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Topic: Need for additional servers?

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Subject: Need for additional servers?
Date Posted: 7/22/2011 11:14 PM ET
Member Since: 4/18/2011
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I think PBS is the most awesome invention since the 'net.  My only complaint has to do with how difficult it is to log into the site.  Do other members have to refresh the page multiple times to log in or move from section to section?  I don't have this problem with other sites.  I was wondering whether a special fund could be established for donations for additional servers?  Joi Cardinal (deadheadz)

Date Posted: 7/23/2011 12:17 AM ET
Member Since: 5/29/2011
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I have the opposite experience overall with PBS.  I seem to never have trouble logging into the system or going from page to page / section to section.  There are several other sites where I have been experiencing these issues just not here.

I assumed you have cleared your cache and cold booted your computer already and confirmed this is not happening on other sites?


Subject: Need for additional servers?
Date Posted: 7/23/2011 1:03 AM ET
Member Since: 4/18/2011
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Yup!  I've done those things, or at least my personal sys admin (geekson) has.  He also changed me from a cable to wireless, which helped some, but I still set myself up with a book before logging in.  Good to know the problem isn't universal.  We'll keep trying stuff here.

Date Posted: 7/23/2011 2:10 AM ET
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wow- never have a problem  - think the site is great

Date Posted: 7/23/2011 5:07 AM ET
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Never have problems, either.

Date Posted: 7/23/2011 5:32 AM ET
Member Since: 5/29/2011
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@joi c

the other thing to have geekson try is cold reboot both your cable/internet modem connection and the wireless router. That helps me sometimes as well when pages load slowly or similar problems to yours on other sites.  There could be  server that is running slower and you keep hitting that server for some reason but the cold reboot and clearing the cache should have taken care of that one.

I also suggest using ether Google Chrome or Firefox on this site.  Both browsers are more optimized than IE overall for page loading etc.  Thankfully this site works with both of those browsers.  If you use IE--I would suggest 8 at a min but 9 takes care of issues that 8 experienced. 


Edit Update: so of course after  write this i start having problems on PBS...gremlins are hiding in servers---causing havoc.  It does appear that PBS either restarted the service or the servers because for a few minutes the page would not load and now parts of the site are a bit slow.  No I was not having problems anywhere else on the web btw...and the site I can always count on to be slow when I am having issues was fast.    Now the home page and search pages are loading quickly but the forum took an extra minute.

Do we need to buy  new servers..probably not; especially since it is 3 am when i experienced this issue and the volume online was low compared to middle of the day.  PBS should have monitoring in place and can see why or else they normally restart items in the middle of the night; which is very standard.

One last edit; I really do need to get back to sleep.

I emailed the PBS team with a few details of what I experinced and noticed that the site is overall speeding up.  Most likelly they use load balancing servers and one was spliking on the cpu usage.


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Date Posted: 7/23/2011 9:04 AM ET
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Au contraire. For me PBS seems to respond faster than most other sites.

Date Posted: 7/23/2011 9:49 AM ET
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I never have to log in.  I am always logged in already.  I move from section to section and do not have any problems.   


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Date Posted: 7/23/2011 9:50 AM ET
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I agree -- this site is faster than almost any other one I spend time on so I too suggest the problem is at your end. What a pain though!!! Hope you get it resolved!

Date Posted: 7/23/2011 2:16 PM ET
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I also have no problems.

He also changed me from a cable to wireless, which helped some - wireless will actually be slower than cabled connections.

Subject: thanks for ideas
Date Posted: 7/23/2011 9:07 PM ET
Member Since: 4/18/2011
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I use Google Chrome and Ubuntu.  The cable I referred to was old and suspect as to integrity.   I appreciate all the feedback.  Joi Cardinal

Date Posted: 7/23/2011 10:10 PM ET
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I don't have this problem at all.  It can be slow sometimes when you do an advanced book search or even with bringin up my TBR/RL lists.  But not insanely slow.  I only have to re-log in if I empty my cookies, caches and all that stuff. 

Date Posted: 7/24/2011 3:11 PM ET
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Check your browser settings to be sure they are set to accept cookies from the site, and not to clear your cache too often.

Date Posted: 7/24/2011 5:22 PM ET
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I seem to have problems connecting most mornings.  I am on a wired network and I turn my computer off at night when I'm not using it so it's always a fresh boot in the morning.  Once I do get connected though, I don't seem to have any problems moving around.  Once I can get one page to load fully, I don't have any problems.  Getting the homepage to load is a chore some mornings though and then navigating off of it can sometimes be slow but once I get in (I'm auto logged in as well) it works just fine.

I was thinking it was maybe something with my computer or connection since I have a routine of sites I visit in the morning.  I've tried switching that routine up and going to the sites in a different order.  That doesn't make a difference.  The slow or dropped conneciton always happens when I try to go to PBS.  Lasts for a couple of minutes, and then it's just fine.  In the evening when I turn the computer back on, I don't have any connection issues.

I can't figure it out but I've gotten used to it and thankfully the problem only lasts a couple of minutes.

Date Posted: 7/25/2011 1:52 AM ET
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I have no problems with Paperback swap.  My computer runs XP and Firefox (IE 7 works great for me too).  I'm logged in automatically and have no problems with PBS whatsoever.

Date Posted: 7/25/2011 3:59 AM ET
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I am on DIAL UP.

And this site works FAST for me.  It's like a miracle.  :)


I live out in the middle of nowhere so i have no options.

Date Posted: 7/25/2011 9:35 AM ET
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I confirmed with the PBS that they have monitoring in place for traffic and load balance the servers; to keep traffic all from going to one server over another.    The question than moves to the local internet connections and the load hitting the local internet company used along with an issues on the local computer. 

I have noticed that after my lovely windows downloads window updates; I have to reset my local wireless router or my internet connection stops working.  Since this happens after every update, I know the two are related. So there can be many causes on why a site is running slowly.