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Subject: book reviews
Date Posted: 5/18/2010 7:10 PM ET
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Does anyone here have a specific site they go to for reviews of uf/pr novels? I would love to find a few reviewers who has the same opinions as I do on books I've read, so I can get a better idea of what to read/get in the future. I have about 8 books I'm reading now - going back and forth between all of them - and I hate putting books aside because they don't appeal to me. Seems like a waste of money/points. So, I'm thinking that if I find a good review site I might get a little less stressed on what to read next. I'm also really getting into sci fi romance and steampunk romance (of which there is not enough!)... Any good site suggestions?

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Date Posted: 5/18/2010 7:32 PM ET
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The Galaxy Express

I use this site to find out what is coming in SF and steampunk romances.  But I don't look to them for reviews.  They seem much too happy with any books.  I want a reviewer who is more critical, much more like the Smart Bitches reviews.   But they don't review enough UF or PR for me.

One of the places I do look at just for reviews is Charlaine Harris's blog.  She will often post about three reviews a week.  And I find it interesting to see a review from the point of an author looking at structure rather than a fan.  But she has not posted in a while.  Probably been busy.

CH's Blog page

There was a wonderful site, RomanticSF.  But it has not been updated in over two years.  I still miss it. 

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Date Posted: 5/18/2010 8:06 PM ET
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What is steampunk romances? 

As for reviews, the only place that I have checked out is Amazon and the pn community.  Sometimes you can get an idea of the book from the reviews.  I usually read one or maybe two of the five star, and a couple of one or two stars and then really pay attention to the three and four stars.  You can generally tell the ones of people who adore the author and those who have it in for them.  The community can give you some good feedback on the pros and cons of some books.  You will, generally, get more honest opinions there of authors and specific books.

I hate to say it, but I have found very few reviews worth reading here; ones that I felt gave me a good idea of what I want to know about the book, anyhow.

Some say that Goodreads is a good place to check out reviews; I  have never been there but have been thinking of checking it out. 

Hope that helps.

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Date Posted: 5/18/2010 9:35 PM ET
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Steampunk is a subdivision of urban fantasy.  It is a style of fantasy with Victorian steam based machines.  After H. G. Wells and Jules Verne.  It came out of the cyberpunk SF movement.  Think gears, grease, and goggles.

Wiki Description of Steampunk

Examples of steampunk romances would be Soulless by Gail CarrigerClockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti, and Steamed by Katie MacAllister.

Date Posted: 5/18/2010 10:10 PM ET
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This question has lead me to roaming blogs and sites.  As I also want a good review source. 

Found this one.  (Have not yet browsed enough to say if I'm watching it.  But looks interesting.)

All things urban fantasy

ETA  Bitten by Books  (Don't like the page setup.  But do like the range of books covered.)

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Date Posted: 5/18/2010 10:26 PM ET
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Emily, have you read Steamed yet? I started to read it (the library had it) and I couldn't finish through with it. Loved how it started but something about the heroine towards the middle kinda irked me. Loved Soulless and have the others wl'd (also Clockwork Heart and a couple of others...).

Thanks for the link! And I also have Galaxy Express bookmarked. Like that site, but haven't seen anything in the way of reviews there yet.

Janette, I used to check out just the regular reviews on a books' page on Amazon, but haven't checked out a community yet. I was looking at Goodreads earlier and there were a lot of reviews but the reviewers wrote on several genres. Should check out the communities there as well. Thanks for the idea:)

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Date Posted: 5/18/2010 11:04 PM ET
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Have not yet received it.  Way way down on the WL.  Not always a Katie fan.   Sometimes she really irks me.  Have Dru on my TBR pile.  Also have Sarah A Hoyt on my TBR.  But have her Shakespeare series book, not her British Empire series.

Loved Soulless.  Liked Changeless.  DNF Boneshaker.  (Way too dark)  Loved Caroline Stevermer series College of Magics and Scholar of Magics.   Have not gotten my hands on Catherynne Valente, although reviews are glowing.

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Date Posted: 5/19/2010 12:28 AM ET
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I really like the four sites that I listed below - great reviews !!!





Date Posted: 5/19/2010 7:31 AM ET
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Thanks, Kaye:) Checkin' them out...

Date Posted: 5/20/2010 2:12 PM ET
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I do reviews for LiteraryEscapism.com. and they post a number of great reviews.

Also there is BittenByBooks.com which is great for reviews also.

Date Posted: 5/20/2010 4:32 PM ET
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I really do not like the double column layout on Bitten by Books.  Does not work at all on my netbook.

Subject: suggested review sites
Date Posted: 6/9/2010 10:20 PM ET
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Before I buy or trade books, I check out several sites for reviews (tastes do vary), and both Barnes and Noble and Amazon are great standbys- search for dark fantasy or key word werewolf or vampire.  These sites vary- some lean toward romance, or SF, many cover lots of genres but allow you to filter by genre or key word.  Happy searching.  At the end I pasted by recommendations based on authors I have read, categorized to some extent.

this url has reviews and a list of other sites for SF and fantasy  http://sqt-fantasy-sci-fi-girl.blogspot.com/


on this one I browse Dark Fantasy, it has a lot of ebooks too  http://www.fictionwise.com/servlet/mw?action=view&template=browsebook.htm&index=225&catid=5&sortby=b.NumberSold&sortorder=ASC&formattype=










Not complete, but started to code: V (Vamp) W (Were) SH (Shapeshifter) AH (Alternate History)

Paranormal- Female heroines

Keri Arthur W

Kelley Armstrong W

Jenna Black

Jacqueline Carey (explicit sex)

Karen Chance

Nancy Collins

Mary Janice Davidson (very light, comic)

Jeaniene Frost

Sherry Gottlieb V

Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse series) V W SG

Kim Harrison V W

Maria Lima

Jennifer Rardin V

Lilith Saintcrow

Jeanne C Stein


Karen Taylor V

Carrie Vaughn W SH

Paranormal- misc. vamps, weres, sorcerers, etc.

Jim Butcher (wizard Harry Dresden series) V W

Mick Farren V

Tanya Huff (the Blood series, and the Smoke series) V

J.F. Lewis V

Paranormal- alternate reality

Steven Brust

Simon Green

Christopher Moore (fabulous) V

Kim Newman (with vamps) V

Terry Pratchett (the Discworld series)

Naomi Novik (intelligent dragons used as fighter planes)

Maria Snyder

Liz Williams

Connie Willis

Science Fiction

Ann Aguirre

Kage Baker

Elizabeth Bear

William C Dietz (Legion of the Damned series)

Sean McMullen

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Linnea Sinclair

Date Posted: 6/10/2010 11:05 AM ET
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Cassandra Clare is coming out with a new steampunk novel this fall, but it will be YA.

Agree with the choices there. I'll pitch my blog. ;) it's in my signature. All the blogs I love are there too! A few are the same listed here (like Smexy books).

Date Posted: 6/10/2010 1:12 PM ET
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I do reviews for http://goodbadandunread.com/

but been a fan of the site for longer....

Dory -
Date Posted: 6/20/2010 7:36 PM ET
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I've read some really good reviews at Dark Faerie Tales

Date Posted: 6/21/2010 8:17 PM ET
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Thanks for all the links:)