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Baby Signs
Baby Signs
Author: Linda Acredolo, Susan Goodwyn
ISBN-13: 9780809234301
ISBN-10: 0809234300
Publication Date: 4/1/1996
Pages: 176
  • Currently 3.7/5 Stars.

3.7 stars, based on 72 ratings
Publisher: Contemporary Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 24
While the information about sharing signs with your child seems useful, I was very disappointed to see that this book does not use American Sign Language. Instead, it encourages parents to develop signs with their child. Personally, I think that it's important to use ASL, and given that many signs are fairly intuitive, I think that developing your own set of signs sort of defeats the purpose of teaching sign language to your children. How will my children communicate with people outside of the immediate family? With ASL, there is a possibility that they could, with self-developed signs there is no chance.
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Helpful Score: 9
My son did not speak until 15 months. From 11 months to 18 months, we used this book to aid in communication with him. It wasn't until the day that he said his first word that we realized he had been using his own sign for "kitty" since he was 7 months old.

I like how this book recognizes that not all signs have to be formal. They just have to have meaning for your child. The pictures in the book are very simple and easy to understand.
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Helpful Score: 4
This was a really fun book to use. I always thought kids were just 'blank slates' with no knowledge of anything other than their needs. This book helped me become more in tune with those needs and opened a line of communication with my child that helped me realize she was much deeper than that.
It helped also with her learning language. We speak 2 languages and if she didnt understand the translation there was always the sign to rely on.
By no means did this retard her growth and learning. I think it opened her mind to learning more!
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Helpful Score: 4
I think this book is very helpful. Babies are often frustrated wanting to communicate before they are verbal. Kids understand language well before they can talk. This book is a great resourse.
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Helpful Score: 3
This is an excellent book for anyone who is thinking about using baby signs or is currently using baby signs. There is a section in the back that gives suggestions for words to sign and how to sign them.
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Helpful Score: 2
This book provides a simple and fascinating way to enhance communication, social interaction and the sharing of inner worlds between parents and infants before they can talk.
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Helpful Score: 2
This book is awesome! Our daughter learned so much and it's easy to learn and teach. This is *THE* book for learning to teach your baby signs.
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Helpful Score: 2
A nice introduction to baby signs with some great pictures!
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Helpful Score: 2
Babies can easily learn simple signs at a very young age. They can learn to communicate very effectively before they are able to say words. This book helps parents know how to talk with their baby before he can talk.
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Helpful Score: 2
I used this with my son, who began signing on his own at around 13 months. He didn't really talk until after he was 18 months old, but his ability to sign around 20 or so words enabled him to communicate wonderfully! It was great for everyday living at our house, but the neatest part was how amazed his grandparents and aunt and uncles were over how they could "understand" what Ricky wanted without him being able to say the words! It was especially cool to see how he expanded his signs to include more concrete things - such as using the "more" sign when he wanted you to play a game with him again, vs. for food only; as well as making up his own signs for things. This book was a great tool for us!
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Helpful Score: 1
Fantastic ideas for pre-vocal communication.
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Helpful Score: 1
It was an interesting book. I think it could have easily been summed up to a paragraph though. The information was simply repeated from chapter to chapter, there was lots of pictures though!
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Not impressed with this book. It does not use AML - very disappointed
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I found this very helpful. Our little girl is still to young but we are using the signs all the time and waiting for her to start signing back. I grew up with a deaf cousin and I think that teaching all children this will be beneficial to anyone even if there is not a deaf person in their family. I have talked to several people who have used this and they said that it helped a lot with shrinking the frustration of not knowing what your child is saying.
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its alright. it give you ideas how to use hands to identify a behavior or object. im sure they have info like this online. its good to swap this book around in paperbackswap
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Great book for teaching your infant beginning sign language as well as recognizing your child's own natural signs for different things to aid in communication before your child has the verbal skills to convey their wants and needs.
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I give this book to expectant mothers. They'll be the ones to give the review - I only know it makes a great gift.
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Great book for parents!
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It looks great, except I had triplets and don't have the time to use it!