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Topic: ***Only Copy in the System***June 2009

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Subject: ***Only Copy in the System***June 2009
Date Posted: 5/30/2009 8:20 AM ET
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Here is the place to list your books which are the only copy in the system.

To find out the number of copies of a book, put the book on your "Reminder List," then go to your reminder list to see how many copies of that book are in the system.




A request to all who post in this thread:  

Please limit book descriptions to 1-2 sentences.  You may want to list the genre, such as romance, nonfiction, biography, etc.  If you copy the link of your single copies, those interested can click on the link to read more.  Lengthy descriptions need to go in the book's data or in the book's reviews.  This will help keep this thread streamlined.  Thank you! 

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Date Posted: 5/30/2009 8:21 AM ET
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Helping (My First Library Series)  ISBN-13: 9780590492935 - ISBN-10: 0590492934  Copies Available: 1

The Little People's Guide To The Big World (Parent/Child Edition)  ISBN-13: 7744 - ISBN-10:    Copies Available: 1

From Tadpole to Frog (Read-and-Find-Out Science) ISBN-13: 9780064451239 - ISBN-10: 0064451232  Copies Available: 1

Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip With Kindergarten  ISBN-13: 9780142401392 ISBN-10: 0142401390  Copies Available: 1


arg, I keep posting single copies, only to have someone else post it a few weeks later....  :)    I actually have a number of two-copies-books on my shelf. 

The Gingerbread Rabbit  ISBN-13: 9780060533021 - ISBN-10: 0060533021  Copies Available: 2

Read It Again!: Revisiting Shared Reading ISBN-13: 9781571103048 - ISBN-10: 157110304X  Copies Available: 2

Susan Powter's Eating ISBN-13: 132074 - ISBN-10:  Copies Available: 2        (1/2 off all audio cassettes)

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I have the only copy of Peter's Chair: By Ezra Jack KEats

Date Posted: 5/30/2009 9:37 AM ET
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I have the only copy of:

Healthy Dog: The Ultimate Fitness Guide for You and Your Dog (Dog Fancy Books) :: Arden Moore
ISBN-13: 9781889540917 - ISBN-10: 1889540919
Copies Available: 1

Subject: Books Off The Beaten Path...
Date Posted: 5/30/2009 10:52 AM ET
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A couple of mine are 'only' copies - take a chance and you won't be disappointed!

    Short Friday And Other Stories :: Isaac Bashevis Singer 


This book contains Yentl the Yeshiva Boy which was the source for the Streisand movie Yentl - but apparently Singer was NOT pleased with the liberties taken with his story!

Another "one and only" is

   Two Tales By S. Y. Agnon: Betrothed and Edo And Enam


The Amazon gloss for a paperback version of this one is:

    "Within Two Tales, "Betrothed" and "Edo and Enam" are two narrative jewels, each belonging to a different cycle in Agnon's literary corpus. "Betrothed" is part of his Jaffa tales while "Edo and Enam" is about the sages of Jerusalem. Both stories transcend their respective locales and cast of characters as tradition and mythic symbols interplay with reality.
    Agnon weaves Jewish and classical European themes into "Betrothed".  The implicit counter-narratives of this tale are Jewish stories about neglected brides that involve demonic and supernatural worlds. But unlike the men of these stories, Jacob Rechnitz, the scientist of the sea, resists the allures of the six seductive nymphs, and remains faithful to his childhood love and his first marriage vow.
    In contrast "Edo and Enam" is symbolically totally grounded in Jewish tradition; in fact tradition itself becomes the tale's central theme. The narrative triangulation of two scholars and a woman—motivated by jealousy, envy and desire—projects the tragic dimension of the revival of Jewish society in Zion. The ideal and aspired ingathering of exiles inevitably caused the destruction of tradition-steeped communities. Uprooted, tradition transformed from a lived experience to an object of research and the gaze of tourists, squeezed out of its quintessential vitality."—Dan Ben-Amo

"[Rechnitz] is a man who has to be overtaken, surprised by Eros." —Allen Mandelbaum

"The man is tremendously good. . . . [Agnon’s stories] . . . have an international currency."—James Michener

James C

Date Posted: 5/30/2009 10:53 AM ET
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I have the only copies of:

Animal Talk: Barks, Growls, Hisses, Howls (Discovery World) :: Janet McDonnell, Child's World (Firm)
ISBN-13: 9780516081045 - ISBN-10: 0516081047

