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Topic: I have a book on peoples WL

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Subject: I have a book on peoples WL
Date Posted: 3/25/2012 10:02 PM ET
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I checked the Club Members Wish List and saw that there are quite a few members wanting this book. Maybe they don't have it in LP on their WL, but it should still go to them that there is another version of the book available. Not only do I have it, but its in largeprint. Why isn't it showing that somebody that has it on their WL , is requesting it? Just curious.


book title is Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

Date Posted: 3/26/2012 1:41 AM ET
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Maybe they have alternate versions turned off (people who WL audio books often do, because they get spammed with every non-audio version that is posted).

Or they may not want LP.  I would have to think real hard before requesting an LP book--the extra size would be a detriment to me.

Date Posted: 3/26/2012 4:50 AM ET
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Unless a member has individually turned off the e-mails, if he has another version of this book on his wish list, he'll receive an e-mail that a book "similar to" one he is wishing for has been posted, and there'll be a link to your book's listing.


Here's the help doc on this:


My book's on the Club Wish List! Why hasn't it been requested?

Does the ISBN on your book match the ISBN on the Club Wish List?  If not, then your version of the book is not currently being wished for.

  • If you have a book whose title (but not ISBN) matches a Wished-for item, it is not at all certain that the Wishing member(s) would want your version of the book, even if your book seems to match the rest of the information on the listing. 
  • You cannot Post your book with the wrong ISBN. 
  • Post your book from the Post Books area, using the ISBN on your book, and checking to be sure that the book information (title, author, booktype) match your book.  See below for instructions and more information.

If your book's ISBN does match the ISBN on the Wished-for item, then

  • The book may have been set to auto-request.  If so, there will be a 1-hr delay before you get the request.  Look at your Bookshelf: if the book has an exclamation point next to it, that means the request is pending and you will be notified of it soon.
  • The wishing member's account may be on Vacation Hold and this item was NOT set to auto-request.  If that is the case, and she or he is the only WishIng member, then your book won't be offered to him or her until the Hold is removed.

When you post your book properly using its ISBN:

  • All members who are Wishing for other ISBN versions of the book will be sent an alert email by PBS.
    • The email will be titled "An item similar to your Wished-for book has been Posted.."
    • This email will contain a link that the Wishers can click to request your book.
    • If no one requests your alternate ISBN, that means that no one currently wishes for this version of the book.

If your book does not have an ISBN but its title/author is the same as one on the Club Wish List:

  • These "similar-item" email alerts are NOT sent out for non-ISBN items
  • You can advertise your book in the Book Bazaar Discussion Forum if you like
    • There is a topic in that Forum just for different versions of Wish Listed books
    • These "advertised" items often get quick requests.
    • To get to the Book Bazaar:
      • Place your cursor over Community in the toolbar at the top of the site
      • Click Discussion Forums in the menu that drops down
      • Scroll down the Discussion Forums main page to see the Book Bazaar in the list
      • Click Book Bazaar to enter that forum.

If your book has an ISBN, but it is not on the Club WIsh List, and the only items that match the title of your book on the Club Wish List are items without ISBNs (non-ISBN items are listed with  5 or -digit numbers in place of the ISBN):

  • This usually means that at some point in the past, members wishing for any version of that title clicked all UnPosted listings in the PBS database, including the listings without an ISBN.
    • They may not have realized that non-ISBN items are unique and represent ONLY that specific copy of the book posted by one member.
    • Since non-ISBN items are not linked to any other items in the PBS Database, they are not automatically removed from your Wish List when another version of that title is marked received.
    • Those Wishers have probably gotten a version of this book that has an ISBN long ago, and neglected to remove the non-ISBN version(s) from their Wish Lists manually.
    • non-ISBN items are periodically removed from the Club Wish List by the system.
  • Again, you should post your book properly, and if you want to "advertise" its availability to the membership, you can do so in the Book Bazaar, as described above.


Date Posted: 3/26/2012 7:47 AM ET
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Thanks Patty, thats what I thought. They would let them know there is a similar book. Also, thank you for the help doc info too.  Very much appreciated : )

Have a great week.



Date Posted: 3/26/2012 12:28 PM ET
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What might help to connect the editions so those similar to emails get sent out is to submit data edits to make the titles match. I just searched it and if you look some editions have 1 series name on it, some have a different series name on it and others have no series name. So the system is probably not recognizing all these books as being the same.  You can submit data edits on the book description pages under the More Options tab.

Date Posted: 3/28/2012 6:54 AM ET
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I have had as many as ten books on my shelf that were WL books, but apparently a different ISBN and they never get requested. I know when I get an offer for another version, it is always taken by someone else before I can open the email!