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Topic: Bad swapper list?

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Subject: Bad swapper list?
Date Posted: 2/2/2008 11:21 AM ET
Member Since: 10/24/2007
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 In that huge "Buddy Changes" thread in the other forum, someone mentions that we now have a bad swpper list (the comment is on pg 11).  I've looked through my settings and the help docs and can't find anything about this.  Does anyone else know where it is, or was that member mistaken?


Date Posted: 2/2/2008 11:35 AM ET
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Mendy -
Date Posted: 2/2/2008 2:28 PM ET
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Amy, I think the comment was that someone felt we needed a bad swappers list.  Some people like to have a tag in their personal buddy list like "do not trade with" reminding them of people that they don't like to trade with for some reason or another.  But it's nothing official.

On the other hand, the games moderators do have a bad swappers list for games players that have flaked on games but that is a totally different thing from what you are asking (I believe).

Subject: Notebook entry ??
Date Posted: 2/3/2008 6:04 AM ET
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What about making a notebook entry of the bad swappers?  You don't have to say "donotorder".  Its anyone's guess why that user's name is in your notebook. 

Date Posted: 2/3/2008 6:26 AM ET
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I would love to have a personal "do not trade" list which was automatically tied in to the FIFO system.  If you happen to order a book and the next person in the FIFO line is on you 'dnt' list, it moves to the next person (for you) while leaving the one from your dnt list at the top of the line for the next requestor.

eta: In the past, we could add someone to our buddy list and then tag them as 'do not trade' - no tie-in with FIFO, but a personal reminder.  Now, I'm far less likely to do that, since I have to invite them to be my buddy first!


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Date Posted: 2/3/2008 11:32 AM ET
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Ok...so now I am paranoid!  I have never used the buddy list and just recently I got 2 requests to be on my buddy list.  Now I am wondering if it was so that they could place me on their "bad list"!!  I thought the transactions had gone well.  Neither of them complained.  I would have gladly fixed the situation.  I hope I didn't anger anyone!  Maybe I am paranoid.  Sorry for the worry!

I had a very bad experience early on and it's made me very afraid of being on the "bad List".   Anywhooo....I just wanna do the right thing.  I love this site!

Date Posted: 2/3/2008 12:02 PM ET
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Tonia - I wouldn't worry about it too much, people also used the buddy list to tag good shelves too. Looking at yours, I'd say that would be more likely, you have a very good shelf with lots of hardcovers. If I wasn't up to the ceiling in TBRs, I'd be ordering from you right now.

Date Posted: 2/3/2008 12:18 PM ET
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If you had prior transactions with them, they probably buddied you because they want to order from you again. 

It would be nice if there was some default feature that if you mark a book RWP-it puts that person on a list for you and your eyes only. Or makes it so you can't order from them again.  Sort of like when someone declines for conditions, it won't let you order that book from that person again. 

If you remember the books that were bad, you can look through your transaction history and see who sent the book and then make a list or check out their shelf before you place an order.  Just to make sure they don't have that book. 

Date Posted: 2/3/2008 12:20 PM ET
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I must say that I do not understand this "Do not trade" list thing at all. If a books is sent that does not meet the basic PBS guidelines or individual requester condtions, that books should be marked "Received with a Problem"

Anyone with enough "RWP" transactions will be contacted by the PBS Team, warned, and if it continures their account closed or suspended.

If they want to be a member in good standing, they will respond to PMs. If they do not respond, again that should be reported, this time using feedback so the non response can be addressed by the PBS Team.

It seems that a solution is already in place for this situation. I also do not see the odds as being very good for chosing a book from the FIFO list and it going back to a member that there was a oast problem with. With thousand of members and hundred thousands of books posted what is the chances of ordering from the same member more than once? Of my 384 transactions, I only see just a few from the same members, other than multlple books ordered on the same day. And of the members that do repeat, I am sure I ordered directly from them cause they are all buddies of mine that I have ongoing relationships with here in the forums, PMs or other personal contact.

If we would just let the system work like it should then....well just my opinion...

Cathy A. (Cathy) - ,
Date Posted: 2/3/2008 12:21 PM ET
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LOL Tonia -- I set my privacy settings to auto-accept buddy requests. Today I looked and there are two people on there that I've never heard of. I've never traded with them and I don't recognize their names from the forums. So now I am wondering...

Are they forum lurkers who hated something I posted once? Or do they think I'm some other Cathy (that does happen a lot)? Maybe they're planning a vacation to my town and found me in the member directory. Or maybe they looked at my wish list and have some books they're going to offer me as soon as they finish reading them (I hope that's it :-).

Date Posted: 2/3/2008 1:08 PM ET
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Cathy - I think it's more likely those people either LIKE your bookshelf and want to be sure to come back to it OR think they may want to post something to your wishlist some day.   I have added FAR more people to my buddy list for those reason than for a bad trade.

IF I had a bad trade list, I'd simply write them down and keep them by my computer.   I mean it's not like the list is pages and pages long.   Now the list of people whose bookshelf I like is quite long! 

Date Posted: 2/3/2008 2:16 PM ET
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My problem with a public BAD SWAPPERS list stems from the possibility of being put on list(s) based upon a misunderstanding that has two sides to the story. Mailing a book a couple of days late once, and later on sending a book that has a tear of, say, an inch and a half (but is otherwise in very good condition) doesn't mean the person should be branded as "bad" although a couple of stickler members could achieve that result, no?

Date Posted: 2/3/2008 2:37 PM ET
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I don't think that people want to publicize the BAD SWAPPERS list but, I for one would like to have a list that would ding me (and me alone) when I received an offer of a book from someone on my list.

Cheryl G.  I don't know about your swapping but, I have sent to and received from several people multiple times..seems there is a fairly regular group of people who swap the genre of books that I read.  And so with that in mind I don't want to have to receive multiple books that are problems from one person while waiting on "the system" to take care of the issue.  I check who is sending me books and if it is someone on my list I will decline the book.

John S.  I don't know about everyone else but, it takes more than a late book or a small tear for me to put someone on my "BAD SWAPPERS" list.  At the moment I have 1 person on that list and let's see, the book was filthy with something sticky and slimy drooled down the front,  the back cover was coming apart, there was either mold or grease on the edges of the book and when I contacted the sender she simply stated "wasn't that way when I sent it."  then wouldn't respond to further emails until I said I was going to turn her over to administration then she said if I'd send the book back she'd give me my credit and when I said sure send me money or a credit first she never responded back.....NOW does that sound like someone you would want to swap with again?

On the other hand there was one lady who sent me a book that shouldn't have been posted, she sent me the credit back and we've talked back and forth and have become buddies and found that we have similar reading tastes so that was a book RWP that worked out good for both of us.

Oh well, I think somewhere to keep a list of BAD SWAPPERS for one's own personal use would be a good thing.



Date Posted: 2/3/2008 3:06 PM ET
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My objection would be to a public, semi-official(ish) list being compiled. I would be in favor of a private, un-buddy list (see Debs' post above) linked to one's WL to avoid future trades with that person.

Date Posted: 2/3/2008 3:36 PM ET
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Yeah John that is exactly like what I'd like...

Date Posted: 2/4/2008 12:26 PM ET
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i keep a list. out of 300+ swaps, i have returned one credit, gotten 5 credits back, and had 3 nasty PM exchanges with people. R & R say that there is usually such a small chance of a repeat swap with a problem member due to the 1000's that belong to the club, so they are not going to change the buddy list to have a "do not swap with" section. but they did say that they may change the transaction archive to include a RWP section, and maybe a way to note if it was resolved or not, so that would solve the problem. here's hoping that they do that.