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Author: Anne Mccaffrey
ISBN-13: 9780345314482
ISBN-10: 0345314484
Publication Date: 10/12/1983
  • Currently 4.5/5 Stars.

4.5 stars, based on 47 ratings
Publisher: Del Rey
Book Type: Paperback
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Now that Pern has new leadership and new residents that have travelled forward in time from the past to help combat the Thread menace, things look good. But trouble is brewing as the new visitors bring their outdated way of ruling things with them to a new populace. On top of that, new secrets of Pern's past are found in hidden places. A great continuation of the Dragonrider's of Pern. You can't really say one of these books is better than another, because they're all part of one great story.
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Anne is one of my all-time favorite authors. I believe I reread her work at least once a generation. (I am an SSA certified antique.) This one is about the little dragon that could. I love it.
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Another Turn, and the deadly silver Threads began falling again. So the bold dragonriders took to the air once more and their magnificent flying dragons swirled and swooped, belching flames that destroyed the shimmering strands before they reached the ground.
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Reminds me why Anne McCaffrey is the queen of dragon writers.
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Dragonquest is part of the Dragonriders of Pern series. It was the second book written but is not chronologically the 2nd book about Pern's history. It was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1972. It takes place seven years after the end of Dragonflight.

As it opens, tensions are rising between the Oldtimers, those dragonriders who came forward in time 400 turns (Pernese years) to help the undermanned contemporary dragonriders protect the planet Pern and its inhabitants from the destructive Thread. F'nor attempts to mediate, but things escalate to the point that an Oldtimer, T'reb (who is disturbed by his green dragon being in heat), stabs F'nor. F'nor is sent to the Southern Continent to recover, where he falls in love with Brekke and discovers the wicked deeds of Weyrwoman Kylara. F'lar, F'nor's half-brother, is eventually forced into a duel with T'ron, the leader of the Oldtimers, which ends in banishment for the Oldtimers who will not accept F'lar's leadership and in a grave injury for F'lar. Brekke's queen dragon rises in mating flight but is attacked by Kylara's queen dragon and both dragons die, leaving their riders in near-catatonic states. Only Brekke recovers.

Due to the newly-discovered "distance viewer" (telescope), the dragonriders finally have the ability to travel to the Red Star, believed to be where the Thread originates. Pressure builds on F'lar to lead an expedition there, to attack the Thread at its source. F'nor takes it upon himself to make the dangerous jump between first, recognizing that his half-brother is indispensable. The Red Star turns out to be lethal to both humans and dragons, and F'nor and his dragon Canth nearly die, able to return home only on the strength of Brekke's telepathic cry, "Don't leave me alone!"

The cry was also the inspiration for a song by Menolly, after she found that a certain guitar chord sounded amazingly like Brekke's voice when she screamed. This is chronicled in Dragonsinger.
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Thread is falling out of schedule. Holders and Crafters are becoming resentful of the pompous demands of some of the Dragonriders. And Riders who should be fighting thread are instead fighting each other. It could be a recipe for disaster...

Again, this is an engaging and entertaining book in Anne McCaffrey's beloved Pern series. A 'must read' for any fan of speculative fiction.

Read my complete review here.
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According to an "official" guide, this book is #2 of 16.
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Surprisingly good. This book (Dragon quest) was my first Mccaffrey. I liked the Drangonriders of Pern series in general, though I did feel that The White Dragon (book 3) wasn't as strong as its two predecessors...Dragonquest and The one about Menolly the female Harper...not 100% sure of the title.
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I love this author's ablity to make it feel as if you are her main character.
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Great stuff by a master ... entire series is enjoyable.
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Second in the original Dragonriders of Pern trilogy, and pretty much my favorite. If you've never read any of the books, you can do worse than to start with this one, even if it's technically out of sequence.
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a great science fiction/fantazy novel. I love Anne McCaffrey
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Book 2 of a science fiction / fantasy trilogy of people and dragons struggling to protect their planet from a deadly solar threat.
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Sequel to Dragonflight -- enjoyed this book, set seven years after Dragonflight. Includes the main characters introduced in the first book, and goes into more depth into additional characters like F'nor and Canth.
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volume 2 in the dragon riders of pern series
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Another turn, and the deadly silver threads began falling again. So the bold dragonriders took to the air once more and their magnificent flying dragons swirled and swooped, belching flames that destroyed the shimmering strands before they reached the ground.
But Flar knew he had to find a better way to protect his beloved Pern, and he had to find it before the rebellious Oldtimers could breed any more dissent..before his brother F'nor would be foolhardy enough to lauch another suicide mission.. and before those drafted fire-lilzards could stir up any more trouble.
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loved it!
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Volume 2 of The Dragonriders of Pern series.