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Topic: Comics for trade (4 for 1)

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Subject: Comics for trade (4 for 1)
Date Posted: 11/23/2007 11:55 AM ET
Member Since: 6/15/2007
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After all the posts below how about this revision:

Hi all.  This weekend I went through some of my old boxes and found a ton of comics I'd like to trade for credits.  So how about 4 of my comics for 1 credit?   How about 4 free comics with one order of my bookshelf?   Just to clarify because I don't think I was to clear on my ealier post -- it is four of my individual comics free with one order from my booksshelf.  On the list I have something like Green Lantern #2-3; those are three individual comics.


Updated list as of 11/24/07 at 9:00 pm MST

Title Numbers Publisher Notes

A Next 1 Marvel  

Action Comics 592 DC Big Barda

Action Comics 825 DC  

Adventure into Fear 11 Marvel Reading copy

Adventures of Aaron 1--2 Image  

Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix 1 Marvel  

Agent Liberty 1 DC  

Amazing Scarlet Spider 1--2 Marvel  

America vs Justice Society 2 DC  

American Flagg! (1983) 3--4 First  

American Freak 1--5 Vertigo/DC complete limited series

Anima 1 DC  

Aquaman (1994) 4 DC  

Archangel: Phantom Wings   Marvel  

Area 52 2 Image  

Armor X 1 Image  

Astronauts in Trouble (1999) 1 plaNETlar  

Asylum 3 Maximum PressBattlestar Galactica, Beanworld

Automatic Kafka 1 Wildstorm/DC A

Avengers annual 21 Marvel  

Avengers Finale 1 Marvel  

Azrael (1995) *2 DC

Batman Beyond (1999) *3 DC  

Battle Chasers 8 Cliffhanger/DC

Battle of the Planets: Princess 2--3 Top Cow/Image

Battlestar Galactica (1979) 6 Marvel Good cond

Bishop 1--4 Marvel limited series

Black Panther 34-35 Marvel  

Butcher 1 DC  

Cable 6-8,25,33,98 Marvel  

Challengers of Unknown 83 DC  

Challengers of Unknown S25 DC Reading copy

Chapel (1995) 1 Image  

Codename: Strykeforce 1-3,8 Top Cow/Image Brandon Peterson art

Crow: Wild Justice 1 Kitchen Sink

Cybrid 1 Maximum Press

Cy-Gor 1 Image  

Cynder annual 1 Liar Comics

Cynder Annual 1   Liar Comics

Daredevil & Batman   DC/Marvel  

DC Comics Presents 23 DC Dr Fate

DC Comics Presents 24 DC Deadman

Deadpool: Circle Chase 1--4 Marvel limited series

Deadworld: Daemonstorm   Caliber  

Deathblow 3 Marvel  

Demon (1991) 7-9,16-19 DC  

Desert Peach 17 MU Press  

Doctor Strange (1994) 67 Marvel  

Dr Fate (2003) 3--5 DC 

Drayven 1 Davdez  

DV8 2--3 Image  

Echo of Future Past 6 Continuity  

Elfquest (1997) 10--12 Warp  

Elfquest: Blood of Ten Chiefs 2 Warp  

ESPers (1996) 2--3 Eclipse  

Evo 1 Top Cow/Image

Factor X 1 Marvel  

Gambit 1--4 Marvel limited series

Gatecrasher (1) 1--4 Black Bull limited series

Gatecrasher (2) 1 Black Bull  

Gazillion 1 Image  

Green Arrow 122 DC  

Green Lantern (1992) 16,27,91 DC  

Green Lantern (1992) annual 3    

Hardware  16 Milestone/DC

Hellhole 1 Image  

Hellshock (1994) 1 Image  

Here Come the Big People 1 Event  

Hunter Age of Magic 7 Vertigo/DC

Incredible Hulk 391 Marvel  

Incredible Hulk 242-244,349-350 Marvel  

Iron Man (1998) 11 Marvel  

Jemm 3 DC  

JLA one million DC  

JLA   1 million DC  

JLA Annual (1997) 1 DC Good cond

Justice League Europe 37 DC  

Justice League Task Force 2-3,22 DC  

Ka-Zar (1994) 8-Feb marvel  


Killrazor 1 Top Cow/Image

Killroy: Daemonstorm   Caliber  

L.A.W. 1--6 DC  

Lab Rats 1 DC  

Lady Justice I 2--3 Tekno Comics

Lady Justice II 2 Big Entertainment

Legacy of Superman 1 DC  

Legion of Super-Heroes (1984) annual 3 DC  

Lexian Chronicles: Full Circle 7AA Markosia  

Lost Continent 1 Eclipse  

Maggie the Cat (1996) 1--2 Image  

Manhunter (1989) 13 DC  

Marshal Law 3 Epic/Marvel

Marshal Law 2,4-6 Epic/Marvel

Marvel Team-Up 139 Marvel Nick Fury

Maverick (1996) 1 Marvel  

Maze Agency 1--2 Comico  

Maze Agency 15,18,20,23 Innovation  

Megaton Man (1985) 6,8,10 Kitchen Sink

Melting Pot 2 Kitchen Sink

Midnight Sons Unlimited 2 Marvel  

Ministry of Space 1 Image  

Monarchy 1 Wildstorm/DC

Monarchy 2 Wildstorm/DC

More Than Mortal: Sagas 1 Liar Comics

Mosaic 1 Sirius  

New X-Men: Academy X 7 Marvel  

Operation: Knightstrike 1--3 Image  

Out There 1 Cliffhanger/DC

Painkiller Jane 4 Event  

Primortals, Leonard Nimoy 3 Tekno Comix

Propeller Man 1--8 Dark Horse

REBELS '95 3 DC  

Roswell: Little Green Man 1--2 Bongo   

Sabretooth 1--4 Marvel limited series

Saint Germaine: Casanova's Lament 1 Caliber  

Savant Guard 1 Image  

Scarab 1--8 Vertigo/DC complete limited series

Scarlet Spider 1 Marvel  

Scarlet Spider 1--2 Marvel  

Section 0 1--4 Gorilla/Image

