Book Reviews of No Control (Delta Force, Bk 2)

No Control (Delta Force, Bk 2)
No Control - Delta Force, Bk 2
Author: Shannon K. Butcher
ISBN-13: 9780446618663
ISBN-10: 0446618667
Publication Date: 2/1/2008
Pages: 387
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 106 ratings
Publisher: Forever
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Caleb Stone watched as they beat her viciously with a lead pipe, over and over. Her screams will live with him forever, as well as the guilt. Though he did nothing to stop the terrorists from beating her, he saved a school of children from a bomb. Even so, the guilt ate at him.

Lana Hancock hated Caleb Stone for a long while until she learned the truth of why he did nothing to save her. She still did not like him, but she did not hate him anymore. After a year of healing and recouperating, she was finally getting the threads of her life back, until the day he walked into her office.

Just looking into his eyes brought the terror and the memories back full force. Lana wants him to leave, but Caleb assures Lana he is staying because he is sure that she saw something that could identify the terrorists. She isn't safe and he was going to stick to her like glue until the danger was over, whether she liked him or not!

Lana did see something when she was attacked. The terrorists would look for her or endanger her family if they knew she could identify them. Next time she may not make it out alive, so she says nothing. Caleb knows she is lying and hopes to gain her trust so she will confide in him.

Before long, incidents begin to happen to those close around Lana. Crimes of coincidence? Caleb and Lana think not. As the stakes get higher, Caleb and Lana get closer. She learns to trust him, to get some control back into her life. As the sparks begin to fly, so do the emotions and the roller coaster of events that lead to a very high-charged adrenaline packed climax.
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Second in a series...fantastic book!! The first one(No Regrets)is just as good. Great from the first page to the very last page!!
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2nd entry in her "No" series. I enjoyed it alot. The action was nonstop but didn't overpower the book. The romance was great and believable to the storyline.
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Great follow up to No Regrets. Loved the hero & the heroine was quite a survivor.
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I find this author to have a compulsive reading style, easy to digest, fast-actioned, unputdownable. I devoured this book, and have no compunctions about reading more of her works, but at the end of the day, this remains enjoyable but not outstanding for a variety of reasons.

First of all, while Lana, the heroine, works well as a victim of PTSD, her motivations for creating the conflict that stretches throughout the book are thin. She trusts Caleb early enough in the book that it makes little sense for her to continue lying to him about Kara. When that single choice is the only thing from keeping things from happening, it's very hard not to roll one's eyes.

I also had problems with the villain of the piece. Kara is the acting antagonist, but there's little done with the one behind her, except to add a slight layer of menace to the proceedings. His involvement is never adequately explained or explored, and Kara is too cliched to carry the weight all on her own.

That being said, the action is non-stop, and the chemistry between Lana and Caleb palpable. I really liked him, especially when Grant showed up on the scene and Caleb got possessive. These carry the story further along than it might otherwise get due to the shallow characterizations.
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Such a disappointment because I really enjoyed Butcher's other books. The saving grace to this book was that it was very fast paced so I was able to finish it. All the characters outside of Lana were really cool and fun to read.

Lana was just the dumbest person in the world and I really wanted to like her. I can almost buy that she would stay silent when the bad guys come around, to pretend she didn't know them hoping they would go away. But come on, after they start going through your stuff, trying to kill your friends, and burning down houses I'm pretty sure that means they are on to you. But of course she stayed quiet through it all. I think if she was directly threatened or she just has some inhibiting fear that prevent her from acting I would have liked the book a lot more.

It has been intrigued enough to read the other books in the series but I don't think this book was worth it unless you can stand really stupid heroines.
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I thought this book started out really good but got slow and dull midway through. Too bad really as the beginning was great.
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The book starts out on a decent note, but soon goes downhill. The author uses an already overused storyline: heroine is pursued by evil (mob, terrorist group, whatever) and she thinks she can protect those she loves by hiding. Hero is there to save her but she refuses to let him help. blah, blah blah. This book is not worth the time.
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Wow - read the other reviews and some are quite harsh. Simply, I agree it slowed a bit in the middle but I'm glad I read it.

Laura is not dumb she's tramatized from being tortured almost to death and recovering from all her friends dying??? Not all characters are Super Women but she redeems herself at the end of the book.

The author wrote this clearly to focus on Caleb and anguish he lives with having to choose between children dying or watching Laura get tortured which results in his dealing with his own demons and being forgiven for not being able to choose Laura. but no fail...he is most definately a wonderful superhero

I wouldn't have given this book a 10 but I'm starting the next book TODAY!!!

Appreciate the great consistent authors - they are rare