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Topic: To Ask for a Credit Back or Not?

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Subject: To Ask for a Credit Back or Not?
Date Posted: 2/21/2012 4:01 PM ET
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How do you decide to request a credit back or not with a RWAP?  For instance if a book is readable but not postable such as staining on the cover or sides or water damage to the book that does not go all the way down to the text but covers a large portion of the book.  Or what about a book that had like 1 line underlined in the text pages...again not postable but really doesn't affect the readability too much and could possibly be traded again?

What do you do with the excuses of this is how I got it or the book is still readable if you have already linked to the guidelines for postability?


Date Posted: 2/21/2012 4:08 PM ET
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I kind of just how obviously unpostable it is as to whether I ask for a credit back or not.  In the case of 1 underline, I probably wouldn't ask for a credit back because I could see them possibly missing that.  If the binding is kind of iffy but still together-I might not ask for a credit back because it could have gotten damaged in transit. If it's falling part or has multiple spine cracks & lose pages-I will ask for a credit back. Any obvious staining or liquid damage-I ask for a credit back. 

If a book is just a bit too on the worn side, more than I would send out, but nothing that screams unpostable-then I don't aks for a credit back. 

Date Posted: 2/21/2012 4:28 PM ET
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If it's unpostable, and I didn't agree to it ahead of time, I ask for my credit back.  At least half the time they won't give it back.  I just try my best to be polite in the whole transaction, even when they aren't.  Other than directing them to the rules, there's nothing you can do about their excuses.  And as long as they're polite, I always thank them for being so, even when they refuse to return my credit.  It is just so much less stressful to deal with a RWAP when the other party is polite.

Date Posted: 2/21/2012 5:01 PM ET
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There's times when there's a minor flaw that the sender could have missed, and I'm okay with it because I don't plan to trade it back out anyway. I'd probably let them know so they'll know to check better before they send anything else out, but wouldn't ask for my credit back.

But if it's something obviously had no business being posted to begin with then I'll ask for my credit back.

Most of the time I've gotten my credit back. I have been very lucky not to have many to worry about it very often. If I don't, I don't sweat it too much unless they make it plain they don't even know there are rules, or know the rules but sent it anyway. I think lots of people join and send books out and have no idea there are rules. So I try to be helpful and let them know where they are. If they admit they knew the rules and sent it anyway, I turn it over to TPTB who will then see that they're knowingly breaking the rules.



Date Posted: 2/21/2012 7:50 PM ET
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If it's something really minor or easily missed I don't ask for a credit back, or if I intended to keep the book anyway. If I planned to repost it, I ask for a credit back. I've really has very few problems in doing so (with the exception of one recent transaction - the "edge migration" person).

Date Posted: 2/21/2012 8:15 PM ET
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I was just coming to ask a similar question.

I don't usually check the ISBN of the books I receive but the cover was different.  It's the right book but this ISBN isn't listed in the database therefore basically making this book unpostable.  Right now, the book is WL'd so I could post it to the WL unpostable thread and possible get my credit back but I don't know when I'll read it as Mt TBR is quite large.


Date Posted: 2/21/2012 8:24 PM ET
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I also check how new the member is. 

If I feel that it was obvious and they should have known better, then I ask for my credit.  I will mark RWAP without hesitation.  Sort of a warning.  But I'll really think it over before asking for a credit.

Date Posted: 2/21/2012 8:32 PM ET
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It's the right book but this ISBN isn't listed in the database therefore basically making this book unpostable. 

Becki, this book isn't upostable, although incorrectly posted. It just needs to be posted by its own ISBN. When go into the Post This Book process, it should open a screen to enter all of the information for the book when the system doesn't find the book. Even if it doesn't, the book can be posted through the Book Without an ISBN process to get a short ISBN. Having an ISBN that isn't in the system doesn't make a book unpostable, just a little more work to post.


As to the priginal topic, unless the unpostable issue is really hard to notice I will almost always ask for my credit back. If the book is something I am collecting and would have requested the book in that condition had I seen it offered in the Bazaar, I dont, but otherwise I have found myself sitting here low on credits at one point realizing it was because I was eating the loss of credits on other people sending out bad books and decided I was going to be the one out the credit anymore.

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Date Posted: 2/21/2012 8:38 PM ET
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Becki - as stated above if there's nothing wrong with the book, it is postable.  I had one last week that had a WL, but the ISBN wasn't posted in the PBS data base, so I finally broke down and posted it under the "fake PBS ISBN" thinking it was a shame as the cover was the same as the book WLed and it would probably be a while before someone ordered it under the PBS ISBN, but it was requested within a couple of days.  I was amazed, so don't hesitate to repost it under a PBS ISBN if it hasn't been posted under the ISBN you have by then. Good luck. Pat

Date Posted: 2/21/2012 8:40 PM ET
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Thanks. I always forget about that option.
Date Posted: 2/22/2012 12:25 AM ET
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Like Emily, I always check to see if it's a new member.

Date Posted: 2/22/2012 7:11 AM ET
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The current RWAP is someone who has books on their wishlist from 2010, so has been here at least 1 full year...but they have their profile private so not entirely sure...they just responded with well it is useable...and wanting me to ship it back...so off to tell them the shipping rules of 2 credits or 1 credit and stamped enevelope.


Date Posted: 2/23/2012 12:42 PM ET
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I used to never use RWAP even though there were a few books I got that I should have.  I got scolded (in a lovely and respectful way) on the forums and when the next book came that was a RWAP (it doesn't happen often) I sent as kind but fair message to the person explaining why there was a problem.  I chose to not ask for my credit back because the damage did not take a way from my ability to read (it was water damage).  The person not only appologized but gave me my credit back.  To ask, or not to ask, is really subjective and its one that I know I will struggle with if I have cause to go through this again.

Date Posted: 2/23/2012 1:14 PM ET
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Here is how I decide:

1. If the book is one I was not planning on re-trading, and the damage is not gross in any way (meaning I can use the copy I was sent for its intended purpose), then I don't ask for my credit back, but I still mark RWAP with a note about checking books. If I can't use the copy that I was sent for its intended purpose, then I ask for my credit back because I will be re-ordering it.

2. If I was planning on re-trading the book, then there are some variables I consider. Like ... Is it a new member or someone who ought to have known better?. And ... is the damage easily missed, or is it something very obvious? Is it "permantly unpostable" damage (for example, water damage), or is it a "technical unpostable" (for example, writing or highlighting) that can be reposted by following the rules. It ends up being about half and half that I ask for my credit back.

Here are some examples:

1. Older member who sent me a book growing actual mold on it. (Yup, asked for my credit back!!!!!!)
2. Brand new member who sent me a book with cheeto fingerprints. (Decided to just send a PM explaining it was unpostable, and why, and about checking books)
3. Older member who sent book with water damage to 30 pages. (Asked for credit back).
4. Relatively new member who sent book with water damage to two pages. (Took a picture and sent a message)
5. Member who sent me a book I was intending to keep with writing in it. (sent message)

Its a judgment call. I haven't had to RWAP that many books overall. (Been mailed about 1000, think I've RWAP'd about 5 or 6).