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Topic: It's August - What Are You Reading?

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Subject: It's August - What Are You Reading?
Date Posted: 7/31/2009 11:52 PM ET
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My August reading list:  

Finished -  

"GLORY, GLORY" by Linda Lael Miller (A) Eight years ago, Glory Parsons had been forced to flee her hometown, and leave behind her first love. And Jesse Bainbridge would never know the heartbreaking price she'd paid, or about the child born of their fiery union. Jesse had once wanted Glory with all the passion in his soul, until she walked out on him. Now she was back with shocking news that would change his life forever. Could he trust the woman who'd betrayed him, the only woman he would ever love?

"FOR HER SON'S LOVE" by Kathryn Springer (Love Inspired - a Tiny Blessings Tale) (A) To: Rachel - From: Andrew - Re: I've met the most fascinating single mom...Everyone thinks I'm this high-living playboy...I wish I could reveal my real mission in life: rescuing missing children. Though right now, helping Miranda Jones is my top priority. She came to Chestnut Grove with her little boy, but a brewing scandal is threatening their little family. So, cousin and mother-to-be, as I'm running the charitable Noble Foundation in your temporary absence, I'll also be digging up secrets of the past. And while I'm at it, I hope MIranda will say yes to a future together!

"WHITE HEAT" by Cherry Adair (Men of T-FLAC #11) (A+) The last person on earth that art restorer Emily Greene wants to see is the devil-may-care Max Aries. She hasn't forgotten (or forgiven) the way Max dropped into her life a year ago, stole her heart, then vanished without a word. But the prodigal playboy returns with shocking news: His father's recent death was no suicide, but in fact murder...and Emily's life is also in danger. Intel from Max's control at the counterterrorist organization T-FLAC reveals that the Black Rose terror cell is involved: a chilling revelation that elevates the threat level almost as high as the sexual tension bristling between Max and Emily. Max isn't about to take his eyes off her - though only partly for professional reasons - and Emily finds it increasingly difficult to deny her feelings for him. Crisscrossing Europe and piecing together tantalizing clues to a sinister plot, Max and Emily must put their lives on the line...and still be ready when the heat between them flares white hot.

"TAKE NO PRISONERS" by Cindy Gerard (Black Ops #2) (A+) Abbie Hughes no longer trusts men, but despite her cool indifference, her long legs and showgirl face still draw plenty of attraction. Between working as a blackjack dealer, going to school, and keeping an eye on her younger brother, Cory, there's no time for romantic adventures - until the night a sexy, mysterious stranger places a wager at her table. Sam Lang left Black Ops, Inc. when tragedy struck his family. Although he's determined to retire his M-16 rifle to lead a quiet life on his ranch, a vengeful quest will send him on a manhunt for the ruthless multimillionaire who murdered his sister. Though Sam suspects Abbie is in on a lucrative gem-smuggling deal her brother made with the enemy, their attraction is undeniable. Now Cory is missing, and together they search the wild Honduras backcountry to find him. With danger on their trail, they must trust each other completely or face certain death alone.

"A WEDDING AT COOPER'S CORNERS" (A) (Cooper's Corners) - Warren Cooper, owner of Twin Oaks, has passed away, and now the secret is finally out! Warren, and not Lawrence Webb, was the grandfather of the three Webb siblings. Private detective Mark Solomon is about to deliver the news that will change the lives of three people forever. But little does he expect that his life will be thrown into turmoil, too. STOP THE WEDDING! by Muriel Jensen - Sally Webb is so shocked when she receives her package that she destroys her reputation as a dutiful and responsible granddaughter by ditching her fiance and running into another's arms. Sally and David Miller haven't seen each other since she was thirteen and her grandfather sent her brother's best friend packing. Now, years later, David finds an older Sally suddenly seeking comfort - in his arms!  OH, BABY! by Bobby Hutchinson - When Sally's brother, Richard, receives his, he's just been denied access to twin toddlers a gorgeous...and furious...woman claims are his sons. But the envelope's contents will change his position on fatherhood forever! Richard is the consummate playboy, going from one woman to the next without any thought for the future or long-term plans. Until Janelle Jamison stuns him with her news - he is the father of her twin boys! A NIGHT TO REMEMBER by Kristine Rolofson - Mark Solomon is stunned to discover that Diana Webb, the recipient of the last envelope, is the mysterious and intense woman he'd lost after a night of passion four years before. Diana has sworn off men - forever. They have caused her nothing but grief and heartache. Then one day she discovers on her doorstep the man she spent one passionate night with four years ago. Diana can't figure out how he found her, especially since they never exchanged names. Old Warren Cooper may have left more of a legacy than he originally planned! Who was Warren Cooper, anyway, and why had he set them up?

