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Topic: Need a clarification on auto-request & vacation hold

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Subject: Need a clarification on auto-request & vacation hold
Date Posted: 6/8/2009 11:29 AM ET
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I know if you put WL books on auto-request the requests go through if your account is on vacation hold, but is this supposed to work if you're posting a WL book directly to someone's shelf?  I've only run into this situation a couple of times, one currently with a buddy who has a book on AR, but the "post to this member's WL" tab isn't showing up (and her account is on vacation hold), and I'm pretty sure I had to take my account off of vacation hold once so a buddy could post a WL book to me, which was also on auto-request.  Anyone know this for certain or know of anything in the help docs that addresses it directly?  I've looked & can't find anything.

Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 6/8/2009 12:28 PM ET
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Your friend would need to take their bookshelf off of Hold status for you to post the book to the Wishlist.  You won't be able to post to them while their account is on Vacation Hold status.

If your friend has the book on AutoRequest-Yes and they are #1 in the WishList line, you could just post your book into the general system, and the book will be automatically ordered for them even if they are still in Vacation Hold.  But you couldn't post the book directly to them/their bookshelf.

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Date Posted: 6/8/2009 1:37 PM ET
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Other than seeing it referenced on these message boards, I didn't know you could post a book directly to someone else if it was a WL book.  I also don't really understand why anyone would.  It seems to go against the FIFO system.  Ordering directly from someone's shelf makes some sense, so that deals can be made or multiple books can be ordered to save on postage, but with how much PBS seems to emphasize the FIFO system, I'm surprized they even have this option.  So, when do you (plural "you," not just Kim) use this option, and how exactly does it work?  (I've never seen a "post to this member's WL option," but I've probably never looked in the right place.)

Date Posted: 6/8/2009 2:04 PM ET
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Thank you, Sianeka:)  That's pretty much what I thought but I wanted to be sure.

Christopher, it's allowed per the PBS rules to post a book directly to a friend's WL.  I'm not looking at the help docs right now or I'd pull the quote for you, but it's in there under the portion covering using the WL.  Basically, if you go to someone's WL from either their profile or the tab at the top of their forum posts, and you have a book they're wishing for, there's a tab next to it for posting it to them directly.  You have to do it from there and not click on the book page, because if you do it will post the book FIFO.

Date Posted: 6/8/2009 2:11 PM ET
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I'm a big advocate of FIFO and that is primarily what I use in both directions--in other words, when I'm ordering, I just use the "order this book" button and don't do deals or anything, so the next person in line gets my request. Or when I'm #1 in line on the wishlist, I'm perfectly fine ordering from whoever it is who posted it. I think it's the fairest way to do it and it works well most of the time.

That said, these are YOUR books and you can do with them what you like and since PBS has given the okay to do it, if people want to post to one another directly (or order from one another directly) then they can do that. I have a couple of good buddies here at PBS (they were my buddies BEFORE PBS, even) that I trade books with, and do occasionally post directly to them and they do the same for me if they've finished a book that's on my wishlist. You just go to their wishlist, and click the "post this book" button right on their wishlist page--NOT on the book details page. Then you get a screen that will say at the top, "You are posting this book to _____ wishlist." and you go from there. If you hit "post this book" from book details page, then it goes to FIFO.


Date Posted: 6/8/2009 2:12 PM ET
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I post mutually wishlisted books directly with a specific member (as she does with me), because each of us can be certain that the other is actually looking forward to those books, rather than someone who "thinks the book might look interesting", and who reads it much later, if ever, after tossing it on their TBR pile. I hope that made sense.

Books not on her wishlist go out FIFO.




Date Posted: 6/8/2009 2:54 PM ET
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I see the button now; I guess I've never really looked at other member's wish lists that closely before.


I guess there are some cases where you'd want to post specifically to one person.  I only have one friend who uses PBS, and she's a coworker, so when I have a book I think she'll like, I just loan it to her before posting it here.  But it's good to know it's an option, and how it works, if I even have a case where I do want to post a WL book to someone specific.

Date Posted: 6/8/2009 6:05 PM ET
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It's an option that is attractive when you are sending a book to them already and just want to send more than one to save on postage.  And it's good when you have a Buddy that has your same taste and WL.   But it does go against the FIFO process.  And some people abhor it when others do this.  The only other situation I could see doing it is if it were a brand new member and you wanted to give them a "boost" on getting WL books.  But that is a little "lame" when it comes to supporting the FIFO philosophy.   Buddies with your same taste and WL can "scratch each other's backs" this way.  It's allowed, but some think it's not "fair".


Date Posted: 6/8/2009 8:41 PM ET
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Well I was the one Kim wanted to post the book too because I am sending her a WL book.  We are buddies but she happened to also be first line.  I told her to put it to FIFO as I don't want to come off vacation hold.  I'm just over loaded with books now and that's why I went on hold.


I post directly to people sometimes for a couple of reasons.  When I post a WL book to FIFO I immediately check out their WL and see if I have anything else I can post to them. (I'm sending Kim an unpostable of one of her WL books for no credit because I saw that she has it WL).  I have over 100 WL books in my TBR (and 500 non-WL) and I just can't afford the postage on all those books.  So if I can send 2 together sometimes that's great.  And yes I have sold credits to cover postage.  I don't see the point in doing PBS if I'm just going to keep selling all my credits.  

Other times I post directly to someone if I have several WL books ready to be posted.  Usually after I've gone on vacation or if I have several books of a series that I've read in order and they are WL.  Then I'll check out the Is This On Your WL thread in that genre and see if I can find someone who wants more than one.  

A lot of regular forum posted like to post directly to Buddies because they know they are on regularly and won't let the request time out.  It's really annoying when you have a bunch of books to mail and that one WL book you posted just keeps cycling through Wisher.  Yes the time outs help weedout dead accounts. But when you want to make one trip to the post office and have mailing deadlines looming or you just wanted to mail the book out before you went on vacation-it sucks to have it just sitting there.


Date Posted: 6/8/2009 9:28 PM ET
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I don't see anything wrong with posting WL books to a buddy.  These are people who help me out in other ways, like recommending new (to me) authors & a vast majority of the books I've read and enjoyed since joining here.  Regardless of whether they go through the FIFO queue or not, they do stay within the PBS community more often than not, as those ladies in turn pass them on to other ladies we network with here.  And even aside from all that, I purchased the book in question just last week with money that came out of my own pocket, and I certainly feel I have the right to pass it along to anyone I choose.  If it goes through here and clears a PBS member out of the WL queue in the process, so much the better IMO.  That just means the person in line behind them will probably get a copy that much sooner.  Not that I intended for this to turn into a debate on the merits of posting to other members' WLs or anything...  The rules allow it, and I figure that's enough said:P