Book Reviews of Big Bad Wolf (Others, Bk 2)

Big Bad Wolf (Others, Bk 2)
Big Bad Wolf - Others, Bk 2
Author: Christine Warren
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ISBN-13: 9780312947958
ISBN-10: 031294795X
Publication Date: 9/29/2009
Pages: 320
  • Currently 4.1/5 Stars.

4.1 stars, based on 254 ratings
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 10
This is the Christine Warren that I LOVE!!! This was the story of Alpha of Silverback Werewolf Clan Graham Winters and his wife Missy. Graham is such a playboy that he has started getting bored with sex. That is until he gets to know Missy, who is far from a sex kitten. This plain, quiet, kindergarten teacher has been fantasizing about Graham since his vampire friend married her friend Reggie. Until now, Graham has paid no attention to Missy until she dresses up for her Fantasy Fix. Now that he has noticed her (smelled her), she will not be able to get away from him. Missy has a lot to deal with. She has a hard time believing that a guy like Graham could actually want her. She also has to figure out what being Luna involves. This was a great story. It was originally published as Fur Factor at Ellora's Cave.
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Helpful Score: 7
Good read - this is a rewrite of her original Fur Factor from the ebook series Fixed. There are some changes - mostly smoothing out the bumps in the plotting. She changed one scene considerably [to be truer to the character perhaps] but I did enjoy the older version better. A quibble only, it is still a fun, fast read.

Graham is the Alpha of the Pack and is having political problems. When he finds his very unwolflike mate [meek and mild and human] his problems are aggravated. Missy is a kindergarten teacher - and even a roomful of 5 year olds on a sugar high are not as scary as werewolf lover who is trying to convince her that she is a) beautiful, b) riveting and c) his mate. How can she believe a guy [any guy, to say nothing of the most gorgeous one she's ever seen] means forever when he ignored her for the first three weeks of their acquaintance, then throws her over his shoulder and takes her home for a night of wild sex?

1. Fantasy Fix (2003)
2. Fur Factor (2003)
3. Faer Fetched (2004)
4. Fighting Faer (2004)
5. Fur For All (2004)
6. Fur Play (2003)
Fantasy Fix

Novels of the Others
1. Wolf at the Door (2006)
2. She's No Faerie Princess (2006)
3. The Demon You Know (2007)
4. Howl At the Moon (2007)
5. Walk On the Wild Side (2008)
6. One Bite with a Stranger (2008)
7. You're So Vein (2009)
8. Big Bad Wolf (2009)
9. Born To Be Wild (2010)
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When this book came, it sounded so interesting I put down the book I was reading and started on this one. I finished it in a day, it was such a fun read. Not extremely indepth or complicated hero and heroine, a straight forward werewolf romance that I loved.
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An exciting, steamy read! Gentle readers may be surprised by the sex first, relationship later format of this book, but I was less offended than I thought I would be because the paranormal aspects mitigate the hero's behavior. The reader knows he is going to "keep" the heroine forever long before she does, so his high handedness is easier to tolerate. I liked it enough to look for the rest of the series.
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Graham Winters, alpha werewolf of his pack, has troubles with a cousin who wants to usurp his position - he plans to use the fact that Graham doesn't have a mate against him, as alphas must be a mated pair, and the pack is starting to get antsy about how long it's taking him to find one.

Missy Roper, kindergarten teacher, has always been a shy wallflower, and can only dream about Graham, who has never noticed her before, not even when she is paired with his as best man and maid of honor. But her friends persuade her to dress like a vamp to her best friend's post-wedding party, and suddenly she arouses his interest. More than that, wolf instincts kick in and he realizes he has found his mate. Only one problem - she is human, and the pack won't take kindly to that.

