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Beyond Reach
Beyond Reach
Author: Karin Slaughter
ISBN-13: 9780440296799
ISBN-10: 044029679X
Publication Date: 3/27/2008
  • Currently 4.2/5 Stars.

4.2 stars, based on 5 ratings
Publisher: Dell
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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I love Karin Slaughter's series but this book was a little off for me. I don't really like Lena as a character, even with all she has been through and this book is all about her. I love Sara and how strong she is, but in this book she is weaker emotionally. For those of you that have read the ending - read the acknowledgments. The last two paragraphs are from Karin asking readers to go to a website where there is a letter from her explaining why she did what she did and more. But don't go there until you have read the entire book!
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This book was just..WOW! Usual Slaughter with it's twists and turns throughout. A really well and great written plot and story. The ending to this one though just STUNNED me. My mouth literally dropped open. I'm not sure what it will mean for the future of the Grant County series. For anyone that's read the rest of the books in the series..prepare yourselves for the ending. Not at all how I expected it to end!
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This is probably the best book in this series!! I loved it! I had to go back and re-read the last few pages because I wasn't sure if I read it correctly. Great book!!!
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Lena gets herself in trouble again, while Sara is devastated by a malpractice suit. Another taut thriller by Slaughter, with drugs and family and love and dependency weaving into a painful tapestry that threatens to ruin them all. I read it in a day, because I couldn't get close to putting it down.
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Bitter sweet comes to mind as I read the last page of this book. I don't know what Slaughter was thinking, but I can tell you the ending was not at all what I was expecting. WOW!!! Talk about shock value. If you are a Grant county fan, you will definately understand my reaction. If you have never read any of theses books ,you can not read these books out of order. I tell you now this book was worth the wait, but again I say it is bitter sweet. When you set down to read this book, be prepared for a lot of unanswered questions to be answered. GREAT READ!!!!
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Helpful Score: 3
This was a fast read! If you like plot twists and edge of your seat reading then this one is for you. Her style of writing is amazing! She writes complex story lines that grab you and hold you till the shocking end. This was my first book that I read from her and I immediatley went and got another.
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This is the same book as Beyond Reach in the US.
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This is the same book as Beyond Reach .... I don't know if it's a re-print or not. Regardless if you enjoyed the other books in this series you will love this one too! Unexpected turns and twists in the story line and an unbelievable ending that will have you begging for the next book in the series!
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Bk 7 in the Sara Linton series. Again the interactions of the characters with the tight plot is a Karin Slaughter's signature. You don't want to miss this thriller with an ending that was never expected.

Four stars and a must for thriller and suspense fans. If yor have never read Karin Slaughter as thriller or sispense, you need to try her books.
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Ok, now that we're clear.

I loved this book. I also knew Karin was going to have to put an end to the series or take it to a totally new place, I mean how many horrible things can happen in Grant county before the US Government secretly blows it off the map?

Anyway, I just NEVER, EVER, EVER expected her to kill Jeffery. In hindsight, and once the shock wore off - I understood. But oh, I was PISSED at the author for a while when he died. I must have read and re-read those last two pages over and over, crying. Then I went to her website, looking for a DAMN explanation, because I was so mad!

Ha ha! Do you think I get a bit carried away with reading?

Anyway, I am excited to have Karin begin again with Lena and Sara (and baby?) somewhere else, or in new circumstances. But I will probably never forgive Karin for killing Jeffery.

Overall, excellent book - as usual. All of her Grant County Series have been fantastic.
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Oh. My. Gosh. This was a great book. If you are a Karin Slaughter fan, be prepared for a wild ending.
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I would have given this book a five star rating except for two things;
first of all the ending which really bites big time and second of all this book seemed to go on and on and on in places that caused this book to simply drag at times.

I can usually read one of her books in a day or two because they are so exciting... drawing you into the story to where you feel you can't sleep until you've finished and all the characters are safe and sound.

This book how ever should have been 60 to 70 pages shorter.I felt as though the author was getting tired of the whole story and being unable to come up with anything just kept adding unnecessary nonsense to fill a certain page requirement.