"DOUBLE HOMICIDE - SANTA FE/BOSTON" by Jonathan & Faye Kellerman (C) SANTE FE - It's Christmastime, and police officers Darrel Two Moons and Steve Katz are expecting the usual gang assaults, feuding spouses, and alcohol-related misdemeanors. Then the call comes from the Historic District: the reported death of an art gallery owner whose bludgeoned body stretches across a bleached pine floor like a big, nasty still life. When he was in the NYPD, Katz saw more homicides weekly than he's seen in Santa Fe in three years. Two Moons, an Army brat and ex-Marine, is discovering his roots among local Indian Potters. But everything personal goes by the wayside as they unearth the victim's enemies and follow a trail of motives that lies buried like layers of paint. As biting winds blow through town, Two Moons and Katz enter a dangerous world where murder has been perfected to an art form. BOSTON - Basketball is an obsession in Beantown, producing emotions that run hot even in the coldest winter. This time, a flagrant foul during a college match leads to a fatal shooting. With the life of its star forward cut short, the entire city is putting pressure on Detectives Dorothy Breton and Michael McCain to find the perpetrator. For Dorothy, who's raising two teenage boys on her own, the case hits close to home. She knows the victim's mother; their sons played on the same team. To Micky, who's given up the fight against his bulging waistline, the investigation is poor consolation for being alone this holiday season. Together, they're looking to make an open-and-shut case - until startling evidence comes to light. Now two experienced cops can either keep it simple...or do what's right.

"WHAT WE KEEP" by Elizabeth Berg (C) Ginny Young crosses the country for a reluctant reunion with the mother she has not seen in thirty-five years. During the long hours of her flight, she returns in memory to the summer when she turned twelve and her family turned inside out.

"TAKING THE FIFTH" by J.A. Jance (J.P. Beaumont #4) (A+) There are many bizarre and terrible ways to die. Seattle Homicide Detective J.P. Beaumont through he had seen them all - until he saw this body, its wounds, and the murder weapon; an elegant woman's shoe, its stiletto heel gruesomely caked with blood. The evidence is shocking and unsettling, even for a man who prowls the shadows for a living, for it suggests that savagery is not the exclusive domain of the predatory male. And the scent of a stylish killer is pulling Beaumont into a world of drugs, corruption, and murder to view close-up a cinematic dream at its most nightmarish...and lethal.

"CLOSE TO YOU" by Christina Dodd (A-) Who knows the truth about her family? Who wants to keep her past hidden forever? Caitlin Prescott was only a baby when her parents disappeared. Adopted by a wealthy Texas oil family, she became Kate Montgomery, and grew up with no memory of her parents or her two older sisters and brother, who have been searching for her, hoping to right a terrible wrong that was committed twenty-two years ago in a small Texas town. Now an ambitious young news reporter, Kate realizes she is being stalked soon after landing her dream job at an Austin TV station. Why did a car try to run her down? Who would want to kill her? Turning her precarious situation into a story, she takes on a bodyguard and follows him on the job. But she didn't plan on the cool, blade-sharp strength of Teague Ramos or the attraction that sizzles between them. When Teague connects the death of an Austin sociality to unanswered questions about Kate's childhood, she finds herself unlocking dangerous doors to her past. Now, with only her mysterious bodyguard to protect her, Kate is on a high-stakes chase that may lead her to the family she has never known - or into the trap of a ruthless killer.

"A CRAZY KIND OF LOVE - MIKE'S STORY"  by Maureen Child (Marconi's #2) (A) The best plumber in California, Michaela "Mike" Marconi likes to keep her romances short, sweet, and to the point. Her friends think she's just out for a good time, but she has reasons for carefully avoiding relationships with a future. Romance, though, is the last thing on Mike's mind when she meets Lucas Gallagher. Unfortunately, he pushes all of her buttons in a way no man has. But when he learns the truth about her past, Mike is sure he'll be the one moving on. Lucas might know a lot about women, but he left the "relationships" to his twin brother. Michaela, aka Mike, infuriates him as much as she entices him. They quickly go from bickering to bed partners, but neither of them is looking for happily ever after. Until Fate steps in when both of their worlds are turned upside down by disaster, secrets, and revelations. Suddenly Lucas and Mike only have each other to lean on.

