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Topic: No asking for WL books

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Subject: No asking for WL books
Date Posted: 3/9/2011 7:25 PM ET
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(6) No trying to jump the Wish List "line" by offering or asking for postable Wish Listed books.  Postable Wish Listed books should be posted and swapped "officially".  This of course does not apply to posts advertising an alternate ISBN  (or non-ISBN version) of a Wish Listed title; it is fine to advertise that you have those posted to your bookshelf.


I have a question as to how does this rule apply when we have the WL multiples thread?  If the sole purpose of the multiples thread is to offer a deal on shipping for the senders, how is that any different than asking for WL books that you have that are also multiples?   
I am talking about saying 'I am looking for these books, X, Y and Z."  (WL books)  Why is that not allowed when senders are allowed to bypass the FIFO and offer to ship WL multiples?
Why can't the deal go both ways?
Date Posted: 3/9/2011 7:33 PM ET
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PBS sanctioned the WL multiples thread as the only exception to the rules that are otherwise in effect. (There are also PBS sanctioned genre threads that do the same thing).

Its an exception. That's the whole explanation.

Anyway, the theory is that allowing people to offer the books in multiples helps the books to get into the PBS community (where they otherwise would not be posted at all)... because many of the people utilizing the thread are offering books that they would not post and mail separately.

So by allowing the trade of these books in a cheaper way for members who choose to utilize the forums ... they get distributed to other members who may in turn post them singly.

I have seen many of those members say that they otherwise would not post the books at all. Or, they would post some but not all.

I myself have a stack of about 30 WL book sitting here, but I am only posting them a few per week, because I don't want to spend $60 to mail them all out at once.


Allowing people to request Wish Listed books with forum posts does not benefit the club in any way.

Allowing people to offer to mail WL books out in multiples benefits the club because it gets more WL books in circulation that would otherwise not be offered.

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Date Posted: 3/9/2011 7:52 PM ET
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What Sara said.  TPTB have allowed members to post books (in multiples) to save on shipping (especially in this economy).  Which increases the number of books available for swaps or requests. 

Asking for WL books is discouraged in all forums.

Also like Sara, I have a growing pile of WL books ready to post.   I'm waiting for an infusion of 'mad' money or the time to hunt to members wanting multiples.

Date Posted: 3/9/2011 8:45 PM ET
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PBS has closed down threads in the past where folks have asked for WL books.  They take that rule very seriously.

Date Posted: 3/9/2011 9:45 PM ET
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I think also that if they allowed asking for WL on the requestor side-the forums would be clogged up with posts from people begging to jump the line and offering extra credits for WL books. 

Whereas allowing on the senders side encourages more book posting which helps the WL lines move more quickly.

Date Posted: 3/9/2011 10:01 PM ET
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Another place to get WL'd books quicker is in the games, if you dislike the waiting game.  But be careful, they are VERY addictive!

Date Posted: 3/9/2011 10:01 PM ET
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It comes down to - because they said so, really.

They used to not allow the multiples offering at all either. They made the rule. They made the exception. As the cost of shipping has risen and members started getting credit buildups, many members just started not posting their WL books because they (a) couldn't afford to send them as singles (b) it wasn't cost effective to earn more credits you didn't need at $3 that you couldn't sell for more than $2.50. So they allowed us to offer multiple wish list books in order to save on shipping. That gets more books into the hands of members.

The only way for anyone to know that I have a stack of WL books X,Y, and Z that I am only willing to send as multiples is if there is a place for me to tell people that since I can't post them to my Bookshelf to do that. Thus the need of the thread.

You adding a book to your Wish List is your way to say you want a book. If I want to see what you have on your Wish List I can look at it. What further purpose is your post that you are wishing for these books other that to jump the wish list lines? 

One is good for the club as a whole (more wishes granted, more books in the club). One is for one member's gain. That is why I suspect one is allowed and one is not.

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Date Posted: 3/9/2011 10:14 PM ET
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I am sure that there are many members like myself, who buy WL books, not intending to read or keep, but strictly to post into the system. I don't think this would be done without the multiple thread.

Date Posted: 3/9/2011 10:22 PM ET
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What further purpose is your post that you are wishing for these books other that to jump the wish list lines? 

But that's the reason I reply to the WL multiples thread.  To jump the line.  Or sometimes I may not even have been in the line to begin with.  I've gotten books off of that thread that I would have had to wait a long time otherwise, but I happened to get lucky, first come first reply to it.   It sounds really terrible admitting that out loud, but it's the truth.  But my motives for replying to that thread must be OK, because the thread is allowed.     It's incentive for the poster (cheaper shipping) and to the requestor (there's a book you can get earlier, and cross it off your WL).  Or rather, books, pleural.

It's the same deal in the genre forums that have "March available books".  People offer it there first, and if I am replying to the thread and trying to get that book, it's because I am trying to jump the WL line.

I can't think of a reason other than wanting to jump the WL line if you are replying to that thread, or deal.   

Date Posted: 3/9/2011 10:46 PM ET
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 But my motives for replying to that thread must be ..

Its not your motives for replying to the thread that make ok or not, its the motives for the posting of the thread.