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Topic: Canceling a WL'd Book

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Subject: Canceling a WL'd Book
Date Posted: 3/21/2012 2:29 PM ET
Member Since: 6/19/2008
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I posted a highly WL'd book that does not have a dust jacket.  I PM'd the member to tell her, giving her the option to pass, which she did  (she had no RC).  I cancelled the order and now I want to repost it. Will it go to the same person or will it skip her.  Do I need to wait until another copy is posted?

Date Posted: 3/21/2012 2:32 PM ET
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It will go to her again, unless she has removed the book from her WL, put it on hold, or gotten an offer  from another member. 

Date Posted: 3/21/2012 2:37 PM ET
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The only way to get past her and on to the next wishers, is to ask her to put a temporary RC on her account, you post the book and decline her RC, and your book gets offered to the next wisher, while she keeps her place in line.

Other than that, you would have to wait until someone else posts a copy, to get past her,


Date Posted: 3/21/2012 2:41 PM ET
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You will need to inform her that she needs to place an RC the next time she requests it stating that she wants the dustjacket.  To be honest I wouldn't PM the next member as it is up to them to place this RC if they care, and rather than repeat your actions in perpetuity where you PM, cancel then PM everyone in front of that person on the Wish List to make sure they place the RC.  Either that or offer it in the bazaar for a credit (or if it is truly is heavily WL'd you can request that it only be sent along with another book from your bookshelf to save on shipping, still 2 books for 2 credits though).

Date Posted: 3/21/2012 2:42 PM ET
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You can post it again, but first ask her to add a "hard covers must have dust jackets" requestor condition, and to turn it on before she accepts your WL offer.  Then you can decline her RC and your offer will go to the next wisher in line.

Hardcovers without dust jackets are postable here.  I'd recommend against PMing the next person who accepts your offer (unless it's the same member as before), as it complicates things.  Members who only want a book if it has a dust jacket have the option of adding a requestor to that effect.  They can turn it on for one book and off for another.  However, if they have a wish list book on auto-request, they won't be given the opportunity to turn it on (or off) before the server accepts the offer for them.

If she doesn't want to add the RC, I'd suggest waiting a few weeks before posting again.  Since she's already told you she doesn't want it, it wouldn't be right to mail it to her now.


ETA: Trucker-Monkey and I were typing at the same time.

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Date Posted: 3/21/2012 2:51 PM ET
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That's pretty much what I thought.  I PM'd her out of courtesy and to avoid problems later.  I'll just hang on to it for awhile.  It has 395 wishers. Dreams of Joy by Lisa See

Thanks everyone for your replies.

Date Posted: 3/21/2012 2:53 PM ET
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I would also stop PMing people.  If it's important to them they should have an RC asking for a dust jacket. Also by PMing you set up the expectation for those people what all senders will PM about dust jackets.  Then they get mad when someone doesn't , when in fact it isn't required and most probably don't PM. 

Date Posted: 3/21/2012 9:18 PM ET
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Yup, as Mary said...that's why I don't PM people about stuff that is perfectly postable. If they want something above and beyond the PBS posting guidelines, it's up to them to have an RC in place when they request it--doing so avoids just this type of problem.


Date Posted: 3/21/2012 11:27 PM ET
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I rarely pm over book condition and didn't think much of it.  But lately I've had several people pm me about the condition of a book I have requested...frankly, I don't wish to be snarky but it's becoming kind of annoying.  I have no RC's at this time...so either the book is postable per PBS criteria or it is not.  That is a determination the sender should be making, asking for my approval when I can not see the book and have to rely on their brief pm discription is starting to sound unfair to me. 

Seriously, I'm not trying to sound bitchy, but the person with the book in hand should be deciding postability.  It is my responsibility (and all requesters) to add RC's if I want something other than the basic site minimum criteria.

PS - stepping off my soapbox now, I really needed to get that off my chest  http://www.reviewsbyjessewave.com/wpstorage/wp-content/uploads/Green_Smilies/icons/smiley_emoticons_motz.gif Thanks for listening.

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Date Posted: 3/22/2012 12:12 AM ET
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Geez! All I wanted was the answer to my question Do I need to wait until another copy is posted?  I didn't ask or need advice about sending a PM to the requestor, that's my decision to make.  Anyway the situation is resolved; I posted the book to one of my buddies and it's on it's way to a new home.

Scott (scalta) - ,
Date Posted: 3/22/2012 10:54 AM ET
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Then you should have clarified that you only wanted a "Yes" or "No" answer.

By your number of posting, you seem to be active in the forums.  You should know that when most people here answer a question, they will back it up with an explanation for clarification.

Date Posted: 3/22/2012 12:04 PM ET
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Donna - I think it's pretty rude of you to ask for a favor (this is what you do when you ask others to take time out of their day to type an answer) and then have issues with the polite answers you received. Nobody here is paid to answer questions, they do it because they are nice people that like to help others. 

If you are around in the forums, you should know that lots of people post questions without fully knowing what the question entails and most of us here are used to explaining things fully. A simple "I understand that if I PMed the requestors I'm risking the chance that people keep refusing and it will take me longer to mail the book but I still prefer to do it that way" would have been more corteous and would have conveyed that you understood what you were doing.

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Date Posted: 3/22/2012 1:00 PM ET
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I sent one without a dust jacket once. they had no RC but yet they marked me. I sent them a copy of the rules saying it did not have to be included which she said she didnt know but she never wold go back and mark it resolved/

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Date Posted: 3/22/2012 1:27 PM ET
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Kay, that's exactly why I sent a PM.  I didn't want the headache afterwards.

I think it's pretty rude of you to ask for a favor

It was a simple yes or no question. I thought that's what this forum was for.  All of the lectures on sending the PM was after my question was answered and I had thanked everyone for their replies. 

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