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Topic: account shows 2 send dates for book i requested (not sent)

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Subject: account shows 2 send dates for book i requested (not sent)
Date Posted: 7/13/2016 10:01 AM ET
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a fellow member posted a WL of mine on june 20,2016.  i ordered it the same day. the problem i am having is that they marked it mailed on July 2, 2016. then a few days ago i saw on my account that the mailed date changed to july 9,2016. so i thought maybe there was a glitch on PBS. so i pmed the sender to ask if she had mailed the book and if maybe it was mailed late. i sent the pm on July 11,2016. i got a reply this morning july 13,2016  from the sender. here's the pm's:

Requester (Me)

Hi Sender,
I was just wondering when you mailed this book? there are 2 dates on my account page by this book. one is july 2 and the other is july 9. this has me a little confused. if you could please pm and give me a heads up I would really appreciate it. thanks.


Sender's Response:

Hi Requestor, 

I actually haven't mailed it just yet, I realized that I hadn't read that one yet after you had requested it, and still wanted to, :) I will mail it in a couple of days though. The two dates are because I had to mark it as mailed because PBS was telling me to, and the second date was from when I printed your label, but the tracking number from that will show it being en route to you when it is mailed, which you can see in the transaction archive and I can send it to you in another message if you'd like. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the book!


the sender already got a credit for this book as they used PBS printed postage. but as of today all the tracking says is that a shipping label has been printed  twice on the 2nd and 9th of July. so my question is since this is a WL book and she still hasn't mailed and hasn't given a date that she will be mailing by what can i do? do i wait patiently and hope she mails soon?  i can't cancel and it is already on the my enroute to me  part of my account.

has anyone ever seen a situation like this?

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Date Posted: 7/13/2016 11:22 AM ET
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I'd contact TPTB and have them assist you. The sender never got your permission to mail late so they can likely cancel if for you and return you to your position.

Date Posted: 7/13/2016 11:31 AM ET
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I can understand needing more time to mail, but she should have cancelled and then posted again when she was done reading the book....
 You might need to mark it RWaP if there is date option on it (I can't remember if there is or not at the moment). I found these entries in the

FAQ (the links were going to be cleaner, but my pizza arrived and now I can't type with it on my hands):
(didn't note the FAQ link for this first part):

  • After accepting a request by clicking "I can mail in the next 2 days", a sender has 5 days to mark the book mailed. The deadline is at the end of the fifth day.
  • After accepting a request by clicking "I can mail later" and choosing an alternate mailing date, a sender has 2 days beyond the alternate mailing date to mark the book mailed. The deadline is at the end of the second day.



A book must be mailed within 48 hours of marking it mailed

  • It is okay to mark your book mailed before you have mailed it if:

    • The deadline date falls on a postal holiday
    • Your computer/Internet access is unreliable
    • You plan to mail the book on your way out of town
  • It is not okay to mark your book mailed and delay mailing it for longer than 48 hours
    • We understand that sometimes circumstances interfere with prompt mailing!  But this should not be a habit.
    • If your mailing is delayed, you must inform the requestor as soon as possible, so that she doesn't think the book is lost in the mail if it was merely mailed late.
Date Posted: 7/13/2016 12:00 PM ET
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Just found this in another thread.  This pertains to the sender.  You may want to copy it to her and let her know whether you are still willing to wait which it appears that you are not obligated to.  I would also contact PBS since she used PBS postage.

If you marked the book mailed but did not mail it and you want to mail it late (more than 4 days after the date you marked it as mailed),  you MUST contact the requestor using the PM button on the transaction, to be sure that the requestor still wants the book.  (If the book has already been declared "lost", the PM button is on the "lost in mail" transaction in your Transaction Archive.)

  • If she replies that she does still want it you can mail it to her.  She can mark it received and you will get credit at that time.
    • If the book has already been declared "lost" she can mark it received from her Transaction Archive and you will get credit at that time.
  • If she replies that she does NOT want it (she may have gotten a copy from someone else in the meantime), you should NOT MAIL - you should ask us to cancel the "en route" transaction and you can repost the book for someone else to request.
  • If she does not respond to your PM, you should repost the book.  It will be offered to her automatically if she still wants a copy.
  • You should not mail a "lost" book to the original requestor unless she has confirmed that she still wants it in a Personal Message.  If you mail it and she has already gotten another copy, she will NOT be obligated to mark the book received, or to return it to you.
Date Posted: 7/13/2016 12:22 PM ET
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Sender should have cancelled since they were not ready to mail.  

Maybe the sender did not cancel because they bought PBS postage and they intend to use it sometime in the future.    USPS wants you to use electronic postage the day you buy postage unless you change the date to a future date.  I don't think you can keep changing the date.  



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Date Posted: 7/13/2016 12:33 PM ET
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That's just wrong.  Why would you post a book you aren't ready to mail? 

Date Posted: 7/13/2016 5:02 PM ET
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Do not understand posting a book if you haven't read it yet! This is a real case for asking PBS to review the situation.

Date Posted: 7/13/2016 6:21 PM ET
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the thing that gets me is that if i hadn't pmed this member that is on my friends list no less.

 i don't think she would have let me know that she planned to mail this book late.

and how do you post a book without checking to see if you have read it? that just seems weird to me.


i mean i had a member not the one mentioned in the op that planned to mail a book out to me this morning and when she went to get in her car to go to the post office her car wouldn't start so she had to have it towed to the body shop. the difference is she pmed me this afternoon to let me know the situation and said she will try to mail out by Saturday and if this was okay.  i was fine with that. i mean it's not like she broke her own car lol.