"AND THEN CAME YOU - SAM'S STORY" by Maureen Child (Marconi's #1) (A) Rule 1: You never forget your first love. Rule 2: You never forget your first heartbreak. Rule 3: Rules are meant to be broken. Nine years ago, Samantha Marconi was swept away in a whirlwind wedding...even though she'd only known her new husband for a month. When Jeff left her just weeks after the wedding, she found out she was pregnant and had nowhere to turn. So sam did the only thing she thought she could do. She put her daughter up for adoption and tried to forget the past - until her past came knocking at her door. Jeff never received Sam's letters, nor did he know she'd had their child - until after the little girl was put up for adoption. Jeff managed to find their daughter, Emma, and lovingly raised her on his own. He's about to remarry - but his divorce from Sam never went through. Jeff needs Sam's help to get "unmarried," and quick. Yet when Jeff shows up on Sam's doorstep, he's shocked to find the sparks that once flew between them are still burning strong. Can he let Sam go again? Especially when the truth about what really happened nine years ago is finally revealed.

"PRODIGAL DAUGHTER" by Patricia Davids (Love Inspired - Hamilton Family) (A-) The Gossip Guru...hears Hamilton daughter Melissa, who'd disappeared not long after her father's first medical crisis, has finally come home - pregnant! This news certainly won't help her father, Wallace, as he once again recuperates in the hospital. Word is she's been staying at Hamilton Media attorney Richard McNeil's home, along with his sister, her husband and kids. With all those people in the McNeil household, is there time for romance between prodigal Mellissa and newly rededicated Christian heartthrob Richard?

"BLACK HILLS" by Nora Roberts (Audible Book) (A) A summer at his grandparents’ South Dakota ranch is not eleven-year-old Cooper Sullivan’s idea of a good time. But things are a bit more bearable now that he’s discovered the neighbor girl, Lil Chance, and her homemade batting cage. Even horseback riding isn’t as awful as Coop thought it would be. Each year, with Coop’s annual summer visit, their friendship deepens from innocent games to stolen kisses, but there is one shared experience that will forever haunt them: the terrifying discovery of a hiker’s body. As the seasons change and the years roll, Lil stays steadfast to her dreams of becoming a wildlife biologist and protecting her family land, while Coop struggles with his father’s demand that he attend law school and join the family firm. Twelve years after they last walked together hand in hand, fate has brought them back to the Black Hills when the people and things they hold most dear need them most. An investigator in New York, Coop recently left his fast paced life to care for his aging grandparents and the ranch he has come to call home. Though the memory of his touch still haunts her, Lil has let nothing stop her dream of opening the Chance Wildlife Refuge, but something...or someone...has been keeping a close watch. When small pranks and acts of destruction escalate into the heartless killing of Lil’s beloved cougar, recollections of an unsolved murder in these very hills have Coop springing to action to keep Lil safe. Lil and Coop both know the natural dangers that lurk in the wild landscape of the Black Hills. But now they must work together to unearth a killer of twisted and unnatural instincts who has singled them out as prey.

"NIGHT FALL" by Cherry Adair (Audible Book) (B) T-FLAC/psi operative Simon Blackthorne goes to Africa to continue the global war against paranormal terror–never expecting to clash swords with strong-willed Kess Goodall. Kess struggles in her own desperate battle to unravel a deadly secret that has killed millions in the tiny country of Mallaruza. But Simon proves to be the ultimate distraction: his very presence takes her body to the edge of a pleasure-filled abyss, his touch superbly rapturous. Now, against a backdrop of staggering beauty and horrific violence, with danger at every turn and libidos in overdrive, a spirited woman and an indomitable wizard face a malevolent force more frightening than both can imagine. With foes strong and numerous, Kess and Simon must forge a bond strong enough to eliminate a sadistic enemy before Mallaruza is lost to terrorist control and the world forever changed.

"TO THE EDGE" by Cindy Gerard (Bodyguard Series #1) (A+) The first rule of bodyguards: Never fall in love with the woman you're protecting. The daughter of a wealthy businessman, Jillian Kincaid grew up with bodyguards shadowing her every move - and she hated it. Now a successful journalist and TV anchorwoman, she refuses to let another hired thug follow her around. Not even when she begins to receive terrifying death threats. Not even when the bodyguard is the darkly handsome Nolan Garrett. Trained in Special Ops, Nolan Garrett has been hired by Jillian's father to keep her out of danger. But it's clear from the start that Jillian isn't going to make his job easy. Far from the spoiled princess he expected, Jillian is tough, independent, sexy, and fighting him every step of the way. As Jillian's stalker raises the stakes, Nolan must keep her close if he wants to keep her alive. But being so close can only turn up the heat that's been simmering between them - even as a deadly danger closes in.

