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Topic: Did They Change Something?

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Subject: Did They Change Something?
Date Posted: 7/27/2011 3:46 PM ET
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So i had a WL request that timed out... i never saw the original email alert about it and i check my email every day, probably a dozen times for various things.

I thought that when a WL request times out, you stayed on the list in place. I thought that if you cancel a request you went to the bottom of the list.

The WL'ed book went on my Reminder List instead.

I haven't been very active on the site recently because i had a house fire back in November and well, obviously my books weren't fit to post anymore, so i cleared off my list and have been subsisting on my credits i had stocked up for Wish List books as they came in until i could build back up some books to post. 've been working my way through my smoked out collection, because i just couldn't bear getting rid of what i had left without reading the one that were readable.

Now i guess i will be back at the bottom of the list. I should just check the stupid series out from the library. Would save me time and money.

Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 7/27/2011 3:50 PM ET
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Unfortunately, when a WishList offer times out (or has no response), you are removed from the WishList line for that book.  To get back on the WishList line, you'd have to re-add it to your WishList, and therefore get added back in but at the end of the line.  You lose your place in the WishList line if you decline or if you do not respond (and offer times out).

(You can avoid this happening by putting those books for which you are near the top of the WishList line on Auto-Request and having a few extra credits on hand to cover these.)


Date Posted: 7/27/2011 4:20 PM ET
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If members who didn't respond to wish list offers were placed back at the top of the wish list, it could be frustrating for the person posting the wish list book.  He would have to wait 48 hours each for all non-responsive member at the top of the wish list -- and there could be quite a few if they collected at the top -- before getting to someone who wanted the book.  Often a non-response is because the account has been abandoned.

Sianeka's solution above is a great one.  Or if you can't check in for a while, you can place your bookshelf on Vacation Hold.  This will also place any wish list books on hold, except for the ones you've placed on auto-request.

Date Posted: 7/27/2011 4:50 PM ET
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You can check your Club Communications page (link on your account page) to see if you got the email.  If it's there, check your Junk or Spam folder on your email account to make sure the email didn't go there.  Then make sure PBS is on your Safe Sender list.

Date Posted: 7/27/2011 4:58 PM ET
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Tracey - I'm so sorry about the fire! I cannot even imagine going through that.

Something else you might want to consider...if you have credits and you're not sure that you can be checking your PBS account often, why don't you put your WL on Auto Request? That way, the system will automatically order them for you and you won't have to do a thing (except to mark them received when the books arrive. :)

BTW...which book did you miss? If it was the 1st book in the Mortal Instruments series, please let me know. I haven't read it yet but could read it in the next couple of weeks or so and post it to you (if that was the one.:)

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Date Posted: 7/27/2011 5:23 PM ET
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WL books go back to your WL in the same spot you were if it's the sender that doesn't respond.

If you aren't getting PBS emails you need to investigate that. Is your email entered correctly?  Is your server refusing them or putting them in your junk mail box for some reason?

Date Posted: 7/27/2011 6:46 PM ET
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I can't imagine they would ever have it set so that a missed WL offer kept their place when a timely turned down offer lost it. People who didn't have the credit or didn't want the book right then would just ignore WL offers instead of saying no, figuring they would get to keep their place in line that way and posting members would be suck waiting for the books to time out to get to the next wisher.

If you are getting online to check your email at least once a day, take a minute to log into PBS at least every other day to make sure you don't miss activity on your account too.

Date Posted: 7/27/2011 8:23 PM ET
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Wel, like i said, it's been a while since i had been on the site, and my mind has been so busy with other stuff that i wasn't sure if i remembered the rules right or not. I thought maybe i was confused and i might have gone to the bottom of the WL line, but i didn't think they just removed you period. You know? I used to quite on top of the rules and regs but... well, life has been pretty hectic the last few months. After the fire, we had to find a house, then we bought a house, then all the replacing of furniture and so on... it's just one of those things where i couldn't remember how it went exactly.

It was actually Book 2 of the Mortal Instruments series, but it's not a big deal. I can wait on them or check them out at the library.

As for the email thing... i do have PBS on my contacts list, i get all the sundry emails for certain forum links i track, and i get the newsletters and all that, but i just didn't get this one email. I checked my email thoroughly.

I have plenty to read, and i actually do have quite a few books on Auto-Request, but i was so far down the list on this one that i couldn't imagine having hit the top of the list so quickly. lol If i am within 80 of getting a book, i Auto-Request it, and i check my list every couple weeks, and last time i checked, i was in the 200's waiting. So... it just goes to show i have to stay up on this sort of thing better than i have been.

Thanks for clarifying that it's when a sender cancels that you retain your position. I knew there was some circumstance that kept you on the top of the list, i just couldn't remember which one. My brain has been eaten away by stress lately.

Thank you all for responding. And thank you, D.G. for your kind words. My books were the one thing i lament most of all the thing i lost in the fire. Family photos were mostly preserved thanks to some stroke of luck, but next to those, my computer and my books and video games are my most loved and often irreplaceable possessions. lol Some of my books took me years to find and collect. Sadly, my Keeper shelf was the one that was 100% obliterated. Starting over suuuuuucks. =)

Date Posted: 7/27/2011 9:02 PM ET
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*Hugs* Tracey broken heart  I accidently let one time-out awhile back...in a hurry, on the site every day but apparently didn't look closely enough at my e-mails or account page  sad  I agree...starting over sucks.

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