Book Reviews of Blind Spot (Bernadette Saint Clare, Bk 1)

Blind Spot (Bernadette Saint Clare, Bk 1)
Blind Spot - Bernadette Saint Clare, Bk 1
Author: Terri Persons
ISBN-13: 9780385518697
ISBN-10: 0385518692
Publication Date: 3/13/2007
Pages: 352
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 26 ratings
Publisher: Doubleday
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 2
I ordered this book because it has a recommendation from John Sandford, one of my favorite authors. He was right, it is very suspensful and well done. The ending leads into another installment and hopefully a successful series. Definitely a very good read.
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Helpful Score: 2
This was a terrific read. Thoroughly enjoyed the humor, twist, turns and unexpected!
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Helpful Score: 1
Terri Persons introduces a new character to the mystery genre:
Special Agent Bernadette St. Clare, to most co-workers uncomfortable. With her two different colored eyes she's got an ability that makes people around her uncomfortable.
Often her ability to see through a killer's eyes helped her to solve high-profile cases but also there were times where she was totally wrong with her sights. Her ability drains her, her sight is often cloudy and flimsy and almost always leaves her with the killer's emotions - good or evil.
She's got the huge package of seeing her own twin sister's death in an car accident on her shoulders. She saw her die through the drunken drivers eyes who caused the accident.
After her husband hanged himself after 13 years of marriage she pretty much kept to herself and now, once again, got transferred to another town:

Cut off hands are found on the sandy shores of the Mississippi river. Not far away the rest of the dead bodies is found, neatly tied up with a fisherman's knot. It soon is discovered that the bodies were alive when the right hands where chopped off and thrown away.

Bernadette and her new friendly, but vary of her abilities, new boss Tony Garcia are working the case and Bernadette directly tries to sense something about the murderer. She sees him reaching with his hands to a sick women in a hospital bed. Her first lead brings her to the local hospital but it is the right lead ? Can she trust what she saw ? Is the killer a doctor, a male nurse ?

And then there is August, her new neighbor from above, who seems to know so much about her and the affections between them seem to be so much deeper than the usual one night stands Bernadette had for a while.

Meanwhile the killer gets a new "assignment" and is on his verge to his next victim but killing this men seems to be the biggest mistake he's ever done.


At first I thought I had, once again, grabbed a book with an agent with special abilities but there is something unique about the way Bernadette's and Garcia's relationship and their characters develop during the book.
From the beginning there seems to be a bit of a curiosity on both sites which is also overshadowed by disbelieve in the others trust. Terri Persons introduced Bernadette in a way like you've met her on the streets and you're getting to know her and her flaws which makes her and Tony Garcia very well memorable characters. Actually they both have a funny way to talk to each other which gave the book the notch to be so good. Not only because they are the *beeping* FBI. ;-)

The ending was plausible and so much surprising and suspenseful ! Finally Bernadette discovers who August is and meets her co-worker agent Creed ... . :-)

The second book in this new, inspiring novel is going to be published under the name Blind Rage on May, 20th. Enjoy !
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I almost missed this book due to some negative reviews on Amazon - Okay, so despite the reviews noted about procedural errors in this book about a psychic FBI agent, I read it anyway. I am so glad I did. It's an excellent tale not to be missed.

This book was not about the FBI. It was an intensely personal thriller about the visions and methods of an FBI agent who can see through a killer's eyes. Yes, there are some procedural errors, but then, it is also about a fairly implausible story line - a psychic crime fighter. This book took me on a satisfying journey. I'm glad I didn't miss it, I'm glad I looked beyond negative reviews and took a chance on this book.

Suspend belief for one day or one weekend and immerse yourself in the life Bernadette Saint Clare and go on a hair-raising journey into the tortured mind of the agent and the tortured mind of a killer.
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Terri Persons is a relatively new author (first book is this one published in 2007) and features an unusual FBI agent, Bernadette St. Clare. Bernadette has the "sight" and can "see" inside a person's head. She is a profiler but much more than that. The first case in a long while for her due to her mistakes, she is anxious to not screw up again. Her new boss, Garcia, keeps a wary eye on her. I did like the book but not crazy about the graphic violence and foul language in it. I'll not be knocking down the bookstore doors for the sequels anyway. It is a good story but too violent for me. I prefer "cozy" mysteries for this one reason. I rated it 3 stars because I did like it and there are many who would really like the paranormal aspects of it. Just not my thing.
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Fantastic book! The characters were wonderful; Cat is a strong, funny,smart FBI agent. She uses her "seeing" powers to find the bad guys. Augie her neighbor is very sexy, funny, and smart...but dead. Cat's boss,Garcia, is laid back,smart and accepts the fact that Cat has a special talent. Together they track down a killer and discover why he cuts off the victims hands. This is a fast paced story that will keep you turning the pages!! I cant wait to read more books from Terri Persons.
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An FBI agent uses second sight to solve crimes by seeing through the criminals eyes. She is also a lone wolf with eyes of different colors and can see an talk to ghost.