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Topic: Anyone know how to get help in the PO hierarchy?

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Subject: Anyone know how to get help in the PO hierarchy?
Date Posted: 7/16/2009 7:30 PM ET
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This question really has to do with a situation Iím experiencing with PBSís sister site, SwapACD, but Iím hoping some of the experts here can help with a question I have about the PO and itís policyís. Iíve been going round and round with the PO since last Saturday trying to get an answer to a question regarding postage pricing. Iíve talked to 8 different postal employees and the most telling answer I can get is that different PO employees interpret the postal regulations differently. While that certainly seems to be the case, I canít believe that that is the way itís supposed to be. I wonít bore you with anymore of my saga or my first question that started this debacle, especially since at the moment it almost seems beside the point. What I would like to know is if anyone knows who in the PO hierarchy (the position if not the name) I can contact to discuss this and discuss if itís possible to get PO employees to actually follow the PO regulations and not their own opinions of what they should be. Yeah, I know Ė just call me Don Quixote. ;-)
Cathy A. (Cathy) - ,
Date Posted: 7/16/2009 8:59 PM ET
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Try calling 1-800-ASK-USPS?

Date Posted: 7/17/2009 9:21 AM ET
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The postmaster is the person in charge at the local post office. Ask for them.



Date Posted: 7/21/2009 5:18 PM ET
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That's part of the problem. I've both talked to a representative at the 800 USPS number and the local postmaster. Everyone says something slightly different and the main gist of their positions is that everyone interprets the policies as they see fit. What I want is to communicate with someone at the PO who has enough authority to tell me what the official policy is and what I should do if PO employees don't follow it.

Subject: I'll try to help
Date Posted: 7/21/2009 8:51 PM ET
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As a postal employee, I understand your frustration because there are arguments amongst the fellow postal employees on how to interpret some of the regulations.  If you would like to look up the regulation yourself this is the website to look at.  www.pe.usps.com   Once there go to the DMM and start exploring.  You will find the interpretation of it can be difficult.  There are also some customer support rulings that you can check out to see if there is anything concerning the issue you are dealing with.  The customer support rulings are usually for the larger business mailings and not individual mailings. 

If you would like me to try to help you find the regulation or policy that would cover your mail you could try emailing me but I should warn you that I work in the Business Mail Acceptance unit and have never been a window clerk.

As for the hierarchy, if you have an issue with the window clerk possibly not following the correct regulations the next person to contact would be the manager of that unit (who was probably never a window clerk), than the post master (who was probably not a window clerk, then the District manager (who was probably never a window clerk).  As to following the postal regulations as oppose to what each clerk believes the regulations mean - discuss that after you have a look at the DMM - it is harder to interpret than anyone thinks.


Date Posted: 7/25/2009 10:13 AM ET
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About 2 years ago, the post office changed to shape based pricing. It has been a nightmare with the interpretation of the new rules. In my area, window clerks and some management were required to attend a training class. There is still a difference in opinion with the rules. Clerks are now required to judge the flexibility of some pieces. The other major flaw (in my opinion) is the different forms that the rules have been worded. I have gotten many updates in reference to one rule that seem to contradict each other. It drives me up the wall.

I carefully explained the rules to one customer, who did not like the answers. He went to the next post office who called and asked why I would tell him such a thing. I explained my thoughts, but still the rules should be clear. This is a frequent gripe in my post office.

Good luck with your problem. If you want to PM details I would also be willing to help interpret the problem.

Note, I would only wish the 800 number on my enemies. I have heard some real doozies from them! One operator told a customer that the mail she sent the day before was still sitting an the counter because the confirmation number had not been updated. She was real upset when she came to pick up the thing and it was long gone. The horror stories could go on....

Date Posted: 9/7/2009 5:21 PM ET
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You could try the  Pricing and Classification Service Center:  http://pe.usps.com/PCSC/PCSCHome.asp


"The Pricing and Classification Service Center (PCSC) is a national center that provides one source for mail classification decisions, one staff, and a one-stop shop for customers and field employees who need direction on rate application or mail eligibility."