Beauregard, the Big Black Cat :: Roberta Pantal Rhodes, John T. Ward
ISBN-13: 9781572552197 - ISBN-10: 1572552190

A double shadow: Fiction :: Frederick Turner
ISBN-13: 9780399121500 - ISBN-10: 0399121501


Hurricane watch (Let's-read-and-find-out science book) :: Franklyn Mansfield Branley
ISBN-13: 9780690044706 - ISBN-10: 0690044704

OF THE FALL :: Paul J. Mcauley
ISBN-13: 9780345360564 - ISBN-10: 0345360567

Quick & Light ~ Over 200 Great Taste, Low Fat Recipes Ready in 30 Minutes or Less
ISBN-13: 9780848727772 - ISBN-10: 0848727770

Ray Bradbury Tales of Fantasy/Audio Cassettes (Retail Packaging) :: Ray Bradbury
ISBN-13: 9780807234211 - ISBN-10: 0807234214


Thunder Cake :: Patricia Polacco
ISBN-13: 9780590454261 - ISBN-10: 0590454269

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I have several! :)

Brassey's Air Combat Reader: Historic Feats and Aviation Legends
ISBN-13: 9781574882438 - ISBN-10: 1574882430

Family Names :: Hook ( ***genealogy resource)
ISBN-13: 9780025521001 - ISBN-10: 0025521004

Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun (Calamity Jayne Turner) :: Kathleen Bacus

Kreepy Klowns of Kalamazoo (Michigan Chillers) :: Johnathan Rand, Jonathan Rand

Places Around the Bases: A Historic Tour of the Coors Field Neighbor :: Diane Bakke, Jackie Davis

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Subject: 3 onlies
Date Posted: 5/31/2009 4:45 PM ET
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Prairie Home Companion Tourists by Garrison Keilor (audio cassette) <--this one's gone!

Bound in Tme by D. F. Jones (pb)

The Floating Zombie by D. F. Jones (pb)

also now also doing a deal on audio cassettes (since everyone's getting CD's nowadays!) -- free with an order from my shelf or 1 credit only -- just pm me!


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niffir - ,
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Brief History of Acadia 1604-1992 :: Rene Babineau

captive of the harem :: anne herries

SHE BELONGS TO HIM... Sold to Suleiman Bakhar after being taken prisoner on the high seas, Eleanor Nash is fearful of what will become of her. The all-powerful Suleiman will not allow her to leave Constantinople, while Eleanor is adamant that she will not willingly become his concubine. Impressed by his spirited captive, Suleiman seeks her out at every opportunity. To Eleanor's surprise, he's open to Western ways. The glimpses of the sensitive man behind the awesome public image tease and tantalize her -- and his seduction is increasingly hard to resist. But can Eleanor ever hope to become his one true love?

The Connemara Stallion (Young Poolbeg) :: Ann Henning

The Crypto-Amnesia Club (Masks Series) :: Michael Bracewell

Dance Unto the Lord :: George Dell

This well-researched historical novel reveals the intimate world of the Union Village Shaker community that flourished in southern Ohio in the early 19th century. Dell, who was born in Ohio in 1901 when the community was still struggling along (it closed in 1912), has spent a lifetime fascinated by the Ohio Shakers; he began work on this novel more than 30 years ago, when he retired from teaching at Capital University. Dell is a knowledgeable historian, sensitively portraying tensions within antebellum Shakerism, which was spreading its influence from the Northeast to the Midwest. The book's protagonist is one Richard Robinson, an uneducated young man who leaves his farming home for the opportunities of pre-Civil War Cincinnati. While he is there, his childhood sweetheart, Ruth, joins up with the Shakers, leaving no word of her whereabouts. When Richard leaves Cincinnati disillusioned and as penniless as when he arrived, he has to search high and low for her in "Shakertown." Dell fills the novel with fascinating details about daily life among the Shakers, from their meals and work habits to their hymns and distinctive dances.

Daredevil's Apprentice (Memento Mori Mystery.) :: Letha Albright

Friends help you move. Real friends help you move the body.

In the fast-moving, action-filled Daredevil's Apprentice, small-town reporter Viv Powers learns that horrible lesson when her best friend and fellow adventurer, Cherokee storyteller Lucie Dreadfulwater, calls for Viv's help after she kills a man. Viv renders assistance, and then is plagued by doubts: Was it self-defense or homicide? Would her best friend have involved her in a cold-blooded murder? She sets out to find the truth in spite of the danger she encounters from human predators and the rumors that echo in the hills around her--of a man-eating witch of Cherokee legend.

