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Topic: Aztec - Septima Pars through Decima Pars (333 pages)

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Subject: Aztec - Septima Pars through Decima Pars (333 pages)
Date Posted: 2/17/2010 12:07 PM ET
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Septima Pars through Decima Pars (333 pages)

Date Posted: 2/27/2010 7:21 PM ET
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I just started Decima Pars. Won't say much now, but I will say Nona Pars ended on quite a sad and gruesome note.  Poor Mixtli.  He truly does seem to be cursed in many ways.  Although he has certainly been blessed many times, and seems to be fortunate for the most part as far as his person is concerned, those around him seem to not fare well.  The "lost at sea" episode was an ordeal, but of course, Mixtli survived. He seemed to enjoy his time with the Raramuri, but of course that ended on a bad note as well.  It never seems to end with him.

Date Posted: 2/28/2010 8:31 AM ET
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One issue I'm curious about is the Mixtli/Beu relationship.  Why do they hate each other?  At this point, you know that they have successfully developed a civilized relationship, and I thought maybe they had become companions in a brother/sister sort of way with Beu living with Mixtli and acting as Nochipa's female guardian, but at their marriage, Mixtli again brings up the fact that they dislike each other.  I was puzzled by this.

I think Mixtli dislikes Beu because she disliked him first!  LOL!  He appears not to trust her though, and I'm not sure why.  I think I understand that Beu has had mixed emotions from Mixtli from the start.  For one thing, I think she was highly offended when Mixtli was convalescing with them and initially didn't realize that she and Zyanya were two different people. Zyanya seemed not to be bothered by that.  It is, after all, understandable as Mixtli was recovering from a severe head injury.  Who can blame the guy for being dazed and confused, especially when Beu and Zyanya apparently resembled each other very strongly. (They weren't twins, were they?)   For another thing, I think Beu was in love with Mixtli and was hurt when he ended up with Zyanya.  She was jealous, plain and simple.  In addition, Beu and Zyanya were very close, and I think Beu was devastated when Mixtli took her sister away from her - emotionally as well as physically when Mixtli and Zyanya returned to live in Mixtli's home city.  I think Beu felt abandoned, and when she was raped later, she blamed it on Mixtli.  He took her sister away or he wasn't there to protect her, and it was a solider (as we later find out, Motecuzoma) from Mixtli's people who was her assailant.  So, basically Beu was jealous and bitter, and I think she had hardened her heart and buried her love for Mixtli under a lot of dislike.  It never struck me though, that she truly and deeply hated him. 

At their marriage, Mixtli obviously doesn't trust her.  It seems he marries her only so that he has an heir to his fortune.  I guess he feel some sort of guilt over Beu and feels at least leaving her with his fortune will recompense her for anything he did that was wrong to her, and of course I think he'd rather have his money go to Zyanya's sister rather than the government.  However, it's obvious he has no feelings of love towards her at all.  He won't even sleep with her.  He claims not to trust her.  Why is he so averse to trying to build a relationship with her.  Some possibilities I see are -

He seems to think that one Beu gets Mixtli to have tender feelings for her, she will scorn him.  He is afraid of getting hurt by her.  Do you think that's true or do you think Beu truly would like to have a loving relationship with Mixtli?

He was so in love with Zyanya that he feels to move on now with another woman, even 10 years after her death, would be a betrayal to her.  Personally, I think Zyanya would be thrilled for Mixtli and Beu to take comfort in each other and spend their remaining days in a loving relationship.  They were the two dearest people in the world to her.

I don't know. I truly think Beu just wants to be Mixtli's wife because she cares for him.  I don't think her goal is to hurt him. Am I off base?  Tell me what your take is on Mixtli and Beu's relationship.

ETA - I typed my post putting the accent symbol on the "e" in Beu's name, and it looked fine in my reply until I posted it, then the "es" with the accent symbol turned into question marks.  Strange.

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Date Posted: 3/2/2010 5:28 PM ET
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I just finished up this section, and you are right that it clearly seems to be a curse to love Mixtli!  What happened to his daughter was horrific, and I remember thinking when he left her that things were not going to turn out well.

As for Beu, I think Mixtli wants to honor his love for Zayanna (sp?) and is disgusted by the constant implication that they are interchangeable.  Of course, if Beu had drawn the straw to accompany him to look for the purple dye instead of her sister, would he have ended up with her?  The answer to that question may make him angry at himself as well, which then causes him to lash out at Beu.  I have to say, it is somewhat hateful of her to continue to minimize the love he had for her sister by insisting that she can be her replacement.  I mean when she was pregnant, she was offering herself to him then!  I do think the she may care for Mixtli (I can't remember - was Beu the one who was watching when he was with their mother)?  But I also think she always carried almost a hateful jealousy for her sister when it came to Mixtli.