Silver Surfer 89,93-99,101-109 Marvel  

So You Want to Be a Supervillian 1 Epoch  

Sovereign Seven 2-19,21-32 DC  

Spectacular Scarlet Spider 1 Marvel  

Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special 1 Marvel  

Spectre (1994) 0 DC  

Spectre (1994) 0 DC  

Spellbound 1 Marvel  

Spiderman Unlimited 10 Marvel  

Spirit of Tao 1 Top Cow/Image 

Star Wars: Episode I: Phantom Menace 0. 5 Wizard/Dark Horse

Steampunk 3 Image  

Stone  1 Image  

Stone: The Awakening 1 Avalon  

Stormwatch (1993) 2-7,9-21,23-31 Image  

Strange Attractors 3 Retrographix

Swamp Thing 127 DC  

The Agency 1 Top Cow/Image

The Establishment 1 Wildstorm/DC

The Shadow (1994) 1--2 Dark Horse

Tiger Woman 1 Millennium

Tomb Raider 0. 5 Wizard/Image Special cover

Tutenstein 1 Marvel Discovery Kids giveaway Tutenstein   Marvel giveaway with Spider-Man & X-men

Universe 1 Top Cow/Image

Vigil: Vamporum Animaturi 1 Millennium

Violent Lifestyles 1 Mad American

Virtually Dead 1 ZuZuPetal  

Wanderlust 1 Antarctic Press

Warlands 2 Image  

Weapon X 1 Marvel  

Weapon Zero (1)  t4-1 Image limited series

Weapon Zero (2)  0-1 Image  

Wetworks 2-6,9-12,16,41 Image  

What if (1990) 13 Marvel  

Wolverine 77-78,88-89,96-97,105-110 Marvel  

X-Calibre 1 Marvel  

X-Factor 2 Marvel  

X-Men Chronicles 1 Marvel 2nd print

X-Men: Life Lessons   Marvel promotional comic

X-O Manowar 56 Valiant  

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Date Posted: 11/23/2007 12:57 PM ET
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I though comics weren't postable on here just graphic novels?

Date Posted: 11/23/2007 1:04 PM ET
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Opps!  If they aren't someone please let me know.  I don't want to break any rules and I apologize if I have.

Date Posted: 11/23/2007 1:16 PM ET
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    Pm Bernie from Damaged books thread and Bernie will tell you.   I think you can offer them as freebees with an order from your shelf  just like people offer VHS or DVD .  So I think you can say if you order 1 book I will send you 3 free comic books.  I would check with the post office as to whether you can send them media mail or not. Please let me know what you find out.  Jean

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Date Posted: 11/23/2007 1:21 PM ET
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According to this help doc, comic books are unpostable.  It would also appear that if you do use these as unpostables or something, you won't be able to ship by way of Media Mail.

Date Posted: 11/23/2007 6:57 PM ET
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Hi Victor, Thanks for the deal. My son will love these! I just ordered the Jimmy Jo book. Please send Aquaman, Battlestar Galactica, Daredevil and Batman and the Incredible Hulk with it. Have a great holidays! Blessings, Carrie

Date Posted: 11/23/2007 7:16 PM ET
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Hi,I ordered Black and Blue and could I have -1.Swamp Thing 127 DC  -2.Spectacular Scarlet Spider 1 Marvel  

3.Gambit 1--4 Marvel limited series-4.Wolverine 87-89,105-110,115,172 Marvel  .Thank you so, much my son loves comics.Ginger


Date Posted: 11/23/2007 9:46 PM ET
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Hi Victor,

I just ordered "She's Come Undone", and could I have:

1) Deadpool: Circle Chase 1--4 Marvel limited series

2) Sabretooth 1-4 Marvel limited series

3) Wetworks 2-6,9-12,16,41

4) Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special 1 Marvel

Thank you!!

Date Posted: 11/23/2007 10:14 PM ET
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Hello, I ordered Star Wars The Mandolorian Army and would like as my freebies:

Elfquest (1997) 10--12 Warp  

Elfquest: Blood of Ten Chiefs 2 Warp  

Thanks so much!

Date Posted: 11/24/2007 12:44 AM ET
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HI Victor,

I see in your OP you have a number of comics listed on individual lines - ie the Green Lantern (1992) 2-4,14,16,27,91 DC which is 7 comics, and not 1.  I'm assuming that your deal is for 4 individual comics, not 4 lines of comics that have multiple comics included? 

Going on the assumption that your offer is for 4 individual comics (which is a generous offer) I ordered The Giver from your shelf and would like:

1. Iron Man ('98) 11 Marvel

2, 3, 4.  Green Lantern ('92) 2,3,and 4, DC


PM me with any questions.  Thanks for the deal.  Julie

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Date Posted: 11/24/2007 11:18 PM ET
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Bumped to reflect changes in the list.  Thanks guys!