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Topic: Book Mailed 15 Days Later Than They Said!

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Subject: Book Mailed 15 Days Later Than They Said!
Date Posted: 10/20/2008 6:45 PM ET
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I was wondering if I should say anything to the sender of a book I just received.  The book is the one I ordered and it's in good shape, but she said she mailed it on October 2 and the postmark says October 17!  I've been worrying a lot about the book for about the last 10 days, worried that it was lost ...

Any thoughts?


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Date Posted: 10/20/2008 6:52 PM ET
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If you received the book and it was in good condition I would just leave it at that. 

I say this because the US Post Office can take its sweet time in delivering the mail, especially Media Mail.  You don't know for certain that the sender didn't mail it out as she indicated but it ended up "lost" for awhile at the Post Office.  I always like to give the person the benefit of the doubt especially if the book does finally arrive.

For example, at work I just received a piece of mail returned to us from someone who had moved.  The original letter was dated back in 2006 - seriously!  Had the postmarks and everything.  I have no idea where it sat for all that time and why it showed up now. 

Date Posted: 10/20/2008 6:59 PM ET
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It's frustrating, I know, but unless they actually bought postage at the post office (in which case it prints out a dated label) then you don't know when they actually mailed it, just when the post office got around to marking it.  Sometimes media mail gets parked for awhile.


Subject: Thanks
Date Posted: 10/20/2008 7:27 PM ET
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Wendy and Sara:

Thanks for the advice!  I did just thank her for the book and said it was in great condition.   I guess we have to put up with this stuff with Media Mail.   I once sent my sister in Hawaii a package Media Mail and it took a month and a half to get there ;o(

Thanks again,


Date Posted: 10/20/2008 7:56 PM ET
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If I receive a book that's postmarked a day or two, or, even three days after they said the would mail it, then I tend to just let it go, but anything beyond that, I leave a little note for the site owners, just so they can keep track, but I do not say anything to the sender.  I have received a handful of books postmarked anywhere from ten days to 2 weeks beyond when the sender claimed to have mailed it, and I've noted as such.

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Subject: I will
Date Posted: 10/20/2008 9:01 PM ET
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send a polite PM when I mark the book received asking what happened, I noticed the postmark was x number of days after you marked it mailed. I have heard everything from it came back postage due (short on postage) to I left it in my trunk.

Now the short on postage return was reprinted 17 days after being marked mail.

I also notifiy additional info to PBS amplifying items such as: "used inverted priority box, or express tyvek mailer" or "postmark was 16 days after marked mailed etc.


Date Posted: 10/20/2008 10:15 PM ET
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I always fill in the survey when I mark the book received.  If you fill in the postmark date and it's much later than when the sender marked it mailed, they do get an email from PBS letting them know someone reported a book mailed late.

Every late mailing I've had has had a clear meter strip on it from the PO so it's easy to see exactly when it was mailed.  Not one of those people ever PMd me to let me know there was some problem with them mailing the book either.

Date Posted: 10/22/2008 9:45 PM ET
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Unless you were really eager to jump into the book, I'd just casually say you noticed the post mark was XX instead of XXX.  I've had this happen several times, not much you can do except smile and apologize if it is you it happened to.  In a world with serious problems I don't let things like this ruffle me.  I mailed a book and it was not coded with the scanner for almost t wo weeks, since I know the great guy at the post office  I did mention it to him, he reminded me that media mail usually has to wait for all the expensive mail, postage wise, to be loaded then if they have room they will grab media mail.  He was very kind about it, but it was good to let me know.  I know it is frustrating!  Hugs Pat

Date Posted: 10/23/2008 6:00 PM ET
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I find it hard to be to be sympathic to you people who are getting something for free and whining that its late (a week or two) being sent. Get a grip and relax - if you need a book so badly go and buy it or go to the library and borrow it.

I doubt most people blindly leave stuff outside their homes to be picked up in this day and age so they need to make a side trip to the post office.  In more sub/ex urban areas this ins't just down the street.  Also since 9/11 there seem to me to be alot fewer post office boxes around than there used to be. (Ive noticed this in Maryland and Florida where I now live), so its harder to just drop something off in a box on the way to/from work.


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Date Posted: 10/23/2008 6:10 PM ET
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I don't mean any disrespect, but your post is sure to ruffle some feathers.  You are not getting something for free on PBS.  You are paying the shipping on your books in order to get a book from someone else.  Technically, you are paying something.  Yes, you are paying a lot less than you would for a new book...but there is still some money exchanged in the long run to get these books.

I would imagine that in order for this site to continue operating as it does (And it has been awesome in my experience thus far), it is relied on by the site owners and the members that the basic rules are followed.  This includes mailing.   Just my HO. 