In the Ozarks of northeast Oklahoma, gamblers, musicians, journalists, land developers, and artists live together in the shadow of the tragic Cherokee past. Old and deadly secrets collide with present-day greed and vengeance to shatter small-town calm as Viv insists on prying into the deaths set in motion by her friend Lucie's violent act. Viv is as strong and steady as the hills where she makes her home, and as courageous as her daredevil friend. But can she face the truth about Lucie, and about the never-quite-forgotten past?

Viv Powers is a strong female protagonist who will appeal to readers of Nevada Barr, and everyone who enjoys a well-written, suspenseful mystery.

Double Vision :: Richard Parrott

Entertaining an Elephant: A Novel about Learning Letting Go :: William McBride, William L. McBride

Faithful Rebecca :: Janice Eidus


In this wildly erotic, magical and comic novel of fast-paced suspense, Rebecca, a modern day Scarlett O'Hara from New York City, embarks on an impassioned search for her infant daughter, Lily, and Lily's kidnapper. Her quest leads to a mountaintop community of women emulating mythical Amazon warriors where Rebecca is reunited with both Lily, being raised as an Amazon, and Sagana, formerly Rebecca's devoted best friend and now the passionate, fierce, and beautiful Amazon queen. She also meets the equally memorable Howard Geller, a wisecracking, romantic, runaway teenager living on the fringe of the community. This many-leveled contemporary fable incorporates such motifs as personal ads and female bodybuilding, while asking difficult questions about women's roles as friends, lovers, mothers, and daughters.

The Good Conscience :: Carlos Fuentes

The Good Conscience is Carlos Fuentes's second novel. The scene is Guanajuato, a provincial capital in Central Mexico, once one of the world's richest mining centers. The Ceballos family has been reinstated to power, and adolescent Jaime Ceballos, its only heir, is torn between the practical reality of his family's life and the idealism of his youth and his Catholic education. His father is a good man but weak; his uncle is powerful, yet his actions are inconsistent with his professed beliefs. Jaime's struggle to emerge as a man with a "good conscience" forms the theme of the book: can a rebel correct the evils of an established system and at the same time retain the integrity of his principles?

Head Above Water (City Lights Italian Voices) :: Stefano Bortolussi, Anne Milano Appel

Italian writer Cardo Maraini is a cauldron of contradictions. Plagued by guilt over the drowning of his younger brother, he is strangely terrified by life. When the Norwegian woman he loves becomes pregnant, he plunges into a comically disastrous liaison, fleeing from commitment and responsibility. He tries to escape through writing about his youth, reliving erotic encounters and the political activism of Italy in the 1960s. When he is finally forced to confront his past and his evasions, he learns to face his fear and finds that there are second chances after all.

The Holy Man (Thorndike Large Print Basic) :: Susan Trott

In the Distance, and Ahead in Time (Five Star First Edition Science Fiction and Fantasy Series) :: George Zebrowski

From a darkly humorous tale of the power of words ("Death and the Librarian") to a never-before-published response to the events of September 11 ("Ilion"), Friesner's 12 stories illustrate the author's acutely sensitive vision of wonder in the everyday world. Often cloaked in humor, these tales always provide keen insights using sf and fantasy as vehicles. Known primarily for his "Star Wars" novels, including Heir to the Empire, Zahn's short stories also deliver strong plots and memorable characters. Beginning with a tale of interstellar war against a hive-mind ("Point Man") and ending with a novella that combines space travel and music in a unique and surprising fashion, Star Song's six pieces illuminate the author's versatility and eclectic tastes. Zebrowski's many novels (e.g., Macrolife) mark him as a visionary as well as a master of hard sf. The ten short stories collected in In the Distance provide a benchmark of his creativity. From tales of the near future ("The Water Sculptor") to those of the far future ("Between the Winds"), the author expands his concept of the human condition to embrace the stars. Part of Five Star's continuing commitment to showcasing the short fiction of the genre's most prominent authors, these three volumes belong in most libraries where short sf is popular.