"PEOPLE OF THE PLAINS" by Ken Englade (Tony Hillerman's Frontier #1) (B) Fort Laramie seemed like the end of the world to the settlers going West on the Oregon Trail. But it was really only the beginning of a pitched battle among settlers looking for a new life, the ragtag army whose job was to protect them, and the watchful Indian nations who demanded recognition of their territorial rights. Army surgeon Jason Dobbs was a war hero, wasting his life in Washington when he was assigned to the Wyoming outpost to save his health and keep the settlers alive. Brevet Second Lieutenant Jean Benoit was a blue blood Louisiana rogue sent to Fort Laramie as a punishment for his affair with the daughter of a prominent senator. Badger was the Broule warrior whose people's destiny was to confront the U.S. Army. Each man had a story to tell - of the real West, of a time of pain and victory, destruction and birth, shame and glory.

"FIRST IMPRESSIONS" by Nora Roberts (A+) Escaping the traps of gold-digging women, wealthy businessman Vance Banning moves to rural Maryland. All he wants is peace, quiet and to keep away from women. The last thing he needs is his sassy, sexy neighbor Shane Abbott. But he has no idea how determined Shane will be when it comes to giving a helping hand - or a loving heart. "BLITHE IMAGES" (B) When small-town girl HIllary Baxter is offered a prestigious six-month modeling contract by Bret Bardoff, handsome, charming and the owner and publisher of fashionable Mode Magazine, the sky is the limit. Thrust into a glamorous career in New York, Hilary knows she has it all...except for the one thing she really wants: Bret's love.

"BLIND ALLEY" by Iris Johansen (Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller #5) (A) Her job is to put a face on the victims of violent crimes. But as a forensic sculptor Eve Duncan works on the skull of a newly discovered victim, she's about to get the shock of her life. The murdered Jane Doe's face has been erased beyond recognition. But whoever killed her wasn't trying to hide her identity. The plan is far more horrifying. For as Eve's skilled hands reveal the murdered girl's face, she recognizes someone she knows all too well. Someone who isn't dead. Yet. To stop this twisted psychopath, Eve must put her own life in the balance. But that's not the worst of it - when her adopted daughter Jane reveals a bizarre connection to the case, Eve can't stop her from joining the hunt for the killer. A hunt that will lead to a terrifying confrontation.

Currently Reading –

    1. "House Calls and Hitching Posts" as told to Dorcas Sharp Hoover
    2. "The Covenant" by Beverly Lewis (Abrahams Daughters #1)
    3. "A Royal Marriage" by Cara Colter (Royally Wed)

    Currently Listening To -

    1. "Bloody Mary" by J.A. Konrath (Audio Cassette Book)

