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Topic: Best place to buy MANGA?

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Subject: Best place to buy MANGA?
Date Posted: 4/22/2013 7:08 PM ET
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Just curious, where do you guys buy your manga from?  

I've ordered from Amazon and booksamillion.com before.

Amazon seems to have a decent sellection and prices are okay for the most part.  

Booksamillion, I've ordered one book from so far and it is backordered, so I haven't actually gotten anything from them yet. Not sure I'm order from them again at this rate.

Just wondering where you get yours and why do you like that place?



Date Posted: 4/23/2013 4:41 PM ET
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I order all of my new manga from Amazon and Rightstuf. Amazon is good for titles by  Kodansha and Vertical while I find Rightstuf to be better for Viz. Darkhorse stuff is a toss up between the two and I don't regularly order titles from other publishers. Rightstuf has a discount club that is well worth it if you buy a lot of manga.

To be fair you can't toss any online retailer to the side for a backordered item, especially if it is something that is actually out of print. Amazon is the only retailer I know of that if your item hasn't shipped within a couple of weeks (aside from preorders) that they ask if you would like to cancel your order. For hard to find stuff I hit eBay or half.com or HPB. What did you order out of curiosity?

Date Posted: 4/23/2013 7:50 PM ET
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Back ordered item is  Finder Volume 4: Prisoner in the View Finder (Yaoi) by Ayano Yamane. The website showed it as being in stock, but after I ordered it I got an email from them saying it had been back ordered. Wasn't happy only because the site said it was in stock.  I'm okay with it being back ordered as long as I get it eventually. 



Date Posted: 4/24/2013 8:57 AM ET
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I completely understand you being displeased if it was listed as in stock. Barnes & Noble got me a like that. Their customer support team apparently is told to feign ignorance.

Looks like most of that series is actually out of print. I would suggest trying to hunt it down by other means.  Definitely keep it on your wishlist here. And I'll keep it on my radar for you. I'm a master of scouring the internet for hard to find manga ;)


Date Posted: 4/26/2013 6:35 PM ET
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Abe's books, eBay, rightstuf. Mostly eBay though... You can get crazy good deals but it takes a lot of time to shift through it all some times (things people list under manga lot or yaoi lot without the names in the title) I've had stuff be on back order from bam and it eventually it was canceled - not to scare you I knew mine were out of print and they were "on sale" so ya they over sold is all :)
Date Posted: 4/29/2013 3:28 AM ET
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Finder 4 is listed as in stock at Akadot.com, Digital Manga Publishing's webstore.  :)  I love Amazon, RightStuf, and ebay like everyone does, but if you want cheap backlist BL, Akadot's a small goldmine.  Finder's not discounted as heavily as some of their older books, unfortunatley - DMP has a bit of a problem with keeping the popular stuff in print. ^^;

Edited to add: Welp, it's out of stock now.  That series goes quick.

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Date Posted: 5/28/2013 7:07 PM ET
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GGGRRRR!  Hate Booksamillion.  After telling me that my order was pending forever, they cancelled it!  But the book still shows as available on their website. I called them and they said they can't get it anymore but won't remove it from their catalogue until the publisher says it's out of print and notifies them of that.  

Will NOT be ordering from them again, ever!  

Date Posted: 6/6/2013 2:08 PM ET
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You can try Livejournal as well. I have a friend who is clearing out her collections and has been sending me all her items to sell since she is not online and doesn't know her way around online. But for years I have used Livejournal of manga and other items and as long as you check on things like feedback and ask questions it seems to work out really well. Many collections are being disposed of since many are running out of room or moving to another country for work ect.

Subject: I HATE Booksamillion NEVER AGAIN
Date Posted: 6/19/2013 1:49 AM ET
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Okay, against my better judgement I ordered 5 books from Booksamillion as I figured I'd give them another chance after the disappointment that was my first order (that they cancelled after WEEKS of waiting-almost 3 months).  

So, FIVE books.  One book they have put on back order and it says pending, again.  Will probably be cancelled just like last time.

So that leaves FOUR books.  I get TWO emails, one saying two of the books have been shipped and the other saying two books have been shipped.  Great!! Right???

WRONG!!!  When I ordered the books, it did not say anything about the shipping by UPS.  I can NOT get anything shipped by UPS!  They will not deliver to my address. I've had this problem before, so always make sure things get shipped by the US Postal Service instead. I did not notice that the tracking numbers weren't USPS numbers.  So here I am thinking at least 4 of my books are on their way to me.  Then I get a call from UPS on Monday that they tried to deliver and that the address was wrong, to call them with the correct address.  The nightmare begins. I call them.

