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Topic: Am I allowed to do this ? Wish list book extravaganza for you all

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Subject: Am I allowed to do this ? Wish list book extravaganza for you all
Date Posted: 3/29/2009 9:51 PM ET
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I'm going to go through my TBR pile and list them all on my reminder list.

I'd like to list my TBR and let everyone see it. Then if someone wants 3-5 I can post to them every week. That way I move lots of books cheaply. And I will use pbs dc to make sure no one "forgets" to mark mailed.

Date Posted: 3/29/2009 10:02 PM ET
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Is there a reason why PBS doesn't have the option to make your TBR Pile visible to the community?

Date Posted: 3/29/2009 10:17 PM ET
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Maybe PBS doesn't want people to pm everyone saying "hey I see ----- on your TBR , can I have it when you are done? '

But I'd rather send several books to one person to save on shipping.

Date Posted: 3/29/2009 10:50 PM ET
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I've seen at least a couple of members make a tag for their TBR and put a link in their siggy line saying to PM them if something looks good and they will move it up in their pile.

If you don't want to use the WL offering thread, you could also try what I've seen a couple buddies resort to - a blast PM to all their Paranormal buddies with a list of books they are ready to send out. That way all of the communication is in PMs, not on the board, so you can privately pick whoever saves you the most on postage, and you keep it limited to people you "know". Just another thought.

Date Posted: 3/29/2009 11:15 PM ET
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I welcome you to ravage my WL. lol

Date Posted: 3/29/2009 11:49 PM ET
Member Since: 5/10/2007
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Please take a gander at my wish list. I'll gladly take some books off your hands.

Date Posted: 3/29/2009 11:57 PM ET
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These are the first shelf I have listed. I will list more tommorow.

I SMOKE OUTSIDE OF MY HOME !!!!!!!!!! for those with allergies.


You Are So Undead to Me
Stacey Jay - ISBN-13: 9781595142252 - ISBN-10: 1595142258


Wraith (Zoe Martinique Investigation, Bk 1)
Phaedra Weldon - ISBN-13: 9780441014972 - ISBN-10: 0441014976


Women of Darkness
Kathryn Ptacek - ISBN-13: 9780812524437 - ISBN-10: 0812524438


Wolf Tales III
Kate Douglas - ISBN-13: 9780758213884 - ISBN-10: 0758213883

Where the Wild Things Are (Caldecott Collection)
ISBN-13: 9780064431781 - ISBN-10: 0064431789
The Weird Gathering and Other Tales from the Enchanted World of Dark Legends
Ronald Curran (Editor) - ISBN-13: 9780449239940 - ISBN-10: 0449239942
Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse
Stephen King, Cory Doctorow, George R. R. Martin, Octavia E. Butler, Jonathan Lethem, Orson Scott Card, Gene Wolfe, Jack McDevitt - ISBN-13: 9781597801058 - ISBN-10: 1597801054
Alice Henderson - ISBN-13: 9780515146028 - ISBN-10: 0515146021
Vengeance Fantastic
Denise Little, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Michelle West, Mel Odom, Susan Sizemore, Tim Waggoner, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Laura Resnick, P. N. Elrod - ISBN-13: 9780756400842 - ISBN-10: 0756400848
Vampires I Have Kissed 14 Tales Of Bloodcurdling Romance
Lydia Galt - ISBN-13: 9781581736700 - ISBN-10: 1581736703
The Ultimate Dragon
John Betancourt, Byron Preiss, Keith Decandido - ISBN-13: 9780440506300 - ISBN-10: 0440506301
Touch of Darkness (Thrall, Bk 3)
Cathy Clamp, C. T. Adams - ISBN-13: 9780765359629 - ISBN-10: 0765359626
Tinker (Baen Fantasy)
Wen Spencer - ISBN-13: 9780743498715 - ISBN-10: 0743498712
Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples
Violet Blue - ISBN-13: 9781573441339 - ISBN-10: 1573441333
Robin McKinley - ISBN-13: 9780515138818 - ISBN-10: 0515138819
Spectre (Zoe Martinique Investigation, Bk 2)
Phaedra Weldon - ISBN-13: 9780441015931 - ISBN-10: 044101593X
Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions
Neil Gaiman - ISBN-13: 9780060934705 - ISBN-10: 0060934700
Shattered Mirror
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - ISBN-13: 9780385327930 - ISBN-10: 0385327935
Sexy Beast II
Kathleen Dante, Noelle Mack, Kate Douglas - ISBN-13: 9780758214904 - ISBN-10: 0758214901
Jack Ketchum - ISBN-13: 9780843950403 - ISBN-10: 0843950404
Raz-ma-taz (Serendipity)
Stephen Cosgrove - ISBN-13: 9780843105889 - ISBN-10: 0843105887
Ravenous (The Horde Wars)
Sherri L. King - ISBN-13: 9781843605355 - ISBN-10: 184360535X
Personal Demons
Stacia Kane - ISBN-13: 9780809572557 - ISBN-10: 0809572559
Night Wars
Graham Masterton - ISBN-13: 9780843954272 - ISBN-10: 0843954272
Night Child
Jes Battis - ISBN-13: 9780441016020 - ISBN-10: 0441016022
Never Burn a Witch (Rowan Gant, Bk 2)
M. R. Sellars - ISBN-13: 9780967822112 - ISBN-10: 0967822114
Naughty Housewives
Elizabeth Scott - ISBN-13: 9780451220387 - ISBN-10: 0451220382
My Lobotomy
Howard Dully, Charles Fleming - ISBN-13: 9780307381279 - ISBN-10: 0307381277
My Dead Girlfriend
Eric Wight - ISBN-13: 9781598169966 - ISBN-10: 1598169963
Marilee Brothers - ISBN-13: 9780980245349 - ISBN-10: 0980245346

