Book Reviews of Angel Fire East (Trolltown)

Angel Fire East (Trolltown)
Angel Fire East - Trolltown
Author: Terry Brooks
ISBN-13: 9780345379641
ISBN-10: 0345379640
Publication Date: 10/26/1999
Pages: 352
  • Currently 3.7/5 Stars.

3.7 stars, based on 30 ratings
Publisher: Del Rey
Book Type: Hardcover
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A group of demons stake out Nest's hometown waiting for John Ross to seek her out. The conclusion of 'The Word and the Void' series.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the first book in this series â" "Running with the Demon" â" the most, this third installment brings the series to a satisfactory close. The second book, "A Knight of the Word", seemed more of an interlude, but "Angel Fire East" brings the story back to its origins: the small town of Sinsinnippi. Something about demons running around a small town (as opposed to a large city like Seattle, the setting in "A Knight of the Word") seems to be more frightening. Enjoyed it, but I felt the main characters made some foolish choices â" obviously meant to increase the suspense. Overall, however, glad I finished it.
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An excellent end to a very good series. I think this was the best book of the three.
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It is a good story over-all,but the author leaves it open for more books in the series/world.
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good book interesting story
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This is book three in the trilogy. This one had the most suspense and the ending was a surprise even though looking back, there were hints to what was going to happen. Good book.
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A week before Christmas, Nest Freemark is just doing her own thing until a friend from the past Bennett Scott arrives with her daughter Harper. She is a drug addict with no other place to go so Nest invites her to stay for the holidays. (Bennett is one of the kids she saved from the feeders in the first book.) Next up is John Ross who appears without warning after 10 years of silence and he is not alone. He brings a 4 year old boy of mysterious origins with him. So now Nest has a full house and Findo Gask, a majorly bad demon has arrived in town to get the gypsy morph from John Ross.

Findo Gask enlists the unknowing aid of the town sheriff who has the hots for Nest to do his dirty work. Larry Spence is an idiot who believes everything Findo Gask tells him without even checking. Now let me tell you about Findo Gask, he is a truly weird person who arrives in a black duster jacket with a black flat top hat which he never takes off. He comports himself like a preacher of old (even carrying a book resembling a bible) yet tells Larry he works for the FBI. And Larry believes him...hello! I guess being a cop for 15 years didn't provide him with any smarts.

Oh well, I cannot tell you more because that will give the story away. Needless to say, if you have read the first two books in this series, then you must read the conclusion to see how John and Nest fight this last demon.
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Thoroughly enjoyed it!!
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Hated to see this story end!!?? OR will there be another?
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Wow! Intense. Good vs evil. Very Good Series.
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Excellent reading!! Great storyline of good against evil.
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As a knight of the word, John Ross has struggled against the tireless dark forces of the Void for twenty-five years with the magic he wields. Now Ross has learned of the birth of a gypsy morph, a rare and dangerous creature formed of wild magics spontaneously knit together. If he can discover its secret, the morph can be an invaluable weapon against the void, But the void, too knows the value of the morph, and will not rest until the creature has been corrupted - or destroyed.
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From Publishers Weekly
Fighting supernatural evil is taxing work, and Brooks's third novel of humanity's stand against the demons of the Void shows hints of battle fatigue. Fifteen years have passed since the events chronicled in Running with the Demon (1997), but neither Knight of the Word John Ross nor former Olympic runner Nest Freemark seem much changed by their encounters with predatory devils who incarnate modern social ills: he is still the reluctant hero tasked with preventing the Void's incursion into human affairs, and she remains the righteous heroine suppressing her demon-tainted powers. The plot follows a pattern similar to A Knight of the Word (1998), beginning with Ross's tormenting vision of the future that will occur if he fails to keep a gypsy morphAa shapeshifting bundle of "wild magics" with potential to become a weapon for good or evilAfrom falling into demon hands. Ross seeks Nest's help in Hopewell, Ill., a hometown of Norman Rockwell blissfulness primed for demonic devastation. There the morph changes into a young boy, which makes him vulnerable to the schemes of avuncular fiend Findo Gask and provides Brooks with a focus for exploring the importance of parental responsibility and mother love. This predictable dark fantasy springs a few surprises at its end, but the long parade of characters from the earlier installments gives it the feel of a family reunion one endures out of obligation rather than enthusiasm. Like Nest, this novel keeps pace, but a change of direction is in order for the series. (Oct.)
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This book was a gift for my roommate