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Topic: Anyone else PM each time a book is mailed?

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Subject: Anyone else PM each time a book is mailed?
Date Posted: 7/9/2010 3:51 AM ET
Member Since: 4/28/2009
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I have gotten in the habit of PMing the requestor right away when I come home from the PO. I let the person know where I mailed it from (some  have multiple homes or travel a lot and take their small # of posted books with them) and how (MEDIA MAIL or 1ST CLASS). I know it's not necessary, but feel it gives the person a more accurate way to estimate when  a book will arrive.  IF something bad should happen in transit (package get wet or torn), I figure it might minimize conflict  if I'm already perceived as a "polite" person.  I already wrap all books in plastic bags for protection before wrapping--that certainly helped me out in May when I rec'd a couple packages of books that were wet on outside, but  fine upon opening.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 4:25 AM ET
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No.  I PM right before a book is about to go lost.  Sort of confirming that I mailed it on time and the details, such as at blue box, at PO, by media rate.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 5:20 AM ET
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No.  The system already sends an email to the requester when you mark the book sent.  I don't need to add clutter to the requester's life by also sending a PM about it.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 5:39 AM ET
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No, I dont feel a PM is necessary. Especially when I use PBS Printable Postage.

Also the ordering member can see the details when and where it was mailed from under the details button, Printable Postage or not.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 6:48 AM ET
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Date Posted: 7/9/2010 7:44 AM ET
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I PM only if the book is about to go lost, confirming that it actually did get mailed when I marked it mailed, and that I'll look into it if it does go lost.

OTOH, I had someone PM me when my book to her was about to go lost, letting me know she was going on vacation, but that she'd have someone look in on her mail to see if it arrived while she was gone. Very nice, I think.  It finally arrived about 3 weeks later.

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Date Posted: 7/9/2010 7:57 AM ET
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The only time I PM when I mail a book is when I use DC (USPS DC), to let the other member know the #.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 8:40 AM ET
Member Since: 7/31/2007
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No, and if I was the receiving member I would find it annoying.  I already have access to that information and if something happens to the book enroute it won't change my response or what I think of you.  Your response when I mark it RWAP will be the determining factor.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 9:10 AM ET
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No and I find it kind of annoyingto receive one.  If you se PBS DC then I can see that and track it anyway and don't need a PM.  I can tell by it being marked mailed that it's been mailed and don't need a pm.  I do appreciate a PM if it was actually mailed later than it was marked mailed just to I'm aware that it might go lost if it takes the scenic route.

Subject: for Dawn M.
Date Posted: 7/9/2010 10:39 AM ET
Member Since: 1/7/2005
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Do you prefer USPS DC to PBS DC? I always use PBS DC so that the Requestor can track the book by themself.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 11:00 AM ET
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It's really not necessary to PM another member when you mail something.  When you click "mailed", PBS automatically generates an email saying the book was mailed. 

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 11:00 AM ET
Member Since: 8/15/2007
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No, I've never had anyone PM either. PBS sends the email that your book has been mailed when you click the "book has been mailed" button.

I send PMs right before the book is going to go lost. Usually after my second PBS notice, which makes it 1 week before it goes lost.

If I was mailing it late, I would PM to let them know. Or ask if they still wanted it if it was very late.

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Lisa N. (LDN) - ,
Date Posted: 7/9/2010 11:51 AM ET
Member Since: 6/19/2007
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I'm with the group that would find it annoying to receive a PM from the member who sent the book.  I am sometimes annoyed by the automatic email that PBS sends when a book is mailed.  I can see that information when I log in by looking at my main account page.  I know I could turn that email function off, but since I'm only annoyed about half the time I just delete the email and move on.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 12:21 PM ET
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No, PBS already does this for us. 

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 1:05 PM ET
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I don't and I wouldn't really appreciate it from someone else. What with the email I already get, it would seem very redundant. I know you are just trying to be courteous, but I don't see the point. Were you not aware that the system sends out an email saying the book had been mailed?

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 1:32 PM ET
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Well, I do not PM when I mail. It seems unnecessary to me.

But I do not mind receiving PMs from other members ... and when I get a PM like this (out of more than 600 books ordered, I think I have maybe received 2 or 3 PMs like this) I just write back something like "Thanks for letting me know".

I think it is a nice idea, but in practice, really not necessary, even for politeness sake. I can always tell immediately when books are mailed to me because I log in every day anyway, and I always take a peek at the tabs to see what I should start looking for in the mail.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 1:39 PM ET
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Its a nice thought, but it is kind of redundant to the marking of the book mailed since PBS already lets the receiver know. On newmems I think it is cute that they are so enthusiastic. Coming from a longer term member, I would be more inclined to worry that you will badger the snot out of me about the book having arrived than think you will be polite.

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Date Posted: 7/9/2010 1:51 PM ET
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On newmems I think it is cute that they are so enthusiastic. +1  I wouldn't mind, but as others have said, it's not necessary.  And the likelihood that any problems should arise is relatively small.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 1:58 PM ET
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Buying DC from the PO is a waste of money as it doesn't guarantee your credit and costs more than buying it from PBS. 

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 3:15 PM ET
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The only time I PM when I'm mailing out is when I use "Mail to a Friend" option when doing a unpostable for a credit.  TPTB don't want the book going through the system in any way so posting to a WL isn't  an option.  So I use PBS postage+ DC and send them the DC number so they know I've actually mailed and it's all going to be okay so they can friend me a credit.


Date Posted: 7/9/2010 3:17 PM ET
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No, the PBS system works great so extra is redundant.  Unless there's a potential problem or specific need for communication, I try to keep it simple for myself and everyone else.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 3:21 PM ET
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Personally, I wouldn't mind receiving those PMs at all. I don't recieve the emails that tell me when a book has been mailed/received because, frankly, they are annoying. Honestly, my views have probably changed because I never received 2 books in the past 2 months and the shippers haven't responded to my PMs.

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 4:40 PM ET
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Well, PBS always puts a communication in the

communication file on my My Account page and I check that daily.  So I don't need emails.


Date Posted: 7/9/2010 5:38 PM ET
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Anyone who emails me when they have mailed a book makes me think they are a new member and not aware of how the system works, and then I start to get uneasy about what else they might not be aware of,  like posting guidelines... So for me it is annoying because it is simply stating what the system has already told me and sends up a red flag in my mind -- does NOT put my mind at ease, but the opposite!

Date Posted: 7/9/2010 6:10 PM ET
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I looked under the email settings and I don't see an option to turn off those emails.  I have every email notice I can turned off because I'm here everyday.  I can see from main account page if I have a WL offer, a book request or a book has been marked mailed or gone lost. 

Just wanted to point that out to the person who said they don't get those emails.  If they're getting sent back to PBS as undeliverable for somereason that could flag your account.  Unless I just missed the button somewhere to turn them off.