The legend of Green-Eye :: James Malcolm Kemp

Looking for Mr Nobody :: Sue Rann

Wolf is a vagrant pavement artist on the streets of Amsterdam. He remembers nothing before the hospital, where he was treated for gunshot wounds. The police want to talk to him and sinister men are on his trail—he has to find a way into his mysterious past before his ignorance kills him. Robin Carlson, rebellious daughter of a U.S. general, has a do-it-my-way attitude. Stranded in Amsterdam, she puts her military training to use as a martial arts instructor and part-time bouncer in the city’s nightclubs. Robin’s desperate bid to help her on-again, off-again boyfriend catapults her into the murky world of illegal designer drugs. Wolf follows his heart and blunders into deep trouble. Robin and Wolf's paths are about to cross, but can they survive the Nemesis Project?

MAASAI DAYS :: Cheryl Bentsen

The Master Of Monterey: A Novel (Western Literature Series) :: Lawrence Coates

The American conquest of California is the subject of Lawrence Coates's remarkable new novel, a tale rich in magical irony, fraught with caustic truths and wrenching insights into the human condition. When Commodore Jones and the crew of the National Intention land in Monterey believing themselves to be bringing freedom and democracy to the benighted Californios, they discover that history has preceded them, that cruelty, betrayal, greed, and lust are already well established there, and that far from existing outside of history, California is a battleground for several contending versions of the past. They also find that their own limitations and illusions are far more powerful than the message of hope that they intend to deliver.

The motley crew of the National Intention includes a chronically seasick poet who pens an epic account of the conquest of California without ever setting eyes on the place or leaving his sickbed; a wondrously endowed captain irresistible to all women but seeking only the one who can help him escape the dark truth of his own separateness; and a crafty ex-slave who plans to abandon ship to create a new family to carry on the timeless history of his people lost on the Middle Passage. The ship's quixotic master, Commodore Jones, dedicates his acts to his chaste beloved-a woman who long ago betrayed him to marry his more successful brother. And helping to shape all their fates is a beautiful fourteen-year-old girl who escapes an unwanted marriage to a decayed septuagenarian by weaving her own magical shroud. There is also a lively set of supporting characters--land-rich dons, traders, friars, love-starved maiden aunts as well as dispossessed Indians whose own bitter irony has been nurtured by history. And there is the land itself--empty, enigmatic, home to vast populations of wildlife and countless herds of cattle.

"The Master of Monterey" is filled with heartbreaking irony and raucous energy-the story of the men who claimed the West and who, far from creating history, found themselves trapped within it.

Memories Die Last :: Tim Smith

Former CIA agent Nick Seven gets pulled from his peaceful life on Key Largo to pursue a resurrected terrorist halfway around the world, only to find himself drawn into a web of espionage, murder, blackmail and high-level government corruption that threatens national security and the principles of freedom.

Oblivion :: Josephine Hart

Obomsawin of Sioux Junction :: Daniel Poliquin

Philosophy and Biology

Drawing on work of the past decade, this volume brings together articles from the philosophy, history, and sociology of science, and many other branches of the biological sciences. The volume delves into the latest theoretical controversies as well as burning questions of contemporary social importance. The issues considered include the nature of evolutionary theory, biology and ethics, the challenge from religion, and the social implications of biology today (in particular the Human Genome Project).

Shango :: James Roberto Curtis

Miguel is Cuban American, with the accent on American. But beneath the surface of his sun-drenched Mimai lifestyle lurks an evil that theatens to destroy him. The chance reading of a newspaper article reporting a theft and the ritualistic murder of a drug dealer pitches Miguel into battle with an underworld dominated by santeria in this spell-binding novel.

Signal Hill :: Alan Rifkin


Five stories track boys and men as they navigate among the ghosts and mirages of greater Los Angeles. Rifkin's male protagonists are part fuck-up, part primal force, and full of longing-for fathers, for mothers, for sex, for faith, for just getting it right.

A one-time actor staggers toward his demise and clings to a ledge of -possibly lunatic belief; a young boy is haunted by cosmic loneliness in the form of a medical encyclopedia; the heir to an absent father's wealth can't quite bring himself to claim his portion.

The ordinary becomes epic in the contested terrain between faith and doubt, love and sex, spirit and flesh, reality and illusion.