     To Be Read - In alphabetical order by author not reading order

    1. "Brought Together by Baby" by Carolyne Aarsen (Love Inspired - Tiny Blessings)
    2. "Rescue Me" by Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh & Cindy Gerard
    3. "Twilight Child" by Warren Adler
    4. "A Royal Mission" by Elizabeth August (Royally Wed)
    5. "The Expectant Princess" by Stella Bagwell (Royally Wed)
    6. "Hot Pursuit" by Susanne Brockmann
    7. "Scenes of Passion" by Suzanne Brockmann
    8. "Two Alone" by Sandra Brown
    9. "Heaven's Price"  by Sandra Brown
    10. "Hidden Fires" by Sandra Brown
    11. "The House On Olive Street" by Robyn Carr
    12. "Keeper of the Light" by Diane Chamberlain (Keeper of the Light trilogy #1)
    13. "Kiss River" by Diane Chamberlain (Keeper of the Light trilogy #2)
    14. "Finding You/Knowing You" by Maureen Child
    15. "Loving You" by Maureen Child
    16. "Some Kind of Wonderful" by Maureen Child
    17. "Scarpetta" by Patricia Cornwell
    18. "SEALed with a Kiss" by Mary Margaret Daughtridge
    19. "A Lady Decides" by Dorothea Donley
    20. "Multiple Blessings" by Jon & Kate Gosselin & Beth Carson
    21. "The Tribes" by Ken Englade (Tony Hillerman's Frontier #2)
    22. "Whisper No Lies" by Cindy Gerard (Black Ops Inc. #3)
    23. "To the Limit" by Cindy Gerard (The Bodyguards #2)
    24. "Building Dreams" by Ginna Gray
    25. "Pale Moon Rising" by Ginna Gray
    26. "Hannah's Dream: A Novel"  by Diane Hammond
    27. "Comfort & Joy" Kristine Hannah
    28. "For the Twins' Sake" by Jillian Hart (Love Inspired - Tiny Blessings)
    29. "The Dark Wind" by Tony Hillerman
    30. "Larger Than Life" by Kay Hooper
    31. "Until I Find You" by John Irving
    32. "Butterfly Summer" by Arlene James (Love Inspired - Hamilton Family)
    33. "Dismissed With Prejudice" by J.A. Jance (J.P. Beaumont #7)
    34. "Fire and Ice" by J.A. Jance (Joanna Brady #13 & J.P. Beaumont #19)
    35. "A More Perfect Union" by J.A. Jance (J.P. Beaumont #6)
    36. "Improbable Cause" by J.A. Jance (J.P. Beaumont #5)
    37. "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs
    38. "Countdown" by Iris Johansen (Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller #6)
    39. "Quicksand" by Iris Johansen (Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller #7)
    40. "The Official Nora Roberts Companion" by Denise Little and Laura Hayden
    41. "The Knot" by Marty Kindall
    42. "Dawn In Eclipse Bay" by Jayne Ann Krentz (Eclipse Bay Trilogy #2)
    43. "Eclipse Bay" by Jayne Ann Krentz (Eclipse Bay Trilogy #1)
    44. "Summer in Eclipse Bay" by Jyane Ann Krentz (Ecliple Bay Trilogy #3)
    45. "The Betrayal" by Beverly Lewis (Abrahams Daughters #2)
    46. "Small Town Christmas" by Debbie Macomber
    47. "Delicious" by Susan Mallery
    48. "Chasing Stanley"  by Deirdre Martin
    49. "Mother Warriors" by Jenny McCarthy
    50. "Convictions" by Maureen McKade
    51. "Mexican Hat" by Michael McGarrity (Kevin Kerney #2)
    52. "Too Far Gone" by Marliss Melton
    53. "One Last Look" by Linda Lael Miller
    54. "There and Now" by Linda Lael Miller
    55. "Outsider" by Diana Palmer
    56. "Code Name: Prince" by Valerie Parv
    57. "Cross Country" by James Patterson
    58. "A Man Named Dave" by David Pelzer
    59. "A Teenager's Journey" by Richard B. Petzer
    60. "Blood Canticle" Anne Rice  (Vampire Chronicles #10)
    61. "Merrick" by Anne Rice (Vampire Chronicles #7)
    62. "Blue Moon" by Luanne Rice
    63. "Stone Heart" by Luanne Rice
    64. "Summer Light"  by Luanne Rice
    65. "Sister's Choice" by Emilie Richards
    66. "Suite 606" by J.D. Robb (In Death Series #27)
    67. "Ghost Moon" by Karen Robards
    68. "From The Heart" by Nora Roberts
    69. "Moon Shadows" by Nora Roberts, Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan and Marianne Willman
    70. "Reflections and Dreams" by Nora Roberts (Stanislaski series #7 & 8)
    71. "The Stanislaskis" (Waiting for Nick & Considering Kate) by Nora Roberts (Stanislaski series #5 & 6)
    72. "Winner Takes All" by Nora Roberts
    73. "Blue Bayou" by JoAnn Ross (Callahan Brothers trilogy #1)
    74. "Magnolia Moon"  by JoAnn Ross (Callahan Brothers trilogy #3)
    75. "River Road" by JoAnn Ross (Callahan Brothers trilogy #2)
    76. "Sweet Baby" by Sharon Sala
    77. "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks
    78. "By Her Side" by Kathryn Springer
    79. "The Kiss" by Danielle Steel
    80. "The Long Road Home" by Danielle Steel
    81. "The Other Twin" by Katherine Stone
    82. "The Hot Flash Club" by Nancy Thayer
    83. "Drifter" by Susan Wiggs
    84. "Enchanted Afternoon" by Susan Wiggs
    85. "Passing Through Paradise" by Susan Wiggs
    86. "The You I Never Knew" by Susan Wiggs
    87. "The Inn at Eagle Point" by Sherryl Woods

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For Women Only

Matt C. (mattc) - ,
Date Posted: 8/1/2009 8:27 AM ET
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  1. Death Masks by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #5) 
  2. Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris (Sookie #9)
  3. After the Quake by Haruki Murakami
  4. World War One: A Short History by Norman Stone
  5. Duma Key by Stephen King
  6. In the Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami
  7. Harry, A History by Melissa Anelli
  8. Carrie by Stephen King
  9. 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King
  10. Gate of Ivrel by C.J. Cherryh (Morgaine #1)
  11. The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan
  12. The Shining by Stephen King    


  1. IT by Stephen King
  2. The Dark Tower by Stephen King 
  3. Ulysses by James Joyce
  4. Irristible Impulse by Robert K. Tanenbaum (Karp/Ciampi #9)
  5. Sing the Four Quarters by Tanya Huff (Quarters #1)
  6. Blood Rites by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #6)
  7. The Stand by Stephen King 