This is the first book of hers that I have been disappointed in and I will read the next one and hope it's back up to her old standard.
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This was another good addition to the Grant County series. A lot of things got turned upside down for different people. The ending was shocking. I'm glad that Karin Slaughter wrote the readers a letter and bonus chapter after this book. Once I digest the ending of this book, I'll be looking forward to seeing the future of Grant County.
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It was another book that kept me on the edge of my seat and I'm still reeling from the ending!
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ok at first i thought wasn't going to be able to enjoy the book because it kept switching from past to present and i really don't like that. but now i see that it was the only to really read this book.

lena finds herself in some trouble and of course jeffery is running to her side. but this time, the trouble she's in may just be too much for jeffery to handle.

in the end, secrets are revealed, a couple gets a wish granted, and someone dies.

the ending is extremely shocking!!!!!!!!!!!
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Karin Slaughter really knows how to grab the reader. I've read every book in this series and this one really packed a punch.
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good series ! this is a gripping story that I don't want to see end!
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enjoyed it
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This is a wonderful read.. Keeps you turning the pages.. This is a must read . Karin Slaughter has out did herself again.
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My sister is a huge KS fan, and I picked this one up to appease her. While it can work as a stand alone book, I did not realize that it is 6th in a series. What a stinker. I didn't care for the writing, the story or the characters. Judging by the reviews I've read, I am not alone in my opinion. Even her biggest fans hated the ending. Needless to say, I will not be reading anything by this author again.
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Since everyone else has reviewed it to death, I'll just say that this is the Karin Slaughter book I liked least. If this had been the one I read first, I wouldn't have read any others. BUT... I absolutely enjoyed the rest, and will definitely read any new releases; she is a very talented story-teller!
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This book was good and had twists and turns though the closer it got to the end better it got. For I gasped at the very end and it was wow. The over all story line was well ok let's say it was different.
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This is from another member's review and I completely agree with it: "I love Karin Slaughter's series but this book was a little off for me. I don't really like Lena as a character, even with all she has been through and this book is all about her. I love Sara and how strong she is, but in this book she is weaker emotionally."

The book was ok but to me not as good as the others in this series. And I hated the ending!
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karin has put together another intriqeing book. A must read for all those who like to second guess the authors. page turner and then some.
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Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver receives a call. Once again his Detective, Lena Adams, is in trouble. She's been arrested for a murder in her hometown. Jeffrey and Sara Linton try to wade through the evidence and the bodies in order to help clear Lena.

I loved the mystery and I loved the characters. Great story. I certainly wasn't too happy with the last few pages. If you've read this book, you'll know what I'm talking about. My overall rating: 4.5 Stars.
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I've read all the books in the grant county series, i love all of her books, but i must say i was so....shocked and disappointed at the ending, thought the series should not have ended the way it did.
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Another great book by Slaughter about Jeffrey, Sara and Lena. Great book, but I hated, absolutely HATED the ending. There had better be another one that helps me get through this feeling. (Isn't it good when an author can tear you up like this?) You need to read these books in order and get to know these people.
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Beyond Reach was addictive and riveting; I found that I could hardly put it down! Once again Dr. Sara Linton, accompanied by and freshly reconciled with husband Sheriff Jeffrey Tolliver, unravels an intricately tangled mystery while struggling with her relationship with Jeff. Trust me, you will not be able to guess this endingand I am certainly not going include any plot spoilers in this review!

For those of you who, as I, are new to Karin Slaughter, Dr. Sara Linton is usually Slaughters central protagonist, whether willing or unwitting. Beyond Reach, however, opens with Detective Lena Adams occupying center stage and suspected of a dramatic murder. Presented throughout the novel with glimpses into her mind, I anticipated discovering tragedy and violence in Lenas past. But even so, the darkness and pain entwined within the fabric of the person who is Lena are wrenching. A much-needed flash of sunlight, Dr. Lintons strong moral reactions and fundamental good nature stand at odds with the brutality that finds Sara and Jeffrey in Lenas outwardly sleepy Georgia hometown.

Trying to help Jeffrey locate and, hopefully, exonerate Lena, Sara once again finds she is in the thick of murder and mayhem. Jeffrey expertly plays his role of leading man as he confronts the worst among the many antagonists and gathers assistance from other law enforcement agencies. Meanwhile, veteran Slaughter fans will appreciate learning more about the enigma that is detective Lena Adams. Self-destructive and vulnerable, yet absolutely as hard as nails, the story helps explain Lenas motivations and reactions as she struggles to finally come to terms with her unwelcome background.

Beyond Reach was my first Karin Slaughter novel, and therefore, my first exposure to these characters. Although it references past events, Beyond Reach cleanly stands alone as an independent novel. You will do no harm to the story line by starting with this one and then reading earlier novels in the series. Likewise, you will not find yourself lost or misunderstanding the characters or the plot. And to be sure that I could trust these opinions, I read an earlier Karin Slaughter novel in this series before writing this review. Now I find myself wanting to read the remaining novels!
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This book was a little different than the previous Grant County books. It was involved with Lena and her past, a lot of flashbacks. The most surprising part was the ending. Totally unexpected.
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6TH book in this series. An excellent read and a page turner with many twists and turns. I had a hard time putting down this book, Keep me on the edge of my sit wondering what was going to happen next and to whom. A very sad and surprising ending. Can't wait to start on Karin Slaughter's other books. Read all 6 in this series.
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Lena is in trouble again - this time she is a suspect murder, when she is found watching a car with a person inside burn on a football field. As usual, Jeffery rushes to her rescue with Sara by his side. Lena decides to go rogue, leaving Jeffery and Sara to untangle a complicated web of clues involving Sybil, Hank, and even Ethan Green.