Sweet Tilly (Drifters and Dreamers, Bk 3) :: Carolyn Brown

Matilda Jane Anderson drives a brand new 1917 Model T with Sweet Tilly painted on the heavy metal plate covering the radiator. Tilly doesn't care what people say. Well, until she finds herself put behind bars by a new sheriff determined to confiscate her automobile and her property. Sheriff Rayford Sloan cleans up boom towns. He drifts in and works at getting rid of moonshiners, putting brothels out of business, generally making a place where men folks can bring their families. He drifts out when his job is done. Tilly Anderson gets under his skin from the beginning. He can't prove she's a moonshiner, but his gut feeling keeps telling him she most certainly is. He promises he'll shadow her every move and he'll own that moonshiner's car before he leaves town. That's if he ever leaves.

Too Many People : The Case for Reversing Growth :: Lindsey Grant

In this modest little book, originally written as a handbook for Negative Population Growth, Inc., Lindsey Grant, a retired career U.S. government official and diplomat, explores the consequences of having six billion people on the planet, and how much worse things are going to get as our numbers increase.

The View from the Closet: Essays on Gay Life & Liberation, 1973-1977 :: A. Nolder Gay

Walk in My Footsteps :: Martha Grooms

The White Stone :: Christie Hart Lips

Women in Reformation and Counter-Reformation Europe: Public and Private Worlds (A Midland Book)


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I have the only copies of:

The Good Life: Stories by Erin McGraw http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9780618386277-The+Good+Life+Stories

Looped by Andrew Winston  http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9780972456296-Looped

Practice & Learn Right: Colors and Shapes http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781581660043-Practice+Learn+Right+Colors+Shapes+PreschoolFirst+Grade

Uncharted Depths by Taylor Nash http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781601455246-UNCHARTED+DEPTHS



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Subject: I have the only copy of these books as of June27th, 2009
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I have the only copy of theses books as of June 26th, 2009. It seems like some of them forever :):



The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology
Author: Jack R. Cooper, Floyd E. Bloom, Robert H. Roth
Book Type: Paperback
Genre: Health, Mind & Body, Science, Medicine, Professional & Technical 
 Very good current technical, informative Neuropharmacology and neuropsychology book.  




 The Race to Fashoda :: David L. Lewis
ISBN-13: 9781555842789 - ISBN-10: 155584278X

Non-fiction  Modern African History


Die Geschichte Vom Konigsratsel
Author: Susan KrauB
Book Type: Paperback
Genre: Children's Books
Posted: 6/26/2009 5:30 PM ET

Childrens story book written in German

Cute humorous story with colorful and artful illustrations,.

In Praise And Celebration Of Women (New Square Giftbooks) :: Helen Exley
ISBN-13: 9781861871626 - ISBN-10: 1861871627

Prose and poetry with famous moderna and classical art

BREEDING EXOTIC BIRDS: A Beginner's Guide :: Fran Gonzalez
ISBN-13: 9780963784407 - ISBN-10: 0963784404

ORIGIN :: Irving Stone
ISBN-13: 132943 - ISBN-10: Hardcover
Irving Stone wrote the book about the artist Michaelangelo  "The Agony and the Ecstacy"

Different ISBN

A PETKEEPER'S GUIDE TO RABBITS &  GUINI PIGS: A Practical Introduction to Keeping and Breeding a Wide
Range of These Popular Pets :: David Alderton
ISBN-13: 9780861012688 - ISBN-10: 0861012682

ISBN-13: 198679 - ISBN-10:
This is a rare find for nurses. Not current but still a good practical reference.

This is a practical book. It can also be used  to gain insight into a family member problems and provides formatted care planning ideas i.e. solutions to individual's identified problems.

SECOND STAGE, THE (Laurel Book) :: Betty Friedan
ISBN-13: 9780440208433 - ISBN-10: 0440208432
This is a famous author of the 1960's. women's studies. She wrote "The Feminine Mistique"

The CINDERELLA COMPLEX: Women's Hidden Fear of Independence :: Colette Dowling
ISBN-13: 9780671400521 - ISBN-10: 0671400525
Classic womens studies book.

Fighting Cancer
Author: Richard Bloch, Annette Bloch
Book Type: Paperback
Genre: Medicine



The Positronic Man
Author: Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg
Book Type: Hardcover
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science Fiction from the Master: Isaac Asimov



Pan y mantequilla: Practical conversational Spanish (Spanish Edition)
Author: Nicholas Francis Sallese

Book type: paperback

Learn Spanish. Good language examples, graphic art cartoon pictures.


