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Topic: # of copies listed?

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Subject: # of copies listed?
Date Posted: 2/13/2009 5:14 AM ET
Member Since: 11/29/2006
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I couldn't find this answer in the forums.

Is there a way to find out how many copies of a title are in the system?

Is there a way to find out how close one of your listings is to the "top" of the list to be requested?

Is there a way to see where your wish list book is - like the wish lists at swapadvd.com?


Thank you in advance

I am running out of book shelf space and am needing to dump some books to the local goodwill. I prefer to start with titles that are plentiful in the system. Some of my books have been posted for a couple years...


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Date Posted: 2/13/2009 8:00 AM ET
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You can find out how many copies there are currently in the system by putting it on your reminder list.  This question comes up often and it seems there must be some technical reason why it can't be done another easier way.

There's no real way to find out the speed at which that title is being requested though or where your individual copy is. 

Do you mean how can you find out where you are on a wishlist?  For that, go to your wishlist and find the title.  There's a little gray icon there- hover over it and it will tell you you are x out of xx on the wishlist.  Again, you have no way to know how fast it will move.  Some move amazingly fast, others you can sit at number 1 or 2 forever.  Just depends on the posting.

Good luck with your purge!


Date Posted: 2/13/2009 1:19 PM ET
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Ok, a silly question. Expecially from someone who has been here as long as I .. (blush)

What is the reminder list for? - To remind me of ... ?


I'm going to go play around with these features I haven't used much before.

Thanks a ton for the wishlist info, I wasn't aware of the hovering icon information.

Date Posted: 2/13/2009 1:26 PM ET
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I use my reminder list for:

1.Unposted books that I might want to read but don't want to put on my wish list right now.

2. Posted books that I might want to read but do not want to spend a credit on by ordering right now.

3. Books that a friend has recommended to me but I'm not sure I want to read.

4. A book that I want to see how many copies are posted- I always selete these after checking the numbers posted.

I'm sure that there are lots of other reasons why people use their reminder list, this is just how I use mine.

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Date Posted: 2/13/2009 8:39 PM ET
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I use my RL just for the things that Margaret mentioned - plus I add books I have that I'm not sure I want to post so that I can see how many are posted.  Th e RL is very useful and you can add private notes to the books on it.


Date Posted: 2/13/2009 9:12 PM ET
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I use it for the same things Margaret and Ruth said, and another reason.  I play in lots of swaps, many of them being book swaps.  People can see my RL on my Profile, and/or I use books from it to post a list they can choose from in the RL Swap.  It's very handy.

Date Posted: 2/14/2009 12:33 AM ET
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Sad it has taken me 2 years to get this comfortable with forum posting here ..

You guys are very helpful and no one bit my head off!

So as I understand it the RL has no set (specific) duty, no system emails nor activates any activity - it is a list you can use how you wish without bothering the order of the flow or site services otherwise.

Could you use it for unpostables?


Date Posted: 2/14/2009 5:29 PM ET
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What do you mean could you use this for unpostables?  No one can see your Reminder list but you-although I think there is a way to create a publicly viewable link to your RL.  The system will not order books for you if you put them on there.  It's intent is for you to list available books that you might want at some point just not right now.  A lot of people (myself included) use it to see how many copies there are of books they have and the other reasons peope above have mentioned. Some people use them for WL backups if they have a full WL.  They put them on RL to be moved to their WL when a space opens up.

I have all my books logged into the TBR pile. I use the Note button to mark if it's unpostable.  So when I pull up my TBR looking for a book for a game I know right away if I'm unable to offer that book. You can also see the note if you look at the book on someone's shelf or in a search but it does only work for that ISBN.