Up Soon   

  1. Tommyknockers by Stephen King
  2. Pet Sematary by Stephen King 
  3. The Dead Zone by Stephen King

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Currently Reading

  1. Edwin of the Iron Shoes by Marcia Muller
  2. The Book of Lies  Brad Meltzer
  3. Run for you Life by James Patterson
  4. 7 Deadly Wonders by Matthew Reilly 
  5. The Villia of Mysteries by  David Hewson  
  6. Take Over by Lisa Black


  1. Power Play by  Deirdre Martin 
  2. In The Dark by Brian Freeman 
  3. Starvation Lake by Bryan Gruley
  4. The Last Jihad by Joel C Rosenberg  
  5. Cold Granite by Sturart MacBride
  6. SwimSuit by James Patterson 



  1.  First Avenue by Lowen Clausen
  2. Who Killed Marilyn Monroe? by Liz Evans
  3. Skin River by Steven Sidor 
  4. Suspect by Michael Robotham
  5. The Descent by Jeff Long
  6. Privileged Information by Stephen White
  7. The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva
  8. Trace Evidence by Elizabeth Becka
  9.  The Black Echo by Michael Connelly
  10. Death At La Fenice by Donna Leon
  11. Plea of Insanity by Jilliane Hoffman
  12. Biting the Moon by Martha Grimes
  13. Dakota by Martha Grimes
  14. Tilt A Whirl by Chris Grabenstein
  15. Missing by Karin Alvtegen
  16. The 8th Confesion by James Patterson
  17. A Beautiful Place to Die by Malla Nunn
  18. Cop Hater  Ed McBain
  19. All Shook Up  by Mike Harrison
  20. Deep Storm by Lincoln Child
  21. Sunset and Sawdust by Joe R. Lansdale
  22. Savage Art by Danielle Girard
  23. Forty Words for Sorrow by Giles Blunt
  24. Hard Landing by Stephen Leather
  25. The Devil's Redhead by David Corbett
  26. At Risk By Stella Rimington
  27. Ice Trap by Kitty Sewell
  28. The Moscow Club by Joseph Finder
  29. The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz
  30. Eclipse Richard North Patterson
  31. Full Dark House by Christopher Fowler
  32. The Pardon by James Grippando
  33. Meg Steve Alten
  34. Pandemic by Daniel Kalla
  35.  The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen
  36. Decked by Carol Higgins Clark
  37. Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts
  38. The Lions Of Lucerne By Brad Thor
  39. ShoeDog by George P Pelecanos
  40. Missing Witness by Gordan Campbell
  41. Contest by Matthew Reilly
  42. "A" Is for Albi by Sue Grafton
  43. Two For the Dough by Janet Evanvoich
  44. Rentless by Dean Koontz
  45. Against The Wind by J F Freedman
  46. The Madman's Tale by John Katzenbach
  47. Some Girls Bite  by Chloe Neill 
  48. Chiefs by Stuart Woods
  49. The Godwulf Manuscript  by Robert B Paker
  50. The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout


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Babylon Rising:The Europa Conspiracy by Tim LeHaye

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I started "The Accomplice" by Kathryn Heyman-talk about a hidden gem!

It's by an Australian author.

A historical fiction account of the sinking of the ship "Batavia" off the coast of Australia in the 1600s and about what happened to the survivors who were stranded (this really happened).  The main character is a young woman named Judith, and the book is written in her POV as if she's looking back at what happened. 

My Mom found this book at a yard sale and let me borrow it-I am glad she did!  So far it's an excellent book.

Geri (geejay) -
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Yellow as Legal Pads by Fran Stewart

Bite Me if you Can  by Lyndsay Sands
Your Coffin or MIne by Kimberly Raye
The Only Suspect by Jonnie Jacobs


State of the Onion by Hyzy, Julie
Restored to Death by Nancy Bell
Poisen Pen by Sheila Lowe

TBR - not necessarily in this order
Delectable Mountains   Fowler, Earlene
Crazy Eights    Gunn, Elizabeth
Hunting Fear  Hooper, Kay
Edge of Evil   Jance, J A
Something Like Love Jenkins, Beverly
Smoking Out a Killer Lonsdale, Harry Paul
In Sheep's Clothing  MacPherson, Rett
Cereal Killer  McKevett, G. A.
Winter House  O'Connell, Carol
The Society  Palmer, Michael
On the Way to the Wedding Quinn, Julia
Midnight in Death   Robb, J D
McNally's Bluff  Sanders, Lawrence
The Red Hat Club  Smith, Heywood
Murder of a Smart Cookie Swanson, Denise
Dead Giveaway  Sweeney, Leann
Share No Secrets  Thompson, Carlene
Nerd Gone Wild  Thompson, Vicki Lewis
Dead for the Winter  Thornton, Betsy
Trouble in Bloom  Webber, Heather
Ritual in the Dark  Wilson, Colin
Death of a Red Heorine Xiaolong, Qiu
Cliffhanger  Yaffe, James
To Guard the Right  Zachary, Hugh


