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Topic: Allan Mansfield - Donald Westlake connection

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Subject: Allan Mansfield - Donald Westlake connection
Date Posted: 5/7/2008 10:48 AM ET
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Hi all,

Hubby has a book by an "Allan Mansfield" called The Forbidden. In doing a research on this...I found one referrence to Allan Mansfield as being a name that Westlake used...but nothing more. Does anyone one else have this book and or info on the author. I looked even in LOC for info and didn't come up with anything.

thank you

Date Posted: 5/7/2008 12:52 PM ET
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Well ... if it is a pseudonym for Westlake, he doesn't own up to it on his own website, where he gives a pretty comprehensive list of books under his name and several others ...


Donald Westlake

Date Posted: 5/9/2008 12:51 PM ET
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 Allan Mansfield became Alan Marshall which is a pseudonym used by Westlake.

Date Posted: 5/9/2008 1:15 PM ET
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Hi Jan,

Thank you! Do you know if there are any other books that he wrote under this pseudonym, since the book isn't on any of his lists on the net?


Date Posted: 5/9/2008 7:54 PM ET
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Apparently Mr. Westlake was a very busy gentleman.  It looks like there are a number of them. 

The Pages of Sin - Alan Marshall

Less Than An Angel - Allan Mansfield

Call Me Sinner - It's not clear whether this was originally written under Mansfield or Marshall.  It looks like it might have been Marshall and then revised under Mansfield.

Too Restless, Too Ready - Mansfield (Ghost written by Nedra Westlake - Donald's wife at the time)

Off Limits - Marshall

Man Hungry - ?

I found this:  Donald Westlake also wrote some pretty hot pulp fiction under various pseudonyms (Alan Marshall, Alan Marsh, Edwin West, Edwina West)

Ok...probably more than you wanted to know...but....Then I found this:

"The Westlake Twenty-eight"

By Earl Kemp

Donald Westlake says he wrote 28 sleaze paperback books prior to 1962, mostly under the pseudonym of Alan Marshall (Alan Marsh). Following, by year, is a list of published Alan Marshall novels. This list is made in an effort to identify those 28 acknowledged Alan Marshall Donald E. Westlake novels and a few other confirmed writings. This list is limited to Marshall books published prior to 1965 and has every possibility of being wrong as well as missing some titles that should be included.

1959 All My Lovers, Midwood 015 <

1959 Backstage Love, Midwood 017 [Vol. I Phil Crawford trilogy] <

1959 Man Hungry, Midwood 020 <

1959 Man Hungry, Midwood 147 Reprint of Midwood 020

1959 Sally, Midwood 022 <

1959 4 titles, 5 books


1960 All About Annette, Midwood 051 <

1960 All My Lovers, Midwood 129 Reprint of Midwood 015

____ All My lovers, Stag SP186 Reprint of Midwood 015

1960 All the Girls Were Willing, Midwood 028 [Vol. II Phil Crawford trilogy] <

1960 Girl Called Honey, A, Midwood 041 by Sheldon Lord & Alan Marshall, <

             dedication: "This is for Don Westlake and Larry Block, who introduced us"

1960 Sally, Midwood 062 Reprint of Midwood 022

1960 So Willing, Midwood 048 by Sheldon Lord & Alan Marshall, <
             dedication: "to Nedra & Loretta" [Mrs. Westlake and Mrs. Block]
1960 Virgin's Summer, Midwood 036 <

1960 What Girls Will Do, Midwood 028 [2nd printing of All the Girls Were
             Willing Midwood 028]

1960 Wife Next Door, The, Midwood 031 <
1960 Plus 1 non-genre book; 7 titles, 10 books


1961 Call Me Sinner, Nightstand Book 1581
             written by Donald Westlake+ [written by William Coons <]

1961 Off Limits, Bedside Books 1201 + <

1961 Passion's Plaything, Bedside Books 1202

1961 Sin Resort, Nightstand Book 1580 [written by Nedra Henderson Westlake +<]

1961 Plus 4 non-genre books; 7 titles, 8 books


1962 Apprentice Virgin, Midwood 149 [2nd printing of Backstage Love Midwood 017] <

1962 Cesspool, Nightstand Book 1595 <

1962 China Tramp, Midnight Reader 459 +<

1962 Lust Film, Nightstand Book 1636 <

1962 Pages of Sin, The, Nightstand Book 1589 <G

1962 Sin Drifter, Bedside Book 1218 <

1962 Sinland, Midnight Reader 413 +<

1962 Surfside Sex, Midnight Reader 433 +<

1962 Warped Ones, The, Bedside Book 1211 <

1962 What Girls Will Do, Midwood 166

             [2nd printing of All the Girls Were Willing, Midwood 028)

1962 Plus 4 non-genre books; 12 titles, 14 books


1963 Circle of Lust by Don Holliday, Bedside Books 1220 +

             [Written by committee to benefit Dave Foley's widow: Lawrence Block,
              Hal Dresner, Donald E. Westlake, and four other unnamed writers.]

1963 Cruel Touch, The, Midwood 259 >N

1963 Flesh Den (by Alan Marsh), Evening Reader 703 <

1963 Legacy of Lust (by Alan Marsh), Leisure Book 604 <

1963 Lust Hop (by Alan Marsh) Pillar Book 815 <

1963 Lust Kicks (by Alan Marsh), Pillar Book 808 <

1963 Lust Prowl, Midnight Reader 470 [written by Marilyn Goldin]+<

1963 Passion Class (by Alan Marsh), Leisure Book 606 <

1963 Shame Seeker (by Alan Marsh), Pillar Book 818 <

1963 Sin Prowl, Evening Reader 708 [Vol. III Phil Crawford trilogy] +<

1963 Plus 5 non-genre books; 14 titles, 15 books


1964 Bed of Shame, Idle Hour 405 <

1964 Flesh Damned, Sundown Reader 505 <

1964 Flesh Nest, Idle Hour Book 423 <

1964 Lust Border, Leisure Book 639 <

1964 Lust Stakes, Pillar Book 845 <

1964 Lust Trail by Don Holliday +D

             (written by Hal Dresner and Donald E. Westlake), Leisure Book 652

1964 Passion Doll, Sundown Reader 528 +<

1964 Shame Isle, Pillar Book 840 [written by John Jakes <?]

1964 Sin Hidden, Ember Book 938 <

1964 Sin Summer, Pillar Book 834 <

1964 Sinburbia, Leisure Book 662 <

1964 Plus 1 non-genre book; 11 titles, 12 books


[1965 Sin Whisper, Evening Reader 768 +]


In the six-year period bracketed by this article, Donald Westlake wrote 54 books that saw 64 editions. This is an impressive record for any writer of any category of fiction and one that anyone should be justifiably proud of.


That makes (in bold face) a total of 39 titles confirmed by more than one source to have been written by Donald E. Westlake by himself or with help, under two or more bylines.



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Here's some more info on him, his books and names he has written under:



Date Posted: 5/9/2008 10:03 PM ET
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Yep...this might have been more than I was asking for...but very much appreciative of the work you put in the relpy and will use the info you provided.


Very good link you found...I hadn't found this site yet at all. Glad to know about it.

Thank you