Mona Lisa Craving (Monère: Children of the Moon, Bk 3)
Sunny - ISBN-13: 9780425217450 - ISBN-10: 0425217450
Mommies Who Drink: Sex, Drugs, and Other Distant Memories of an Ordinary Mom
Brett Paesel - ISBN-13: 9780446699402 - ISBN-10: 0446699403
MILF Anthology : Stories of Older Women and Younger Men
ISBN-13: 9781562014919 - ISBN-10: 1562014919
Midnight Predator
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - ISBN-13: 9780440237976 - ISBN-10: 0440237971
The Loveliest Dead
Ray Garton - ISBN-13: 9780843956481 - ISBN-10: 0843956488
The Looking Glass Wars
Frank Beddor - ISBN-13: 9780142409411 - ISBN-10: 0142409413
The Last Lecture
Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow - ISBN-13: 9781401323257 - ISBN-10: 1401323251
Kiss of the Wolf
Morgan Hawke - ISBN-13: 9780758215468 - ISBN-10: 0758215460
Allison Hobbs - ISBN-13: 9781593090319 - ISBN-10: 1593090315
Hot Women's Erotica
ISBN-13: 9781562014766 - ISBN-10: 1562014765
Grave Peril (Dresden Files, Bk 3)
Jim Butcher - ISBN-13: 9780451458445 - ISBN-10: 0451458443
Gil's All Fright Diner
A. Lee Martinez - ISBN-13: 9780765314710 - ISBN-10: 0765314711
Ghosts Among Us: True Stories of Spirit Encounters
Leslie Rule - ISBN-13: 9780740747175 - ISBN-10: 0740747177
Faithful elephants: A true story of animals, people, and war
Yukio Tsuchiya - ISBN-13: 9780440842057 - ISBN-10: 0440842050
The Fair Folk
Marvin Kaye - ISBN-13: 9780441015573 - ISBN-10: 0441015573
Eagle Brand Cookies & Treats
ISBN-13: 9781412720694 - ISBN-10: 1412720699
Dying to Live
Kim Paffenroth - ISBN-13: 9780978970734 - ISBN-10: 097897073X
Dragon Lovers
Mary Jo Putney, Barbara Samuel, Jo Beverley - ISBN-13: 9780451220394 - ISBN-10: 0451220390
The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red
Joyce Reardon, Ridley Pearson - ISBN-13: 9780786868018 - ISBN-10: 0786868015
Dead Sea
Brian Keene - ISBN-13: 9780843958607 - ISBN-10: 084395860X
Dead after Dark: Shadow of the Moon / The Story of Son / Seize the Night / Midnight Kiss Goodbye
J. R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Susan Squires, Dianna Love - ISBN-13: 9780312947989 - ISBN-10: 0312947984
Darkfever (Fever, Bk 1)
Karen Marie Moning - ISBN-13: 9780440240983 - ISBN-10: 0440240980
Dark Elves: Salvation
Jet Mykles - ISBN-13: 9781596326767 - ISBN-10: 159632676X


Dark Days
Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith - ISBN-13: 9781932382167 - ISBN-10: 193238216X


Cursor's Fury (Codex Alera, Bk 3)
Jim Butcher - ISBN-13: 9780441015474 - ISBN-10: 0441015476


Curses! Broiled Again!: The Hottest Urban Legends Going
Jan Harold Brunvand - ISBN-13: 9780393307115 - ISBN-10: 0393307115


