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Topic: Checking the requestor's WL

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Subject: Checking the requestor's WL
Date Posted: 11/13/2011 8:43 PM ET
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I always check the requestor's WL before I mail a book. Many people are not familiar with the multiple WL thread and I might be able to offer them a book from my unposted list. When I am a requestor I wish the sender would check out my WL. It is long and SLOW. Of course some people keep it private. I fail to see the reason behind it, I want members to see what books I want.

Date Posted: 11/13/2011 9:18 PM ET
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A lot of them probably do and just don't have another book to post to you.

I check as well usually.  But sometimes I jsut want the WL book out of my house and I know I don't have time to read another one by the mail by date. I check 9 times out of 10 them.  I posted a WL book on Friday and I'm sending her another book as well. I actually had about 5 of her WL books in my TBR but I know I couldn't get them all read in the time frame.  So I offered her a 2nd one and she said to post it to her. 

I've had people turn me down because they feel books should only go via FIFO and no one should jump the line ever. 

Some people keep their list private because they are embarassed by what they're wishing for or they've had problems with internet stalkers or other members harrassing them.

Date Posted: 11/14/2011 7:58 AM ET
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I almost never check people's wishlists, because when I'm posting a book, that is the book I'm ready to get rid of. If I found another book on their WL that I have, if I wanted to send it with the original one, that means I'd have to drop what I'm reading now and hurry up and read that one too so I could get the books sent within the time frame allowed. I generally don't enjoy books as much when I "have" to read them, and this is supposed to be about enjoyment, so....



Date Posted: 11/14/2011 10:33 AM ET
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The only time I bother to check a requesting member's wish list is when they are a personal friend of mine and I know that if it is on their wish list that they definitely want it. Like Cheryl said, it interferes with my enjoyment of a book if I am reading it now only so I can send it with another request. When I was a new member I would just read wish list books so that I could quickly pass them on only to have the offer time out or the offering would be not accepted, so it ended up that I had rushed through a book for nothing. I quickly learned that just because a book is on someone's wish list it does not mean that they want the book -- too many members have abandoned their accounts or they haven't removed books from their wish list that they no longer want.

Date Posted: 11/14/2011 12:09 PM ET
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I always check, and I frequently find that I have another book to add to an order. (But, I read books really fast, so I now have a stockpile of WL books to offer, that I haven't put thru FIFO because there are too many to ship out). But, especially when I have a series book, I will check, and I usually find that that person is also wishing for more from that series, or somethign else by the same author. (When I have several that I think might go together, I will FIFO the earliest one in the series, or the earliest pub date, in hopes that the same person hasn't received the later books yet.)

As far as keeping WL private ..... sometimes people have told their co-workers or family about PBS and they don't want their co-workers or family to know what they read, exactly. Other people believe very strongly that WL books should only be offered thru FIFO, with no "skipping" of the line.

Date Posted: 11/14/2011 12:36 PM ET
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I almost always check but I only offer if it's something I'm in the mood to read and I know I'll have time. I also let them know that I won't accept the request right away if they want the additional book.  This only works of course if you PM them while it's on WL hold. 

If they come up through the Gold Key thing as a Buddy having a book-then I stop the posting process and check their WL for more first. And again, only if it's something I'm in the mood to read and will have time.  I can knock a book out pretty quickly and can even read at work.  So it's usually more of whether or not I'm in the mood.

Date Posted: 11/14/2011 11:33 PM ET
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>>>Other people believe very strongly that WL books should only be offered thru FIFO, with no "skipping" of the line.<<<

I do understand that sense of "fairness" and everyone feels differently.

I started Wishlist Multiples topic over on SwapaCD because they never had one, and The Team gave permission to have one now.

If somebody like me, is a member of all 3 sites, I have to pick and choose, very carefully, what I can *afford* to send out every month.

That means that books, DVDs and CDs that I no longer want, and that others are waiting for, remain unposted.  So, they don't even make it to FIFO....... They just sit in plastic bins and sometimes for quite a long time until I have $$.  . (it's real easy to spend $50+ in postage in a month, I often have spent that much).

The other thing is this:  If a person gets a book thru WL Multiples, that's one less person in the line.  :)

My feeling about WL Multiples is that it keeps stuff circulating in the Swapa system.....and the person you are sending to may have a bigger postage budget, and in turn, will post those books back into the sytstem and they will get OUT again.    To me, it's a Win/Win situaiton........good for the swappers, and also good for Swapa sites, esp. if using their printed labels.  :)

It's similar to banks withholding loans these days.  A friend of mine has perfect credit, yet having hard time getting a home loan.  Yet, when she buys the home, she will probably do some remodeling, and decorating, and be buying ALL KINDS OF STUFF and hiring people...........thus, she would be putting $$ into the economy, which is good for everyone.  Instead, she's in a stagnation because she can't get the loan to get the house to hire people and buy stuff.  smiley  Sort of like digestion, always best when things KEEP ON MOVING    LOL

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