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Bad Twin (Lost)
Bad Twin - Lost
Author: Gary Troup
ISBN-13: 9781401302764
ISBN-10: 1401302769
Publication Date: 5/2/2006
Pages: 256
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

3 stars, based on 62 ratings
Publisher: Hyperion
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 4
LOST addicts might enjoy is a fairly standard private eye offering...nothing terribly surprising, but more entertaining than I expected, given that it was written as a TV show prop, of sorts.
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Helpful Score: 4
I read this book solely because of it's Lost connection. I did enjoy the tv show tie-ins. The mystery was interesting, just not the greatest mystery I've ever read.
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Helpful Score: 3
If you're a die-hard Lost fan, read the'll find a lot of sublying themes that deepen the Lost "world". Purgatory, the infamous "twin" theory, father/son relations are all familiar topics from the Lost forums and are played out in the book. Other than references to the Widmores and Hanso, I don't think there are any shocking revelations that adds to the main Lost story. Rather, the book adds to the mystique of the Lost mythology. The writing seemed inconsistant, and often times rushed (especially near the end). Casual readers may want to pass this on, but is a must read for fans.
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Helpful Score: 3
As long as you don't go into reading BAD TWIN thinking you're going to solve the mysteries of the hit television show Lost, then you should be okay. BAD TWIN, on its own, is an intriguing mystery featuring twin brothers--one a bigwig in the family business, the other a ne're-do-well who has gone missing.

Oh, sure, there are a few references in the actual storyline to make you go "hmmm"--the philosopher John Locke, a trip to Australia aboard an Oceanic flight, the totally hyped numbers showing up as the twin's birthday, and the family name of Widmore. But besides those few basic tidbits, this book won't tell you squat. It really has nothing to do with Lost.

On its own merits, though, it's an engaging mystery that I read in one day, and if Gary Troup was an actual person (which he isn't), and had actually written anything else besides BAD TWIN (which he hasn't), I wouldn't hesitate to read it.
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Helpful Score: 1
I enjoyed this tale but didn't enjoy the feeling of being ripped off once I realized the information about the author was a load and the story was linked to the tv series Lost. Oh well, so much for not being plugged into the tv age.
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A must-read for die hard Lost fans. The name Gary Troup is an anagram for Purgatory...
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Not a type of book that I would normally read, but as a Lost fan, it was something I needed to read. Glad I did. Lots of twists and turns and little tidbits of information that could pop up in the next season of Lost.
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I read this book for the Lost connection. I thought it was a pretty good story, not quite predictable, but good. I loved the Lost references.
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was not thrilled with the book. As a huge fan of the ABC show Lost, I have to say this dissappointed me. I guess my expectations were too high, I thought there would be more "secrets" to the show. The story felt forced and even the main character was flat and boring. I wouldn't have read it if not for Lost, and I wouldn't have finished it if not for the nagging thought "well maybe the ending is really neat" isn't. honestly, don't bother unless you just want it for the sake of having it
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a really good thriller.
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I found this book extremely boring....couldn't wait to get to the end & be done with it !!! Waste of my time I could have spent reading one of my more interesting books.
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For all you LOST fans out there, this is pretty interesting..
Liked it a lot.
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I really enjoyed this book. Great for a quick read.
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Excellent reading!