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Just Finished

The Dark Mirror by Juliet Marillier


Up Next (alphabetical order by title, not read order)

Altered Carbon, by Richard K. Morgan

Auralia's Colors, by Jeffrey Overstreet

Bright of the Sky, by Kay Kenyon

Carnival, by Elizabeth Bear

Dust, by Elizabeth Bear

The Fox Woman, by Kij Johnson

The Ropemaker, by Peter Dickinson

The Silver Metal Lover, by Tanith Lee

Song for the Basilisk, by Patricia McKillip

Storyteller, by Amy Thomson

Swordspoint, by Ellen Kushner

Wild Seed, by Octavia E. Butler


In the Mail to Me (which means it might take precedence, but I don't know yet)

James Tiptree Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon, by Julie Phillips

The Novels of Tiger and Del Vol. I, by Jennifer Roberson

Whiskey and Water, by Elizabeth Bear


Books I'm Reading for Research (and therefore liable to be picked up and set down as the mood strikes me or as necessary to the story)

A People's History of the United States 1492 to the Present, by Howard Zinn

Hawaiian Myths of Earth, Sea, and Sky, by Vivian L. Thompson

Handbook of Unusual Natural Phenomena, by William R. Corliss

The Bedouins and the Desesrt, by Jibrail S. Jabbur

The Medieval Castle, by Phillip Warner


And of course, there is my continuing effort to reread all of Agatha Christie's mysteries in publication order. Of course, I'm stalled at the moment because I need a few of the books I've mailed to get received so that I have credits to order the next book up in that endeavor. . .

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Finished in August:

  • The Dark Horse by Craig Johnson
  • The Bellini Card by Jason Goodwin (audio)
  • Death of a Squire by Maureen Ash
  • A Shred of Evidence by Jill McGown
  • Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey (audio)

Currently reading:

  • Kushiel's Chosen by Jacqueline Carey
  • Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver (audio)
  • A Potion for a Widow by Caroline Row


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So far I've already finished one book, so I should get more done than in July, at least.


1.  Feast of Fear: Conversations with Stephen King - Ed. by Tim Underwood & Chuck Miller : Pretty interesting... a compilation of old interviews from the 80's.

Currently reading:

Cat by Freya North - good so far.

To be read:


1.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

2.  Expecting Adam - Martha Beck

3.  Tinsel - William Goldman

4.  Let Their Spirits Dance - Stella Pope Duarte

5.  Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin

6.  I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This! - Bob Newhart

7.  The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark - Ridley Pearson


8.  Sarah's Child - Linda Howard

9.  Red Lily - Nora Roberts

10.  Grass for His Pillow (Tales of the Otori book 2) - Lian Hearn

A couple of lit. journals-

11. ESC!

12.  Gulf Stream


Probably won't even get through half of these, since we're moving this month.  (sigh)


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Reading The Girl Who Played Wtih Fire- Stieg Larsson

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Finished in August:

The Europa Conspiracy by Tim LeHaye & Bob Phillips

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Babylon Rising:The Edge of Darknessx by Tim LeHaye & Bob Phillips

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I've just started Americana by Don DeLillo and am continuing to attempt reading La sombra del viento by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (English title is Shadow of the Wind).

Ivy M. (Luvbug) - ,
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1. You Bet Your Life by Christine T. Jorgensen    (Stella the Stargazer series)

2. A Killer Stitch by Maggie Sefton  (Knitting Mystery #4)

 3. Mortal Prey by John Sandford (Prey Series #13)

4. The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

5. Exposed by Alex Kava

Currently Reading:

Naked Prey by John Sandford

Started but not Finished:

1. Burning Angel by James Lee Burke

2. Pointing from the Grave by Samantha Weinberg

Up Next:

Hidden Prey by John Sandford (Prey Series #15)

Broken Prey by John Sandford (Prey Series #16)

Invisible Prey by John Sandford (Prey Series #17)

Phantom Prey by John Sandford (Prey Series #18)

Wicked Prey by John Sandford (Prey Series #19)

Then who knows what I will pick up...I may even pick up something else inbetween the Prey Series Books.


