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Topic: Book condition questions

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Subject: Book condition questions
Date Posted: 3/31/2008 6:57 PM ET
Member Since: 3/25/2008
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I have some older books that have creases in the covers that a no no or that ok to post? Also what about the older books that have the green tint on the edge of the pages and some of the green looks like it's sun bleached? <hope you know what I mean lol> and  how about dusty like when older books have sat on a shelf for a long time?


New and dont want to post the wrong things to have people upset with me especially how when I went into the chat rooms looking around and was greeted with open arms by so many nice people was like I'd known them for a long time :-)

Date Posted: 3/31/2008 7:41 PM ET
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  • Must both be present (front and back)
    • note that a paperback missing its front cover is  usually an illegal, unsold copy
    • "cover" does not = dust jacket.  Hardcovers do not need to include their dust jackets to be swapped here.
  • Cover not torn or chewed/gnawed
    • some used book stores cut out a small part of the cover; if the amount missing is less than 1 inch, this is OKAY
    • a small rip (less than 1 inch) in the cover is OKAY
    • yes, that does say "chewed/gnawed" above.  That means no pet-chewed (or human-chewed) books.
  • A bookplate inside the cover or on the flyleaf is OKAY

from this i would take it that creases are ok

the only thing i could find on the help page was that pages can't be stained. i assume that means from food and liquids. so pages that have turned colors should be ok.


i'm not sure what you mean by "dusty like" but i am sure someone else does


Date Posted: 3/31/2008 7:46 PM ET
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Older books that have started yellowing are ok.  I've had a few of those older book where the page ends are tinted a different color.  Is that what you're talking about?  These are OK if the color is changing with age. As long as it's age and not mold or mildew causing the change. 

I would try to air them out and clean up the dust as much as I could.

If the cover was really bent up, I probably wouldn't post it but maybe offer it as a freebie with an order.  But some creasing is OK and even expected on older books.

Date Posted: 3/31/2008 9:37 PM ET
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I kinda miss the way they used to dye the edges of books.  I'm nuts I know, but I just loved the greens and reds that they used to use.  :)  Fading to that is perfectly fine. 

As far as dust, I'm not sure what you mean.  Can you just dust off the book with a clean cloth?

Date Posted: 4/1/2008 9:58 AM ET
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I have posted and sent out many books from the 60s and 70s.  A few had a crease or two on the cover (some of my newer books also had a crease in the cover), but it does not say that creases are unacceptable.  The pages of these books were yellowed, and in a few cases the tint had bled a little, but the recipients (so far) have all been happy with the book condition.  I guess when requesting a book that's 30-40 years old, these things can be expected.  The biggest problem I found with older books is that you really have to watch for loose pages.  I have a lot that are unpostable because of that.

Date Posted: 4/1/2008 11:00 AM ET
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I think if the cover (front or back) has one or two places where a crease formed (corner folded back or whatever) it wouldn't be a problem.

I received a book that was SO CREASED on the front cover,  you couldn't tell what book it was.  To me, that doesn't meet the "in good condition" rule you are asked when you post a book.

Just yesterday I received a very new, trade sized PB that arrived with the cover and about the first 30 pages very bent from being crammed into a too-small cardboard mailer. It's a little annoying, but not against the rules.