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Topic: Cannot Believe This!

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Subject: Cannot Believe This!
Date Posted: 3/6/2013 9:14 PM ET
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OK, I get a wish list granted notice, I accept and am excited that I am going to get this book. I get done printing a mailout sheet for a book someone requested and I see a message and it says, I am broke. The book I was so excited to get has been cancelled because that person is broke? Then why did you list the book today? Why is your account not on hold or vacation status? This is fustrating and I know I am ranting about alittle thing but is still frosts my cookies. Has this happened to anyone else? I am sure am not the only one, how did you handle it? Part of me wants to offer to pay her to ship it! 

Thanks for listening/reading. 

Joan W.

Date Posted: 3/6/2013 10:14 PM ET
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Date Posted: 3/6/2013 10:27 PM ET
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Very frustrating! 

I'm guessing that what happened is that he posted a number of books, not realizing that a bunch were wish list books and that they'd be requested right away.  He may have been overwhelmed with orders, and canceled the last few.  The site is very understanding about this kind of thing, especially with newer members.  Often the books from the canceled transactions will get posted later, after pay day.

No comfort to you, though, I know.  Sorry that happened.


And I get live help questions every once in a while from someone who meant to import a list of ISBNs to her wish list, but accidentally posts them instead.  It's not uncommon to accidentally post a wish list book.  In fact, it's common enough that there's a help doc on it. :-)

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Date Posted: 3/7/2013 8:55 AM ET
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It's also possible that he had his account on vacation for a long time and didn't realize the vacation hold expired.  In the meantime, some of his books went WL and were automatically requested. 

I've accidentally posted WL books before. I've picked up books I wanted to read at the thrift store and posted them to work their way up FIFO, thinking there's no way it's WL.  And oops it pops up on hold.  I just read it quick and mailed it out but I could see how it could happen.  I've also taken my account off a long vacation hold and had books unexpectedly pop up on WL hold.  Again, I just mailed them but I can see how it could happen.

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Date Posted: 3/7/2013 11:32 AM ET
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 Part of me wants to offer to pay her to ship it!

Please don't do this. One, they may be sending the message just to see if you will and they can get away with earning their credits for free. And two - it is against site rules to offer to pay someone for a book and it could put your account in jeopardy. I know its frustrating, but if you got the offer now, it means you are next in line and you will get another offer soon.

Date Posted: 3/7/2013 3:28 PM ET
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Not sure how you post a book you didn't mean to post.

I did this once.  My wife left a pile of "seemingly" unwanted books.  I wanted to post them to my bookshelf to later post as available once she gave the green light.
Yeah, she still plans on reading them one day = me embarrassed = disappointed receiver.

Date Posted: 3/7/2013 3:57 PM ET
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I've accidentally posted WL books before. I've picked up books I wanted to read at the thrift store and posted them to work their way up FIFO, thinking there's no way it's WL.  And oops it pops up on hold.

I've almost done this too - which is why now I check by searching in the 'regular' search box rather than just going to the Post a Book page. Or these days, using the phone app to scan it and check to see whether it's WLed.

A couple times I've accidentally posted books I wasn't ready to send out, or realized that they actually were a loan from a friend, or that I'd promised to give them to a relative to read - I tend to do a big cull of my bookshelves every few months and then list a bunch of books all at once. Accidents are bound to happen sometimes, unfortunately. The annoying thing is that even if you realize it right away, if the book is wishlisted and on the 48-hour hold, you have to wait until the request is made by the wisher to then turn it down.

I agree, it's probably someone who's new, listed a whole bunch of books, and then was surprised at how many of them were requested right away.

Date Posted: 3/7/2013 4:49 PM ET
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Sorry to hear about this disappointment, Joan. 

If it makes you feel any better, I checked your WL to see if I have any books you are wishing for (but unfortunately I do not.) 

Another (less likely) possibility is that something went wrong with a "WL multiples" order. In case you haven't heard, there's a thread in the Book Bazaar forum where people are allowed to list books they are only willing to send out in multiples in order to save on shipping. You can check this list too; I think posters there are motivated to send out WL multiples. 

Hope this helps. 


Date Posted: 3/8/2013 11:04 AM ET
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Thomas I myself did that exact thing...I purchased 2 books and posted them to my TBR list..except I didn't. I posted them to my bookshelf instead. I wasn't going to send out 2 books I had not read yet so I had to tell the requestor I could not send. Did I fell foolish and guilty ...yes but I still want to read the 2 books I purchased. Sometimes people just screw  up with no malice intended.

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Date Posted: 3/8/2013 4:22 PM ET
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Yep, this is why I completely altered the way I post books, and now do so individually from the books' listing pages, without using the post books page or the post multiple books function. If I'm really concerned, I sometimess even put it on my reminder list first to check the number in the system. Why? Because 1) I'm on a shipping budget and 2) ever since my mom discovered the discount goodwill section of the store (books that they've had for a while get moved to their own area, and cost a quarter instead of a dollar or two), I have been posting many books I have not yet read. They get to start their way moving up FIFO, and I'll read them when I get a chance. But, if you post books in any of the other ways, it is incredibly easy to be flooded with orders that you didn't expect, because sometimes what's WLed or only has one or two copies in the system can be surprising. But, new members don't realize this.

Needless to  say, I've also taken to triple-checking when I go to add something to my TBR or anything as well.

Date Posted: 3/10/2013 7:48 PM ET
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had it happen and the person asked me to pay for shipping if I really wanted it

Date Posted: 3/10/2013 11:52 PM ET
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Thank you all for the great information and knowing that I am not the only one this has happened to! It is fustrating and I usually don't "rant" so but it was one of those days and that just had to happen on that day! 

I didn't offer to pay for the book since I knew that is a no no. Thanks again for sympathizing with me!

Date Posted: 3/15/2013 2:33 AM ET
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If someone is so broke that they don't have $2.49 cents to mail a book, one could argue they probably should not be swapping books at all, but perhaps borrowing from the public library.

Books are luxuries when you don't have $$ to eat, and that is the gap that public lending libraries are there to fill, because of course, access to reading material should be available to everyone, but ownership of that reading material is not always possible. 

If it's just a monthly "cash flow problem" then why not use the feature PBS provides to place bookshelf on hold....

But yeah, when I was  a newbie, I jsut posted all my books to the system and had 27 orders!  LOL  Maybe they should put something about this in the HELP section, for newbies, that might be bombarded.  Anyone I've invited here I WARN THEM about this first.  LOL

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