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Topic: Concerns USPS losing books recently

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Subject: Concerns USPS losing books recently
Date Posted: 11/28/2012 8:46 AM ET
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I have been on PBS for a couple of years now. I had one instance where I mailed out a bunch of books at once and they either ended up mangled or missing. (But I did make a PBS friend from one of those mishaps!)

That's fine, things happen. But usually everything has gone fine.

But recently I have had trouble both sending and receiving.

I requested a book that eventually had to be marked "not received" because...well, I never received it.

At almost the same time, a book I mailed had to be marked not received.

And now I am getting the "have you received this book?" emails for something I ordered.

I now have another book that was recently mailed to me and someone requesting me to mail them a book. It's too early for the book mailed to me and I haven't accept the book request from me because I am concerned.

Maybe it's the holidays. But That's 3 books in less than 2 months. And I don't know if I should put things on hold right now until the holidays pass, or what? But I do feel bad that others are spending their money - just as I spent mine - and it's all for nothing.

Am I the only one experiencing this right now? Thanks.

Date Posted: 12/3/2012 4:30 PM ET
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I mailed a book (with tracking number) and they lost it - I called but all they did was calling me back and

ask for the address of the person I sent the book to - that was all -- the book was mailed Nov.2 and it is

still missing - no word from the post office - someone told me that it happened to her and that

regardless of the tracking number the post office did absolutely nothing - I don't think it is a matter

of stealing it because it was an old book (at least in my case). 

Date Posted: 12/4/2012 7:52 PM ET
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Yes, I don't think (I hope not) it's a case of stealing, but I'm wondering if it is a case of mishandling.

From really no problems (Well, one, but it was all in one mailing) to three separate issues all in a month or so.

I am putting my account on Vacation Hold until the holidays pass. It's frustrating to not get a book and more frustrating to pay to mail books and them not be received.

I just mailed a pretty large hardcover, so I am hoping it makes it. The request came before I could get the account put on hold.

Date Posted: 12/4/2012 7:54 PM ET
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While 3 recent transactions (2 receiving, 1 shipped) did get lost in the mail, I did receive one book recently. However, it was a small book and it went First Class, so I don't know if that contributed to the book making it to me or not.

I figure it's a case of the holiday season and books sent Media Mail getting mishandled. But I don't know that for sure.

Date Posted: 12/16/2012 3:13 PM ET
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The book that they lost Nov 2 was mailed first class also - Another book coming from California to the east coast took a very long time

but it was media mail and it was coming by truck (as usual).

Date Posted: 12/17/2012 12:09 PM ET
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If you are concerned about books you are sending out, use PBS Printable Postage -- it will protect your credit in case the book vanishes in the mail, plus you'll be able to see if/when the book is delivered.  

There are additional tips and things you should do (including filling out a form with the post office) in the Help Center under "A book I sent is lost in the mail!"

With regards to the books coming to you, there is another Help Center doc, called "A book I requested is lost in the mail. What now?" that gives some tips and suggestions for what you should do.  


Subject: Holiday Mail Mishaps
Date Posted: 1/3/2013 4:15 PM ET
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If you send out books media mail around the holidays, there are going to be mishaps. I ordered one book from a PBS member who bought tracking on it, which I could see.  It was going from New Jersey to me in California, and for some reason when it arrived near to me at mail distrubution center, it was sent to Florida!

Once in Florida, it was sent back to me in California, and I got it, eventually. That happened in early December.

I think they (USPS) have so much work, and they hire temp workers to handle the load, but a lot of them don't really know the job real well, so things get messed up. Plus the USPS is not funded or managed well, so all the workers are frustrated about not getting the support they need, and constantly worried about losing their job. I saw a news piece about the Post Master General flying to other countries and learning how they have little post operations at Grocery Stores and Convienence stores and it saves a lot of money for those foreign governments, but The US government is hesitant to do that in America, plus the Postal Worker Union is also fighting such a transition too.

Because of all of that, we no longer have the best Postal System in the world. So While most of the year things will be good, The holidays will always lead to mailing issues until things get fixed.