I enjoyed this book very much up until the end. Slaughter is masterful at helping the reader to understand how deeply troubled people can make the decisions they do. The story is suspenseful and the mystery a difficult one to unravel. Too bad the ending is so terrible - I hope Slaughter redeems herself in the next Grant County book.
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I am literally stunned. I did not expect this at all, and am sitting here with my jaw on the ground. O M G . Ok, great continuation of the Grant County series, as always from Karin Slaughter. At first it is a little confusing, with the chapters alternating from past to present and back again. But once you get into this flow, you can't put it down.

At the shocking end, Karin directs you to a website where she has a letter detailing why she ended the book this way. Unfortunately that letter is no longer available on the web.

If you do a search and happen to find it, the letter is definitely worth reading, but do NOT read it until you have read the book! Contains major spoilers.
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this is the exact same book as "Skin Privilege" by Karin Slaughter!
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Over the course of some fine, even brilliant, novels, Karin Slaughter has explored a relationship triangle among Heartsdale, Georgia police chief Jeffery Tolliver; medical examiner and pediatrician Dr. Sara Linton, Jeffery's (now and again) wife; and detective Lena Adams. Damaged by a rough and terrifying childhood, Lena has a pattern of getting herself into jams, and Jeffery is called upon to extricate her from most of them, often putting himself in danger. The situation is one that Sara finds untenable, resulting not only in tension between herself and Jeffery but open hostility between Lena and Sara.

BEYOND REACH commences with Lena once again at the center of a disaster. She is discovered in her hometown of Reese, sitting on the football bleachers of the local high school, near a burning van that contains the charred remains of an unknown victim. Lena refuses to provide any explanation for what has occurred, even as she is hospitalized for observation. When Jeffery is notified of the incident, he immediately begins the three-hour drive to Reese, accompanied by his wife. This could not have come at a worse time for Sara, who is involved in a vicious medical malpractice case that threatens to derail her career.

The mystery deepens, however, when Lena, reacting violently to the arrival of Sara and Jeffery, manages to escape from police custody with their apparent help. At this point, Slaughter utilizes a unique narrative method. She follows Sara and Jeffery in the present time while alternating with Lena's story, which begins three days previously, chronicling the events that ultimately lead to her being found, bruised and uncommunicative, at what appears to be a murder scene.

As the twin trails of Slaughter's narrative unfold, much of Lena's heretofore unknown background is revealed. The answer to the ultimate question --- What possessed Lena to return to her hometown, a place full of unhappy memories and nightmares? --- provides the keys not only to her past but also to the maelstrom of the present.

Even as she attempts by any means possible to force Sara and Jeffery to leave her to her own fate, Lena succeeds only in drawing them into a series of violent encounters that can, and will, end badly. By the time the two narratives again intersect, an ironic nobility is demonstrated and a resolution of sorts is had. As has been noted elsewhere, however, the end of one tale is only the beginning of another.

The pacing of the plot and narrative is simply breathtaking. Slaughter's descriptive powers reach new heights here and are unitized to particular --- and sometimes peculiar --- effect in the midst of several dark passages that gaze unflinchingly into the stark result of violence. The conclusion is so abrupt and unexpected that it will bear re-reading a number of times, even as you scream "NO!" during the course of doing so. BEYOND REACH, Slaughter's best work to date, hints of even greater brilliance to come.
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I have a great love/hate relationship with this book. As usual, the novel was a gripping read â kept me on my toes and not wanting to put the book down until I had finished it. I read the greater majority of the book in a 4 hour time period.

The book was well written, as always, a great plot⦠and lots of twists and turns. Things that you've taken at face value since the inception of the series will be turned upside down leaving you feeling as much turmoil as the characters in the novel. Right up until the end â which is an absolutely heartbreaking end to the series. I seriously tossed the book into the backseat of the car I was riding in when I finished it and raspberried the book! LOL Yes, I was that annoyed by the end.

The characters that anyone who has read the series have come to know and love are shaken, and it won't be until the very end that you'll find the heartbreaking conclusion to the series.

I have to give this book the usual 5 stars because it truly is a wonderful novel. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and keeps you guessing.
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This is the last book in the Grant County Series. I have enjoyed this series very much. The story was very interesting and I enjoyed the characters of Sara Linton and Jeffrey Tolliver. The ending was very shocking and unexpected but I can pick up the lives of some of these characters in The Will Trent series. I look forward to reading that series to see how the story continues.
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excellent book in the series.
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A pretty good story but I think it ran longer than it really needed to.