Intra-Abdominal Infections: Pathophysiology and Treatment
Author: Dietmar H. Wittmann
Book Type: Hardcover

Good internal-medicine and nursing book with many intricate photographs of bandaging methods used with surgical wounds, graphic photographs of abdominal infections.

Expressions of Healing: Embracing the Process of Grief a Compassionate Workbook :: Sandra Graves
ISBN-13: 9780878771912 - ISBN-10: 0878771913

Self-help. Practical workbook focusing on the grieving and healing process.


Pieces and Me
Author: E. Claudette Freeman
Book Type: Paperback
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Recent Modern African-American Poetry, Miami, Florida

Modern Poetry.

ISBN-13: 196894 - ISBN-10:

Very thorough how-to text. The title is a misnomer.

LONDON (Small Oxford Books)
ISBN-13: 9780192141439 - ISBN-10: 0192141430

Book of old historical sites finder. Illustrations. Useful for travel.



Thanks for looking.




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Subject: I have the only copy of:
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Losing Christina Collection :: Caroline B. Cooney


P.S I have two copies of this book.

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0:01: Parting Shots From the World of Sports :: Steve Wulf
ISBN-13: 9781933060224 - ISBN-10: 1933060220
Copies Available: 1


Microeconomics Study Guide for 2nd Edition :: Jeffrey M. Perloff, Charles F. Mason, Robert Whaples
ISBN-13: 9780201710762 - ISBN-10: 0201710765
Copies Available: 1


Questions and Answers About the United Methodist Church :: Thomas S. McAnally, Abingdon Pr
ISBN-13: 9780687016709 - ISBN-10: 0687016703
Copies Available: 1


Signs of Life in U.S.A.: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers
ISBN-13: 9780312136314 - ISBN-10: 0312136315
Copies Available: 1


Spirits of Christmas: Twenty Other-Worldly Tales :: Kathryn Cramer (Editor), David G. Hartwell (Editor)
ISBN-13: 9780922066162 - ISBN-10: 0922066167
Copies Available: 1


Your Birthday November 8 :: Natalis Press
ISBN-13: 142654 - ISBN-10:
Copies Available: 1

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I listed several books today, including these two 'loners'.

Jahanara: Princess of Princesses, India, 1627 (The Royal Diaries) :: Kathryn Lasky   TAKEN
ISBN-13: 9780439223508 - ISBN-10: 0439223504
Copies Available: 1

Lure of the Arctic :: Bernice M. Chappel
ISBN-13: 9780961159627 - ISBN-10: 0961159626
Copies Available: 1

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Subject: ---Taken---
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My Cat Hates You :: Jim Edgar

Dale Brown's Dreamland: Razor's Edge CD (Dreamland (Harperaudio)) :: Dale Brown Audio book on CD

Reasons :: Tracy Fabre

Tare :: Peggy Sue Yarber

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SoBe -
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Just listed these two today:

Christmas Kisses: Mackenzie's Magic / Silver Bells / A Wild West Christmas :: Linda Howard, Debbie Macomber, Linda Turner
ISBN-13: 9780373483280 - ISBN-10: 0373483287

Savage Moon :: Rowena Summers
ISBN-13: 9780722182420 - ISBN-10: 0722182422

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I know I personally prefer to order books when there are very few or only one in the system. That way you have a better chance of someone wanting the book from you when you are done with it.

I have not ran a deal yet on my bookshelf, so I will try a 3 books for 2 credits deal. Only one hardback per 3-for-2 offer please. You can also take an unpostable that I have listed in my profile. I still have more unpostables to list and will try to get to that very soon. If you want to order a bunch of childrens books, let me know which ones you would like and we can work out a better deal.

 An Accidental Woman
ISBN-13: 9780872211049 - ISBN-10: 0872211045

Airport :: Arthur Hailey
ISBN-13: 127080 - ISBN-10:

The Airship-The World of Teddy Ruxpin :: Ken Forsse
ISBN-13: 44754 - ISBN-10:

Angels Among Us :: Editors of Guideposts
ISBN-13: 38563 - ISBN-10:

Baby Cuddles: A story about friends
ISBN-13: 9780843130577 - ISBN-10: 0843130571

Be a friend to trees :: Patricia Lauber
ISBN-13: 9780439328630 - ISBN-10: 0439328632

Best Practices in Reading: Level B :: Options Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781569369906 - ISBN-10: 1569369909

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As I added cookbooks today, I found one loner: Food to Go (Australian Women's Weekly)
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