 48 hr hold.  It is a textbook and there are notes written on page 10 of the Introduction in the margin.  Per the instructions in the Help Docs, I PM'd the requestor explaining the situation and asking if s/he still wanted the book. Three hours later this person accepted the book but did not reply to my PM.

I checked the PM and it had been read. So I sent a new PM, re-explaining the status of the book and asking for a return PM either accepting or rejecting the book.  It has been 3 days now and I have had no response to the PM.  It has not been read by the requestor.

So, do I accept the request and PM AGAIN, or just let it time out?  The Help Docs are very specific that I need a return PM accepting the writing in the margin before I send the book.  But I wonder if the requestor only looks at PBS when s/he gets an email that a book is being offered or accepted.  So should I accept and send another PM?  But if I accept and she doesn't want the book, what is my status? Do I have to cancel and re-post the book?  I thought it would be better to get an answer before I accept but it looks like I'm not going to get one.

What should I do?

Thanks for any help.


Date Posted: 9/15/2009 9:56 PM ET
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Leslie,  I would accept the request and PM explaining the condition of the textbook, and choose the last mail-by date. If I do not get a PM confirming the book is wanted with the writing by the last mail-by date, then I would cancel and re-post to the end of the FIFO line.

It sounds like you were very proactive and PMed the person as soon as the textbook was placed under WL hold. If it's three days later, is it possible that the request rolled over to the next wisher?

Here's the link to the help doc about textbooks.

Date Posted: 9/15/2009 9:59 PM ET
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I try to remember to put a time limit on those PMs.  You can accept it and select the latest shipping date.   That gives you more time to PM.   Do put something in the subject line,  to try and get them to respond.  Maybe "order will be canceled without response"?

And yes, in cases like this the shipper should cancel so the receiver does not go to the end of the wish list.  But you may end up in a loop with the book going back to the same person who will, again, fail to respond.  I've asked folks to put up a RC for that single book to get out of the loop.

Date Posted: 9/16/2009 11:18 AM ET
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Thanks Sofia and Emily.  I have accepted and sent my 3rd PM. I used your suggested subject Emily, hope this generates a response!

Subject: Well
Date Posted: 9/19/2009 4:22 PM ET
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I think that most of us who order text books on here know that they will have writing or hilighting in them. We want to get them cheaper than the used books store or amazon so we usually dont mind that they have highlighting in them.  I know all of mine that I post do.  But there right if you have already pm'd her 3 times and she accepted since she read the pm your probably ok.  They must not have realized to begin with that you wanted the to respont back so they just accepted knowing the condition. 

Date Posted: 9/19/2009 7:29 PM ET
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Don't assume it's OK>  People have posted here that they sent a PM, didn't get a response and sent the book anyway-only to have the person complain and demand their credit back.

I would hold off on accepting until the last possible time and then choose the last possible mail by date. Then I'd PM again and say you will cancel the transaction if they don't want the book  and ask them to set up an RC requesting that text books have no writing or highlighting at all. Put in the PM how PBS requires a response back from them.

Not sure what to tell you if they don't respond even then. You'll have to cancel it and find someone lower down the list to post to or post it again and hope they respond the next time.