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Coyote Blue
Coyote Blue
Author: Christopher Moore
ISBN-13: 9780060735432
ISBN-10: 0060735430
Publication Date: 6/1/2004
Pages: 303
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 168 ratings
Publisher: Perennial
Book Type: Paperback
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What a heartwarming, analytical novel.

*laughs hysterically*

Yeah, okay, so it's not highfalutin' reading. Who cares. It did drag in a few places, but it was funny. It was Christopher Moore. Read it when you need a really good laugh. Yeah, there's a good story in there too, but the constant "funny" will keep you smiling.
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Love everything by this author. It is always interesting and funny.
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First things first, this is Christopher Moore, so you're guaranteed to laugh out loud at least once per page, and to fall out of your chair with laughter more than once while you read this book.

Surprisingly, though, this is a deeply spiritual book, a reminder that there are religious aspects that modern Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion leave untouched. While affiliation to non-mainstream deities is not unknown in Western literature (see Robert Graves and The White Goddess), I'm unaware of another book that reflects so deeply on the nature of Deity, and reaches such unorthodox conclusions. Mr. Moore has quite literally attempted to bring the Trickster back into religious consciousness, and while we may remain unconvinced that Old Man Coyote is out there, after reading this novel you will find yourself hoping that somewhere, maybe on a reservation in the West, a child is being born with golden eyes....
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What can I say that hasn't already been said before...Watch out for guys wearing powder blue polyester suits and offering you a cold bottle of Coke...Don't sit in the sweat lodge too long...And for the LOVE of all things sacred...Don't eat that...If you like your books on the weird and wonderful side...Take this bad boy for a spin...I promise you will enjoy it...
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This is my favorite (so far) of C.M.'s books. So off the wall!
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I've read a couple of Christopher Moore's books, and I liked this one best. I was really confused when I first started it as it bounces back and forth through time, but I soon was pulled into the story enough that I was able to keep up. I really liked the Coyote God that visits... he's very funny! I didn't think I would like this book because it sounded a little far fetched and very different from anything else I read, but I found it very entertaining!
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Chris Moore at his best! Absolutely hysterical!
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I loved this story! Moore reminds me of Vonnegut; lots of dark humor, irony and supernatural twists.
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This is an accelerating comedy with shadows setting off the wry, polished humor. Trickster deities thrive on contrariety, which is why one finds them bringing life into dead landscapes and disorder into order. A Santa Barbara insurance salesman's too-tidily-contained lifestyle, far from the Crow reservation he grew up on, is an irresistible target for Coyote, who wants to make sure his chosen people don't forget him. Coyote descends on Sam Hunter like one of Job's plagues, albeit a charmingly disingenuous one. "Why me? Why not someone who believes?" asks Sam, suffering from god-induced chaos. "This is more fun," says Coyote. He's right.
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Moore is an amazingly funny writer. This book is no different and makes you laugh out loud often.
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If you like the offbeat humor Christopher Moore has, you'll like this. Coyote is a trickster from Native American mythology but he is real and messes up life for Samson Hunter. Originally, he's Sam Hunts Alone but leaves the Crow reservation as a teenager when he has a deadly incident with the police. He winds up in Santa Barbara and if you evet read Practical Demonkeeping, The Stupidest Angel and BLoodsucking Fiends, you'll see a couple of characters from there.

This is another light humorous quick read book. Save any Moore book when you need a laugh.
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Knowing that this is one of Christopher Moore's earlier books I realize he has definitely improved with time. It was a good read and has interesting moments with the coyote stories and dream sequences but I feel this story fell flat at the end. Despite my somewhat negative review I still think its a book you should get and read because all of Moore's books are good just in different ways!
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This had some laugh out loud moments but I didn't like it as well as the Island of the Sequined Love Nun. Still it's funny and worth the read.
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I have read all of Moore's books, and thus far this is my least favorite. Not that it wasn't a good read, I enjoyed it very much. All the same, if you're looking to become acquainted with Moore, I enjoyed his other titles more than I enjoyed this one.
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Bloody brilliant. Read it in a single day and enjoyed it for every second.
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I love this book. It is the first book by Moore that I've read and it left me wanting to read as much of his work as possible. I don't often get that feeling from a book. This book made me laughing out loud--and not just little titters, either. It's excellent.
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This one just didn't do it for me. For some reason it felt more like a Hiaasen than Christopher Moore to me. There were a few funny parts, and it took me until chapter 26 to realize there was a cross-over character. So not all bad, but also not very good. At least for me.
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Love love love Christopher Moore! I've read this book a several times.
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An excellently amusing book. Coyote Blue is a merging of Native American Myth and the modern day. Old Man Coyote decides Sam needs a reality check, although Coyote's tactics are...uniquely twisted. At it's heart, it's a story about a guy trying to get the girl while rediscovering his heritage, and he's not always a willing participant in the adventure. The author also inserts mini Coyote myth stories throughout the book to better depict the type of "interesting" character Coyote was and is. There is a deep lesson under the hilarity, but Moore makes sure we don't take life and the story too seriously.
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An absurd tale of a journey of love and spirituality. Not a bad read.
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Moore is just incapable of delivering a bad book!
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Off the wall fun and introspective look at boy who grew up on an Indian reservation, left that world behind and now must face it again.
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Not his best but certainly worth the read!!!
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Coyote Blue, by Christopher Moore, was hilarious, irreverent, and absurd -- the kind of book we all need to put us off balance and bring out a smile. It is the story of an American Crow Indian who, fortunately or unfortunately, acquires the trickster, Coyote, as his Spirit Animal. Imagine a legendary trickster god discovering video games, Las Vegas, and other trappings of modern life, and it's easy to understand how everything can suddenly go both wrong and right. Thank you Christopher Moore for this fun-filled ride.