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Topic: Book having travel issues to correct address- Update on last pg

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Subject: Book having travel issues to correct address- Update on last pg
Date Posted: 1/13/2012 1:27 PM ET
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I mailed a book on December 30th with PBS postage and DC, so I got my credit. That is not my worry, I want this book to get to the requestor and not to go lost.

Here are the details:

  • 12/27/2011 10:38 PM - Electronic Shipping Info Received - STERLING HEIGHTS,MI
  • 12/30/2011 3:18 PM - Acceptance - MOUNT CLEMENS,MI
  • 12/31/2011 10:42 AM - Enroute - WARRENDALE,PA
  • 1/3/2012 11:52 AM - Enroute - JACKSONVILLE,FL
  • 1/4/2012 6:03 AM - Arrival at Unit - VENICE,FL
  • 1/4/2012 10:43 AM - Undeliverable as Addressed - VENICE,FL
  • 1/4/2012 4:41 PM - Forwarded - VENICE,FL

I pmed the requestor to ask if she had any ideas and what is happening with the book. This is her reply to my  pm :

We recently changed our address, and I attempted to change it on this site, but it would not allow me at the time. Actually, we are supposed to have 3 mos. of mail forwarding, so it shouldn't have been an issue. I will check the new box again today for the book. If it is there, I will be sure to mark it on received.

Think I have read somewhere that the PO won't forward media mail. If that is true what will happen to this book? I know I already have my credit, but am not too happy to have a book go lost on my record,  if that does happen, still have time, though.

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Date Posted: 1/13/2012 3:21 PM ET
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The post office does not usually forward media mail, but they might. What may happen is that it will be returned to you postage due. You can pay to get the book back, or refuse it and let it go lost.

Date Posted: 1/13/2012 3:28 PM ET
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Or they might forward it to the sender postage due.  Media Mail postage only covers a one-way trip, so the forwarding is an extra "leg" and costs additional postage. 

Chances are pretty good the book will go lost.  I wouldn't worry about it though.  One lost book on your record isn't going to make that much of a difference, just as one RWAP won't. 

Date Posted: 1/13/2012 4:06 PM ET
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You cannot change the address under Settings on brand new accounts.   The member was suppose to contact PBS for an address change.  We can change it ourselves after receiving two books. 

Please do report it to PBS.  Members are required to have the correct address on their account.  It's one of those conditions of membership. 

Don't worry about how it will look on your account.  It is clear from her PM that it is their fault.  I just hope it arrives at her door rather than postage due at your door.

Date Posted: 1/13/2012 5:12 PM ET
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Connie, I wouldn't worry about the lost book either as it is very clear you mailed it. It isn't your fault the receiver hadn't changed his or her address.

Date Posted: 1/13/2012 10:00 PM ET
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PBS expects the occasional lost book.  No one can see your record so I wouldn't worry about it. As far as it going lost goes.

Date Posted: 1/13/2012 10:38 PM ET
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The book should be returned to you or forwarded, depending on the local PO (doesn't seem to be a standard method)...regardless, the extra travel time will probably incur additional postage expense.

Once in a while, people move and find out (later, the hard way) that the new address isn't legit with the post office.  Which may be the case, because your requester mentioned the PBS site wouldn't let her change the address (which can mean the addy is invalid).  Often the problem is discovered only after having mail returned and such, then more time lapses while they negotiate with USPS for the 'real' address.  So by the time all that has happend and the correct address reported to PBS, the books enroute can be a mess.

I'm glad you used DC and received your credit Connie, but I'm kinda curious if the book goes forward to the requester or back to you.  The last thread that mentioned this type of problem, the book came back to the sender.

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Date Posted: 1/14/2012 7:17 AM ET
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Was it a lightweight book that was mailed first class? In that case, they may well forward it, but it might take awhile to get there.


Date Posted: 1/14/2012 7:20 AM ET
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Media Mail is forwarded, postage due, if the addressee has a forward order on file.  I don't know where the "Post Office doesn't forward Media Mail" is coming from, perhaps someone had a bad experience.  But if you check the DMM, you will see that MM indeed  is forwarded (it's a subclass of Package Services).

Date Posted: 1/14/2012 10:47 AM ET
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Thanks everyone! The book is a tradecover book covered in mylar making it stiffer because it is an ex-library book. I checked today on the details and no changes as yet. Will be interesting on where it ends up. If it does go lost, I know now from you guys, it's not a big deal on my record. I'm hoping though she still gets the book, postage due or not. Thanks for the info about how one needs to change their address here, will forward that to the requestor. I am glad that I used PBS postage/DC and already have my credit, otherwise I would not have that assurance being that the requestor didn't get her new address corrected in time.

Date Posted: 1/14/2012 12:39 PM ET
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PBS does now require the correct USPS approved address form, with the correct abbreviations.  This can be found at the USPS zip code look up page. 

Date Posted: 1/14/2012 2:12 PM ET
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Diane, regarding non-forwarding of Media Mail...that's been a rumor on the discussion boards for years.  So I guess it's assumed to be policy?  Anyway, I was remembering this recent thread.  The circumstances sound similar, new addy, USPS Change of Address; and in this case the book came back to the sender postage due.  IIRC she never did receive credit for it.

Date Posted: 1/14/2012 4:09 PM ET
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From the Help Center, where they have always said that Media Mail does not routinely include forwarding service:

If you are moving to a new mailing address:  You should not request books during the two-week period before a move, to ensure that the books don't arrive at your prior address. 

  • You should also make sure that you have NO books set to auto-request on your Wish List.

If books requested by you are  already "en route" to you when you move:

  • You must make arrangements to collect them from the previous address.
  • You can also contact your previous PO to arrange for forwarding.
    • This may mean that the package will arrive postage-due, since Media mail does not routinely include forwarding service - you will need to pay the postage due.
  • If you have requested books that have not been mailed yet, you can try to "catch" the sender using the PM button on the transaction to provide your new address. 

It is the requestor's responsibility to provide a working address to senders.  If you do not keep your address current and correct on your account, you will need to give credits for (=mark received) any books that are sent to the wrong address, whether or not you are able to collect them, and whether or not they are returned to the sender.   Providing a dependable, correct address to senders is part of the honor system that helps keep this club working so well, and it is essential to maintaining membership.

Date Posted: 1/18/2012 5:14 PM ET
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UPDATE - Jan. 18th - The details on the book had not changed, so I contacted PBS Feedback about the situation and our pms to each other and the details on the book.

This is their reply:

Thanks for writing in about this. ********  should not have requested books until she had a valid, current address on her account. Media Mail is not routinely forwarded. We've marked this book received and we'll help her update her account.

Have a great day!

The PaperBackSwap Team



Date Posted: 1/19/2012 1:04 AM ET
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Interesting, thank you Connie.

Date Posted: 1/19/2012 3:58 PM ET
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This is from the USPS site.

Package Service Mail (includes Parcel Post, Library Mail, Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail), with no endorsement, is forwarded locally for 12 months at no charge.  Additional forwarding charges are paid by you if you move outside the local area. 

Some post offices will forward it to you for an additional postage due fee if you move outside your previous local area and some will return it to the sender- also for an additional fee. It really is on a post office to post office basis, if a person moves from outside the local area they were in.

If they move within a local area, the post office will forward it at no additional fee.

Date Posted: 1/21/2012 4:39 PM ET
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Margret, that fits with RL comments we've seen posted by members.