Book Reviews of Coyote Dreams (Walker Papers, Bk 3)

Coyote Dreams (Walker Papers, Bk 3)
Coyote Dreams - Walker Papers, Bk 3
Author: C. E. Murphy
ISBN-13: 9780373802722
ISBN-10: 0373802722
Publication Date: 5/1/2007
Pages: 368
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 101 ratings
Publisher: Luna
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 5
It still has way too much woo-doo which makes the story drag. I get it, she's a shaman, she goes into this world and that world and the front world and the back world ALL IN HER HEAD, and the heads of others, we learn. Over and over, we learn this. The story is good and has nice resolution at the end, but it just takes a long time to get there.
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Helpful Score: 2
Coyote Dreams (The Walker Papers, Book 3) by CE Murphy picks up a short time after Thunderbird Falls (The Walker Papers, Book 2). Joanne Walker finds herself in a rather precarious position--hungover, with no recollection of the previous night & a gorgeous, naked stranger in her bed. She never gets drunk and she certainly never has casual sex, but all evidence points to the contrary. However, nothing is truly as it seems for something powerful has been awakened & it's working it's way into Joanne's life. Her friends and co-workers are falling asleep and not waking up. She starts receiving powerful dreams, apocalyptic dreams where the world ends & she is at the center of it all. She is also having dreams where she has everything she ever wanted: her old job back, the respect of her co-workers restored & the attention of a certain police captain. But what is real and possible and what is just manipulation? She'll have to figure it out if she is going to defeat the powerful force feeding on the life force of those that make up her life.

In this latest installment of the Walker Papers, we find Joanne still looking for Coyote to guide her, only to find out that he is trapped and can not help her without drawing attention to her. Instead, she has to start looking inside herself for the answers. CE Murphy has created a wonderfully complicated character in Joanne Walker. Her mixed heritage, her unconventional upbringing by her father & abandonment by her mother create a backdrop for a lost sense of self in a woman who needs to know who she is. As a powerful Shaman, Joanne is capable of great things, but her inability to accept her power combined with her own issues of self-loathing are working against her. In this latest story, Joanne has to look deep inside herself, to find the answers to defeat the powerful force that is slowly devouring those that make up Joanne's life. We finally start to see her acknowledge and accept issues from her past that desperately need to be healed. We also come into some interesting information about Coyote, which I hope is pursued in the next book, Walking Dead (The Walker Papers, Book 4). Joanne's character is truly beginning to evolve and she just might be able to accept who she is and what she is meant to do. However, nothing comes without a price and, in the end, she is faced with a very difficult decision about which path in life she is to take.

I really enjoy this series and Coyote Dreams (The Walker Papers, Book 3) is no exception. I appreciate how Joanne's character evolves at her own pace & doesn't have a lot of major, life changing epiphanies that solve all her issues at once. I'm seriously looking forward to reading Walking Dead (The Walker Papers, Book 4) to see how her decisions in this story have manifested in her life.

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Helpful Score: 1
Yes, Joanne spends a large (possibly larger than necessary) portion of this volume dreaming. This is not an action packed, explosion a minute story. However, what I liked about "Coyote Dreams" is that Murphy takes this down time to allow Joanne to learn about herself and her friends and to grow in ways that will probably lead to much for action-packed sequels, if that's what you want in your books.

I enjoyed the book and thought the character growth more than compensated for the dreaming time.
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Helpful Score: 1
I loved the first two, couldn't get into this one for some reason. Had to force myself to finish it. It was okay, but not nearly as good as urban shaman.
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This was a good book, but not as interesting as the first two. Maybe there was too much dream walking. Will continue the series.
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It is slightly slower than the first book (which I think it's the best one) because it is spent so much dreaming but I liked the storyline. I also liked that she finally admitted to her feelings towards Morrison (would love for them to actually get together despite everything but know that wouldn't happen anytime soon). The baddies were interesting and somewhat unique. You have to be able to stomach a flawed protagonist for you to like this series. She is not the smartest and doesn't catch on quickly but she tries to do the right thing eventually.

Definitely not a book to read in one sitting though.
Look forward to where this series will go.
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In Coyote Dreams, Joanne makes a comeback. No, she's not perfect, and still gets into trouble, some of it embarrassing,
but she's generally thinking before jumping. More importantly, she has to face the consequences of her previously poor
judgment, and takes responsibility. In short, character growth. Let me repeat that - CHARACTER GROWTH. Now that's
refreshing. Bravo to the author.

Bravo also to the author for her obvious respect of men. Eye-candy cartoon cut-out gigolos are not her shtick, she gives
every major male character a personality, a strength, an identity of his own, regardless of his romantic potential. Gary,
a dominate character in all three books thus far, is allowed to be sexy, romantic, physically strong, solid, dependable,
wonderful, even in his seventies. Morrison (her boss) can be a bit of a stick in the mud, and still have attractive
depths of personal honor and integrity worth exploring. The sexy new man introduced in the first chapter of the book has
common scholastic interests that attract our heroine. Thor, the mechanic who took over Joanne's garage position, adds a
few words of commonsense wisdom that Joanne needs to hear. Her quirky (cross-dressing) friend and co-worker, Billy, has a
depth of passion for his wife that is stunning. Coyote, in his brick red skin, becomes more than just a teacher, but a friend
and protector you can love.

It's a terrific addition to the series, moves the plot forward, and is more than worth your time. But, for me, it's the
characters that make the adventure special.
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This is the last one I struggle through. Some of the first two were pretty good and this had it's high points but she's just so wordy.
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I thhink this series is great couldnt put it down for 2 whole days.
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Book three in this trilogy.