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Angela Glover Blackwell is the founder and president of PolicyLink, which is "[A] national research and action institute that works collaboratively to develop and implement local, state, and federal policies to achieve economic and social equity. It is a non-profit PolicyLink collaborates with a broad range of partners to implement strategies to ensure that everyone...including those from low-income communities of color...can contribute to and benefit from economic growth and prosperity."

Blackwell is co-author of Searching for Uncommon Common Ground, which is a discussion of the persistently divisive issues surrounding race in this country. Searching for the Uncommon Common Ground (Main Page) The book is written around the themes of The black-white paradigm versus multiculturalism, diversity versus racial and social justice, universal versus particular strategies,nNational versus local responsibility, and Structural factors versus individual initiative.

Blackwell has served on many boards, including the Urban Institute, The James Irvine Foundation, the Foundation for Child Development, Common Cause. Currently, she serves on the Children’s Defense Fund, Levi Strauss and Co., and the Corporation for Enterprise Development.

For a decade, beginning in 1977, Blackwell served as a partner with Public Advocates, a nationally-known public interest law firm representing the underrepresented. She successfully litigated class action suits and developed innovative non-litigation strategies in the areas of employment, education, health and consumer affairs.

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Uncommon Common Ground Race and America's Future
2010 - Uncommon Common Ground Race and America's Future [Revised and Updated Edition - American Assembly Books] (Paperback)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780393336856
ISBN-10: 0393336859

Searching for the Uncommon Common Ground New Dimensions on Race in America
2002 - Searching for the Uncommon Common Ground New Dimensions on Race in America [Uniting America] (Paperback)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780393323511
ISBN-10: 039332351X
Genre: Nonfiction