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Topic: answered thanks!

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Subject: answered thanks!
Date Posted: 9/26/2012 12:38 AM ET
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I read that you can have 2 accounts per household address. My husband has been interested in getting his own account since I have even so into this site. He has some stuff he wants to post but it says you can't receive more than the initial 2 bonus credits per house so if he makes an account how do we avoid getting further bonus credits for posting the initial ten books? Also I did mail one or two of his books would it be against the rules to gift him those credits? ( someone we sent stuff to had requested the book on their wl so we posted it ) I just don't want to break any rules! :( Also is it okay that we use the same computer to access the accounts?

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Subject: 2 accounts per household
Date Posted: 9/26/2012 12:56 AM ET
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That is correct that you can just get the 2 initial free credits. You can buddy one ..or more , if you want to to hubby. You wouldn't get any more free credits. PBS KNOWS when  there is more then one account! It is just fine to use to same computer. You need two different email addresses

Date Posted: 9/26/2012 1:35 AM ET
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What Sue said -- but you should each manage your own account.

Date Posted: 9/26/2012 9:05 AM ET
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It knows by IP address which is why people who live in apartments and multi-family homes sometimes find their start up credits dont' get issues or get taken away. Because the computer recognizes the IP address as having another member. 

If it gives him the 2 bonus credits: don't spend them.  The computer will most likely catch it at some point and recognize that there are 2 accounts. 

Date Posted: 9/26/2012 10:12 AM ET
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I know you are supposed to each manage your own account, but what about those couples who have an account together? I have seen them on here myself, so I know they exist. In fact I am thinking about one in particular, but I can't remember their names. (Something like "JoeandMaria".) Just curious.


Date Posted: 9/26/2012 12:56 PM ET
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I know you are supposed to each manage your own account, but what about those couples who have an account together?

The rules for making each person manage their account is to make sure that one person is not gaming the system and doubling their Wish List by making multiple accounts. Like, if I had my account open and then made a second one for my husband, but he really never had anything to do with PBS. It would really be my own second account, giving me double the Wish List, and also there are ways the system can be defrauded by having 2 accounts which I won't elaborate on.

I don't think they care all that much how many people share a single account. There is no fraud going on there, no collecting of "extras" that the account is not entitled to, etc.

Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 9/26/2012 12:57 PM ET
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Members who openly and jointly share an account are technically violating the site's Terms of Use provisions.  I think that TPTB tend to turn a blind eye toward these, unless the account is reported for some reason, since they usually are quite open about being a couple and aren't hiding anything and are not trying to defraud anyone.

The Site's TOS states:

  1. License

    National Book Swap grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, license to access, use and display this Web site (the "Site") and to use the associated service, as long as you comply with this Agreement in its entirety. This Site is only for your personal, noncommercial use. You promise not to interfere in any way with the operation of this Site.

  2. Membership Eligibility

    This Site may be used only by persons 18 years of age or older. National Book Swap makes no representations whatsoever regarding the suitability of any items exchanged through this Site.

    One Account per Person, Maximum of Two Accounts per Address or Household
    No individual is permitted to register more than one account. No individual may register "for" another person, or manage more than one account. No more than two accounts are permitted per address or household. Only one account per household will be eligible for startup Credits.

    No Institutional Membership
    Membership is permitted for individuals only. No organization, institution or other association may become a member or participate of the service.

    Registration in Own Name
    Accounts may be registered only by the individual seeking membership. Registration of accounts in a name other than the registrant's, fictitious or real is expressly prohibited. Such use constitutes fraud and may give rise to criminal prosecution and substantial damages. National Book Swap prosecutes fraud to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. Password

    Use of this Site requires a password. You agree to maintain confidentiality of your password and are solely responsible for all activities associated with its use, whether authorized or unauthorized. Sharing of account passwords with other persons is a violation of this agreement and may result in account termination.


Date Posted: 9/26/2012 3:47 PM ET
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That's what I was talking about, Sianeka.Thanks for the clarification.  Back when I first joined, if I recall right, there was a big to-do about a member and her husband being denied a 2nd household account. There were several other couples commenting on that thread who were able to have two accounts with no problem. I never did learn why this particular couple was denied a 2nd account. It just seemed ironic that there was another couple actually sharing an account that commented on that thread. This has been several years, so I don't remember a lot of details about it. I just assumed that maybe that couple (the one denied) had had some previous problems and that was the reason why.


Date Posted: 9/26/2012 5:41 PM ET
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All the couples I have seen denied a second account was because (what I truly believe) was really happening was the wife was setting up the second account "for" the husband and the site could tell it was one person going between 2 accounts -NOT allowed at all.  With two people in one account, they aren't really violating the terms as long as both names are on the account. They've both "signed" on the bottom line as the "individual" together. Its when the account is for Mrs Accountholder and you know that Mr Accountholder is always online that you get into people accessing other people's account, but as Sianeka said, if there is only one shared account there isn't as many problems as one person operating 2 accounts.

Yuki - make sure your husband does everything on the account himself. You can help, but be completely hands off, its the best way to KNOW you are not tripping any of the red flags that cause the site to think it is one person maintaining 2 accounts. The site won't give the 2 credits because it will recognize it as a second account. If it accidentally gives them, don't use them it will take them back.

Date Posted: 9/26/2012 6:30 PM ET
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Thanks =) I made him complete everything himself on his laptop. He put some stuff on his wishlist that I had wishlisted, i was hoping to put together a bunch of books for a chrismtas or birthday present lol but since he is wishlisting them I stepped out of line for them, even though I was much higher up on the list on some of them... It's not his fault since I didn't tell him I was going to wish list them. Anyhow ya I plan on him doing all the stuff on his account and he never does anything  on mine. Which is how I like it. It's why he wanted his own account, he sees me getting all these awesome books and was totally jealous. =P 

I guess I'll just have to keep an eye out and make sure he doesn't wl anything thats on my list.. That is the only downside I see.