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Topic: children's books only?

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Subject: children's books only?
Date Posted: 2/25/2010 8:14 PM ET
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  I have been a member less than a year, but have noticed most bookshelves I've looked at have NO children's books. I have only a few

on mine, but that's because we're in the middle of a move.  My one buddy who homeschools has only children's books posted,  so I'm wondering if

most people who swap and want children's books put ONLY those on their bookshelves.

Date Posted: 2/26/2010 12:44 AM ET
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I order a lot of children's books.  And have almost none on my shelf.  My niece is a first grade teacher in a low income school district.  Their school, to meet the budget, cut both the school Internet and the school librarian. 

There is now a low paid part time staff member in the school library who is not able to recommend books and refuses to let more than one student in the library at a time unless they are with a parent or teacher.   This sounds like a nightmare to me.  Unaccessible books?  She cannot leave her class to take the students individually to the library.  Too many of her students have no books at home.  Thanks to PBS, she now has plenty of books to let the kids take books home to read.  Having the right book for the right kid is so very important.

Everyone in the family gives me books to post.   Almost none are kid's books.  I do get some kid's books at the FOL sales.

Date Posted: 2/26/2010 3:31 PM ET
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I read children and young adult's books and mainly nothing else and  I have MOSTLY children's and YA books on my shelves.  I had a few cozy mysteries (I don't read those)  but I think most of those are gone.   I have a few books geared toward adults but not many.  So I would say "Not sure if most do, but I do" to your question!

Date Posted: 2/26/2010 8:54 PM ET
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I've been cleaning out my kids rooms and posting the books they have outgrown on PBS.  I personnally am looking for books for myself, and the childrens books help me get credits for such.  If my kids identify anything they need and can wait for it (i.e. not needed to start on a book report) I'll look on PBS for it.

Subject: childrens books
Date Posted: 2/28/2010 10:48 AM ET
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I'm not looking for children's books, but that's all I currently have on my shelves. I just found this site and figured I could post all of the books I used to read when I was a kid and use the credits for books I'd want to read now.

Date Posted: 2/28/2010 1:15 PM ET
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I have mainly kids books also. My kids read alot when they were younger and I kept all of their books so I post them here as well as lots that I receive from a couple of friends.

You are right lots of bookshelves don't have any kids books at all so I use the search option to see if they have children's books before I search too much on the shelf if thats what I am looking for that day.  Otherwise I get distracted and start ordering more books that end up in my TBR pile!

Date Posted: 3/5/2010 12:49 AM ET
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My shelf is all kids books. I have a ton of kids books. My kids read so much and they keep changing what kind of book that they want.  My husband has a shelf and his is all adults. I by far order more kids and have more kids books on my shelf. Jean

Date Posted: 3/5/2010 8:41 PM ET
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On my shelf I have no kids books.  I'm getting rid of books of mine so I can build a collection of books for my daughter instead.

Date Posted: 3/7/2010 2:52 AM ET
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I have a lot of children's books posted that my daughter has outgrown and is finally ready to part with.  There are only a few children's/young adult books that I'm looking for to complete certain sets that I'd like to keep.  I'm sure my daughter will read them once we have complete sets.  And hopefully I'll have grandkids one day.  They'll already have a bookshelf.  I'm mostly looking for adult books for me, my grown sons, and my teenage daughter. 

Date Posted: 5/29/2010 4:53 PM ET
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My shelf is mostly kids books and a few adult/teen books. Mainly clearing out old books.

Date Posted: 5/30/2010 5:49 PM ET
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I joined to get kids books for my son.  I know more about kids books, so I stick with what I know.  My shelf is full of kids books.  There are a few adult books thrown in, but not many. 

Date Posted: 6/10/2010 7:58 PM ET
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I have a mix of everything - audios, childrens, paperback, hardcovers. I guess that's not the norm... For me I simply post what I'm done with and know I'll never read, listen or want for the kids at work.

Subject: RE: Kids books
Date Posted: 6/12/2010 9:20 PM ET
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I have lots of kids books on my shelf. I don't have any kids young enough for them, I just bought them & listed them, so there would be a good selection on my self. I just want the credits for books I want & can't find at our book stores here. I figure if I post kids books I might be helping some kids, but I don't think I pick the right ones because I don't seem to be getting many requests for kids books.  I have Animorphs, Horses, & Dogs. What are the kids looking for? Maybe I could post them if I knew what to look for. I am 50, so I am a little out of the loop and have no grandbabies yet...LOL

I also have a good start to a set of Left Behind Kids books, which I was building while I was building my own sets. I did not list them, because there are so many others out there that have them listed.

Date Posted: 6/18/2010 8:31 AM ET
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I assume that there aren't a lot of children's books on people's bookshelves because, if anyone else's books look like my kid's books, they are falling apart.  I have some that are in good condition, but a lot of my kid's books they've read so much that the binding came apart and the pages are literally stuffed in there.

Subject: Childrens Books
Date Posted: 6/26/2010 1:03 PM ET
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I have many childrens books posted on my bookshelf--take a look

Subject: Rugrats collection and many other children's paperback books on my shelf!
Date Posted: 7/18/2010 1:54 AM ET
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I have many Rugrats books posted as well as many other children's paperbacks. We are finished with them all and would love for them to find a new home with another child who will also enjoy them!


Subject: i have kids science books
Date Posted: 9/3/2010 12:05 AM ET
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I have lots of kids science books on my bookshelf. I actually read all of these books for fun... so they are interesting indeed! A lot are about nature and space.

I have more, so if you don't see what you want on my Bookshelf, PM me!

Subject: I have close to 200 Children's Books listed at any time
Date Posted: 10/18/2010 12:53 PM ET
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I have close to 200 Children's books listed at any time because, as my children grow up, they grow out of some books, whereas us adults keep books around for longer....and someday the kids will be old enough for those books too.

I particular, I have one child who is an excellent reader now but had some difficulty learning to read. We worked with a top knotch reading specialist who recommended a very effective program of books to read to boost his abilities. Now that he has mastered lreaning-to-read and is reading above grade level, we are ready to trade this great collection for the books he is interested in now.

Date Posted: 2/18/2011 7:28 PM ET
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I just posted about 30 children's books that are easy to read! :0)