Cupid, Inc.
Michele Bardsley - ISBN-13: 9780451217578 - ISBN-10: 0451217578


Creature Fantastic
Denise Little - ISBN-13: 9780756400071 - ISBN-10: 0756400074


Can't Get There from Here
Todd Strasser - ISBN-13: 9780689841705 - ISBN-10: 0689841701
Breeder: Real-Life Stories from the New Generation of Mothers
ISBN-13: 9781580050517 - ISBN-10: 1580050514


Bedtime Stories for Lovers III
Joan Elizabeth Lloyd - ISBN-13: 9780739439593 - ISBN-10: 0739439596
All The Rage (Repairman Jack, Bk 4)
F. Paul Wilson - ISBN-13: 9780812566543 - ISBN-10: 0812566548

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Date Posted: 3/30/2009 12:59 PM ET
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Missed Jet Mykes, my week is ruined!!

Date Posted: 3/30/2009 1:08 PM ET
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Hey denise I got it off her list. Send me a PM and I'll give it to you when I'm done.

Date Posted: 3/30/2009 2:44 PM ET
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Stopping for now !!! I will be back at it in about 10 days and will list more books.

I will have some Karen Moning, Lora Leigh, jocelyn Drake, & wen Spencer plus more.

Date Posted: 3/30/2009 4:25 PM ET
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Wow, were they all taken?  I wonder if I was too late with my PM......

Date Posted: 3/30/2009 7:35 PM ET
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No . there are plenty left. I have over 1,000 bks here and 75% are wl paranormals. BUT I am totally out of postage money. I do have $8 but that is for my Sonic coke every day. MINE !!!!

Dory -
Date Posted: 3/30/2009 7:38 PM ET
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Wow! I'm going to have to keep an eye on this thread! Oh my!

Date Posted: 3/30/2009 11:49 PM ET
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so if we send you sonic cokes we are in .....
Date Posted: 3/30/2009 11:51 PM ET
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what is a sonic coke? *clueless*

Date Posted: 3/30/2009 11:57 PM ET
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Just a Coke from the fast food chain Sonic--the ice there is my favorite and I like my Coke with a big squeeze of fresh lime in it--the best ever:)  I wouldn't share my Sonic coke money for postage either--maybe for a Sonic gift card though:lol:

Date Posted: 3/31/2009 12:12 AM ET
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Sonic Vanilla Dr Pepper with extra Vanilla is the best ever! Yum that makes me very thirsty!

Date Posted: 3/31/2009 12:15 AM ET
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I really do think it's the ice--I've even ordered milk on ice from Sonic before--yup, I'm weird:lol:   My friend's favorite drink is cherry Dr. Pepper--I'm gonna have her try the vanilla though--maybe cherry vanilla:lol:

Date Posted: 3/31/2009 12:54 AM ET
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I have put my smallest shelf on my TBR list but I refuse to let you all see it. LOL !!! i have to read more books. I was suprised so many people wanted more than 2 books each.

I'm going to go take a shower then read BONE CROSSED. Don't get excited. I'm giving it to a friend.

Man I want a Sonic drink...... too bad I am having ice water ala tap.

Date Posted: 3/31/2009 8:40 AM ET
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Donna, that's exactly what I get there: Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla and cherry added! Delicious!  You can munch on the ice for hours....

Date Posted: 3/31/2009 10:10 AM ET
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*wail* I live in Maine!  I don't even HAVE a sonic!

Date Posted: 3/31/2009 10:13 AM ET
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Yeah, I have cousins from up north and everytime they come down here they go to Sonic everyday. LOL. They told me that there are still commercials for it up there, so it's just a big tease since they don't actually have them. 

Date Posted: 3/31/2009 10:53 AM ET
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I have tons of WL books in my possession, too, but I might want to keep them, don't know til I read them!

Date Posted: 3/31/2009 3:52 PM ET
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I don't keep books. The only book I want to keep is THE HOST by Stephanioe Meyer. I loved it but now I need a copy of my own. I'm number 2 gazillion on the WL

Date Posted: 3/31/2009 5:37 PM ET
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I'm trying to decide whether to continue to keep some of my previous keepers or cycle them into PBS - I only have so much room (unlike all of you who have been posting your bookshelf pictures which are making me jealous of all that space) and I have found so many new series that I might want to hang onto for a while.  On the other hand, with my growing TBR (which lives under my bed for lack of shelf space, much to DH's chagrin) I don't know that I am ever going to have time to reread anything ever again.  Curses - what to do?  hee hee.  (And yes, I'm bored and have had way too much coffee today.)