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Topic: A Breath of Fresh Air

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Subject: A Breath of Fresh Air
Date Posted: 4/15/2008 7:46 PM ET
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I just wanted to say that it has been a breath of fresh air to read some of the posts here lately!  Mathew 7 is an awesome passage of scripture with so much in it.  Thank you Tamara and welcome you have been truly a breath of fresh air to these posts!!!

Date Posted: 4/15/2008 10:29 PM ET
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Oh, thanks for the welcome! Yes, Matthew 7 is a wonderful passage. I find most people I talk to, just like Jesus said it was going to be, are on the broad path to hell. It's so unfortunate that people cling to their own "truths" as if we can just make things up in our heads and they are true. But I have understanding about that... I was that way for a long time. By far, I'm sure I'm the worst sinner here on PBS. If you read about Paul in the N.T., yeah, that would be like me... I didn't kill Christians, but I brought churches down and I was severely punished by the Lord for messing with His servants, BUT GOD (my two favorite words in the Bible: "But God") had mercy on me. Oh, I so don't deserve it.

I'm glad not to depend on my own righteousness (as if I had any *sigh*), but on Christ's righteousness. It really is a narrow path, isn't it? I don't know how many times I've been threatened for speaking the Name of Jesus here in America. I remember one Muslim told me to be careful who I am dealing with... another told me to be careful or I could lose my head. We just went on a 2-week mission trip back to my home town, Richmond, CA (ever seen the movie, "Coach Carter?" That is my high school) and twice in the 2 weeks, we were threatened with guns for talking about Jesus (well, once was in S.F.). But you know what... I have TOTAL assurance that when I die, I'll go straight to heaven :) A good book on the assurance of that (even for unbelievers too so they can get a glimps of heaven and hell from Scripture) is "One Minute After You Die" by Erwin Lutzer. VERY good book.

So, though I've been warned by man to shut up about Jesus Christ with guns, with name-calling, by unreasonable police officers, radical Muslims, etc., I won't. I can't. But it's not me... I was a paifully shy person all my life. The Lord changed me, so no boasting here except in the Lord! So....are my posts still a breath of fresh air? LOL!!!

Well, anyway, I'm rambling. Thanks again for the welcome  :) God bless you!

May Jesus Christ, Savior to those whom repentance and faith are granted get the glory He is due!


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Date Posted: 4/16/2008 1:15 PM ET
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Yes, Tamara, you are still a breath of fresh air!  I try and really read the word and dig into it to see what the Lord has to say.  And lately have been getting so many lessons from the Lord.  Ephesians 6:13c for instance where Paul says, and having done all to stand.  I was tending to a plant that had needed transplanting for over a year, it only has 1 small leaf on it, barely living, but still standing.  It had been planted in sandy soil and near pine trees that have some major roots.  But, it's roots had wrapped itself around this giant root and I looked amazed at this small double hibiscus that it was even still living.  So I transplanted it into a pot and gave it some super good soil, with great nutrients and gave it some fish water  from the aquarium and put it under a big tree to shade it from the sun and wind and so it will get the dew falling from the trees in the morning.  And I realized thats what happens in life  to people.  We're barely hanging on and the Lord transplants us through repentance and forgiveness and gives us a whole new life (the plants pot)  gives us the word (soil) gives us protection (shade tree) loves us and feeds us (the water) and then we have a chance to grow and begin to produce fruit in our lives to help others out of the roots of sin.  Because when the plant begins to grow again, new leaves will sprout and then buds will begin to grow and then the flowers will bloom.  When we get transplanted out of sin and become a new person in Christ, our spiritual eyes open and we begin to see the world through the Lord's eyes and we want others to experience the transformation that takes place. 

Theres been some more lessons I've been learning and oh, it has been so good to soak in the soil of God's word and to bask in his love and goodness.  Any-way, just wanted to share the Lord's great mercy on me in showing me these great lessons!!