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Topic: Best way to respond to a PM

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Subject: Best way to respond to a PM
Date Posted: 12/8/2011 7:18 PM ET
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Hi Book Lovers!

I mailed a book on Nov 17. Two weeks later, on Dec 1, I received a PM stating "I haven't received, was it mailed?" My response was brief: "Yes, it was mailed Nov 17."

Today I received another PM which reads, "I still have not received the book."

Now I am kinda stumped and don't really know how to respond. Shall I just reiterate that it was mailed Nov 17? Or can I ignore it since I don't have any new information to add? I hate to be rude by not responding. The book won't even go "lost" until Dec 15. I cannot tell how long the member has been using PBS so maybe they're new?

I am 100% sure the book was mailed, I only mark books mailed after I actually mail them, it's going from California to Maryland and we are into the busy time of year where media mail can be extra slow.

Any advice? Thanks! (LOL, maybe my big run-on sentence might be a good response???)


Date Posted: 12/8/2011 7:27 PM ET
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I would just advise that the member look at the expected delivery date that is listed on the "Books En Route to Me" portion of their account.  It says right there when the book is estimated to arrive, and when it will be considered lost.  Maybe explain that it's a busy time of year, and packages typically get slowed down during the holidays, especially media mail.  And, I would also include that if the book is not received by Dec 15th, it will be marked Lost but until then you know as much as they do.

Date Posted: 12/8/2011 8:30 PM ET
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Sometimes new PBSers send these sorts of PMs -- I'd just state again that it was mailed on the 17th, and you can politely refer her to the Help Center section called "When can I expect to get my book?" if you think it will help.  The holidays tend to slow things down as well.

Date Posted: 12/9/2011 1:10 AM ET
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At this point, a response is optional Kelly.  In the case of RC, RWAP, or other potential problem swaps TPTB encourage or require members to respond to pm's.  Since the book is not lost, does not appear to be RWAP, and is still inside the lost date (especially considering holiday mail delays)...two pm's is excessive.  You need not respond if you do not wish to.  In fact, you are not required to respond at all until the book goes lost or is logged in as RWAP.

If you feel obligated to respond to the nagging, I like Elizabeth's suggestion.

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Date Posted: 12/9/2011 2:57 AM ET
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Hi Kelly,

Well you know you mailed a book because you don't mark it mailed until it is.  You do it the right way.  :)

Some people mark mailed because they have the book in their hand, packed and ready to go, and on their way to work are planning to stop at the PO.   Then, something happens.  LOL.

I once sent such a PM.   They had mailed with DC, there were never any scans, and about 25 days had passed.

Turns out she thought she had mailed it and had not.   smiley    She had mailed a whole bunch of books that day, but "mine" had fallen in between the front and back seat of her truck, and the way it fell it had sort of "hidden itself" under the seat of the passenger side.  So, she marked it mailed when she got home, because ALL the PBS books she had to mail had been put in the car on the passenger's seat, and then she went into to PO and mailed them. 

(and most people do not bring a *checklist* into the PO, do they?  I know I don't.  but I do have a number count so if one is missing I would notice)

She thanked me for contacting her, she paid for First Class mail, went directly to the PO and I got my book very quickly after that.....and we ended up ordering stuff from each other several times since then and are "buddies"  now. 

I personallly like to be kept abreast of any problems that my receivers are having, esp. if it turns out it's something within my power to fix. 

I have to say that I've made a lot of friends on the Swapa sites.....I am always very touched to know that people genuinely care about pleasing me, and that I'm not just a *credit earned* to them. 



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Subject: It's nice to email people back.
Date Posted: 12/9/2011 3:56 AM ET
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Kelly, sometimes people don't understand how things work, so you could just politely explain it to the person, if you have time. Otherwise, just say, yes it was mailed again to be polite. I've been in the situation before where I mailed a book and the person never marked it as received. I emailed them before the time was up, and they had just forgotten to mark it as received. This tme of year everything is slower, though. Rachel

Date Posted: 12/9/2011 7:05 PM ET
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Thanks for all the advice everyone!

Of course, you know what happened next: the book was mark received last night! And not even a "thank you"! Oh well. I will keep all this excellent advice in mind if it comes up again!

(Gotta say, I LOVE the PBS people on the forums. You all are great!)