Date Posted: 10/23/2008 6:15 PM ET
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I find it hard to be to be sympathic to you people who are getting something for free and whining that its late (a week or two) being sent. Get a grip and relax - if you need a book so badly go and buy it or go to the library and borrow it. - This attitude will not last long around here. It is not that the book is late it is the fact that they ARE BREAKING SITE RULES by mailing a book that late after they have marked it mailed. I will note that to the site each and every time and hope like hell that someone doing it consistantly is given the boot. No one should have to go to the library and get it, they should be able to expect members to follow a very basic rule - mail the book when you are supposed to. 

Having to physically take a book to the post office is not an excuse for marking a book as mailed when it hasn't been, and then not having the common courtesy to let the sender know you mailed it a week late. Very simple solution - don't mark the book mailed until you've actually done it.

Date Posted: 10/23/2008 6:21 PM ET
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Ditto what Melanie said.

Or at least mark the book mailed and send the requestor a PM letting them know you don't have them time to mail it in the next couple of days, but you will do it by such and such date. If you click on the "PM" button (on the actualy transaction), it takes you to the screen to fill out the PM and says something to this effect. I would think that if you are low on cash to mail out or maybe some other issue came up where you could not mail it in the timeframe provided, most requestors would be pretty generous about you sending it later.

It's just the honesty and communication part that people have a hard time dealing with.

Date Posted: 10/24/2008 9:58 AM ET
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I find it hard to be to be sympathic to you people who are getting something for free and whining that its late (a week or two) being sent. Get a grip and relax - if you need a book so badly go and buy it or go to the library and borrow it.

These books are not, nor have they ever been, "free".

Unless you have found a way to magically mail them without paying postage, then they do cost money.  They cost the price of a credit at the most, which last I looked was $3.45, or the price of the lowest media mail or deal on the bazaar. (And the bazaar was running about $2.80) last I saw. Because to have requested these books I would have had to spend a credit that somehow, I've paid for.

So no, these books aren't free, as they're being exchanged for something of value.

And as Melanie said, and I'm saying, Obey the Site Rules. They're there for a reason, and every single member here agreed to them when they signed up, whether they've read them or not.

It's really very easy. If you can't mail on time don't accept reequests. If life happens and you can't mail on time, or can't afford the postage, or just plain forgot and left them in the car for a while, PM the receiver and let them know.  If you can't mail because of postage, or you're sick, or whatever, it should be obvious to people that they need to extend the slightest courtesy to let the receiver know and then give them the chance to ask you to cancel the order or at least know it'll take longer. You're not doing them a favor by mailing them a book that meets guidelines and mailed on time, you're obiligated to do this by site rules. On time.

Most people will be really cool about life coming up and surprising you. If they bother to PM. But not when someone's blowing off the rules and the timelines, just because they don't want to have to play by the rules posted, just like everyone else does. Not cool.


Date Posted: 10/24/2008 10:34 AM ET
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I still would give the person the benefit of the doubt here. 

What if the person DID mail it on time but someone at the Post Office "forgot" to move the book along?

What if the person was going to mail it that morning but suddenly got a phone call that their mother is gravely ill?

What if they themselves became really ill with the flu, food poisioning, stomach virus?

What if it was coming from one of the hurricane areas?

Should the person have PM'ed Sherri?  Yes.  But, you never know what the circumstances were.  You mean you never have said "oh yea I will get to the Post Office today" and then something unexpected came up and didn't make it there before it closed.  Sheesh!  Don't forget there are many new members on PBS all of them who are not as savy as you all.  I know it might be hard to remember back when you were new to PBS or even to any other club you might belong to.  You didn't know all the "rules" until you got a bit more practice. 

Date Posted: 10/24/2008 11:59 AM ET
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another reason why you shouldn't mark it mailed until you have actually mailed it!

I was going to mail books last night from the APC machine but it wouldn't dispense postage other than books of stamps so I couldn't purchase my media mail postage.  Hence why I didn't mark it mailed before we left for the PO because it turns out they really weren't mailed.

Date Posted: 10/24/2008 12:08 PM ET
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I'm glad that it has only happened to me twice that someone mailed the book a lot later than was post marked. I didn't say anything to the people just noted when it was mailed when marking it received.

But in the 3 years of being a member about 8 books being sent to me were lost! I always wonder if a few of these were ones "left in a car trunk"?

As someone said I think communication is very important. If you can make it to your comupter people should PM to explain delays. I think we are all pretty understanding of lifes problems. 

Date Posted: 10/24/2008 12:09 PM ET
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I agree and I personally wouldn't mark it till I know it has been mailed but not everyone does that.  Again I would say....remember what it is like being new on these boards.