Book Reviews of Claiming the Highlander (MacAllisters, Bk 2)

Claiming the Highlander (MacAllisters, Bk 2)
Claiming the Highlander - MacAllisters, Bk 2
Author: Kinley MacGregor
ISBN-13: 9780380817894
ISBN-10: 0380817896
Publication Date: 3/2002
Pages: 384
  • Currently 4.1/5 Stars.

4.1 stars, based on 234 ratings
Publisher: Avon
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 4
This was an easy read. I loved the idea that Maggie moved the women of both clans to hold off the men until they end their feud. I loved her bravery and her need to do something more. I loved Braden's character and could even allowed for his "sudden" love of Maggie. But certain aspects of the book left me feeling unsettled.

The laird refused to bow down to the women because he would lose respect of the clan. Yet it was okay for his men to tie him up and threaten him? Somehow that was a more acceptable way to get him into action? The book never addressed what happened to those men and it made me feel like the story wasn't as complete.

Also why couldn't Maggie take credit for what she accomplished? Was it enough that only Braden knew the truth? That sort of suggested that only he mattered in her world. Usually that would be romantic but not when the book was riddled with how unjust women were treated and that just added to it.

Maggie asked the women not to service their men in anyway yet she did repeatedly with Braden. I could forgive the first time since she thought she migth die the next day, but after that she came off as a traitor to her kind.

Sin was great in it and I loved Ceana / Agnes (the women of the MacDouglas clan). But the book was a disappointment. Most of the other books in the series were better.
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Helpful Score: 2
Braden MacAllister is so heart-stoppingly handsome, devastatingly charming and passionately perfect that every woman who sees him either swoons or chases him down and demands he let them have their way with him ( 10 at once even). He, of course obliges with abandon, admitting anything with two legs wearing skirts will do and proceeds to prove it through much of the story. So is it any surprise I find it hard to believe when, at the end of the book, he pledges eternal fidelity to the rather dowdy childhood friend he never even noticed before? Although I understand why so many others rate this book highly, I just couldn't bring myself to like Braden enough to believe in his happy ending.

Knowing this is totally a personal preference and not wanting to judge a good author because of it, I may still try the next in this series (besides, Sin, the brother, was much more intriguing to begin with.)
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Helpful Score: 1
Braden is the youngest of the MacAllister brothers, but his story comes first (technically, "Master of Desire" is the 1st MacAllister series book, but you won't miss a thing if you skip it). Braden and Maggie have a simple story -- the young boy who returns home as a man and finds himself face to face with the woman he has all but ignored all his life suddenly turning his head . . . But the true pearl in this story is Maggie.

Maggie is a strong woman, and her desire to stop the feud her clan has fought for five years is believable and noble, and the method she uses is perfect. Kinley MacGregor really thought out the backstory -- not simply using it to propel the lead characters into the sack.

Although the storyline is simple, she develops Braden and Maggie well. Don't let the first 5 pages fool you -- you will come to love Braden and CHEER for Maggie.

Move on to the next book, Born in Sin, which is my favorite MacAllister Novel, although this one rates a close second.
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Kinley does a wonderful job of bringing the two lovers together. Maggie has loved Braden all her life and wonders why he's never paid her any attention. Well, the story will prove he finally does and love blossoms. A good story by a great writer.
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It is said that Braden MacAllister, English baron and proud Highlander warrior, can fell an enemy with a single blowand a woman with a single kiss. But not Maggie, it seems. For the firehaired beauty, determined to end the long running feud that rages between their clan and its common foe, is immune to Brandens attempts to stop her foolishness. But stop her he will, once he gets the meddling minx aloneand favors her with a passionate caress and an irresistible kiss. No matter how she trembles beneath Bradens sensuous touch, Maggie must not yield! As long as this feud continues, the lives of her brothers are at stake. And though Braden is known to have bedded many a lass, he has given his heart to none. But dare she dream that by assuring peace for her clan she may also be claiming the most magnificient Highlander for herself?
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Master of Desire is 1 billion times better than Claiming the Highlander...but that is just my humble opinion...maybe you will disagree with me 1 billion % :)
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charming story. fun characters. D:-)
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Kinley MacGregor is a fantastic author and one of my favorites. Her Highlanders are delicious and spectacular.
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I haven't read a highlander book in a long time but I did like this one.
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Outstanding series-Braden's story
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Another great Macgregor/Kenyon book! If you like romance, you can't go wrong with her books.
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wonderful book! Loved Braden and Maggie in this one, I can't wait for Lochlan's story and to know if Kieran is alive.
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A good read, not quite "Master of Desire" but still a good story.
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LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL HER BOOKS!!!!! Extra copy only reason giving it up ;)
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really good romance...continues the MacAllister's.
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Excellent story! You kinda knew how it would end, but I liked the build up!
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Love her books! And I'm not a big romance fan, but she's got a way with words and her books are amusing/keep your interest...
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To end a long-running feud, the proud lassie convinced the clan's women to refuse thier men everything--but could she herself resist the attractions of the dashing rogue who was dedicated to her surrender??
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Love this series. Could not put down until finished.
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Braden's story
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This book is actually the first in the MacAllisters series. I read it out of order by reading Lochlan's first and became interested in his brother's life and love. So I found Sin's story first and fell in love with him so after that I was hooked. Thanks to the website I got all the books and started reading as soon as they landed in my mailbox. Well needless to say Braden was last and I have to say I am disappointed in this story. Ewan, Lochlan, and Sin were interesting with problems that made you care about them but Braden was just shallow. I had a feeling that after reading the other brother's story I wouldn't really like his and I was right.

This character loves women and I am expected to believe that the things falling out of his mouth towards Maggie is believable? They seem just as superficial as his character. I didn't buy this insta-attraction he had for Maggie. Then there is Maggie. She just got on my nerves. Her push and pull was annoying. She chastised him for seducing woman but fell into his arms without hesitation. Ugh! Just admit you want to bed the man and stop being an idiot.

I couldn't finish the book because the H/H were just unlikable. Sin was the only bright spot but even he couldn't save this stinker of a story. Oh well at least the other brothers had good stories. 3 out of 4 isn't bad.
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Authograph Copy.
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I have 2 copies of this book, I have not read it yet.