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Topic: Is this common for little girls?

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Subject: Is this common for little girls?
Date Posted: 4/9/2010 6:03 PM ET
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It has been a long times since I have dealt with a five year old and I don't remember a lot of their actions. 

My grandkids are visiting, we have them for spring break.  Celeste, the youngest at five will come over to talk to me (or anyone really) and if she sees her reflections she starts to "primp" I guess you would call it. She looks at herself, twirls her fingers in her hair, and striking a pose (like you see Hannah Montana or others do as they sings).  She talks non-stop nonsense.  Telling me of how she took out her Hannah Montana DVD, put it down, then picked it up, put it in the player, then watched it play, then took it out, put it down, put it in the case, and then later on she took out another DVD to watch.  She repeats the same thing over an over; watching herself as she talks, making these tsking sounds at the end of every breath. 

DRIVES ME NUTS! ! !   This isn't for just 10 minutes, but for at least half an hour. Then she wanders off, goes to do something, and then comes back and repeats,at least with a different speal.  I listened to tell me for 20 minutes of how she went to the cute little puppy dog (Wendy is terrier mix and is 4 years old, and she knows it) and when she spoke to  her she rolled over and she petted her belly.    This was repeated over and over.   Left and came back to tell me about another game she played, left and to come back and told me something else.  This in between us playing games with her.

The boys didn't do that when they were her age, is this common for little girls? 

I love her dearly, but I am down with a virus or something and maybe I being less patience with her or who knows what.

I only see them once or twice a year for a week or so, as they live so far away.  We went there for Christmas and this is a surprise visit, we would normally not see them until summer.



* Sigh (of relief she is not hurt!) * She just cracked a wiindow.  We told them to stay out of the bay window, it is an old house and the panes in it are single ones; but does she listen, of course not!  She is lucky, if it had broken all the way and she had fallen out, she could have been seriously injured.


Date Posted: 11/5/2010 2:56 PM ET
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My oldest girl is 4 & she does this from time to time. I never had this w/ my son, but she can go on & on for hours. She also loves to say hello to everyone & tell them her life story. By everyone I mean the store clerks, her teachers, her friends parents, strangers. It never ends! I don't know if ALL girls do this (I don't think so) I think they are just what you call "Social Butterflies".

It can be at times irritating, but I've learned to just say uh huh or redirect her to do something else. Like I cut her off & ask her if she'd like to go play outside in her playhouse or watch a movie. This usually sidetracks her & she moves on to the next thing..

Date Posted: 9/18/2014 10:34 PM ET
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It sounds to me like the primping is a learned behavior; either her mother spends a lot of time looking in mirrors like this while she talks to her, or she's watching this on tv because she's not watching age appropriate stuff.  My niece is 4 going to be 5 in march and we would never let her watch Hannah Montana.  She watches Dora, Doc Mc Stuffins, Dragon Tales, animated fun stuff like that you can find on Disney Jr Or Nick Jr.  She doesn't get to watch either the regular Disney or Nick channels.  

At this age though they are little sponges mimicking things they have seen others do or watched on the tv.  In fact my niece was with her father at his girlfriends who has a 6 yr old.  They were left watching the Animated Sabrina the teen age witch on netflix and they decided the would play sabrina.  It involved crating the potion that sabrina made on an episode and included hair.  So of course it had to be my nieces hair because the other girl wasn't allowed to cut her own hair.  Long story short my niece ended up with a huge chunk cut out of the left side of her head she had sacrificed for the sake of the potion and didn't see a problem with this because hey Sabrina had done it.     

As for the nonstop talking it depends on the girl, I have three neices one is 10, one 4, and one 3.  The 10 yr old has always been a quiet one, the 4 yr old is nonstop talking like of the party wild, the 3 yr old talks what I would say is a normal amount but like quite time too.  So I think its just that they each have their own individual personality.  

Most likely its that she doesn't see you a lot so she wants you to just pay a lot of attention to her.  

ETA: Wow Sorry I didn't realize this was such an unused forum!  I guess this won't help you now so many year later.  

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