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Topic: *******April's Thank You Thread ******

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Subject: *******April's Thank You Thread ******
Date Posted: 3/31/2013 10:22 PM ET
Member Since: 2/20/2006
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Please use this thread to post thanks for the RAOK gifts, wishes granted, and anything else you are thankful for here on PBS. Hopefully, we can keep the RAOK and I Wish threads easier to check for wishes to grant and goodies to grab.

Note: And please be sure to thank members who grant your RAOK wishes. It's not necessary to do it here, but do PM to let them know you received your gifts. Too many things have been lost in the mail. Lately, members have mentioned that they have not heard from the members that they have sent things to and wonder if they have been rec'd. We hesitate to keep sending to someone who does not acknowledge, as we do not know if other items were rec'd. If someone declines your request, that may be the reason.

Members contact me in frustration, saying that they do not know if items are rec'd and that it is usually the same members who do not correspond. Most have decided not to send to those members, again. It is sad but necessary to them. Please respond in some way.

If you have questions, please feel free to PM me and ask.

Date Posted: 4/1/2013 1:16 PM ET
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a week of thank yous to :

Kat W.katatonicstate for the vic secret coupons and bath body coupons and for the cool animal cards for my crafting

Jenny W.JJWcoupons

Suzanne J.09suzijenvelope full of goodies for crafting and for coupons

Jeanne G.IlliniAlum83 (cant remember if i had thanked Jeanne for the ribbons and stubs)

Amanda F.Scooby2 coupons for my felines

 Khristine (Khristy) for an envelope of coupons and some really cool paper for crafting


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Date Posted: 4/1/2013 4:59 PM ET
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Thank you to Ani K. (goddessani)  for the variety of white tea:) Can't wait to have some!

Date Posted: 4/1/2013 10:19 PM ET
Member Since: 6/19/2008
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Khristine (Khristy)    Thanks so much for the coupons  , they are so appreciated !

Date Posted: 4/2/2013 12:57 PM ET
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Thank you's going out to:


Karen S. B. (kcsue) for the Campbell's Labels for Education and BoxTops for Education

and to

Claire (bookknoll) for the Allegra coupons


I really appreciate them- especially since I forgot to list my wishes in last month's "I wish" thread! 

Date Posted: 4/2/2013 2:24 PM ET
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Thanks to Jenny W. (JJW) for the card fronts.  


Date Posted: 4/2/2013 2:39 PM ET
Member Since: 2/20/2006
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An extra thank you to all who sent me things last month - I hope I PMd everyone........I think I did!

It was wonderful to see so many replies in the thank you thread for March - even more than in the RAOK or wishes.   Seems there's a lot being sent out here,and it looks like we are getting the point across that you really do need to acknowledge receiving your RAOKS.  Appreciate that!  (As I go to PM and check on some of mine!)

Again, can't tell you how I appreciate everyone being so nice when I have to ask you to change or delete etc.   New things turn up all the time,some real surprises, but so far no problems getting changes made. Thank you all.  It's good we can take care of things ourselves and not get the team involved.

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Date Posted: 4/2/2013 10:03 PM ET
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Thanks to Sheeplady (Pat V) from my married daughter Anastasia in MD for the dog training magazine.  She is struggling with crate training a 7 week old  black lab puppy (I ordered "Puppies for Dummies" for her also from a PBS member)

And additional thanks to Pat for her informative explanation about birthing of the lambs in their flock--- I love learning new things!

Date Posted: 4/3/2013 7:48 AM ET
Member Since: 4/19/2006
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Thank you, REK (bigstone), for the envy of coupons. Much appreciated.


Date Posted: 4/3/2013 4:43 PM ET
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Thank you Ani for the herbal tea bags. My sister will love trying them out!

And thank you Phyllis for the envelope of coupons. Some really good ones in here. 

Date Posted: 4/3/2013 6:53 PM ET
Member Since: 3/24/2008
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Thank you Yvonne (WingsPawsNMagick) for the coupons for my Oreo. They will come in handy this month :)

Date Posted: 4/4/2013 11:50 AM ET
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Thank you Ani K. (goddessani) for the decaf tea bags.  It is a rainy dreary day here - think I will try a cup of tea.  I appreciate you sending them to me.  Jeanie

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Date Posted: 4/4/2013 5:08 PM ET
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Thanks to Khristi B for the coupons!

Date Posted: 4/4/2013 5:53 PM ET
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Thanks to Jeanne above, for the great pkg. of cards and note pads!

Date Posted: 4/5/2013 5:51 PM ET
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THANKS to Tiffany A./ tiffanyartiaga for the Coke Codes; REALLY APPRECIATED!!  Thank you so much!! smiley

Date Posted: 4/5/2013 9:15 PM ET
Member Since: 4/14/2012
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Thanks to Jeanne for the elevation map!
Date Posted: 4/5/2013 9:44 PM ET
Member Since: 2/24/2010
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Thanks, Pat, for the terrific note cards !

Date Posted: 4/6/2013 9:18 AM ET
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Thank you for the coupons for overseas military families. Your support is much appreciated!

Connie B. (conniej76)

Pat (sheeplady)


Thank you for the patriotic stickers.

Jeanne (illinialum83)

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Date Posted: 4/6/2013 10:40 AM ET
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Thank You to Katie S (kanja) for the Lean Cuisine code !

Date Posted: 4/6/2013 6:03 PM ET
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THANKS to Pat V. (Sheeplady) for the unexpected envelope of coupons I received in today's mail!! So very much appreciated!! smiley

Subject: Thank You...
Date Posted: 4/6/2013 7:20 PM ET
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Thank you Pat V. (Sheeplady) & Kim B. (seacat66)  for all the coupons that you sent to me. I really appreciate your time, effort & kindness...

Date Posted: 4/6/2013 9:44 PM ET
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A big thanks to -

   ~ Tiffany A.  (tiffanyartiaga) for the many coke codes.  My husband was thrilled!!  ;-)

   ~ Jen B. for the Huggies code.  It worked great.  :-D

   ~ Jeanne G.  (IlliniAlum83)  for suggestions to help my little guy with traveling.  :-)

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Date Posted: 4/6/2013 11:47 PM ET
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Date Posted: 4/7/2013 1:09 PM ET
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Thanks to BostonBooks  for the coke code.

Date Posted: 4/7/2013 2:09 PM ET
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Thanks to BostonBooks for the Coke code.