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The Negotiator by Dee Henderson. A great series

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Blessed Is the Busybody - Emilie Richards - 1st in Ministry is Murder mysteries - good! I have several by this author in mt tbr but found this at library and really enjoyed it(wish the main character was single so she could get the cop!) minister's wife is no pushover. he takes position in smaller town that can pay a salary yet allow him time to write. dead body shows up on the parsonage front porch, members wanting to run them off...another dead body..this one had some 'crazy' twists and turns but was good.

Vision in White - Nora Roberts - 1st in Bride Quartet series - good - no frills with this - no paranormal or ghosts or suspense that Nora Roberts has gotten 'famous' for lately. just a nice romance with a non-alpha hero! the woman got on my nerves a bit but oh well overall a good read and another library book!

 Glory Be -  Janet & Ron Benrey - 1st in Love Inspired Glory, NC series. pleasantly surpried since I don't usually 'go' for the religious romances but lately I've found some really good ones and their suspense series has some good mysteries. A $600,000 inheritance has to be used to further the church's music ministry and t here's a major division between the choir members who are traditionalists and the ones who are contemporary. the contemporary(younger crowd in general) plays pranks and practical jokes then someone dies - accident, harmless prank gone too far, or deliberate murder?? This was a pretty good one. I hope the next 3 are just as good(and someone posts the 2nd one LOL!)

currently reading Last Chance Cafe by Curtiss Ann Matlock - I was moving books around and decided to read this one that will fill a challenge I'm doing(address or place in title) it's a short book from silhouette written around 1997 so pretty dated! This nutty widow decides to take the entire savings and buy a run-down needs repair house and 80 acres to 'work the farm'..has 3 kids...of course it'll have a HEA but hoo boy some people have more balls than me that's for sure! I gave up when the guy told her the house didnt' have air conditioning!

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Finished in August:

1:The Europa Conspiracy by Tim LeHaye and Bob Phillips

2. The Edge of Darkness by Tim LeHaye and Bob Phillips

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2.  Cat - Freya North : I love Freya North.  This was my least favorite I've read so far, and I still really liked it and teared up a couple of times.  The only problem I had with it was it was one of those situations where the author did a lot of research and is not as good at sneaking it in subtly.  A lot of it works, but every once in a while there's a real clunker where a fact is just kind of launched out there with no real support from the plot going on around it.  Still liked it enough to keep, though.


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Nicolae by Tim LeHaye & Jerry B. Jensen

Subject: August Reads
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So far this month I have read "Bean Trees" by Kingsolver (actually my daughter had to read it for school and I read it too) I really ended up liking it - I think Kingsolver is a good author. The books is about a girl who heads out of her rural Kentucky town for a better life and the "life" that happens to her. It reminded me a little of "Where the Heart Is" in the fact that the girl builds her own "family" of people she meets along the way.

I also read "The Girl who Played with Fire" -- loved it!! Some of the characters are back from the Dragon Tattoo (Lisbeth, Mikel etc.) and some new ones are threaded into the story. This book gave a little insight in to what makes Salander who she is....  I couldn't put it down.

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Lets see if I can remember.

Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson-started end of July finished Aug 1-2\

Standing in the Shadows by Shannon McKenna

How to Knit a Wild Bikini by Christie Ridgeway

The River Devil by Diane Whiteside

Interred With Their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell

The Night Before by Lisa Jackson-still reading

Taran Wanderer by Lloyd Alexander-still reading with DD

The Man in The Brown Suit by Agatha Christie

The Miracle at Speedy Motors by Alexander McCall Smith-started tonight

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I'm reading The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst.  I'm about 100pp in and really enjoying it.  I've also been reading Peter Ackroyd's London: A Biography in short spurts.

Mary - I read the Prydain books with my mom when I was little.  I remember Taran Wanderer was her favorite. :)

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Finished in August:

  • The Dark Horse by Craig Johnson
  • The Bellini Card by Jason Goodwin (audio)
  • Death of a Squire by Maureen Ash
  • A Shred of Evidence by Jill McGown
  • Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey (audio)
  • A Potion For a Widow by Caroline Roe
  • Kushiel's Chosen by Jacqueline Carey
  • Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver (audio)
  • The Last Templar by Michael Jecks

Currently reading:

  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
  • Blood at the Root by Peter Robinson
  • The Purrrfect Murder by Rita Mae Brown (audio)


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Finished in August:

1. Babylon Rising: The Europa Conspiracy by Tim LeHaye & Bob Phillips

2. Babylon Rising: The Edge of Darkness by Tim LeHaye & Bob Phillips

3. Nicolae: The Rise of AntiChrist by Tim Lehaye & Jerry B. Jenkins


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