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Date Posted: 7/13/2016 7:49 PM ET
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Your TBR pile should be separate from your Bookshelf!  Why would someone do this?  so, so not  'fair play' for trading books here.

Date Posted: 7/14/2016 8:48 PM ET
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Lots of people can read books in the 5+5 days they have between getting your request and the latest mail date they can pick. There isn't anything wrong with that. However, this member isn't doing it correctly as others have pointed out.

Date Posted: 7/14/2016 9:03 PM ET
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As everyone has said " you should not post a book that you still want to read." wait until your done with it.

Date Posted: 7/17/2016 10:56 AM ET
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I ordered some books the first part of July and have already received all of them, except for these two:

Request Dates

Request Date:
7/2/2016 6:43 PM ET
Date Accepted:
7/3/2016 7:37 AM ET 
Label Print Date(s):
7/3/2016 7:37 AM ET
Date Mailed:
7/3/2016 7:38 AM ET 
Estimated Arrival:
7/30/2016 ET 

Delivery Confirmation Events

USPS DC#: 9449010200817022759619

  • 7/5/2016 12:20 AM - Electronic Shipping Info Received - SALISBURY,MD


Request Dates

Request Date:
7/2/2016 6:44 PM ET
Will Mail By:
7/5/2016 11:00 PM ET 
Label Print Date(s):
7/5/2016 10:10 AM ET
Date Mailed:
7/5/2016 2:27 PM ET 
Estimated Arrival:
8/1/2016 ET 

Delivery Confirmation Events

USPS DC#: 9449010200817022773400

  • 7/6/2016 12:26 AM - Electronic Shipping Info Received - LANCASTER,PA
  • 7/14/2016 12:28 PM - Acceptance - LANCASTER,PA
  • 7/15/2016 10:29 AM - Enroute - JERSEY CITY,NJ


I'll just wait and see what happens with them. I assumed the second book was supposed to be mailed on the 6th, and something happened and it wasn't actually mailed until the 15th. The first one I assumed wasn't mailed at all.

Date Posted: 7/17/2016 12:53 PM ET
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well i contacted PBS on 7/15  regarding this situation and here is the response i got from them:

PBS response:

Dear Molly,

We're sorry you had this issue. It sounds like this member is not clear on the principle of timely swapping.

We can talk to her about timely mailing -- when we do, would you like us to ask her to cancel this transaction? Keep in mind that since this is the only copy of the book in the system, then if she reposts, the book will be offered to you again.

Please let us know,

The PaperBackSwap Team

My Reply to PBS:

yes i would still like to receive this WL book. but I would also like this member to understand that site rules say you don't post a copy that you are not ready to send. I mean if you haven't read it and want to then cancel the transaction until you are ready to send.

the only reason this was sent to you for feedback was because this member did not tell me they would be mailing late. I had to iniciate the conversation about why I hadn't received the book yet. that in and of itself tells me that they either haven't read the site rules or did not understand them.


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Date Posted: 7/17/2016 12:56 PM ET
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i got a reply from the sender this morning regarding this book transaction:


Hi Molly,

I wanted to let you know that I'll be mailing your book this coming Monday morning, the 18th, the tracking number will be the same one that was created when I printed your label; #9400110200817022805949 and should start updating once it's scanned at the Post Office and you should receive it sometime next week,

I know media mail can be slow, but hopefully you'll still get it next week, other books I've mailed don't seem to take very long to arrive at all.

I'm so sorry for the delay, I had meant to mail this much sooner and time kept getting away from me, you know how life can be, but I don't want to keep you waiting any longer, thank you for being so patient and understanding, and again, I'm very sorry to have made you wait so long, take care,

Date Posted: 7/17/2016 8:57 PM ET
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Hopefully you get the book very soon. It sounds like the team told the sender to get that book mailed. Hopefully she has a better understanding of how the site works now.

Date Posted: 7/20/2016 6:15 PM ET
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well i got the book today in the mail. the sender mailed it out on July 16,2016.  when i went to post it to my tbr pile i noticed that the isbn on the listing didn't match the isbn on the book i received.  so the title is right and its a larger print copy.

but the isbn for the copy i got isn't even in the PBS system. its a rerelease of the same title with a different isbn.  so this member not only mailed late but also posted this book using the isbn that was in the system already and not the one that was on/in the book copy they had.

since i didn't realize this when i marked it received with a late postmark because i just thought that  the cover was different (as does sometimes happen with harlequins) i now have a book on my shelf that i will have to repost with the correct ISBN.

i don't think i have ever had a transaction like this with a member in all my years on PBS and i have been a member since 2005.

Date Posted: 7/20/2016 6:23 PM ET
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So many people think they can post to whatever ISBN they see fit. They actually blame me for being too picky and not going with the spirit of the swap. I always mark them RWAP but express that I'm perfectly happy with this copy & don't need a refund. They still get mad at me. I don't get it. PBS clearly states the ISBN must match exactly.

Date Posted: 7/20/2016 6:28 PM ET
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i know what you mean sassy. a lot of times when i have seen this problem in the message boards i see this response.

the title is the same so what's the problem?

makes me think that a lot of the newer members are not reading the basic rules (or just not paying attention when they post)

of course there is the possibility that they are just those people that think rules don't apply to them or that PBS doesn't mean me.

i just hate that the members who follow the rules and do things the right way are usually the ones to get burned.

Date Posted: 8/12/2016 7:55 PM ET
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I didnt know you can change a mail by date.....can you?