Typical setup for a typical romance, albeit with a paranormal twist. I have to be honest - I picked up this book to trade and only peeked into it because I wanted to see how good the sex was (it was pretty good). But the more I read the more I got sucked into the story. Yes, it did have a story, and I was astounded to realize I actually enjoyed it - it was fun! Oh, it still had parts that were only worth skimming, but for a couple of hours of mindless relaxation, this fit the bill exactly. I was intrigued by the characters and enjoyed the bantering dialogue along with the chapter-long sex scenes, and the story stopped right where it should, before the reader can get bored with it. Wonder of wonders, I even find myself wanting to know how the pup turns out. Looks like I've found another guilty pleasure.
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This is my favorite couple in the series! I couldn't put this one down and practically read it straight thru the nite. I didn't want it to end. And it really doesn't since they play a part of several upcoming stories. I didn't read these in order so i already know their path. And each of the books in this series stand alone. But i still enjoyed discovering their story and learning more about the werewolf clan culture. If you can find the correct reading order, start there, but you won't be disappointed no matter what order you read them in.

(reading order)

1. One Bite With A Stranger (used to be called Fantasy Fix in a past release)
2. Big Bad Wolf (The Others) (used to be called Fur Factor in a past release)
3. Wolf at the Door
4. Shes No Faerie Princess
5. The Demon You Know
6. Any Witch Way She Can (in No Rest for the Witches the anthology )
7. Howl at the Moon
8. Walk on the Wild Side
9. Youre So Vein
10. Born To Be Wild
11. Prince Charming Doesn't Live here (november 2010)
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Human female meets male werewolf, lots of raw sex, tall tales fast pace fun book if you like this kind of intermixing tales. He's the clan Alpha who must hold his place and fight for his hold over the clan with a human mate. Very interesting tale!
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These are always good for a quick fun read. The plots aren't intricate but they are still enjoyable.
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Such a fun sexy book. It's the first real book I've read by Christine Warren but I've read one of her short stories before. Not a complicated plot or characters but just lots of fun and steamy scenes. Plus great dialogue. The beginning was a little difficult because it's a lot of what the characters are thinking but after that it went so quickly. Definitely can't wait to read more of her stuff.
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Another great book although the orser they have them in on this site is different from what the author reccomends I am reading them from her order and it makes sense you meet every character on the council one by one I like it this way. I just put in reading order for the others by christine warren in my address bar. Great series easy relazing read.
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YUMMIE!!!!! Could not walk away from this one. It's all fluff, but good fluff. The story didn't suck. The characters could have used a bit more depth but I loved it anyway.

Missy is a plain jane kidnergarden teacher. Graham is a werewolf who has just marked Missy as his mate. In between them is Curtis another were lobbing and plotting against Graham for alpha position, but Missy is in his way. Great chase, if you think about it too much it becomes creepy. It's not meant to be a deep read.
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Once werewolf Graham meets his mate, life becomes new again. Great paranormal romance, engaging story and good characters. Great start to a new series.
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I could not wait to read Graham and missy's story, I found it steamy and enjoyable unlike the other reprints of the fantasy fix books. This is not book 8 in her series but falls somewhere before the unveiling.
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This was a book I could not put down. Excellent.
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Quick read and kept me interested. Will look for more in the series!
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This was my first read of this author. I got it done in about a day, but that's not a bad thing. It held my interest more then the 3 other books I am currently lugging around trying to get through. A nice addition to my must read authors I think. I am going to go look for more from her now. The ONLY thing that was a "con" for me was there may have just been one too many sex scenes LOL. I was fine for most of them, but the one at the end when they are basically wrapping up their relationship seemed a just one scene too much.
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This has been my favorite in the series thus far. I loved the characters and the story. Worth the read for sure!!
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This is the first book I read by Christine Warren and I really enjoyed it. It was fast paced and caught my interest from the very beginning. There's romance and some intrigue and some funny parts. It's a good lazy afternoon read. I've read most of what Ms. Warren has written and BBW is one of my favorites.
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Just love this series, Graham is in need of a mate soon or he will loose his control of the pack but he cant find a she wolf that he desires. On a drunken night he dosnt even know what he is doing but what his other brain tells him to but he finds himself lying next to Missy, a human woman. Not just any woman but his best friends mate's BFF but he has a surprise in store when he smells her scent and finds out this human will be carrying a werewolf pup. Now he has to find a way to hide this surprise and keep Missy safe. Missy fell for Graham the first time she saw him and is determin to get Graham to confess his feelings to her before she does or she will be walking.
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Excellent book.