  • ME: "The address is correct, there is no house on the property yet as we are building the house.  There is a camper and storage shed on the property and I do actually live there."
  • UPS: "We can only deliver to residential addresses."
  • ME: "It is a residential addresss, I am building a house on the property. You can deliver to the camper or shed, which are right next to each other and I will physically be there on Wed & Thur. You can see both from the road." 
  • UPS: "We have to deliver to a house or one of our stores.  Our closest store is in Charleston, WV."
  • ME: "Charleston is over 2 hours, one way, away from where I live and I've never been there. I am not going to drive 4 hours to pick up books that are supposed to be delivered to my home. The driver can leave the packages in my mailbox, which Fed-Ex and UPS have done before, my Postman doesn't mind."
  • UPS: " We can't do that.  We have to leave them at a residence."
  • ME: "You guys have left packages in my mailbox before."
  • UPS: "Well, we can't do that this time as it's against our policy."
  • ME: "Okay, then the driver can call me when he gets to my mailbox and I will happily run the short distance to get the boxes from him since  I will be home and watching for him."
  • UPS: "While the driver does carry a cell phone, we can't make them call you so that will not work and he will not wait for you to come to the road."
  • ME: "Then the driver can leave the packages on the drive by the mailbox and I will come and get them once he drops them off on the drive since I will be watching for them."
  • UPS: "I can ask the driver if he will do that, but I can't say he will. He probably won't."  
  • ME: "Can you tell me what the driver will do? Or have him call me to discuss how he can deliver these?
  • UPS: "NO.  The driver will attempt one more delivery and if he decides he can't deliver, the packages will go back to the sender."  END OF CALL.

So, I contact Booksamillion and tell them the situation. I'm informed that if the books come back to them, I will be refunded. I tell them, I don't want a refund I want the books I ordered and if they do go back can they reship by USPS.  They tell me that they will not reship. I would have to reorder the books and put a number next to my name when I order so that they would ship by USPS instead.  That they can not guarantee I would get the books as they would go back into the system and the first person who put an order in would get them.  I ask what to they mean put a number by my name to get books shipped by USPS instead of UPS. I get told that they only ship USPS to PRISONS and JAILS and that they assume if you have a number by your name that you are an INMATE and so they ship by USPS instead.  WHAT????!!!!!!

This whole situation is unreal.  I am NEVER ordering from them again and do NOT recommend anyone else order from them either.  

Not happy with UPS either. They have delivered here before, but it has been a battle to get them to do so and it depends on the driver assigned to this route on how reasonable they are.  

WED UPDATE:  I placed a large plastic cooler by my mailbox with a big yellow sign saying it was for UPS deliveries.  Chained the cooler to my mailbox post and then called UPS to let them know.  Amazingly, that worked.  UPS actually put the packages in it.  So I think it will be staying there for now just in case this happens again. 

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Date Posted: 6/22/2013 2:31 PM ET
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Eek! What a nightmare :( our ups doesn't even knocking at our door -.-: and yes BAM shipments come ups. I've had them put things on back order and cancel them but then the same items got up on back order and actually delivered :/ weird.. I would say avoid ordering from them again :( it's nice that they I've members free 2 day shipping but its a pain to (literally for us) catch ups.. Easier to get media mail -.-; Hope your back ordered book comes in :)
Date Posted: 6/23/2013 6:28 AM ET
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From my experiences with Books-A-Million, I've learned that if a book has been OOP, rare, and/or popular for quite sometime, they'll most likely not have it anywhere in their warehouses anymore. BAM! has a New & Used Marketplace, which is why some book titles are still "in stock" because they have a network of sellers that still offer them through BAM!. At least, that's what the guy on the phone told me after all my books were backordered for the longest time (he even let me cancel them after he told me they were all out of stock laugh). He was pretty nice.

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Date Posted: 6/23/2013 11:28 AM ET
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My son gets some of his manga from gohastings.com....(when they have a sale)..they sell alot of different things,books,graphic novels,manga,movies,video games etc. You have to keep checking the site to see what deals they have but its very worth it.


Date Posted: 7/22/2013 8:24 PM ET
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Amazon.com or Rightstuf.com for me :)   Rightstuf has good prices, and they have a lot of other cute merchandise but their free shipping is after you spend $50, but Amazon's minimum is only $25 :D